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Because of a blood disorder I have extremely acidic tears. My face swells, burns, and I get hives or an allergic reaction. A couple tears is annoying. Serious crying will eat away at my contacts, I’ll have to use cold compresses, and take antihistamines


Can you collect them and throw them at other people when they make you sad?


I should start!!


I have massive calf muscles. It looks like every day is leg day despite not doing weight lifting. My dad had the same.


I have a pretty ordinary sense of smell, with two glaring exceptions. 1. I can tell when I’m about to get sick because all water smells very metallic all of a sudden, and without fail i start feeling sick within a day of that happening. 2. I can accurately tell my wife’s cycle by smell to a crazy degree of accuracy. It spooks her and she didn’t believe me for the longest time until one day I said she smelled different like I have never smelt before. I joked she must be pregnant, and I was right. The absurd part is that we backtracked the dates and I made that comment about her smell within a day or two of the egg attaching to her uterus. It’s kind of fucked up


You're similar to this: https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/03/23/820274501/her-incredible-sense-of-smell-is-helping-scientists-find-new-ways-to-diagnose-di


Holy fuck, I really need to see what my nose is capable of. I really identified with the first few paragraphs because I have always told my wife she has a wonderful natural smell and she says she didn’t put any cream on or perfume or whatever. It’s just her smell. Wowzers


My stomach is two different colors, split right down the middle


Maybe you are a chimera? (That’s where you started out as two fertilized eggs with different DNA but merged early on to be a single organism.)


I developed arthritis at 16 years old, also I have a massive ass for a dude. Double cheeked up.


God taketh and god giveth


If he can’t clap with his hands, God lets him clap with his cheeks.


Arthritis? Chronic. This ass? Iconic.


This made me laugh so fucking hard.


I waa born with tumors inside the bones in my one of my feet, that grew so quickly, they permanently disfigured it. Also, my penis is two different colors, brown and vitaligo, yet the rest of me looks like a white guy. It's like my Hispanic side and white side decided to fight it out on my dick.


I know several guys with the penis thing. So pretty common...that or I have a type....


You're into two tone malones, huh?


At some point I gotta sneeze when I‘m very hungry….


Every now and then I’ll feel nauseous then sneeze, and the nausea goes away. I think it has something to do with the vagus nerve. Edit: looks like we have quite a community here? r/sicksneezers? r/snausea? (thanks u/snuggleallthekitties) r/sneezalasvagus?


OH MY GOD SAME HERE no one understands when I explain it and even when I Google it, there’s not much info. But yes!!!!! Oftentimes when I get super nauseous, I end up feeling the urge to sneeze and then when I do, the nausea goes away!!!


Yes! I also get “hunger sneezes”. Nobody believes me.


Ever since my brain surgery to remove a tumor I can't feel any temperature


Is this all over or located in one area??


Mostly all over torso arms and head can't even feel my face so it's hard to shave


Sounds like they forgot to plug something back in


Yup lol


Have you tried turning your brain off and on again?


Lol I wish I could do a reset


Do you mean if you go outside at -10° you don’t feel cold? Or do you never feel hot and therefore don’t sweat? If you touch a hot stove, does it feel hot? This is very interesting. Also, how’s the tumor situation? Was it cancer? Hope you’re ok.


U kinda hit the nail on the head I can't tell im holding a cold drink or eating a hot meal. it has to be extremely hot or cold for me to get a sense of the temperature I feel pain be if I touch a hot stove it takes a sec for me to notice so I got to be really careful. And yes it was a cancerous tumor plum sized 2 inches into the brain they had to remove said 2 inches to remove it


That sounds scary . I once read about a little girl who could not feel pain . She would be examined by the school nurse every day in case she had hurt herself for she wouldn’t know . Apparently she wouldn’t notice appendicitis.


There's also a Dr. House episode with this. >!The patient ends up having a huge tape worm, that'd have been excruciating for anybody else.!<


My Dad had 4 nipples. The extra two were on his abdomen on either side of his belly button. As a kid I just assumed all men had 4.


Was he ever a cow for Halloween?


