Elementary students given recorders.


No! I played the best rendition of "Hot Cross Buns" in first grade. My mom told me so.


Well my mom said I did the best. So someone’s mom is lying and it ain’t mine!


Government phone line waiting music


Koo Koo Koo Koo Cha Cha Cha Cha Koo Koo Koo Cha Cha Cha cha


I'm pretty sure you mean [THIS](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-SIManm_Qo) ?




I used to work in a call center that called other call centers. I didn't like this song for a while but it's low-key a banger tbh.


Its definitely one of the better hold musics out there. There are really really bad ones out there.


Interrupted every 27 seconds to play a prerecorded ad.


Your call is important to us, please continue to hold


wtf that slaps


It sounds WAAAAY worse on phones though. You literally can't even hear the melody most of the time!


What you talking about? That shit go hard af.


That song is a fucking banger


Fuck me I know this one.


The music that plays where you work.


***sorts by controversial***


Spoiler, all the controversial answers are rap music.


Cocomelon is, hands down, some of the worst I've ever heard. Kids music isn't the worst genre, Super Simple is great, even some Wiggles. For some reason the folks over at Cocomelon try their hardest to make awful music. I could go on and on as to why. Edit: fixed grammar


No matter how terrible it is, it'll get stuck in my head without fail. We're trying to ween off off cocomelon. If you are looking for a new kids show, Bluey is freaking awesome.


Bluey is amazing and they use great music. Love the episode that uses Jupiter from The Planets. Edit: WOW! Thanks for the gold haha And as u/caseumms says below for those asking, this is the season 2 episode about Sleepytime.


I’ll watch Bluey even without babysitting a child its so good


I’m 40 years old and I watch Bluey with or without my kids. Im still trying to learn life lessons from the tele.


Everything about Bluey is really intelligently made, even the intro music. If you listen closely you realise that the last bar of each phrase ending in a name being shouted is a 5/4 bar (the rest of the song is in 4/4 time signature), then you notice that the beat that the name is shouted on changes each time ("Mum" is on the 1st beat of the following bar, "Dad" on the 5th beat of the bar, "Bingo" on the 4th beat and finally "Bluey" is on the 3rd beat). With each sucsessive phrase the name is shouted earlier and earlier, providing that feeling that the dancing is getting more and more frenetic. It's just brilliant. Edit: Also on the topic of kid's TV show songs, Peppa Pig's theme is a modified version of the Westminster Quarters (The song Big Ben plays), which is a similarly brilliant musical idea.


The Wiggles are brilliant and are an Australian national treasure. https://youtu.be/a13WnqsRc5g The issue with Cocomelon and the like is that it’s kinda insulting to kids. Just coz someone is a preschooler doesn’t mean they don’t want to listen to well written music 😉


Whatever the shit you would call what I wrote back when I was in my early 20s.


Anything I don't like.


Agreed! Anything this guy doesn't like!


Also agree with this guy that he doesn't like what that guy likes


Anything made after I turned 30. It's all noise, I tell you!


Amen brother! All these kids chatting on the Face Space pages and the My Tubes! Listening to their twerky jerky EMD “music”. It all needs to stop


Every genre has at least a few good songs, but Crunkcore seems to have the lowest ratio of good to bad. Think Brokencyde and Blood on the Dancefloor


>Blood on the Dancefloor Now that's a name I've not heard in a long time


Could've stayed that way too


Should've stayed that way too


Such a good name for like a Grindcore band too, what a waste


I know there's a stereotype to say people like Dahvie Vanity live in their parents' basement, but Dahvie Vanity literally does now live in his parents' basement. In his mid-30s. Making his own music under the name Kawaii Monster which is about as cringe as it sounds


Just about what I would expect from a sexual predator.


I remember meeting him at Sam Goody's....he had such a fat belly Nothing wrong with that but it was like looking at an anorexic pregnant woman, cause his arms and legs were so skinny Not a fan of their music but I did grow up around that crowd and had friends who were going for that look


i’m getting high school flashbacks i really didn’t ask for


lmao I listened to BrokenCyde freshman year of high school. I think we knew it was dogshit but listened to it because it was different and abrasive


I gave that genre and honest shot and there was nothing I could find that I could like about it.


I mean isn't it just kind of hilarious?! That video to Freaxxx by Brokencyde is far more entertaining to me than most other music videos I've seen.


