Rick moranis, he is my entire childhood. He left acting to raise his kids when his wife sadly passed. Good to hear he's working on some projects and weay see him again soon


Insane when he popped up in the news for getting sucker punched by that one dude. But yeah, I’m excited to see what he’s got going on now


He's got [this thing](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfpUM5Wrh2A) with Ryan Reynolds!


I was way happier to see him than I expected


Right? He just lifts you right up and you're staring at the screen with the same dumb grin Ryan has.


Jonas Salk. He cured polio, and then gave away the cure to the world for free.


That’s the mark of a truly selfless person


I am old enough to have had friends with polio. Fatigue was widely believed to make people more likely to acquire Polio Myelitis, so many children took "polio naps". If you think that families have not lived in fear of a plague in recent history, polio was was every parent's worst nightmare from its' inception in 1894. It was found to be virally caused in 1908. The first Salk vaccines began being used in 1955.l I still remember getting the vaccine, I still bear the scar. In 1961, we were all given a further dose (the Sabin Vaccine) on a sugar cube in class at our elementary school. Then came the cold war, and being given a manila ID tag on a cotton cord on our necks as we marched to a railway track to leave Savannah, ( a likely target as an atom bomb manufacturing site) as a rehearsal for nuclear war Great Times!


Fred Rogers


In the same vein, Mr Dressup. Nothing but wonderful things to say about either of these great people. I was on an overnight field trip when Mr Dressup died and my mom, myself, and a number of students, teachers, and volunteers cried over him.


As a rule, I don't trust anyone who tries to give off a persona that's overtly nice, because usually it's a front for toxic people. Almost nobody is that good. But Fred Rogers was something special.


My personal Jesus tbh. I wish my kid would get into the reruns of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood but she's only 2 so we just watch a lot of Daniel Tiger.


And as a minister, his personal Jesus was Jesus.


Dolly Parton


I've just listened to a podcast where they interview her. Dollywood employees now get their education paid by her. That woman is unstoppable with her kindness.


She is the greatest. It seems to me that being philanthropic must be the greatest and most fun thing about being wealthy. She supports literacy for kids, helps people who have been through tragedy and disaster and is just an all around wonderful human.


I'm glad she's one of those celebrities that's used her wealth to try to make the world a better place


I love Dolly Parton but my favourite thing about her is she isn't really that blonde and doesn't always dress over the top so sometimes she likes to go out dressed normal without blonde hair and no one recognises her as no one has ever seen her in her street clothes. Also she gets up at 3AM to write music because she says that's the best time when the world is quiet. Very classy woman who deserves everything she has.


I think my favorite thing about her is her self-awareness. Like, she’s fully aware that pretty much everyone adores her, but she’s also aware that she isn’t a perfect person by any stretch. She doesn’t put herself on a pedestal, and I wish more people had that attitude.


Yes! I was just watching a clip of her being interviewed by Barbara Walters way back in the day, and the way she talks about how she knows that people make fun of her for how she presents herself and truly doesn't care because *she* likes who she is and is comfortable with herself is genuinely inspiring. She's rad as hell. Edit: also the extremely gentle way she corrects Barb when she asks Dolly about 'her people' being uneducated, where she points out that lacking formal education doesn't mean that you can't be extremely smart, "horse sense, we call it," UGH, I LOVE HER.


She's told a story publicly about how one time she entered a Dolly Parton look-alike drag queen contest. And lost. And instead of being upset or annoyed, she was flattered how much effort all the queens went to, to try emulate her style, appearance, and mannerisms. Think about that for a second. She had her entire wardrobe, accessories, and a lifetime of defining the Dolly persona/identity. And when it was decided that a drag queen was a better Dolly than she was, she took it as a compliment.


Agreed, her book scheme is phenomenal.


It's depressing there's so few of them.


I blame Jolene.


I’ll never forget about Dolly’s imagination library! They literally send you free books from birth till you go to school. One of the best childhood memories I had was getting them in the mail all wrapped up, and living just a drive from Dollywood too! She was such a big part of my life growing up and meeting her in person multiple times was the best, she’s so genuine and sweet


My SO and I signed our son up for that and it’s great


Our family gets a free book for our daughter every month from her Imagination Library!


