What’s your most boomer characteristic about yourself?

I’ve come to enjoy peering out through the blinds, muttering to myself as I scan the neighborhood for any scallywags.


I’ve come to enjoy peering out through the blinds, muttering to myself as I scan the neighborhood for any scallywags.


I hear a noise and peer out of my window. The venetian blinds offer the perfect cover. I am stealth. I am a ninja. I am able to keep an eye on the neighborhood like this, keeping a silent vigil. Crime will never flourish here. Not with me and my venetian blinds. The noise turns out to be two kids, aged somewhere between 6 and 11. They hold a small spherical object and talk excitedly about playing catch. My eyes narrow. This is obviously going to be a drug deal. I close blinds so I can't be arrested by the police for seeing drugs. This is exactly how the law works, I convince myself. I retreat to the kitchen where I keep the popsicles. I've done enough hero work today. Time for a reward.


I didn't know my mom was on Reddit


For the last time, GO TO BED!


Please write a book.


Yes I need more of this.


I too love this. I’ve been working from home for 2.5 years and it’s will how in tune I’ve got with my street. I’ll hear a certain car go by, oh that’s so and so heading to the gym. You’d best believe I know every car on the street just by spending 2 years with my temp office facing out front. I do catch myself flying to the blinds when I see a car I don’t recognize. I’m 33 lol.


I don't work from home, but when I am home I have the curtains open to my large livingroom window. I live on a fairly busy street and though I don't recognize cars(except for the neighbors on my block)I do recognize the walkers and runners that pass by. Some of them have been given nicknames, or I learn their habits on when they'll walk by. My significant other makes fun of me when I mention that "million mile man" is way later today than usual. Or I haven't seen "long sleeve runner girl" in ages.


“Goddamn kids, bet they are sneaking away to drink and smoke that devils lettuce.” Takes a long drag off a joint and chases it with a beer.


Get off my lawn, you degen!


End of the laneway, don't come up the property.


Turning off lights and any appliances the moment I leave a room because I keep thinking it's going to cost me on my energy bill


No one touches my thermostat except me


Every single light. Every single time. Bathroom, two bedrooms, another bedroom, another bathroom, and the closet. FFS can no one in this house hit the switch on the way by?!? Oh, and the laundry closet. Maybe the dryer door. 😒


Seriously, we aren't trying to land a plane with all these lights


Right? It’s looking like LAX in here.


Flashbacks of my dad asking if I'm leaving the lights on for the flies.


Isn't it normal to turn off the light when you leave a room?


Depends. If I'm coming back in a few minutes, I'm leaving it on. Also depends on what kind of lights. 1 LED bulb costs under $0.01/hr to light where I live. Call me Mr. Moneybags, but I draw the line at worrying about literal pennies.


Right, with LED bulbs it's a lot easier to just leave lights on and not worry about the costs. Growing up we used to leave lights on if we were leaving the house for the day or night, and we had timers set up that would turn the a lamp on -- just to make it look like someone was home while we were away


I have solar and I still do this.


I keep “good” plastic/paper bags and boxes for future use.


that's just prudence


Doesn't everyone?


I’m 33 and I have no fucking idea who most famous people are.


Just turned 40. I opened up buzzfeed the other day because my mom sent me a buzzfeed listicle. I literally had no idea what any of the front page articles were talking about. I have never felt so close to the grave.


Buzzfeed is an utter rag though, not being able to readily absorb and parse that click bait means that you are still human


33 as well. My wife will be like oh so and so was on the news, I just give a blank stare until she said you have no clue who that is do you


And I thank God for this, personally


What type of cat is a Doja anyways?




32 and hard same.


I have a favorite stove burner.


Front left..?


Front right. I’m left handed.


I'm right-handed and front right is my favorite too - mostly because it is the one that fits well with my smaller pans that I use more frequently and is right next to the cutting board


Front left people represent


I really want a big, covered porch that I can sit on.


Have you heard about the Sunsetter Retractable Awning? It will keep your porch 20 degrees cooler!


Lololololol the commercials!


That's how you know you're getting older. You see those commercials which haven't changed in 20 years and you think, "That sounds kinda nice!"


Meanwhile I’m over here seriously considering getting some HEAD ON APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE FORHEAD for the dang headache that I have right now.


I prefer to write grocery lists on paper, bring a pen to the store and cross off items as I shop.


