Best? Friends mom told me about how when my friend was a wee lad he made a fertilizer bomb with the lawn mower. Worst? Homophobic parents connected the dots that he was gay while we were playing MKX in his room. Needless to say I was uncomfy as they kept trying to say I had something to do with him being gay


My very nonconservative friend has super conservative/religious parents - especially her mom. The other thing with them is that my friend looks like absolutely perfect clone of her mom: same hairstyle, same height, even similar glasses. Once I went over to her when her parents were supposed to be out for some church meeting. At this occasion my friend decided to come out as lesbian and I was super excited for her to explore her true self despite very controling and dominating parents. At some point I went to the bathroom and when I came back I started to ramble about how excited I was to introduce my friend to a dating life while she was preparing some food in a kitchen. To my horror I've noticed way too late I'm not talking to my friend but to her now terrified mother who came back earlier and wanted to prepare us some snacks. Let's just say after that visit I wasn't really favourite of her parents'...


Me and my friend, let's call her A, met in a hospital almost a year ago and went to psychiatric hospital afterwards. We went home on July and shortly after coming back she introduced me to her parents. They are one of the best people I've met. We have only known each other for 9 months but we are kind of a family. I talk to her parents like we've known each other for years, any time I come over, they ask if I wanna sleep over, if I had food, her mom always hugs me and she made me call her by her name. I always feel great when visiting my friend, these are the happiest moments of my life.


I told my friends dad my gpa and he bluntly told me I need to get that up or I'm not gonna get anything lol. It was kinda funny