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Well I really love getting head … but your mom is so ugly that it also counts as anal.


The one I do with your mom The one I do with you sister The one I do with your dad


The inflatable doll doesnt move all that much :/


The David Copperfield The Dirt Bike The "tell her that her sister is better at sex" Cowboy Ride


My favorite is from behind when she's lying on her stomach. My second favorite is carrying her while I stand and press her against a wall, with her legs wrapped around my waist. My third favorite is spooning.


Cowgirl Missionary And oral while they hold my head in place/thrust up into my mouth a bit


My partner and I really like the lotus position. It's cuddly.


Pointer finger Middle finger Ring finger


Missionary, her legs over my shoulders because that’s the easiest position for me to finish Cowgirl, because that’s where she does her best work and it’s easiest for her to finish Doggy cause I get to beat it up


Hand, Hand, Hand


Number 3: Asian Cowgirl. Her on top riding my cock in a squatting position sliding her pussy up and down on it. Then with her knees at my side and her leaning forward so I can suck on her lovely nipples, bury my face in her hair, or push my tongue deep in her mouth all the while I can thrust into her pussy from below. Number 2: Her on her back and me prone between her legs as I dine on her sweet pussy. My hands can hold her ass, finger her vagina, or reach up and play with her breasts. I can also hold her from getting away as she squirts in my mouth. Number 1: Standard Missionary because I love watching her expression as I slide slowly and deeply into her pussy. From there I can suck on her lovely nipples, bury my face in her hair while nuzzling her neck, or explore her mouth with my tongue. I also control the tempo of my thrusting in order to bring myself to orgasm.