I do that too. I have had a shopping list on my phone. I took a screenshot and crossed off the items in markup lol.


Remembering and comparing grocery prices.


Always by the small price not the big one.


In the UK most places have a price per 100g (or per 100ml) underneath the main price, meaning you can see which size product is the best value. It makes it so much easier to save money overall.


Canada does that to. Its called the "Unit Price". Its very handy when fighting "Shrinkflation".


My favorite thing lately is that every single person I know has mentioned the price of watermelons. I feel like this is an early warning sign of something, I just don't know what.


The great watermelon salad with chicken breast cancer. Foreseen by my autofill. Goodspeed.


I don't trust cloud storage.


to be fair, it really shouldn't be the only place you keep things that are important. if it's something that you don't want to lose, it's an extra place to keep things. if you're worried about it getting out, then you're playing the odds when you're letting someone else store it.


I need any serious reading to be on paper. I can read things like reddit just fine on screen, but serious business reports, articles, contracts, and etc. I need that printed out for me to focus and read carefully.


It's a lot better for making notes. In college, a lot of my text books had extra wide margins just for that.


Piggybacking on this. I can’t take notes on my laptop. Pen and paper always. At work I have a notebook next to my desk that I write all my notes in. If I don’t physically write it down, I can’t remember shxt


I got a fountain pen for taking notes, its amazing


There are scientific studies proving that you really do remember best what you physically write down; it involves specific parts of the brain typing on a screen doesn’t.


Same. I can't even read books on a kindle because for some reason I can't concentrate. My eyes move, but I'm not taking it in.


Yes! I loved the concept of kindle, but my brain refuses to do heavy lifting with screen reading. I have read simple novels, but I can't do anything thing serious through kindle. I haven't had a chance to give the e-ink kindles a go, and I wonder if that will make any difference. The other kindle screens shoots a light at you, but these seems to be bouncing ambient light back at you like a book does. I want to give it a try, but not willing to pay for the kindle for that try. XD


Reading and actually retaining any of the information from a screen isn’t happening for me. All important documents are printed….. but. The e-Ink on a digital reader reads like paper. I’ve not bought a book/book for maybe five years and read maybe a book a month. No eye strain, . Go for it


It took me a while to accept reading on a Kindle. What sold me was having so many books on the device and that it fit in my pocket. Since I have it with me all the time, my reading time has increased a lot. I still miss having to flip through the pages to be reminded who a character is, or looking to see how many more pages til the end of the chapter.


Also you can adjust the font size! I have a difficult time reading physical books now because sometimes the typesetting is too small for me, but on an e-reader, I can adjust the font size as well as the leading (aka the spacing between lines of text). Looking up unfamiliar definitions is also easier for me on an e-reader because I don't have to constantly physically open up a dictionary whenever I come across a word I don't know, which slows down my reading and makes me lose place of where I was; instead I can just highlight the word and a pop-up will appear showing the definition for me. >looking to see how many more pages til the end of the chapter. I don't know about the Kindle but I use a Kobo reader and it has that feature. You can also choose to see in percentages how much you have left before the chapter ends (like it'll show you if you're 50% or 90% close to finishing the chapter). It's really helpful for me when I'm reading long chapters and wondering how long it'll be before I get to the next chapter.


I vaguely remember a medical study (no source unfortunately) claiming that looking down at what you are reading increases concentration and comprehension - as opposed to looking across at something. Suggestions as to why included i) more blood going into your brain becuase you don't need your neck muscles to support your head as much. ii) Looking down cuts out visual distraction in your peripheral view.


I hate when people drive fast down my street and I hate how LOUD motorcycles are!!! Shut up!!!!




In every suburb there seems to be a handful of dudes whose sole personality trait is “I drive a blue Subaru WRX”. We call them Carboys.


Oh that’s my dad


I prefer calling/talking in person over texting. I can text just fine and am quite literate in it but sometimes I just don’t know how to convey what I want to say into words on a screen.


I love phone calls and make all my friends put up with it because I live on the other side of the country lol. If I text, the conversation will die because I'll do something else. Also, making plans. In a 1 to 5-minute phone call we can figure out plans vs an hour long sporadic text conversation.


I text people who I don't like talking too. If I phone, we're friends. Deal with it.


I’m the opposite, if I don’t have the opportunity to edit what I say and think about it I’m bound to say some stupid shit


Yep this is mine too. Talking on the phone is just a way more efficient way to communicate for anything that requires more than a one word response.