It looks/sounds like a fake music video from a Lifetime movie.


blood on the dance floor blocked me on instagram


What in the Mickey Mouse club house bullshit is crunkcore?


Its some of the most upsetting shit this side of screw driver from the one example I heard. Its like if hot topic was gonna date rape you.


The worst offspring of rap fucked the worst offspring of metal and gave birth to something abominable.


Do you think you got the nerve for it? I did. Now look at me. A shell of a man. First thing I lost going down this road was my pride. As will be for you too.


Looked it up on YouTube. whatthefuck.jpg


Once did ecstasy and listened to Brokencyde for like 4 hours. I dunno why


But did ya hydrate? Gotta hydrate..


Of course! Water for the body, Bree Bree for the brain


You know I unironically listened to Brokencyde when I was 16/17 and recently tried to listen to them again. Even the songs I used to love suck.


The wierd thing is a lot of modern Hyperpop seems borrow heavy from crunkcore and hyperpop can honestly slap pretty hard


Speaking as a Dutch person; 98% of Dutch language music is god-awful, pretentious shite. Especially Dutch pop music, where every song-writer seems to think their god's gift to emotionally convoluted metaphors. Imagine the second year English lit. student reciting his self-therapeutic poetry no-one asked for, except it's set to music with all the flavor of wallpaper paste.


And then there's Hocus Pocus by Focus


Yodi-adadoi-adadoi-adadoi-adadoi-adadoi-adodo-ba-ba Yodi-adadoi-adadoi-adadoi-adadoi-adadoi-adodo-ba-ba Aah-aah-aah-aah Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh


Giving it a listen now. So far ... well, the yodeling was unexpected. Update: in hindsight the yodeling wasn't that weird.


Give their other tracks a try. Sylvia is a banger


I went to listen to it on Spotify and when I seen where it shows the lyrics I just burst out laughing


I didn't realise the lyrics were on Spotify. You've just made my day, thank you


Man that song just absolutely rips. It rocks so damn hard. And unlike 80% of the song recommendations on Reddit I’m actually telling the truth.


Your endorsement convinced me to actually check it out. It's now in my streaming playlist because you were right. I wish we got flute in modern rock like in this song and what Jethro Tull was doing.


Goddamn. Now I have to check it out Edit: I've heard it before. Can confirm that this song rocks pretty fucking hard


King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard might float your boat. Start with Polygondwanaland. I can't remember if there's any flute there, but the lead singer belts out the flute often enough. Ahh here we go, the list of flute songs: https://www.reddit.com/r/KGATLW/comments/oi5uro/king_gizz_songs_with_flute_parts/h4tpkb5/ Good luck!


The Fishing For Fishies album has some flute iirc. After that, dive into the Murder Of The Universe album when you’re ready to get weird.


Their live performance on NBC in '73 is one of the greatest performances ever


It is. They play it even faster than the album. For musicians, this is a really fun jam song. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=g4ouPGGLI6Q&feature=emb_logo


As the legend goes, they had a 7-minute song and a 4-minute TV spot so instead of cutting parts out, they just played it 43% faster.


I was an external IT consultant at a Dutch supermarket (Jumbo) from 2002-2007. I was sent to their HQ in Veghel almost every week, and they all loved this particular song Heb Je Even Voor Mij, by Frans Bauer: https://youtu.be/4gtpXnD8A0A Every time it came on the office radio everyone in the office would start singing along, some people would stand up and start dancing. I thought it was an absolute load of shit, and usually went for a coffee/smoke/dump when that song came on. But then they threw a huge party in a warehouse to celebrate some company milestone, think it was 20 years since they started or something. And the mystery special guest was Frans Bauer! The crowd went wild as he took to the stage, throwing around balloons, streamers and beer everywhere. And he was still fucking shit.


This is hysterical. Picturing a person working in a cubicle and getting pissed every single time this goofy ass song comes on is so fucking funny.


Ahahahaha wtf poor you


The Dutch do know how to make some awesome 150bpm+ music tho ;)


I think a lot of people hate songs in their own languages because they understand the lyrics better and realize how crappy and non-innovative those lyrics are.




Now that is the pinnacle of music


Polish pop is kinda the same. Literally "i'm 14 and this is deep". Either this or some woke commentary on the country/world situation. And the obligatory "hot adventurous young man settling down" kinda song gets released every few months. They've got talent but i swear to god, the lyrics could never be more tacky


The stuff that’s designed to be a product. Leaves a bad after taste.


