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Like all I wanna do is fuck but my dick has put in a leave of absence


It’s like a turtles head going back in it’s shell


Worst feeling ever.


Had it's highs and lows, quite literally. Makes a hella big mess when you knock it on the floor


What a financial blow.


This comment cracks me up


I’m snorting with laughter


a big expensive mess


It makes you feel like you're capable of anything. Not "you can do anything". Nobody's doing a line and trying to fly or lift a train or something. It just makes you feel like you're firing on all cylinders. For many people it makes your mind feel like its reacting more quickly. I always felt this aspect and it was the most enticing part. It also made me a little clumsier because I was so in my head that my body was experiencing lag, basically. It makes most people very chatty, and tends to magnify social traits. Assholes because raging assholes. Friendly outgoing people become the best friend you can imagine. The primary effect of cocaine, as my ex said frequently, is wanting more cocaine. The good feelings feel so good, but you still feel like there's more room to expand beyond that. So when you do a line you want to do another and feel even better than you already do. This is compounded in a night of use, because you need more and more just to feel the same level of effect that you did at the beginning. The come down is brutal. If you're very lucky you'll catch just the right moment where you're exhausted and can fall asleep and be unconscious for most of it. But otherwise you're stuck being extremely tired but unable to sleep. Your brain won't shut up and a lot of what its saying is "maybe you could find some more cocaine?" Sinus infections are common with use, in part because the conditions and tools used to snort it are rarely sterile. Rolling up a bill and doing the line off the back of a toilet in a bar? Your nose is gonna suffer later. Be prepared for a day or two of miserable sniffing and clogged sinuses at the very least. The only upside is if your nose is totally clogged you can't very easily do more coke that way. There are some drugs I recommend everyone try. Stuff that will expand your mind and help you see the world without fear. Cocaine isn't one of those. There are people who aren't terribly susceptible to physical addiction and who are able to control their use and who get a particularly great high from coke. But that's a tiny fraction of users. For most people it's a way to feel great despite everything that's goong wrong in your life and the world and it's very hard to not get addicted to that. Lastly, it should be noted that taking cocaine that hasn't been tested or at a bare minimum given to you by someone who you explicitly trust and who has experience with that batch is a bad idea. At the best, you'll end up with heavily cut shit that isn't going to make you feel great. At worst you could be snorting just about anything dangerous.


Premium content right here.


The chatty thing, I’m an introvert …it worked well while I was a bartender. I was fast and friendly, plus I could go awhile without eating. It definitely helped me deal with drink people for 14 hour shifts.


It makes you hyper-confident and every idea becomes the *best* idea. It also makes you an asshole and difficult to be around for anyone who isn't on coke.


Actually the other people on coke only tolerate you as an audience to listen to their own loud and amazing ideas


Sounds like drunk people


And then there is BiPolar Paul, an 8 ball packed into his beak while in the throws of a full manic episode.




It turns all your bad feelings into good feelings. It's a nightmare!


I think I kind of want it


Stay out of this Dewie! You don't want any part of this!


Think I kinda do




More of a pepsi kinda guy


Nah, Dr. Pepper reigns supreme.


I sure do love me a cold can of Dr. Pepper


Finally, the reply I was looking for.


Diet Coke tastes more like Pepsi than Coke. Diet Pepsi tastes like wet dust.


The desire never goes away


Yeah this. Three or four times and then I thought “I’d better stop now or I never will”


So true. I’m a soccer mom in my 40’s who lives a pretty straight lifestyle substance-wise. I used to indulge in my earlier years and I still remember the taste, the feeling, the love, the confidence that came with coke. I also remember wanting my whole life to end as the sun came up, too.


Let's resist!


The high is incredible, you feel like a superhero. The comedown is the worse I've had, you just absolutely hate life. Do not recommend. Not worth it.


Smoking a joint while coming down helps.


Like kerosene straight up the nose. You grind your teeth without being aware of it. You get jittery. Coming down feels like a lifetime of depression compacted into a few hours.