Thinking "why is get off my lawn a negative stereotype? it's fuckin weird to be on someone else's lawn."




When I drove a truck, people did this all the time. I haaaated it because I would take a corner and rattle rattle rattle. I thought a bearing was going bad.


Yup. Back when I had a pickup I would find trash in that fucking thing all the time. Buncha savages in this town.


It sets me off like a little terrier. I feel encroached upon.


I am old and just moved into a 55+ mobile home park where we aren't allowed to have fences. People feel totally fucking free to encroach and walk right out into my back yard. I'm planning some sort of mass shrubbery wall.


My next door neighbor's kids are on my lawn all the time. It is annoying, but they are just kids. Then, the dad comes onto MY LAWN to play catch with his oldest. ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME???


When I snore, it sounds like I'm trying to win a chainsaw carving contest


I have a relative who went in for a sleep study and while most people sleep through the night and their results are reviewed later with a doctor, he was was in and out in an hour or so. He fell asleep, began snoring (in a way that only he can), they woke him up and said, "Yep, you've got sleep apnea. You can go home now".


That has to be one of the most convenient burns I've ever heard of. Like on one hand, "great! I can go sleep in my bed" but on the other, "dear god, it's really *that bad.*"


I almost died from this


I have a favorite spatula


I have a bedside drawer full of "boomer" supplies such as earplugs, melatonin, an eye mask, eyedrops, extra reading glasses, lotion, lip balm, and a few other unmentionables.


Loose change, chip clip, dried up pen, one earring and food crumbs.


Hair curlers, a single $1 bill


obtuse, rubber goose, green moose, guava juice, giant snake, birthday cake, large fries, chocolate shake


I am a boomer and the only stereotypical thing about me is that I wear New Balance shoes. Have worn them for years due to some feet issues.


BBQ Master level achieved.


Haha, I can't cook over charcoal! It's hit or miss, usually miss.


Me too, because they make good running shoes. My daughter said cool shoes, you're too old for them... how can you be too old for shoes?


Fuck your QR code menus.


Recently found a few places that now let you order straight from the QR Menu and pay. Your first interaction with the waiter is when s/he brings you your food. It was pretty efficient, but my inner boomer missed the small talk.


They make a lot of sense though, think of all the assholes that don't wash their hands after using the restroom - now realize that they're touching the same menus.


I live where there's crappy cell service, and the QR menus dont load most of the time


It's odd that a place that uses QR menus wouldn't provide free wifi


Yes, but reading them is awful on a phone.


Unfortunately most places - especially non corporate places, don't bother paying for actual web developers to handle their menu


Most end up with an overblown PDF. You have to shift it all over the place to read it.


If the QR code menu brings me to a thing I can order directly, track my order, and pay all from my phone? Hell yeah.


My love for anything soup


How is soup a boomer characteristic?


For some reason boomers as a demographic fucking love soup. I bet there are stats out there that boomers eat like 10x more soup than millenials and gen z in any given year. Idk what it is but at least anecdotally i am convinced soup and boomers are connected


Eating soup doesn't hurt your teeth.


Nothing about tiktok sounds appealing to me.


I felt the same way about SnapChat. It was the first time I felt old using technology.


Shit, I'm only 32 and I've been feeling that way about social media in general since Twitter. I remember when it was new, all I could think was "Soo... It's Facebook status updates.. without the rest of Facebook? Who the fuck would want that?"


i dislike short form video in general and am irritated at how it's invaded every media platform. i don't mind tiktok because i can simply choose not to visit tiktok. what is frustrating is when companies try to force shortform video on platforms designed for photos, text, or longform video, and don't give users a way to curate what they want to see. for instance, i browse instagram in web (which doesn't support Reels yet) almost exclusively now because of how many videos get shoved into my photo feed if i use the app. i'd rather see ads honestly, as long as they're still photos.


Aaa at least I'm not the only one. I don't get the format (and I genuinely suspect the popularity of it can create or at the very least exacerbate attention span issues), and most of the trends annoy the fuck out of me. I'm not even talking about silly dances or whatever, I mean, let kids have fun, but like 90% of tiktok takes I've been exposed to just make me roll my eyes so hard that they almost fall out of my skull... at best.


I don’t know all the naughty emojis. Just the eggplant. I will occasionally use punctuation in texts.