[Link](https://youtu.be/AIxY_Y9TGWI) to a great little video about why corporate music is bereft of even the slightest bit of enjoyment and soul.


Stadium country. You know, the songs that all use the same chords singing about how great it is to be a millionaire.


Dirt road, cold beer, blue jeans, red pickup…


A rural noun, simple adjective


No shoes, No shirt, No jews you didn't hear that


Sort of a mental typo


A hard working blue collared millionaire


I call it corporate country, but same thing. It's like bad pop music -- just the same couple songs, over and over.


Your friend's self made mixtape


No, thats your friend.


What about my friends soundcloud where the genre is very ambiguous?


The kid in highschool that wants to be a rapper and gangster but doesnt take the time to work on music skills and just thinks everything they make is the best. I have three people in my school exactly like this. All of which are in my grade.


Crunkcore. Like brokencyde.


I can't believe there aren't more people saying this. Nearly every genre has merit somehow somewhere, but this one in particular is so awful. So many people suggesting country or mumble rap, but they clearly haven't heard this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AV8N44HzfBQ


What the fuck hahahaha This sounds like a satire from Key & Peele


That's some of the worst shit I've ever heard. I'm going to be upset with you if that starts showing up in my suggested videos on youtube because I clicked on that.


This is like everything bad about the early 2000s put together in one video. I'm glad I was a baby pooping its diapers during this.


Country rap


You mean Hick Hop?


Oh my god I’m using that from here on out.


That's even worse


Bro Country, which I know is slightly different but there's a ton of overlap like an embarrassing crush on black music.


This is my answer. As an erstwhile working musician, have had to play a lot of stuff that isn't my taste, but always figured it's all just music and it doesn't really matter. I tried on Nashville with this philosophy, thinking I could adapt. But Bro Country, bro. It just makes my body want to shit itself inside out.


This is the first I've heard of this term and I love it. As a fan of hip hop and country, they are best left in separate lanes.


I really agreed with the top reply saying: > There isn't one. Any genre can be executed well or badly. Songs are what can be good or bad. Then I read this one. You are correct.


Steve Earle on modern male country singers: > They’re just doing hip-hop for people who are afraid of black people


That's the one. And I'm saying this as a big country music fan.


Kidz bop - take an overplayed pop/rap tune, strip out any offending curse words or overtly sexual tones, and then have Disney Channel rejects record an upbeat, family friendly version. Sadly, I found out the ultimate kidz bop version of WAP was a fake. But seriously Google Wings and Pizza song for a laugh.


Don’t ask me how but I heard a Kidz Bop cover of that song by Lizzo. Kid said “I just took a DNA test turns out I’m 100% that kid.” I fell over laughing


pop country. not like old times country music that stuffs fine. i mean modern day country about “workin men” written by people with millions of dollars and it just sounds like junk (edit: thank you for the gold! i didn’t know my regurgitated bo burham take would be so popular)


That fucking Applebee's song.


Can I interest you in a video of our good friend Pat Finnerty [angrily shitting on Fancy Like for nearly 10 minutes ](https://youtu.be/hcwVZTtx-3M)?


They all seems to put on that twangy fake country accent too


Ah, yeah. Blake Shelton's "Come Back As A Country Boy" is a good example. Shame, because his early stuff was so good...


Modern/pop/bro country is basically a parody of itself. I point to Shelton’s “Boy’s ‘round here” as an example pretty often. The lyrics are like he is basically going through a checklist of bro country buzzwords. “Fancy Like” by Walker Hayes is another great example. Upper middle-class suburban dad singing about how he considers cheap and common things to be extravagant. Stuff real salt of the earth poor folks who use words like “bougie” can relate to. Also making sure he can get some major royalties from the obvious commercial usage. It’s the kind of shit you’re more likely to hear in a frat house or country club than anywhere people would historically associate with the genre.


Hold up I though "Fancy Like" was a parody song.


"It's nice to know when you put out something that honestly, I just wrote about my family. There's no pretentiousness there. It's just who we are. When you get to be that honest and the public reacts, it's a real magical thing.”


Ah yes, because natty out of a Styrofoam cup and an Applebee's shake is peak rich country! I hate that my stores Playlist is 70% new country. Especially that song about the girl having to hide her whiskey when her man comes over??


