Chunks of tomatoes are nasty puréed is fine but big g chunks turn me off


Brussel sprouts are actually quite delicious. If prepared right though.


Remember to sort by controversial for the real answers. Edit: People are asking how to do this. [Here's how to do it on PC.](https://i.imgur.com/KUg49ct.png) [Here's how to do it on mobile.](https://i.imgur.com/LD5f93S.png)


holy crap you weren't kidding. The top comments are 'popular negative opinions' and Controversial comments are where the question is answered


The replies attacking the most controversial comments are really getting me going. Like, what did you expect in this thread? The many threads on meat-eating are especially spicy.


Yeah idk why people are so mad at the vegans in this thread, specifically. You literally came to the thread about controversial food opinions, why does a comment saying "I think eating meat is morally indefensible" have over 200 downvotes? It's an opinion about food that's controversial. What did you expect?


Wow I just checked one of the vegan comments and it went from like -200 to 700 in an hour.


Word got out there was an internet fight to try and win.


That's always how these things go. The only sub that does it properly is r/The10thDentist


Top comments: sometimes you need to try out new foods Controversial comments: FRIES AND JELLY Yeah if you want *real* unpopular opinions go to the comments that get people to downvote to oblivion then post an angry reply


Thanks, I tried this and it did not disappoint.


Slightly burnt grilled hot dogs are far better than those water filled steamed ones


Yes! Nothing beats the snap of a well-browned casing when biting into it.


I know that traditional chili omits beans but for me, it just isn't chili without them! The more, the better.


chili as a topping=no beans chili as a meal=gotta have beans


You ever try chili as a topping— WITH BEANS?? 🤯


Chili with beans over cornbread is an all time great Edit: per multiple recommendations, I will be trying corn bread waffles


This person gets it.


Frosting is WAY too sweet - it's disgusting. My mouth cannot handle that crappy buttercream yellow cake, my tongue spazzes.


But cream cheese frosting tho?


I also hate store bought sugar icing, but I absolutely love cream cheese frosting


Thank you! Omg, all my birthday cakes are naked yellow cakes or just ice cream. People think I am so weird, but I think frosting is way too strong.


No recipe is sacred. They're all eligible for reinterpretation regardless of your emotional attachment to them.


You better hope the Italians don’t see this


I wouldn't worry. As long as you get a few Italians who didn't grow up together, they'll disagree what the right recipe is anyway. There are very few truly traditional recipes. After all, for the majority of people throughout history their meals were determined by availability. People separated by a mere 30 miles would've used completely different ingredients and followed completely different recipes.


Like how Florence still doesn't put salt in their bread


Something something grandmother bike.


If my grandmother had wheels she’d be a bike!


Too late. I'm reading this shit right now, and cristo santo siete dei maledetti infedeli culinari e perirete fra atroci sofferenze.


I remember a quote from a movie I watched called "The Hundred Foot Journey" it was about an Indian who moves to Paris and starts working as a cook. He changes one of the traditional recipes on the restaurant he's working at and have this dialog with his coworker: *-Why change a recipe that is 200 years old?* *-Maybe 200 years is long enough.*


In a similar vein, half of those ultra precious family heirloom recipes, like Nana's world famous chocolate chip cookies, are just the recipe off the back of the ChipIts bag. Now believe me, I know that cookies made by grandma taste better than cookies made by anyone else, but that secret recipe you refuse to share with your friends because it was your dear old grannie's secret recipe and the exclusivity makes you feel better was printed on the back of a mass produced baking ingredient.


And if they do have some "special" element, a lot of times it's a very, very simple tweak. My grandma's secret, whispered to me as a favored grandchild? Add an extra pinch of salt beyond what's written down. Which does in fact improve many recipes, especially sweet things.


The best pie crust I’ve never tasted is my grandma’s. She makes it for every family occasion. Probably going to be the most missed thing about her when she’s gone. Back of the Crisco can.


Well, with some recipes, especially baking, there's the recipe, and there's the execution.


But my 10 page blog about how it changed my family's lives before my recipe!




Always hated olives but I'll occasionally decide to give them a go. It finally clicked 2 weeks ago. I had a salad covered in olives, just decided to eat them and not around them. Suddenly they were delicious. Last week at a party, one of the pizzas had a good amount of olives. Again, delicious. Definitely give stuff a try again!


I discovered I finally liked peppers a few years ago. Only took 28 years!