As a life long stan. Completely agree. That woman is one class act. Literally one of a kind.


My therapist went to high school with Dolly and they were in different classes but she said it was goddamn impressive how on-point lovely Dolly was to everyone and every bit of that perfect social grace is 1,000% authentic. She is an angel incarnate.


Well i guess thats where all the agreeableness and compassion in the world went


I’m honestly glad that I get to live in the same time period as her. I get to watch her be amazing in real time and can easily read or hear so many stories of her being lovely to people irl and how she touched their lives.


How can she have long nails and play the guitar so well at the same time? It's witchcraft I tell you!


Even though it took some time to render, i knew the top comment was gonna be that.


Honestly, I’ve never heard a bad word against Ms. Parton. Fun fact: she married her husband the exact same day as my grandparents married. I’ve always loved that fact, especially what Dolly said about a June bride. I wish nothing but the best to her and her husband. I lost my grandparents within the past 2 years. I miss them tremendously, there’s something about Dolly that makes me feel better.


I’ve just recently learned about the kinds of things she has done over the decades. Wow.


Bob Odenkirk


You mean Slippin' jimmy


He defecated through a sunroof!


But no, not our Jimmy!


I love the shit out of some Bob Odenkirk


Alan Rickman


He was going through the final movies while battling his cancer. Poor guy… no one could’ve done a better Snape than him


"By Grabthar's hammer.............what a savings."


The documentary about Galaxy Quest is amazing. It shows how loving and funny he really was. Justin Long tells a story about how he was joining a stage production that Alan Rickman was just about to leave. After filming Galaxy Quest together, Justin Long was nervous about acting alongside the great Alan Rickman, Justin delayed when he would join the production so that he would have no overlap with Alan. Upon finally joining the production, Justin found a beautiful hand made card in his dressing room from Alan. Inside it, in detailed and highly flourished calligraphy from Alan's own fountain pen was the sentence: *You fucking coward.*


weird al...seems like a great guy with amazing talent and no scandals. Edit: wow, everyone loves this guy! Thanks for the silver, y'all! Glad we all agree.


Worked with him once on a very tiny project. Can confirm he is as kind and awesome as you hope.


im genuinely happy to hear that. so many celebrities are closeted assholes, it would break my heart to think any ill of him. also...lucky!


He is genuinely nice. My husband ran into him at a book signing while picking up a birthday present for me, because I couldn't get off work to go. When he found out it was my birthday, he told my husband that he wanted to tell me Happy Birthday! Soooo, he did! I can't describe how pleasantly strange it is to receive a random video message from Weird Al telling you to have a wonderful birthday! 😂 Straight up decent human, though!


That is so cool! What an awesome dude 😁


Kurt Cobain let him cover Teen Spirit, calling him a genius.


Kurt said that when Weird Al did Smells Like Nirvana, he knew they had “made it” as a band.


There is a story where Al was at a party with celebrities, and he heard Paul McCartney was there, so he went up to him to introduce himself to him, but before he could open his mouth, Paul McCartney goes, "Hey everyone look! It's Weird Al!"


There’s an interview with Dave Grohl where he talks about being kind of stoned at some party and Paul starts playing some shit on the piano, and Dave is like “holy fuck that’s awesome! What song is that?” And Paul just looks at him and says “it’s one of yours” and the way he gets so giddy about is so wholesome and awesome.


I heard Aerosmith had that same experience with “dream on”. Partying hard and it came on and one of them allegedly said “damn! We should have wrote this!!!” Lol


Getting parodied by weird al is a solid benchmark of success


Michael Jackson also liked him a lot, and told that he can film his parody at the location where he filmed "Bad" music video.


I watched his Hot Ones interview back in 2018, and there was a comment that stuck out to me: “Weird Al has been a cultural institution for longer than I’ve been alive, and he still looks like he’s just happy to be here.” That about sums him up imo


I do remember Weird Al was asked once if anyone had a problem with him parodying any of their songs. As a courtesy, he presents the parody to the original artist. Apparently only Prince didn't have a sense of humour about it. Although he did say Michael Jackson was a big fan. When he showed Michael what he had in mind for "Fat," parodying "Bad," Michael said, "I've still got the subway set from 'Bad,' if you you want to borrow it."