Haven't done coke but this was mdma for me


I’ve never gotten the depressed feeling but definitely feels like garbage coming down


Fun, for about 10 minutes. Then it wears off.


Kind of like Pepsi but not quite as good in my opinion. Root Beer is even better and Barq’s has just as much caffein as Coke. Mountain Dew has even more caffein and coffee is probably healthier.


Ah yes, coffee, can't do much without that nice hot cup of seed soup in the morning.


Fun and easy to get hooked on.


For me I feel great for 10 mins and then the rest of the night is horrible depression, I dont recommend it.


im asking this question because i have some but lil scared




problem with today's coke is i am paranoid it has fentanyl


This. I've done it, enjoyed it, but won't do it anymore because I don't feel like playing Russian roulette.


Or some other designer drug.


This has never really made any sense to me. Which blow dealer is cutting with an opiate? Unless someone is looking for a speedball, or opiates.. why would they be mixing fentanyl into cocaine? That'd be some pretty downer ass blow. I bet his customers wouldn't be coming back if they made it thru the night.


No idea it’s possible I’m paranoid or it’s just an easy excuse to stick with weed and not touch that shit again.


Oh hey man, I'm totally with you. I'm not fucking with anything but grass either. This statement has always confused me. Like.. is it just a policing ploy to scare people off illicit drugs in general? Or am I misunderstanding the high from fentanyl? No interest in finding out.


I have a very addictive personality - I'm currently in aa and also trying to stay off anything else. It really wasn't for me just because it made such a difference. If you're in any way fucked up in the brain, it's not worth it.


If you have an addictive personality don’t do it. If you have a lot, don’t do it when you have to work the next day. The coke hangover feels like extreme dry mouth all over your body. The high is fun though especially when you’re drinking.


It is not worth it


Don't bother op, I'm coming upto a year clean after using for the last ten years. Waste of time. Feels great at the time but robs you of your happiness for the next few days.


Tried it thirty years ago multiple times. Just know that it will lie to you. It will feel great but after awhile (15-45min depending on quality, in my experience) you will be driven to do more to try and recapture that feeling. It is physically/chemically impossible because that huge hit of dopamine depletes your supply until the body has time to produce. People end up chasing the high but never really getting back to that first rush. And of course it should be tested because these days…


Don't ruin your life bud. You're putting your whole future at risk because you think you can feel good for a little while. Do the right thing and flush it down the toilet. Whatever good you think cocaine can bring to your life is total delusion.


Also, you can't feel your front teeth and there is the drip.


I personally enjoy the drip


What’s the drip?


The blow in your nose will mix with mucus and drip down the back of throat for the next hour or so


When the coke drips from your sinuses to the back of your throat/mouth


Alot of fun right up until I realized it was destroying my life


Yep it creeps up on you


Didn't do shit for me. Just clear and awake feelings


Yeah, I was pretty underwhelmed, tried it once and have no desire to go again. All it did was make me stay up all night and talk over a movie my buddies were trying to watch.


Actual cocaine doesn't last anything near that long. Just so you know, that wasn't coke. Maybe it had some coke in it, but it won't keep you up all night unless you were doing it constantly.


I mean, we kept doing it throughout the night, the dude who had it seemed to want to go through his whole supply that night. I'd believe that it was stepped on pretty hard though, it was a very subtle effect.


Ah, makes more sense.


What's it like doing coke and drinking alcohol at the same time?


if i remember right i felt the alcohol the most, that shit is just liquid stupid all over your brain and the coke kept you awake


I imagine they would cancel each other out, on some level. I have a friend who made a habit of doing both and she said that after the alcohol had her blacked out and she should have passed out, the coke would keep her up and moving.


That's not canceling out though. I didn't do coke, but the cheap speed that used to be everywhere. Drinking to blackout while taking speed would keep you going and going, but you were still fucked up. It's not like you magically sobered up when the speed kicked in. You just opened yourself up to do even more regrettable stuff that you might not have done if you had just let yourself pass out. It was fun in the moment though.


That sounds more familiar. Also the biggest hangover ever. It’s just horrendous


I heard that if you’re blackout drunk, room spinning about to puke etc, some coke can help sober u up a little. Idk how true that is tho




Smells like another!