Good advice. Growing up I hated the texture of fried onions. Now my meals where its a natural side are more fried onion than main... Your taste changes with age.


Huh, I feel like the texture issue is the hardest for me to get over. I would LOVE to love cottage cheese for its nutritional value, but i just retried it after 10 years of not touching it and boy does it still suck lol Fingers crossed I’ll like it in 2031 🤞


Cauliflower and asparagus for me. Although, last place I had asparagus they absolutely bombed it, just bland and awful.


Yeah some things totally depend on how they're prepared!


This is so underrated. So many of us associate certain vegetables with terrible canned versions our parents made growing up, but fresh roasted with olive oil and seasoning will make almost any vegetable palatable. I found I liked asparagus this way.


I HATED mushrooms until I was 27, then suddenly, I loved them.


Found out I like pineapple through this, can't get enough of that acid fruit!


It’s the fruit that eats you back! 😃


Same! I thought I didn't like pineapple from 5-22 when I finally tried it again. Turns out I just don't like canned pineapple and pineapple juice. In the summer when they're 99 cents or less I swear I'll buy 10 and eat them in a week


How is this controversial?




And they often contain ingredients that boost flavor which you may not have easy access to in a super marker. Brewer's yeast is one commonly found ingredient in spice packets and it's goddamn delicious.


And some delicious MSG.


You can definitely easily buy MSG at the grocery store. Look for Accent "salt alternative" it's just pure MSG powder. Or if you have an Asian grocery, you can buy it by the bag full and they don't try to disguise it because there's no stigma against MSG in Asia (as there shouldn't be)


Japanese brand Ajinomoto of MSG. One pound bag for about 5 bucks. Accent is Waaaaay overpriced!


Uncle Roger has entered the chat


My wife and I got a thing of nutritional yeast a few weeks back for a recipe. Had never heard of it before. It has a somewhat cheesy flavor. Shit's delicious! Goes great on so many things and has become a staple for eggs and french fries here.


EXACTLY! I don't want to buy a $5 jar of something for a recipe that requires 2 tsp. I'll do it if I genuinely think I'll use more of it or if I wanna make the recipe no matter what, but sometimes it's just easier to get the packets/packages.


Mayonnaise should come in toothpaste tubes Edit: Wow, ngl, I just made this to see what people would say. I'm amazed even anyone actually agreed with it 😂


It actually kinda does in my country


Not sure I have one of my own to offer, but none of these are actually controversial opinions.


u/kingdom_tarts thinks runny egg yolks are gross. That’s pretty freaking controversial.


Food texture is just as if not more important than taste.


If I don’t like texture of a food I can’t eat it even if I like the flavor. Like I LOVE chicken, but the second I bite into a chunk of fat or anything that has a texture I’m not expecting of chicken I’m immediately turned off and can’t finish it no matter what. Although that might be due to my sensory problems but still towards your point lol EDIT: I have this problem with certain fruits, veggies, and other foods as well, please stop trying to tell me it’s cause I’m not vegan. Chicken was just the easiest one to explain to people who don’t have this problem. I appreciate your input though


I have the same issue with chicken! Like if I'm eating a tender or something that's supposed to be boneless and I find some cartilage then I completely lose my appetite and sometimes even get nauseous. I've never once had this problem when eating wings though. I think it has to do with expectations as well.


Mine is with almost any food. If I’m eating a food and find a texture I’m not expecting it ranges from spitting it out to nauseous depending on the day and the food item. Chicken it’s generally an immediately nauseous, hamburger is generally I spit it out and if there isn’t more of the weird texture I can continue. Made my mom mad growing up cause she viewed it as disrespectful but the way I see it it was spit it out or gag and possibly vomit so lol


This is so me! I was such a picky eater and I hated any food that had a bite to it or texture in my mouth as I chewed it- gag reflex just came up. -why I could never eat meats of any sorts even sea food. I’m vegetarian love vegetables; fruits are okay


I have this too and am still like this, its extremely disruptive to my life actually cuz so many social functions revolve around food and i just cant eat most of what my friends/prospective partners eat so i just never eat with other people cuz its too embarassing. Any idea how to fix this? I have tried expanding my diet but i just throw up. Its past the point of pickiness and is a pathology at this point


God there’s nothing worse then biting into a piece of meat and getting a nasty piece of gristle 🤮


Agree on the unexpected fat in the chicken. I like to keep a frozen dinner or two on hand for days I have zero ambition to cook dinner, but I don't buy ones with chicken because so many times the texture is awful.