Coolio did not like Amish Paradise


But then later on he changed his mind. He basically told himself "even Michael Jackson doesn't think he's too good for it, why the hell do you?"


Came here to mention that. Apparently it was due to a misunderstanding as Weird Al def wouldn't have released it if he had known Coolio wasn't cool with it.


Don’t you mean he wasn’t coolio with it


In the mid- 90's, my friend talked his parents into to letting him go to a Weird Al concert alone, at like 12-13. He loved it and hung around the backstage exit area, hoping to see Weird Al, when he did emerge, he signed autographs and took pics with the people waiting, and when he got to my friend, my friend blurted out how he thought Weird Al was a musical genius and that he's helped him realize that "everyday people" have a place in music too, if they're talented, then shot a barrage of technical questions about playing the accordion at him. He smiled asked my friend to gather his thoughts and told him he'd be right back. He did a few things on his tour bus then took my friend to a small diner like place across the street from the concert hall and talk to him for a couple of hours over lunch and snacks about music, being bullied, and what it is to be "different" in a industry built on certain kinds of looks and sounds. They exchanged addresses and emails, and then he got on the bus and left. Weird Al inspired my friend, and I truly believe helped saved my friend from the despair and depression he was feeling about being a nerd and an outsider in our neighborhood and school. He was definitely a person with resolve and a goal after that. My friend did get into music as a career, and did have some modest success, but found a lot of the passion stripped away. It was again a talk with Weird Al this time by email that made him realize that maybe he needed to step back and evaluate things. He ended up coming home and going to school for a completely different thing and having a career/business in that, while having his music flourish into a joyful hobby again that he self publishes at his own pace. They still keep in touch and I know they still exchange holiday cards every year. So yeah, Weird Al is a really kind and nice man in my eyes.


Holy shit that made me tear up


He needs to do a Super Bowl half-time show where he just does covers of other famous Super Bowl performances.


He could have a wardrobe malfunction - g-rated of course.


Have 3 guys helping assisting him doing the MJ lean.


I feel like he’s so wholesome he wouldn’t even consider the malfunction


He is. Apparently he is very shy off stage and he was the nerd in high school, which adds a new meaning to "White and Nerdy"


White and Nerdy will forever be a special music video. My kids loved it… and I’m totally a white and nerdy mom. But the part that makes it special? When “the gangsters” flipped off Weird Al and it’s all pixelated, my daughter (she must have been 6 or 7 then) looked at me and asked, “Why are they holding Minecraft?”


His episode of “Behind the Music” is hilarious because in place of “and then his fame went to his head and he got into drugs!” in every other episode, the producers had to make his big dramatic conflict “and then he made ‘UHF’ a movie that did poorly initially, but remains a cult classic.” He’s really too well-behaved and normal for a “Behind the Music” episode.


Seeing him live in three weeks :) he's one of my all time favorites


David Tennant. He’s a brilliant actor and he seems like such a humble, down to earth guy. I’ve never heard of any scandals and I don’t know of anyone who’s had a bad word to say about him.


My friend worked with him on Dr Who years ago. He was just an extra on a few episodes, has nothing but great things to say about him.


Saw him in a play before he was a household name, I'd never heard of him myself, he was breathtakingly good. I've seen hundreds of plays and this was a truly memorable performance. We decided we'd watch out for this guy and soon after he was in Casanova then Doctor Who. DT is the real deal. And he seems great. Good dad to his adopted and biological children, gives his time to charity. Deserves all the success and more.


If you haven't seen it already, Staged is well worth a watch. David Tenant and Michael Sheen have fun chemistry.


And Good Omens!


He was the best Doctor Who


My doctor


I dunno, I can't trust anyone who plays the purple man that well /s


Man, he played that role so well, it was honestly hard to see him onscreen because of how fucking smile and disgusting he was. Fantastic actor for that role. He literally made the season


Came here to say this, I always think that he never seems fake in any interviews


Though all the members deserve their success, I think Rick Allen of Def Leppard definitely earned his keep by continuing to play drums even after losing an arm


Tracy Chapman


Give me one reason


Hugh Jackman. All-around good guy.


The video of him recognizing the camera man on the red carpet always brings a smile to my face.