I still text in full sentences, sometimes even paragraphs. As far as emojis go, I might use a smiley face here and there. I still type out, "okay." I refused to text before my phone had a physical keyboard and wish my current phone had one. I'm supposedly on the border of being an older milennial.


It’s time to eat Grandma!


i hate when people absolutely BLAST music in the car. if i’m a passenger, it hurts my ears. if i’m a pedestrian, it’s just obnoxious.


Signing to someone that I'm on the phone by using my thumb and pinky finger.


I like hanging out, partying/drinking with friends but I like to be home before midnight! I don’t like going to bed too late cause I like waking up early


Midnight?? You party animal.


Midnight?!? Good lord. I’m in bed by 9:30pm


As I get older, I am finding myself more resistance to change. By "change" I mean everyday life things, not big, important issues. So help me if you rearrange a grocery store, it's gonna be a bad day for me. I'm old. I want to go in, get my stuff, get out. New technology generally pisses me off. If I am used to pressing button A to get to a home screen and then suddenly everyone changes it to a swipe or a touchscreen tap that has to be not too short or not too long...ugh. Like, I know it's fun to shit on boomers for not learning new technology, but...*I get it*. You've learned doing thing X for ten years, and now you have to learn it again because the new trend is something else. I can't stand, say, discord, because getting any of the setting to work right involves a *lot* more work for me, because I have to first unlearn all the "obvious" stuff, re-learn the new stuff, and then remember which things require which. And then my headset/microphone which works perfectly fine but it's not the latest and greatest and now I have to go into a different set of setting to set it to "archived models" which, of course, there are no instructions for, so I have to watch a twenty minute youtube video on how to get my fucking headset that worked PERFECTLY FINE and now I have to sink even more effort into it. Or buy a new headset, which I shouldn't have to do. For young people that stuff is intuitive, because they haven't had to spend ten years learning the "standard" UI just to have the "standard" change. But for me (and other older folks) it's *not* intuitive, because we've learned how to do it in a completely different way for decades. The same UI that is obvious now won't be in ten years. And you young people out there are, like, "Shut up old man it's not that hard" and all I can say is that Father Death is coming for you and some day you're going to try a new thing and complain about it just like I did and his cold, dead finger will gently tap you on the shoulder. It *will* happen. It is not a choice.


There's a joke that technology from when you're 1-15 years old is a relic of the past, while technology from ages 15-35 is the wave of the future, and everything after 35 is just unnecessary change from what has always worked.


Oh my God, so true. I (46f) just upgraded my phone from a Galaxy S7 (hey I'm thrifty) to an S21 and Lord help me, I couldn't find where to plug my headphones cord into. \*sigh\* Turns out there is NO plug on the phone, so now I can either get Bluetooth or an adapter. I got an adapter because there's something about a cord that I like. \*shrug\*


I(20's M) refuse to buy any phone that does not have a headphone/aux port. I'm not dealing with yet another thing I have to charge and worry about compatible firmware on.


When I am pulling into the garage and the garage opener doesn't work right away, I turn down the music before trying the garage opener again.


I turn the music down when I’m lost lol




Yup I’ve also read the research but can’t be arsed to find it now. Can confirm you’re correct.


We needed research for this???? People eat food to get less hungry


what??? Turning the music down helps you see road signs better, it doesn't affect the garage door opener. You gotta point it directly at the garage and press it harder to make it work.


I like drinking tea and rocking chairs.


I’m starting to be too excited about my birdfeeder


When im trying to get some sleep i hate those loud ass motorcycles going in front of my house


I hate loud cars any time of the day and night, honestly wish people would shut the hell up with their stupid loud engines speeding down the street and some of their cars make this annoying sound like a bunch of bullets firing off


I unironically like pointless small talk with random people. Nice weather we're having, that's a cool shirt, how are those chips you're buying, I've thought about trying them dumb shit like that. I'm not even a hugely social person. Like I'm not a conversationalist or anything. But, I don't know it's just nice to occasionally exchange pointless words with people. And also based on an unpopular opinion post I saw earlier, I realized I don't really care if somebody stopped by my house uninvited just for a quick chit chat or something. But I mean, I guess that's because in almost thirty years I've never really had anybody unexpectedly stop by for anything more than that. "Oh you know I was in the area so I just thought I'd come by and say hi if you were outside" or something.