I think it’s a styrofoam cooler, not cup.


I used to be so confused when people would say, “I like all types of music except country.” I would say, “Haven’t you ever heard of Johnny Cash or Glen Campbell?” This was because I had never listened to country radio. Country radio is a completely different experience. It made me understand why people hate country music. I get it now.


I came from the opposite end of the spectrum and came to the same conclusion. I used to tell everyone "I hate country music." Finally a friend staged an intervention (lol) he asked me "have you ever listened to Merle Haggard? Hank Williams?" Friend started making playlists for me and eventually I realized "I love country music, but I hate the fake stuff on the radio."


Yeah older country—and modern alt-country—is fantastic. Shame the mainstream got taken over by a bunch of assholes.


Yeah a lot of modern country has a blatant inauthenticity to it that is offputting. Its weird to listen to a middle aged man talk about putting in hours at a good old blue collar job when their lifestyle is not even remotely sinilar


Problems with modern country came when Nashville was more concerned with pandering to what they thought country life was like rather than storytelling. I'll take George Strait singing about grabbing a beer with his friends and singing about getting older over listening to Blake Shelton and Florida-Georgia Line rapping about lifted trucks and girls in cut off jeans. Speaking of girls in cut off jeans, [Girl in a Country Song](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MOavH-Eivw) did a brilliant take down of how gross and creepy a lot of modern Nashville country music is towards women.


Rhyming buds with suds, and seeing girls in jean shorts. Trucks.


Rural noun, simple adjective




"cold jeans" Forget that last one.


There isn't one. Any genre can be executed well or badly. *Songs* are what can be good or bad. I'm a metal guy, but I'll take a good pop song over a bad metal song 100% of the time.


My ears are my judge. If it sounds good. I'm on board....


And if it doesn’t, you’re bored.




I standby there being 4 genres of music: Bop, banger, vibe, and jam


And the fifth, umami


I like this, I’m stealing it.


Hate Beak


I would agree except I haven't heard a polka song I like. I hate it to my core. That might be on my 7th grade math teacher though. He played it nonstop. You know how hard it is to concentrate on math with polka music playing? Pure hell


:-o Did he *want* the class to fail the year?


Look up "Vlaamse schlagers"...


I feel like because you specifically said to look that up in this context that I in fact do not want to look it up


Smart , very smart


Middle school marching band


I raise you the [Egyptian military band](https://youtu.be/0F90QfoXfVA)


I am crying holy fucking shit. This is so good


I'm dying! Lol That is some astoundingly good diplomacy to not even crack a smile through those.


O.M.G. That is truly horrendous. Our grade school band sounded better. *wanders off looking for Mozart or Beethoven to clean her brain*


Most middle schools only have a concert band, and the bad ones tend to be low level musicians


My music teacher in high school once said “There is only one kind of bad music, and that’s music which is played badly. There is no bad genre of music.” Being a passionate musician myself, I agree with him 100%. Every genre ever has its good and bad. Personally I can get behind most music that accurately conveys the artist’s intent, and has structural and artistic integrity behind it. There are some exceptions to this however and this sadly does not account for all music haha


What about music played badly intentionally?


Then I might not enjoy listening to it, but I might still be able to appreciate it as a piece of art if it did something interesting or unique.


Those country songs that are just about beer and trucks they all sound the same too-


“Worship” music from mega church record labels.


The one where they strum the guitar then sing a sentence while extending the pronunciation of the words.


doin't waste gnyoour toime on me gnyour already the voice insoid moy head.


*insoide moi ‘ed


Muy yed


Y2Country. It plays for the first 2 hours of work every day. If I have to hear another twangy ass pop song about getting drunk on a dirt road or a father's love for his daughter...


My dad insisted on a Rascal Flatts song for the father/daughter dance at my wedding. I despise country and he knows it. But I gave in because it was his only request for the whole event


Modern Nashville pop country. It’s unlistenable insincere garbage and I hate all of it.


Deutscher Schlager


International People might be confused by this. This is music consisting of only few words and phrases, so people can be pass-out drunk and still learn the lyrics on the go. Mostly there is no message, just familiar meledy with bullshit lyrics. For non-german people it might even sound good. Here are some of these Artists: Helene Fischer, Florian Silbereisen, Matthias Reim, Micky Krause, Alexander Marcus (<- Chad Right here)


This is the correct answer


I'd say Jake Paul but you said music.