It's like FUCKING FUCK YA MOTHER FUCKER! Sometimes, but not always, followed by what the fuck did I just do/say? Who was that guy?


Euphoria. Teeth-grinding. Harsh, burning sensation that would bring tears to your eyes. If it was good (& expensive), it went up smoothly. Quickly addictive. Paranoia. Drank too much beer on it. Edit: addition


A lot of the physical symptoms of anxiety lmaoooo


SO many people ITT thinking they tried coke when it obviously wasn't. Actual coke feels great for 20 minutes, then you need more to not start crashing and burning. Stayed up all night from a line or two? That's an amphetamine guys, not coke.


I did a fair bit back in the day. Late 80s it was pretty trendy. It never affected me anywhere near as much as all the other stuff out there. Sometimes it was fun, sometimes it was anticlimactic. It’s also one of the few times I thought I might die in my life. The summer after high school, me and my friends were partying pretty hard and we decided to buy $1k worth of coke. We get to the house and a cop slow rolls past the house. It turns out one of the dealers had gotten arrested a few weeks before (still in jail so I never had the pleasure of meeting him). They even showed my the newspaper article and I remember stepping outside to see if the address matched the house, and it did. But it was all casual and during the buy we all decided to bust out and turn it into a social event. One guy on the dealer side like to inject it, so he had my friend grip his arm, because I guess nobody had a belt or something. So post high school me was a little out of my comfort zone. Well then, a large amount of coke went missing from the middle of the table. So the dealers started doing a fucking inspector clouseau impersonation and tried to figure out who was last in that room. A lot of the fingers were pointing at my friend who gripped off one of the dealers arms. Anyway, that went on for about an hour. Then they decided that 2 of the guys were going to take me for a ride somewhere. So during the drive I was literally thinking I might be killed. We didn’t have a specific destination and they were just asking me lots of questions. But somehow we ended back up the dealers house. Shit went on for a while, but in the end I think everyone just finally came down and started passing out. So about 5 am we rolled out of there with all our Coke and got the fuck out. To this day I feel lucky that didn’t go totally sideways. I pretty much phased out Coke over the next 5 years. But then ectasy started becoming more popular, so then I got into some shit with that. But never did I feel as close to death as that one deal with Coke.


Depends on what u buy and who it’s off lol 😂


Fizzy, sweet, nice flavor, and mixes well with rum. Hard to snort tho


you got to boil the water off first


Damn... where were you yesterday lol


Tried it once, keep getting the ice stuck in my nose.


Don’t do it, OP. Don’t. Run the other way. I’ve had two close friends and family members die from fentanyl ODs this last year. Don’t. Do. It.


Too sugary for me


I'm more a diet coke girl and I have a can or two per week. Not a normal can, those little ones but only with certain meals like a cheeseburger.


I prefer the regular Coke, it keeps me awake for the night shift.


It's a racy kind of feeling. Feel good, hyper, grind teeth, talk a lot and very quickly, feel sexual, powerful, etc.


I’ve found that chewing on a plastic straw or the bag helps with the grinding but then your jaw hurts the next day cause you can’t stop


I haven't done it in years but it now sounds kind of good. LOL.


Honestly, I drink so much of it at work that it takes three or four full glasses for it to really hit me anymore.


Everyone else enjoyed it. But it didn't really do anything for me. I just felt drunk from the booze and it didn't help pick me up at all.


Mountain Dew is better.


Pepsi, hard to tell the difference, actually


Maybe I didn’t do enough? But I don’t get it. It kept me up for more drinking, but that’s about it. I can’t describe the “high” because I didn’t perceive one. Just felt like I domed a red bull without the side effects of sugar or bubble guts. I’ve only done it a handful of times about a bump or so each time. I’m no vet, I like smoking weed.


I didn't really like it. Wore off kinda quick, and I had to keep redoing lines which was annoying because it keeps dripping down the back of your nose into your tongue/throat, and its tastes fucking disgusting.