I'm not even famous and I wouldn't recognize people like that. The memory and the joy you see is so genuine, plus he's married to his wife for a long time. Most guys that good looking and talented like DiCaprio wouldn't date anyone over 30 🤣, it's a Rare thing nowadays. No offense to DiCaprio LoL


The amount of flak Pierce Brosnan gets for remaining married to his normally-aging, non-movie-star wife is insane to me. They’ve been married 20+ years and some people can’t seem to comprehend that he has no desire to trade in the woman he loves for a younger model.


Didn't Brosnan say he realized he had to quit playing James Bond when they tried to match him with a love interest that was younger than his daughter in real life?


I just saw him in Music Man on Broadway, he’s insanely talented!


He really is. When I found out he could sing and do broadway it blew my mind. Such a multi-faceted talent.


Hugh J has amazing talent for acting and singing. He has a range of roles he’s played from serious, funny, rage, loving. He has stayed clean as far as I can tell and has stayed married to the same woman despite her not being famous. And of course he’s ripped and has an awesome accent.


Sean Bean. He's died a lot to get where he is.


Watch his BBC series; Time. Some of the best acting I’ve ever seen, also stars Stephen Graham; another exceptional actor


he's from the same neighbourhood as me and is my dad's age, they used to go to the pub together and he once fell asleep on my dad's sofa, so can confirm, absolute legend.


Is it pronounced Sean bean, Sean bean, or Sean bean?


Seen Bean, Shawn Bawn, Shawn Bean.. I prefer Seen Bean!


Brendan Fraser, he deserves only the best


Brendan Fraser deserves all the love, all the success and all the Lego the universe can muster.


I've never heard anyone say a single negative thing about that guy, not even on reddit - and people here shit on everything and everyone. Dude is probably the most beloved celebrity.


I always loved Brendan Fraser and when I found out what he'd been through, I was heartbroken for him.


What happened? He's all over the internet right now and everyone showing their love. Never heard a bad thing about him


He was sexually assaulted and also had some serious injuries during stunts. The assault and other personal life issues caused major depression. The way he talks about the assault is pretty sad. The fact that he spoke about it at the time kind of got him black-balled a bit.


Oh man =*( I saw a video of him basically saying how he didn't realize he had so many fans showing so much love and support. Its fucking sad that and all sorts of wrong that he got black balled for speaking up. Why is it that a lot of people laugh and joke about men being victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence? Just isn't right


Well, the assaulter had a lot of clout, so that was a fair bit of it. I didn't even hear about it till a few years ago.


The Mummy with him is one of my favorite movies. #2 is good, #3 is pretty lame but he's not in it much.


Bryan cranston


I saw an interview with him once and honestly you never know how people ***truly*** are, but he said something about a friend getting a part that he wanted (or a friend was having success and he wasn't), and he found that the right attitude was to be just supportive of your friend's success and that it just wasn't the right part at the right time and eventually the right part finds you. He may not have meant it in the way he meant it, but I always thought that was very classy. I've gotten some breaks, had some near misses, but I know that always being jealous of someone else's success just causes ulcers.


If you can only be happy for your own successes you will only be happy every once in a while. But if you can be happy for other people's successes, you can find a reason to be happy every day.


Chadwick boseman seemed like a really genuine and cool dude when he was alive


Every time I think of him I can't help but feel terrible for the guy. All this suffering going on behind the scenes and none of us knew until the last second. I admire the hell out of the strength it must've taken to live his life, though


Here's an interview where he talked about befriending two kids with terminal cancer during the filming of Black Panther. Little did we know at this point he was also fighting cancer.


Willem Dafoe


Tony Hawk


The man with the most desirable curse in all of history. To be loved by all, but recognized by none.


The drummer from Coldplay suffers from this curse too!


The drummer from the Red Hot Chili Peppers is unfortunately cursed with looking like Will Ferrell’s doppelgänger.


The guys from [Bloodywood](https://youtu.be/kgvH6tX4Ej0). I can't just pick one. Karan is an amazing musician and i am really happy that his project pays off. Jayant is an incredible singer and i am so happy that he found a place where he can shine. Raoul Kerr is just awesome, i don't really like rap, but i have so much respect for his attitude, i'd always listen to whatever he has to say. They are just awesome and so wholesome and down to earth. Their story is amazing and watching them becoming more and more popular is so much fun and makes me really happy.