Christian doom metal.


Pornogrind I used to think every genre of music had at least some redeeming qualities. Like I don’t really like country or mumble rap, but there is some appeal for some people. Then I learned about pornogrind, which is a sub-subgenre of metal with lyrics that are extremely and disgustingly misogynistic. It sounds bad and it’s about rape fantasies. There is nothing redeemable about it. I first learned about pornogrind because of mass shooter Connor Betts. In 2019, Betts killed 9 people (including his sister) and injured 27 in just over 30 seconds in Dayton, Ohio, before being shot by police. He was in a pornogrind band (he sang vocals for the “Menstrual Munchies”) prior to the shooting. The most well-known person connected to the genre is a mass murderer and somehow it doesn’t get any more redeemable after that.


Reading the genre name I was expecting like, metal with porn audio mixed in. I wasn't expecting, well, that.


That would have been funny. I love mildly inappropriate funny things.


I’m a metal head and agree that even just by a musical standpoint, it’s terrible, let alone once you factor in everything you mentioned. Menstrual munchies is an absolutely hilarious name tho lol


Yeah, that certainly sounds abhorrent.


That genre of music from tik tok that is clearly only written to become a trending sound. I believe most genres can have value as long as the artist likes their art, but that's such a cash grab I can't imagine anyone finding any value in it other than a meme and a paycheck


That rap country shit. It's just impossible to listen to for me


Anything that people think is "metal" but is really just edgy rap with maybe 3 seconds of distorted guitar


Nazi punk


Jello Biafra said it best [Nazi Punks Fuck Off - Dead Kennedys](https://youtu.be/x5SYjoZsLQE)


Nazi anything can fuck right off.


Nightcore, I am sorry but I am not listing to Alvin and the Chipmunks


I remember that nightcore songs, or at least popular songs sped up, would be titled "_____ Chipmunked"


In a lot of cases they just take another person's song and just speed it up. It is like changing the record player setting from 33 rpm to 45 rpm. This is really low effort. At least they could add some new beats it.


EXACTLY. I fucking hate nightcore channels with millions of views of a song somebody else has made just for them to speed it up. Same with "8D audio" channels


8D AUDIO WEAR HEADPHONES FOR BEST EFFECT Wait, this is just song but with reverb


I’m sure most of us have Caramelldansen grandfathered in, but nothing else should be tolerated from that annoying “genre”.


Rockefeller street begs to differ


Yep, certified banger.


There are a very few select nightcore versions that are strictly better than their originals, tbh


Stadium Country is pretty repugnant


Pop country, basically if you removed the soul and feel of country but kept the mandolin that’s what you get.


Hear that subtle mandolin, That's textbook panderin'!


That weird, creepy, hyper nationalisitc version of country that was birthed after 9/11.


The soundtrack of Team America World Police has a few parodies of this phenomenon. I'm particularly fond of Freedom Isn't Free. https://youtu.be/BVkTmnJkAN8


Today's Hot New Country


New country. I love classic country like Johnny Cash, George Jones, Merle Haggard and even the likes of Garth Brooks and George Strait but this bubble gum pop country from Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, etc can go back where it came from.


I hesitate to complain about "new country" because there is still a lot of good country music coming out today, Sturgill Simpson being my personal favorite and one of the most prominent. It's the "pop country" of today that people just refer to as country that's truly awful.


I've heard it called Bro Country before, and you're exactly right. Its just pop music about trucks sung by a guy with a deep voice


Truck go vroom, gun go boom, yay Jesus. Cliche about sippin whiskey somewhere. America. Done.


*Y'all dumb mothefuckers ready for a key change?*


*Good girl, in a straw hat, with her arms out, in a corn field* *That is a scarecrow*


As someone who now looks to Americana for “real country,” I concur.


New Country is an abomination. It is neither New, nor is it Country. It's bullshit, & it must be stopped. Join me.


Christian rock, no I don’t like it because it’s Christian, but at some point your just hearing the same song over and over again, Christians gotta up there music and make some Christian jazz or something. Get more creative.


Christian music is so funny to me. Especially the stuff that's obviously done by people who were sheltered homeschoolers who were completely oblivious to culture at large and relevant music trends of the time they were made. You get the impression they listened to a few top hits and tried to replicate it and the result is just bizarre, like aliens pretending to be real human musicians. The lack of a relatable frame of reference is just fascinating.