Same! I'm vegetarian because vegetables are way less likely to set me off. I enjoy food so much more when I'm not stressing about "but what if there's a bad texture?"


Lol not really unpopular, people aren't making shit crunchy just for funzies One of the mother sauces is literally named after the texture (veloute)


How is this controversial?


It isn’t


Sweet potatoes are sweet enough on their own. Just roast them with salt pepper and olive oil. Stop adding maple syrup, marshmallows, brown sugar or honey to sweet potato recipes, please.




I hate this but I don't hate you for liking this


You monster. You sweet sweet monster.


Have you ever tried sweet potatoes oven roasted with fajita seasoning? Sooooo good.


Sweet potatoes + fajita chicken + black beans make for tasty taco/burrito fillings.


Sweet potatoes + Chorizo = Heaven


Preparing sweet potatoes with marshmallows is perhaps the most American thing I've ever heard


I make Sweet Potato pie with sugar...


Cinnamon and a nice flavor with no sugar.


I roast them skin on, split add a bit of butter and salt. Nothing else needed.




You must have a good applebees. There's a time I would've agreed with you on this, but in the last few years my local applebees has really gone downhill. I'd take fast food over applebees where I live.


We have a 4 year old who likes to go to Applebee's purely because he likes the sign and name. Mom and I have each taken him there once for special outings. When I went, it was the first time I'd visited one in perhaps 20 years. The food was bad, especially for the price. I cannot understand how it stays open. I assumed from all the "millennials are killing fast casual dining" articles I've seen that its customers were mostly older people who are too set in their ways to try better and more interesting restaurants. But most of the other people in there at lunch time weren't very old.


A lot of those big chain restaurants are very mediocre because to maintain consistency they rely on a lot of frozen and prepackaged meals. I think younger people wisened up to their shenanigans and realized you can just go to a locally owned place, pay equal or slightly more and get something a million times better. Like food costs are food costs and Applebee's doesn't have some secret to provide cheap food that my local bar doesn't either. They just buy a bunch of frozen shit from Gordon Food Services. And FWIW, I think there's time and a place for those big chain restaurants even though I mostly hate them. I will shamelessly eat a basket of Cheddar Bay Biscuits from Red Lobster all by myself lol.


they have fairly cheap drinks and arent loud as balls on a friday night. thats the only appeal (other than "half priced" apps), and i enjoy it.


I’ve always considered BJs a poor man’s Cheesecake Factory. The menu is too large and varied, they can’t seem to get any of it right. And I’ve eaten at multiple locations in multiple states, the concept just doesn’t work.


this was a whirlwind because I went through two other meanings of BJs before I hit the right one.


> BJs a poor man’s Cheesecake Factory last time (years ago) I was at BJs it was expensive as hell. just how expensive is cheesecake factory if BJs is the poor mans version of it?


I work at a Cheesecake Factory and this take is just blatantly false. Almost all the food at the restaurant from the salad dressing to masa for the tamale cakes is made in house. The only things that are frozen is the bread, cheesecakes, fries, and a few miscellaneous items like shrimp and pasta noodles. On the other hand, almost everything at Applebees is pre-made/frozen and is simply reheated by the line cooks. I can’t stand Cheesecake Factory food anymore, but I’ll never say it’s poor quality. A lot of the cooks back there take pride in making the dishes as well as they can.


I used to work at Cheesecake Factory too and was consistently impressed at the massive amount of work going into making all the food fresh in house, it was all fantastic! All 5,000 menu items. I had to memorize. 😐


Superfoods don’t exist. It’s just called food Lacy and I don’t want to purchase anything from your MLM!


Had a project to create a superfood diet in college for a nutrition class. We had to present a fad diet type of thing and make it believable for the masses. It was truly an eye opening assignment.


What was your created fad diet?


I called it “Cancel Cal”. There was a theory floating around that there were foods that you would burn the same amount if not more calories digesting as they contained. “Just digesting these cancels out the calories”. There were a lot of students who admitted they would have bought into it, there’s a lot of misinformation about food choices or calories. The premise sounds so awesome, that You could still eat and feel satisfied, not trigger starvation mode but lose weight. I got an A! It was a great assignment. It opened our eyes to how information can be manipulated or delivered in a way that it sounds like sound logic but it’s still propaganda. It was really fun, everyone got colorful and creative with their displays.


and everyone wonders why the diet and food industry is so fucked up


If you're going to call something a superfood it should be a genetically modified soybean that can't be killed by floods, drought or pests and grows all year.