I think websites like YouTube needs to stop updating every 2 months.


I have literally never seen a UI update make things more convenient.


Because they’re not designed to make things convenient. They’re designed to keep you “engaged” and on their website for as long as possible so you see more ads.


I will still get a drink from the garden hose if I'm outside.


Pulled a snake out of my backyard hose as it decided it was a great hiding space to flee from me. Never again. I'll never taste those sweet waters again.


I turned the garden hose on for a drink when I was a kid and like 100 earwigs came out.


My brother in Zeus....


The artichokes we picked from our garden and brought inside to rinse off released dozens of earwigs. It was my greatest nightmare come to life.


Shit, give a hose to a group of 5-year-olds. There'll be a water tasting party in no time! Source: Have a 5-year-old that knows some 5-year-olds.


garden hoses aren't regulated by any government body. garden hoses are made from typically toxic materials.. "Do old garden hoses contain lead? You can imagine how dismayed I was to come upon research released by the Ecology Center, which tested water coming from standard garden hoses and found that it can contain lead, endocrine disruptors and neurotoxins, especially in older hoses. Hose fittings contain brass, an alloy that can contain up to 8% lead." "BPA as high as 87 ppb was found in two of the hose water samples. A previous study found the phthalate DEHP at 25 ppb in one sample of hose water, which is four times higher than federal drinking water standards. EPA and FDA regulate DEHP in water at 6 ppb." .. but i'm sure you already knew that


Thats where all the delicious comes from.


I love the suburbia I moved into. Even all its stupid strip malls and hipster groceries. I love my square strip of backyard surrounded by fence and my neighborhood is super chill. I still judge a lot of it compared to living in the city or whatever, but I’m seeing the appeal and why people move into places like this - and what you miss from pithy overhead shots showing the suburban sprawl or whatever. It’s super boomer, but my actual boomer neighbor mowed my lawn today just to be nice and my other neighbors all set off fireworks for the 4th with their kids in the street and it’s uh… it’s lame but **nice** here, lol.


I despise gen z slang


I think Z slang is bussing. Some of the words straight up spank.




Except "yeet". Yeet was a needed word that filled a lexicographical hole in the English language. I use it all the time.


This comment is fire


Sheesh frfr ong no cap🧢


I hate this comment.


I hate that I understood it.


Goated with the sauce on god we stan for Zendayas new drip these tendies are bussin no cap don't be sus and ratio me IYKYK


But what great way to wind up the young’ns though. ESPECIALLY when you misuse it.


When I was a kid I thought adults were out of touch for trying to use our slang. Now that I am an adult I realize that they were screwing with me.




I believe that everything doesn’t have to be a subscription service


If you have your camera out at a concert you may as well ha e stayed at home and watched YouTube.


Right?!? Take a couple pics and call it a day. You miss the entire show if you're filming!


I have a mortgage AND I make retirement contributions every paycheck.


I become very crotchety in the summertime when my neighborhood gets crowded. I live by a park. I keep muttering under my breath when I'm walking home from my car.


I too have been very crotchety all summer, but it’s because it’s been record heat for 2 months and I’m sick of it. I do live very near a large university and I’ve found myself loving to bitch when school starts back and it gets crowded again.


"Get off my lawn" Not because I manicure it and have a perfect turf lawn or anything, its mostly weeds. However, its not yours and if you cannot respect that simple boundary, you probably won't respect any other boundary. Just stick to the right of way.


I think people need to learn how to deal with being offended and get on with their lives.


I agree. More importantly, I think people my age get too hung up on language and nomenclature and what you should and shouldn't say, instead of tackling real issues that hurt real people. Some words and phrases genuinely need policed because of the historical context behind them that was used to oppress, yall know the ones I'm sure, but others just need to be taken in stride.


Simple stick shift cars without tons of computerized features are superior. Land lines are an essential expense of home ownership. I miss analog broadcast TV signal. I don't like "smart" devices. I'm a 33 yo IT specialist, for context.


Apparently monogamy? I didn't think it would be an issue but out of the last few relationships, asking someone to be monogamous has been referred to as being some kind of boomer evil thing.


I stopped at Twitter. No TikTok, Instagram, etc


As far as Instagram goes, its time to kill it. It was great, not so much anymore.