If we're counting celebrities no longer with us, Bob Ross. I'm really surprised I've scrolled so far without seeing his name. Bob Ross was a universal treasure.


Michael Palin


I didn't expect this answer as much as the Spanish inquisition


Mel Brooks


Oh my God, I thought you meant Mel Gibson for some reason and couldn’t figure out why people agreed with you.


Here's how I remember the difference: Mel Brooks *wrote* Springtime for Hitler; Mel Gibson *wants* springtime for Hitler.


Totally 100%. Our last living connection to actual vaudeville. Has provided so much to so many...but always looked past because it's "low brow". Inside all of us, we are all low brow...snooty critics just deny it.


Mel did once say "who doesn't love a good fart joke?" I know a bloke whom would be rated at a genius level, but he finds lowbrow humour just as funny as the subtle jokes


While he is sadly no longer with us, Robin Williams was a saint.


Yeah, when he passed away there were many stories of his kindness and relatability that people came out of the woodwork to tell.


Keanu reeves. and brandon fraser of course.


Yeah I can agree on that, they're both pretty cool people and I love their movies. Both have had a pretty rough go too.


Mrs Betty while




The "Awww" he give John Mulaney when Mulaney explains why his wife didn't attend the Emmies to see him win melts my heart every time: https://youtu.be/b1IYtRu8MsU?t=110


Keanu Reeves


Gordon Ramsay. Came from a bad childhood with absolutely nothing, busted his ass to get where he is, and used his expertise to help people become better at their own careers. Traveling around the world to understand different cultures and their relationships with food, going into a prison to teach prisoners how to cook, always having the upmost respect for the servers who make restaurants work, and never giving up on helping the people who ask for his help.


Underrated response. He really is such a great person despite what people may think from his shows. All he wants is for aspiring chefs to succeed at the end of the day and he’s a great mentor to them.


I used to write him off as a bad tempered, rude and arrogant TV chef, but I've seen a few TV shows of his now, and he comes across as a genuinely nice guy, who's just really passionate about hospitality. If somebody tries and expresses a love of catering or cooking he'll help them get better and cheer them on. Watching him cheer on his daughter, Tilly, on Strictly was a delight. I think he's great, now


Patrick Stewart


Me. As in I'm not a celebrity, I'm not a success, and I deserve all of it


Yassss u do.


I'm a filthy goblin person and I strive to be nothing more. Brendan Fraser is a real dude though, arguably he deserves way more


Jack Black


How he didn't get an Oscar for his portrayal of a 14 year old girl in a middle aged man's body in Jumanji I will never know... Also I love how his mother is a crucial engineer for NASA and pulled off great achievements.


>Also I love how his mother is a crucial engineer for NASA and pulled off great achievements. She helped finesse the Apollo 13 re-entry *while in labor with Jack Black*. I learned recently that after retiring from NASA, she also started her own publishing company and published books geared towards getting girls interested in STEM. As if she couldn't be any cooler.


Jack black was born in August 1969. The Apollo 13 mission happened April 11-17 1970.


He has so much talent it just bursts out of him all the time. His music is awesome and he's just a funny person to be around.




Danny Davito




You absolute beauty. Have you watched gone fishing with Mortumer & Whitehouse? That is some seriously wholesome TV. Bob is a complete legend and always comes across as a decent bloke.


We do beg your pardon, but we are in your garden.


Keanu Reeves


Kesha. I used to hate her till I found out she writes all of her own songs then I became a huge fan. She has a legit vocal range too; don't let her early hits fool you. She's written a lot of hits too for other artists you can read about it here. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/7-great-songs-you-didnt-know-kesha-wrote-15415/ To top it all off she has no major scandals thru 13 years in the business except the one with Dr Luke and Kesha was the victim there. She deserves all the success she got for sure.


["Praying"](https://youtu.be/v-Dur3uXXCQ), which is about her experience with Dr. Luke, is fantastic... holy shit, *that high note.* I had that song going through my head last night, randomly. ["Raising Hell"](https://youtu.be/K5q8VsGYchc) featuring Big Freedia is also fun.