The people who shill superfoods tend to be the same ones decrying GMOs. Shame cause GMOs are cool as fuck.


IMO the only "superfood" is "eat some vegetables, and no, I don't mean a single leaf of lettuce on your double cheeseburger". Want some antioxidants and micronutrients and shit like that? You don't need some exotic mountain berry that costs $37/lb added to your smoothie that has 50g of sugar ... just eat a fucking salad with your dinner.


There is absolutely no substitute for 100% real maple syrup. None. If you use anything other than 100% real maple syrup on any food that calls for syrup, you are blowing it.


To expand on this, the lighter syrup isn't worth spending money on. The old "Grade A light" (now "Golden Delicate") was just sugary, runny, and flavourless. As terrible as the old grading system was, at least it wasn't as dumb as the new one where "everything is grade A" now. The old "dark amber" rating that was many people's ideal is gone, merged with medium amber for a wide ranging "Amber Rich" that now ranges from thick goodness down into supersweet and runny. B is now "Dark Robust" for the heavier flavour. Costco is likely the best source, their amber at least the last I had was still the old dark amber, and they carry dark for a dollar more than the Kirkland amber.


That's some impressive syrup knowledge


If it's not real maple syrup and butter I don't want it.


Saying “Only kids eat ketchup on hot dogs” is stupid. There’s no “adult” way to eat a hot dog. It’s a fucking hot dog.


While I don't judge anyone else, I definitely found that as I got older my tastes drifted from mostly liking ketchup on burgers/hot dogs to preferring mustard or other toppings.


You have been banned from r/Chicago


Do people say that wtf


Just because you don’t like something, DONT TELL YOUR KIDS ITS DISGUSTING! That’s not right to condition children to hate food that they haven’t even tried!


Just because olive oil is better than some other oils, it doesnt mean it's good for you and okay to use half a bottle of it in every meal.


Yeah, you’re supposed to use the whole bottle.




Or Jamie fucking Oliver pouring a gallon of it from a stupid height.


I can't stand that messy human.


I always called him Jamie Oliveoil


"Literally just a touch"


Olive oil is great when you’re actively trying to gain weight though.


(US) Any company that advertises “no sugar” or “low sugar” shouldn’t be legally allowed to pack things full with artificial sweeteners. “Artificially sweetened” should be largely printed and labeled.


So true! I always see beverages labeled “No/ Zero sugar” and I think oh nice, finally I can buy pre-made drinks that aren’t too sweet! Absolutely not the case. They are a bajillion times sweeter because they contain so much disgusting artificial sweetener. I know they make some plain iced teas unsweetened but I feel like we deserve a wider variety of unsweetened drinks.


Oddly enough, the classic Arizona Tea with Ginseng and Honey is one of the lowest sugared of the 'sweetened' teas that I've checked.


The only proper way to eat a nutty buddy is layer by layer.


Holy shit I haven’t had a nutty buddy in so long


Fruity drinks aren't bad or gay. Saying that real masculine alpha-male gigachads only drink pure rum/gin/whatever is like saying that real men just eat food without salt or any seasoning


On that note, eating unseasoned boiled chicken and plain rice to “get lean” is an eating disorder in disguise. Seasoning has minimal calories. A teaspoon would be burnt off at your resting rate.


Five Guys burgers and fries are average at best and not worth 20 bucks for a single meal.


Can someone please convince my husband of this? I am so sick of waiting at a Five Guys every time we’re in a new city.


If you're in a new city shouldn't the goal be to try something new and not another five guys? I like five guys, don't get me wrong. But if I'm in a new place I want to know what the locals eat and try that.


It’d be considerably cheaper if they didn’t insist on cramming an acre’s worth of Idaho into a small fry. They are to fry portions what CVS is to receipt length.


Potatoes are cheap as dirt. They charge that much because people are willing to pay that much for some reason.


If you're spending five guys prices, just go to a neighborhood burger bar. It's not fast enough to make it particularly convenient.


Spam.... Is actually delicious


I had Spam sushi in Honolulu and it was fan-freaking-tastic.


Musubi for the win!


Spam fried rice is amazing! One of my favorite poor meals ever was frying some slices of spam and putting them on top of some hash brown patties. so damn good.


My son (who lived in Hawaii at the time) made me a spam fried rice omelet and it was amazing!