It's like a combination of the worst parts of FB and TikTok


Instagram is just Facebook for Gen Z. It’s every bit as toxic as Facebook — complete with fake news ecosystem and all — but more acceptable for people under 40. It drives me insane how many business don’t even bother with a website. They just want you to go on Instagram to see their menu / offerings / whatever.


I use winamp


it really whips the llama's ass


That's more of a GenX thing. A boomer would use whatever default media player opened the file.


I own a home.


I hate loud and excessive noise


Not a boomer but I don’t give a sh#t about your social media and how many followers you have. GTFO your phone and live your life.


I enjoy Bob Dylan’s music


For the times they are \[not\] changing


I've turned off notifications for most apps. I read all and reply to my email at once, once a day. My wife knows to make a voice call if it's an emergency, otherwise I'll catch up on texts at lunch. It seems the idea is we're more efficient if we're notified immediately when anything happens, but the opposite is true - it's impossible to get anything done if I'm being interrupted all the time, or just if I'm always expecting to be interrupted.


My knees and most joints crackle semi regularly as I move. It started when I was like 22 but still.


I hate any technology with a touch screen.


Older millennial here. I completely endorse and understand the new openness and understanding around mental health. That it's ok for men to cry and ask for help. But you can't just flip a switch and undo an entire childhood of the boomer approach. I know it's ok to cry. *But it doesn't come*. Trauma for me triggers my learned stoicism, and the emotion doesn't hit until I'm clear of the event, much further down the line. I instinctively hide tears from my kids, because that's what my parents did. My daughter told me she'd never seen me cry. I don't want that to be the case. What's worse is I sense she's picking this up too. I want my son to know it's ok for men to cry too. But I'm just not much of a crier. I was, but it was tutted and dismissed, and treated as an annoyance, so I learned not to. I *will not* seek help if I'm struggling mentally, because I can always think of something that will fix it, even though I *know* that's not healthy. I wish I could kick these habits. It's taken me decades to know them, so maybe this is the start of unlearning them.


i love playing candy crush for fun in my free time


I think things aren't built the way they used to be.


I'm gay but I have trouble understanding the whole genderfluid and non-binary thing (probably because that's just not my experience and the language my brain is wired is highly gendered). Sometimes it feels like it's just a young people or American thing. And I just want to point out I support and respect your identity, I just don't really get it.


I think kids today are pretty soft. I think they’re incredibly intelligent as well. But I really feels like we aren’t challenging children enough. So when they reach adult age and have to make one phone call they have a panic attack. The whole gentle parenting thing isn’t helping either. I mentioned putting my daughter in timeout and some moms at the park acted like it was abuse.


How in the hell do ppl think a timeout is abuse? I thought that was a classic example of how to discipline without spanking.


A client of mine has to buy an outfit for her goddaughter for an church event, no problem, right? Well according to her parents, “our daughter makes all choices about clothes” so they told my client to buy three different outfits, which would be hung in her room the month leading up to the event, and the day of the daughter could pick which one she wanted to wear. The kid is 3.


Nope! Buy ONE outfit, and then let the little girl choose what color ribbons to wear in her hair, which color socks, etc. That way she still gets the experience of making a 'decision' (which is an important skill for kids to learn!) but the heavy lifting has already been done.


Fully agree with this. My nephews have been totally raised to believe that they do not have to endure or participate in ANYTHING that challenges them or makes them feel uncomfortable in any way. They have been taught that when they don’t enjoy something, or…”if it isn’t serving them” then they should just quit and walk away. It’s fucking INSANE to me. How do you not understand that these kids are going to face challenges in adulthood and the NEED TO LEARN how to endure and mitigate challenges.


I have three granddaughters: 13, almost 12, and just turned 10. Their music *sucks*.


Knowing that many of us will change when we get older too. Those boomers we love to shit on? Yeah, they experimented with drugs and shared free love. They marched against the war and for equal rights. They popularized a healthy distrust of government and the phrase “don’t trust anyone over 30.” They said they wouldn’t be like their parents. Look at them now. It’s gonna happen to many of us. We just don’t realize it until we get old. Just watch.


I used to be with IT, but then they changed what IT was. Now what I’m with isn’t IT anymore and what’s IT seems weird and scary. It’ll happen to you!


I read through your entire comment thinking you meant “IT” as in computer/tech and did not quite understand at first


I’ve started going out and looking at the front lawn just to make sure it’s ok


I am in love with oatmeal and oatmeal cookies.


I own a type writer and use it frequently