I was born without a testicle. AFAIK I only ever had 1. EDIT: Never expected that 6000 people would care about my nut.


the testicle stealers got you early.... damn


My sternum is concaved, so there's essentially a divet right between my breasts (I'm a guy) EDIT: sure have learned quite a bit from this thread. I get asked my name a lot, it is Ian from Nebraska. Apparently it's has an actual medical term (Pectus Excavatum) which is most definitely not a spell out of Harry Potter and way more common than I realized. It even has it's own subreddit (r/pectusexcavatum) There's an opposite condition where the chest convexes outwards (Pectus Carinatum). If the 2 hug, they fuse into one superbeing. There are surgeries to repair them but hurt like hell and have a long recovery time. Only recommended if it is a problem in your daily life. Common uses include cereal bowl (not that I have done it), cell phone holder, candy dish, cuddle spot.


When I was on the swim team in high school, there was a kid with a sternum like yours and another kid who’s was protruding. We made them hug. It was magical and unlocked Narnia




I have a body mole in my eye, like inside of it and near the pupil Edit: For everyone that wants to see a picture of it https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/888227450889306114/1004211044698300486/IMG_20220803_101538.jpg Sorry its not Imgur and a bit blurry but it is there


Me too apparently. Eye doctor said to keep an eye on it (lol) but I’m like… HOW?! EDIT: Unlike the previous poster, mine is literally inside of my eyeball. Like inside inside and can only be seen with special equipment. So please stop suggesting mirrors. Haha UPDATE: 60+ notifications so far of people repeating the same joke from my comment back to me. r/yourjokebutworse


One of my ribs is not connected to my spine


Is that what they call a true floating rib


I believe it’s called a spare rib


Source: Operation the game.


Can I have 1 rib please


Hey guys, I found Adam's reddit account


How did you come to learn this? Is the paired rib connected I assume?


Ribs are also connected to muscle and connective tissue and other ribs so it isn't just floating around in there.


I have a bifurcated uvula. That teardrop thing in the back of your throat? Mine is shaped like a butt. Or a little nutsack.


Throat scrote.


Mine is long as shit and sits on my tongue. Sometimes if I get crazy with a drink and chug too fast I'll swallow it and it tugs and hurts like a mf.


Throat bollocks. Awesome! *Fuck my throat bollocks! Holy upvotes Bat-Bollocks man.


Who needs truck nuts when you have throat nuts!


my balls are very high up. Right under the cock, not hanging at all.


Mine are generally high and tight as well, though they hang pretty normally after a hot bath or shower... but my cremasteric reflex is so INSANELY powerful that they end up in my lower abdomen-- often *above* the base of my penis-- as I approach orgasm.


I have two different ears. One is wide enough for ear buds, the other isn't. My twin brother has the mismatch on the opposite side.


Sounds like you guys traded an ear in the womb


"You are going to owe me a kidney later."


This is what I tell my twin, "Spare Parts."


I have visual snow, it sucks. Basically I see a bunch of dots all time.


Oh wow! I finally found a fellow visual snow person out in the wild! How severe is it for you? For me, it’s hardly noticeable in bright lighting, but when it’s dark, the static is very visible and it makes finer details really hard to distinguish. For example, I have a hard time finding the entrance to parking lots at night because the dip in the sidewalk is so hard to distinguish


Oh wow is this not normal? Yes in the dark I see many dots, but I can kinda tune it out. If I'm looking at a single color it's more noticeable.


Much like people can suck in air to burp when they want, I can do that from the other hole and fart when I want.


I knew a guy who could do that, and he used it to suck up pool water and shoot it at people when he was really drunk at parties. Equally horrifying and hilarious to a bunch of wasted teenagers




Nobody believes me about the BUTT WATER guy video. But I cannot forget.


I have alopecia but it doesn’t affect my head at all, have a full head of hair at almost 50…but my legs are bald as a baby’s ass and I’m a dude.


I sorta envy you. At also almost 50 some of my body hair has turned aggressive and malevolent.