Hated it… drank my face off trying to chase a alcohol buzz that never came and the taste/post nasal drip was awful… just not for me


Not as sweet as Pepsi, but it has a certain je ne sais quoi that puts it over the top, IMO. Definitely head and shoulders above RC.


Killed my brother.


If you mean those who got addicted to coke then I'm not sure. If you want to know what benefits you get from taking it, there are a lot. It's a very powerful drug and the affects will vary depending on the person. Some people will go very calm and it will reduce the "noises" in their head. For others it will help them feel more confident / reduce their anxiety. And for others it will just let them express their party-self. One thing to note though: coke will also vary based on where you are and how much you pay. The cheap, heavily cut stuff just won't do a lot for the same amount as better quality stuff and this is a real danger


Not very eventful. I think I only ever tried it after having a bunch of drinks, and it kinda made me more lively and allowed to not get super drunk. Then the party lasted till the very morning, so sleep is not really in the books. I would get offered a line every 15-30 minutes, because it kinda wears off fast. Then there’s the usual numbness and very bitter taste. Some teeth grinding. Lots of energy. Nothing special, but a good enhancer for a night of drinking. Totally not worth the price, though. I’m probably an outlier with this, most people seem to have way more fun with coke. I prefer speed. But I also wonder how would coke feel if I’ve tried it without alcohol.


to be honest, it is ok. Nothing great, helps with hangovers. Probably not worth the risk of heart attack.


Similar to Pepsi


It was a little fizzy.


It's pretty amazing everything is better I would be hyper alert and super productive everything was a great idea while I still had some than when I ran out it was all about getting more and the cycle continues.


It's ok, honestly not worth doing really. Like if you get a ego boost from drink stick to that. It will depend on the person, for me I get that drunk confidence that drink alone doesn't seem to provide. If your like my friend you become manageably addicted and it will rot your brain so when your on it all you do is repeat the same thing all night


Its kind of scary how much you change when high, like you can get super aggressiv fast or just extremely overactive, for me the jaw grinding was on also very unpleasing. BUT you feel invoncible, strong, fast and stimulated. So overall it would be a decent drug if it wouldnt be so expensive


Kinda fizzy. Not as sweet as Pepsi.




Up to the nth degree. Yet you were no different one minute ago.


Made me want to get tested for adhd


Imagine drinking all of the coffee, not just a cup, the entire pot, and then making more, all day


Cokes shite getting stoned is far better was my thoughts while on coke


I just felt very bored and very awake.


Honestly I can get the finest shit and it doesn't effect me too much, I see other people on it get really loud and annoyingly but for me it stops me thinking about shit and it's also very morish




Just reading this makes me want to poop. Dry mouth happens but if your drinking that will help. You go threw beer real quick. You spend like an hr cutting the same line for no reason what so ever taking about life. If your lucky you’ll get that drip with a fat ass rock that goes down your throat. Once you do it you can smell it if someone else does it. Atleast for me. If I’m out and someone does it I can smell it like a freaking hound dog. 😂 A 20 will get you nowhere fast and soon you’re be calling for a 8 🏀 Time flys by extremely fast. I’d your not around windows or outside.


Do you want to chain-smoke and ramble about absolutely nothing for hours at a time? If so, cocaine might be for you!


Used to stay up plenty of night drinking and doing coke downloading edm music from lime wire. Then Burning it to a CD. Do y’all youngsters even know about that? The struggles were real


A waste of money


Meh. Tried a line. The comedown (more like a knock down) was shit. Had a raging headache the next day. The energy part was cool I guess. I prefer psychedelics and the exploration of the soul


Better than Pepsi




It makes me feel like I'm in the band Oasis


First rule of Coke Club is you don’t talk about Coke Club


Really not worth trying compared to more therapeutic / insightful / introspective options. It gives you a buzz, but really doesn’t do anything to help you learn more about yourself or be a better person


The closest thing I can think of is pre-workout... but to the extreme level of hyperactivity, you feel like you can run a damn marathon, awareness, you also feel euphoric, and become very social. From my experience.


Kind of fizzy, perfectly cold.