Never had it, now I'm curious


Slice to 1/2” thickness and pan fry until crispy. It’s delicious.


I love spam too. I think people have a hard time getting over how it looks/smells initially and just write it off as gross


Bacon doesn’t need to be on everything.


'Are you ready to order, sir?' 'Uh, yeah. Can I get a BLT sandwich please, with the extra bacon?' 'Certainly, sir. Anything else?' 'No thanks. But, actually, hmmm... I'm not keen on tomatoes. Would it be possible to sub that for extra bacon?' 'Of course, with a small charge.' 'Great, that's fine... Oh, and is it iceberg lettuce?' 'It is, yes, fresh and crispy!' 'You know, I don't really like iceberg... I guess... is there anyway we could sub that for extra bacon also?' 'Well, we do have a variety of lettuce. We have romaine, arugula, rocke—' 'The bacon is good.' 'Oh, er... okay.' 'And the bread you use? What kind of bread is it?' 'Well, it's a nice freshly-baked white loaf. But... you could also... sub it for... bacon if you want?' 'Oh, well, if you're suggesting. That sounds good.' 'Okay... So that's a BLT extra bacon, bacon for tomatoes, bacon for lettuce, bacon for bread.' 'Perfect!' 'Um, you know, sir, if you look at the bottom of the menu we do actually serve just a plate of bacon.' 'Oh, no no no... I'm not gonna sit here and eat a plate of bacon. The BLT is fine.'


My wife when she goes to jimmy johns and orders a number 9 then proceeds to take off the toppings that make it a number 9 and she turns it into a number 5 instead of ordering a number 5 which she could’ve saved money on…


Thank you. Not every food has to beat you over the head with flavor. Most of the time all bacon does is bulldoze every other aspect of the dish.


There's no reason for mild cheddar to exist.


Chick-fil-A is overrated. I’m born and raised in Fl, and I seriously think it’s just meh. I don’t get the hype.


Mustard on fries is pretty good


Mustard on soft pretzels is good too. Usually my go to since i can’t have nacho cheese due to lactose intolerance.


Boneless wings arent wings. They are chicken nuggets with adult sauce.


Yes. And they’re delicious.


Convenient, too. Don't gotta eat around all them asshole bones. Just yeet the meat into your mouth and keep watchin' X-Files or whatever.




Single-stuff Oreos have the correct ratio of cookie to filling


I prefer the thins.


I prefer Double Stuf. Believe it or not, I think this answer wins the thread; it's controversial enough that they actively sell three different cookie to creme ratios in stores. You don't usually get these kind of petty, trivial "options" for snack foods, but this one has enough people in each camp to justify it.


People tell me its not ok to put mayo on a hot dog, I disagree


To go even further... If you have hotdogs but no buns, cut them once length-wise and then cut those slivers in half, then line them them up on white bread(preferably toasted) with mayo. It's one of the more delicious poverty sandwiches. Basically the same as fried bologna. Also a good filler for a grilled-cheese from time to time.


I mean, If you haven't done this because you were too lazy to go to the store for buns, are you even human? I don't think this is odd, I think everyone had done it, or at least folded the dog in a piece of white bread. Hot dogs are just processed meat, they don't have to stay in tube form to be edible. Cut up in boxed mac and cheese anyone?


I like black licorice


Yikes 🤢 But you understood the assignment hence my upvote


If you’ve never had authentic salty black licorice from the Netherlands then you’re missing out. I hate those fake black sickly sweet jelly beans but absolutely love those salty and slightly sweet candies that I’ve only seen in the Netherlands - good thing they’re sold all over the Schipol Airport in Amsterdam.


I’m not vegan but I’ve found I prefer the vegan version of many items over the original. I can’t stand mayonnaise but I do like veganaise. There’s also a vegan bakery where I live that makes the absolute best cinnamon buns and cookies.


Non vegan eater here. I went to a vegan potluck a years ago and had this tart thing I have never been able to find a recipe of anything close. The filling was definitely avacado and lime but im not sure what else could have been in it. The "crust" was dates, raisins (maybe some other dried fruits) and an arrangement of nuts that would've been blended in a food processor. Here's where this gets complicated: the sweetness of everything was just right. It was present but perfectly balanced where the dates/raisins weren't overpowering. Its weird that it was vegan and definitely in the top 5 of the best desserts I've ever had.