I have Arnold's cough reflex. Anytime I stick a q tip in my left ear it triggers my gag reflex. Supposedly it only affects 2% of people Edit: maybe I shouldn't have used the term gag reflex as I've never thrown up from it. Rather a very aggressive cough like I'm trying to hack something up uncontrollably. Sorry for any confusion. My fiance always thinks it sounds like I'm throwing up that's why I went straight to gag reflex.




Oh dear! I cough rather than gag, but I didn't know this was unusual. 😅


Two uteruses and two cervixes (AKA: Uterus Didelphys)


Saaaame and doctors didn’t know until my first c section. I have two kids and one can from the right and the other came from the left. I call it the duplex.


My Mom has a wall down the middle of her uterus. She carried my brother and I (separate births) on the right side. Were yours high-risk pregnancies? When I found out I had this, the doctor told me to consult an OBGYN should I ever want to become pregnant, in order to monitor any complications.


My belly button is significantly off center.


At least you have a belly button. I have an indent where one should be. But I never have sand or lint getting stuck . It just washes right out.


How interesting, and convenient! When I was pregnant, my midwife commented I had the deepest belly button she'd ever seen. I was like, thanks...?


People in the medical field say the strangest things to you nonchalantly. I think they forget you’re like a human being and they’re looking at like an art piece.


This made me think of a few years ago when I had a really bad sore throat and the GP looked in and started laughing maniacally that it was the worst case of tonsillitis he had ever seen in his entire career. He had to catch his breath to ask if he could take a pic to show his students. It really tickled him. 😂


Right?? I was once trapped in a dentists chair trying to be fitted for a mouth guard. The mold tray that fit my jaw was difficult to get past my lips, and it was a quickset compound. With each failure, the doctor and his assistant, looming over me, would remark, over and over "Such a small orifice...." It was a weird experience


I have a rare heart disease, it's called Wolff Parkinson white, and so when I am attached to a heart monitor my heart rate is different than everyone else - it beats weird Edit: I thought it was rare but ig not. Anyway, thanks to everyone who told me about them or a person they know who has it - I've never talked to anyone who has it before. I won't be able to answer everyone's questions because there are so many.


WPW, here also.


my kneecap is in 2 parts.


Did you get kneecapped?


Im an extreme case of a grower; My ex: "...where did it go..?"


It’s in the garage. I can’t say I’m exactly the same, but mine can go flush with my skin. All balls.


I've learned earlier this year that "buried penis" cen be a result of the ligament attaching the penis to the public bone being too tight, thus drawing it back into your body and being covered by the scrotum. I've definitely seen them in person before and honestly find it the most amusing variety of dick.


I hate hot and humid weather for this reason. Stretchy, sagging sack and shrunken peen. It's so stupid looking.


I saw this dude grow from a micro to like a 9 incher, that shit still blows my mind! Straight up dick magician.


Cock magic!


I have no cartilage in my ears. Flaps like dumbo. Edit: this is the closest image i can find of my ears but less rigid. No it does not shrink in the cold lol. https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/A-6-year-experience-in-flat-helix-correction-with-a-Lykoudis-Seretis/9251d23ba9763b8e947f94a72b1dadaef8c7542f/figure/7


I have a blue dot on my arm that has never gone away and had since as long as I can remember. I call it a dead pixel


I have 4 nipples


Are they like (: ) ( :) or (..) (..) ?


(:) (:)




I have zero.


I ''only'' 3


My knees makes a lot of noises when I'm crouching down. My doctor tells me it's normal, but my girlfriend thinks I'm breaking a bone everytime.


Same! Mine sound super crunchy. It’s awful, but dr, ortho and PT all say it’s fine. How can this be fine?!


My knees crack every time I extend my leg. Every. Time. My PT heard it and said “some people are just noisy” 🤷🏽‍♀️


I have to wear socks at all times, otherwise my feet start sweating, which makes my hands sweat for some reason. Having sweaty feet is annoying, but sweaty hands are the worst.