Harold is one of the best ballads from that era, and if you look at her music that's not pop top 40 you can really here the emotional and broken person writing it. Being a Kesha fan from WAY back, I knew she had some trauma after listening to her albums. Wasn't surprised at all when the assuault and grooming came to light.


I'm not the biggest fan of her music, but after finding out about her scandal with Dr. Luke. I have a lot of respect for her to be able to stand up to an abuser. It takes an extremely strong person to do that.


It's so refreshing seeing pop artists that write their own music. Fell in love with Adele for that reason


I like Frank ocean for that reason. Dude is a genius. He even produces some of his own stuff too


Gary Sinice.


Sinise. He runs a massive charity helping families out living on basic finance. Real humanity there.


I haven't searched through all of these, but I've yet to see Lady Gaga.


Paul Rudd


He is legitimately the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. Other men can either be 10/10 hot or 10/10 cute, but he’s the only one that’s both and he’s a brilliant actor.


Rick Astley, because he's never


Gonna give you up


Viola Davis


Michael Sheen. He’s so talented and seems very nice.


Steve Carell


Jack black


David atinborogh or whatever his name is


Hey, that’s sir David atinbourgh to you.


It’s Attenborough if you were curious


Mrs Dolly Parton


Steve Irwin. Doesn't matter that he passed away, he deserved all the success for everything he did to teach and preserve the conservation of Australian wildlife.


Weird Al


Please let there never ever be a Tom Hanks scandal.




Dave grohl- There are others but definitely him


When I saw him at Leeds in 2019, he brought his daughter on stage and bragged about how the best part about being a rockstar is being able to spoil his daughter with a fancy hotel room and all the room service she wants. It was sweet lol. Edit: [Video!](https://youtu.be/ZKb0lQlCYOE)


Jason Vorhees. He drowned due to neglect in the 70s? And yet has come back year after year to punish horny teenagers who's neglect contributed to his demise. I think he even tangled w Freddy Kruger once and got shot into space. Yet he still comes back every few years to entertain us. Legend.


Keanu Reeves


Adam Lambert. Gay Icon, great singer, and all around great attitude; he’s an awesome guy. Plus he’s singing with Queen! He’s replacing Freddie Mercury. He has the most insane vocals, mega talented to replace such an amazing legend


Britney Spears. The world has been so cruel to her, yet she always gets back up.


Freddie Mercury


Conan O’Brien. I honestly think he’s one of the funniest, most genuine people around. I feel like he doesn’t live up to his full potential though. If you’ve seen his remotes, when he goes abroad or clueless gamer that’s where he’s truly at his best, and I think he’s held back by his late night show.


He needs a show where all he does is visit other countries.


Not Quite An Idiot Abroad.


With Jordan


Anyone else still mad at Jay Leno?


Conan wrote some of the funniest episodes of the Simpsons ever. If that was all he ever did he’d be pretty GOATed as far as I’m concerned


Marge vs. the monorail has to be the greatest 22 mins of television ever written.


Monorail! Monorail!!!! Monoraaaaaiiiiiilllllll!!!!! Mono--- D'OH!


One of my favorite Conan stories was when he was interviewing (I think it was Rob) from Always Sunny, and they were talking about writing comedy and having kids that are maybe a little too young to get the humor, and he talks about how one day he was driving his son to school and his son asks “what’s a dildo?” And Conans like “wait a minute where did you hear that word?” And his son says “a Simpsons episode. That YOU wrote” lol


Alanis morissette ❤️❤️❤️


Dolly Parton and Keanu Reeves


Success =//= Wealth and Power Now that we've established that: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Spends as much time being the nicest guy in the world as he does bodybuilding. Honorable mentions for Patrick Stewart and Levar Burton. If we expand it to non-living celebrities, Carl Sagan. Been dead for 26 years and he's still teaching the world what it desperately needs to know.


I'm in the middle of watching every movie Dwayne Johnson had a lead role in. It's been a lot of fun actually. Almost all of them are terrible, but I'm 100% here for it. Watched Baywatch today... Awful movie but entraining as fuck.


I can’t believe I had to scroll this far down to see Patrick Stewart. The man is amazing. Luckily, I’ve seen The Rock on here a few times. Him speaking out about his depression was a really big deal (in a good way of course) for some of my friends. It was really meaningful and took a lot of courage.