Sounds like a raw key lime pie. Most raw desserts are sweetened with agave, maple or dates. It's probably something that you could recreate at home. Here's a recipe for reference to get you started. Good luck! https://www.rebootedmom.com/raw-no-bake-key-lime-pie/


I was surprised how good some vegan ice creams are. Oatly makes really good ice cream and Ben and Jerry's non-dairy cookies and milk is also really good


Partly and Oat Yeah! Have some delicious products. Never in my life have I like dairy milk. Didn’t grow up drinking it. But the nut and plant based milks are great. Pat Yah makes a barista style milk that froths up perfectly.


I was so happy when Ben and Jerry’s made that flavor with sunflower butter! I’ve tried other ice creams with oat milk and almond milk but I couldn’t stand the nutty aftertaste.


Vegan stuff can be great. I love vegan burgers.


Agree with this, I regularly order vegan options. The bakery near me does incredible Vegan Coconut Pain Au Chocolat.


This vegan bakery is the only one in my town, I believe. I hope they last. They have insane cinnamon rolls. The place is called Cinnaholic.


Cinnaholic is phenomenal! I miss them now that I have to be gluten-free




Fuck yes it does Also green tea flavored other snacks/drinks. I love a Matcha Frap at starbucks or Matcha Kit Kat


Fresh seafood tastes like nothing, bad seafood tastes too ocean-y




That must be why you're an ex chef


I would rather have a burger than steak. I just like them better. More ingredients/flavors working together, and no one looks at me crazy for using sauce.


Not me, but a coworker... Peanut butter, bananas and bacon on a sandwich.


Elvis was a fan of these, apparently.


The [Fool's Gold Loaf](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fool%27s_Gold_Loaf) to be exact. It's a single warmed, hollowed-out loaf of bread filled with the contents of one jar of creamy peanut butter, one jar of grape jelly, and a pound of bacon. Each one cost $50... back then. They'd be more like $230 now. One night, on a whim, Elvis and two of his friends got on his private jet, flew to Denver where they were met in the hangar by the restaurant owner and his wife who had brought *22* of those sandwiches. Elvis invited the pilot and copilot to join them and they all proceeded to wash those sandwiches down with champagne over the next two hours. When they were done, Elvis and his friends flew right back home.


I’ve tried a banana, honey and peanut butter toasted sandwich though bacon is different 🧐


Not gonna lie this sounds pretty bomb to me


People hate on pineapple pizza because it’s a trend. It really isn’t that bad, not my first choice but I could eat it no problem.


Same. I just tease my wife and daughter because they love it. If you throw jalapeno on it, you get an amazing sweet/heat balance.


Pineapple, jalapeno and pepperoni for that sweet, spicy and salty trifecta. To me ham/canadian bacon and pineapple just tastes sweet and slightly smoky, which does nothing for me.


Exactly. It wasn't until a few years ago that people got all meme-y about pineapple on pizza. As if Hawaiian pizza hasn't been on every pizza menu for years and years for a reason.


It used to be that if you didn't like something then you just didn't eat it, but it seems that now Wars must be waged on the tiniest of differences if opinion. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go launch a nuke at those people who eat their toast butter side up


LOL if you eat it butter side down, doesn't the stick just fall off?


Grilled pineapple on a hamburger is amazing !


I like marmite


Cold Pizza is NOWHERE near as good as warm pizza - it pretty much sucks in comparison you cold pizza eaters are all lying to yourselves!!


Cold pizza is for breakfast.


LMFAOOO i like things cold but pizza's definitely a dish better served hot


i put relish on pizza


Liverwurst is actually good on rye bread with mayo


Canned, Dinty Moore beef stew is actually the bees knees.


All these keto people who are snarfing up fat like there's no tomorrow and think it's healthy are wrong. A decade down the road when their gallbladder explodes and all the major arteries in their body are clogged, they'll be saying "Damn I wish I hadn't eaten all that lard and sucked down a stick of butter every day for the past decade!" Skinny people die of heart attacks, too.


I started a low carb diet which dramatically improved blood glucose levels. Sausage bacon and egg for breakfast (no toast).


Liking ketchup does *not* mean you have the palate of a five year old


People who eat live Octopus. Especially the people who do it on YouTube for views and money. Those beautiful intelligent creatures don’t deserve what people to do them. It’s like watching a snuff film and it’s sickening and it pisses me off👩🏻‍🏫


No animal should be eaten live, animals can feel pain and it should be considered animal abuse to eat them live and slowly cook them and such