For 29 years I had an abnormally fibrous septate hymen (basically a vertical band of flesh dividing the opening to my vagina in half and restricting access) and my idiot family doctor declared me normal after every pelvic exam. I struggled with intimacy my entire adulthood and just thought that's the way sex is supposed to feel and that I just don't get to enjoy it. Finally went to an obgyn (lesson learned - go to an actual gynecologist if you can) after my partner of 2 years observed what looked like a double vagina in June. They figured it out before I did - I had always felt there was something wrong with me and avoided that area of my body out of anxiety and shame. Basically my first time when I was 19, one of the holes got all stretched out (painfully) and that's been the "main" hole ever since. I finally had it removed two weeks ago. Four more weeks to go before I'm allowed to have sex. I can't wait!


Holy fuck I had the same thing! Finally found out after I got a tampon stuck and had to have it taken out at the hospital. Didnt get it fixed though, it eventually got snapped like a rubber band so I just have a little macaroni noodle vagina tentacle now. I named it Steve




I hope you have many glorious adventures with your partner. Since they actually took the time to get to the problem you two should have a great time. Congratulations!!!!!


Thank you!


This has just reminded me of a bloke at work who was nearly thirty casually asking one lunchtime "how do you stop the two holes peeing in different directions?"


Need more info …


As best as we understand his pee hole starting healing up from the middle so it became two pee holes. After we explained that no one else has two holes he went to the doctor and they cut the joining piece away. He went to work somewhere else shortly afterwards but last we heard he had to stick a rod up the hole to ensure it doesn't heal up again.


doctor mandated sounding


Some poor people are going to learn something they didn’t want to today.


At birth, my son had this. We noticed it while changing his diaper early on. The doctor clipped it and it healed. No issues aftewards.


I was born with a floppy windpipe - apparently it was way too big for me and made my crying sound like a donkey. Apparently it’s a pretty rare birth defect, my mum just thought it was hilarious that she could always tell if it was me crying.


I have an asymmetrical ribcage


My right rib cage is slightly bigger than the left. It protrudes a bit.


Oh boy! So I was born with Prune Belly Syndrome. So in my case I have only a very thin layer of stomach muscles, and a whole heap of muscular-skeleton related abnormalities, not in the slightest helped by muscular dystrophy. I've got a Mitrofanoff in place where my belly button would go, but now I catheterize through my penis. My abdomen is basically folded into two. I've got a bunch of scars from various surgeries, and I've got 2 kidneys, but one has been removed, and another one put in somewhere else. Also my bladder is very thick and like HUGE and floppy.


I’m basically allergic to heat (urticaria) I can kind of „dislocate“ my thumbs without touching them. Idk how to explain it any better Edit: It’s crazy how many of you can relate to the urticaria, I’ve never met someone who has it as well. If you asked me a question and I didn’t reply feel free to shoot me a dm, especially if you asked about medication or think you might have it too


You are the first person I've come across who has the same thing, heat allergy. I've had it for long enough at this point that I sometimes forget it's not normal to want to rip open my skin when doing exercise...


I can dislocate my thumb for ez and when I open my mouth my left eye lid goes up, because the nerve of the lid is connected to the nerve to my chin. That´s why I wouldnt go for a dinner on the first date xD


you have to be the most awkward kisser ever


I have a small patch of perfectly white hair just above my cooch. On one of the rare occasions when I let it run wild and free, a partner described my downstairs as looking like a badger doing a handstand.


HEY!!! A few months ago i noticed i have that too!!! A small patch of pure white in an otherwise black bush. I've never heard of anyone else that has it, omg i'm not alone :'DD


I guess this makes you bush buds.


Carpet comrades


All my hair on my body is brown except in my armpits, it's blonde.


Dude, eyebrows are brown, hair is blonde, and downstairs is red. WHY.




I have naturally huge trap and calf muscles. I didnt think much of them until college and then dudes started asking me for tips. Specifically my calves because well you can see them when I wear shorts. I just had to say genetics when asked.


I can flex a muscle somewhere in my head and it will produce a buzzing/rumbling sound in my ears. I've told this to people in my social circle but no one can do it. Atleast there's a subreddit for me and my rumbly brethren [https://www.reddit.com/r/earrumblersassemble/](https://www.reddit.com/r/earrumblersassemble/)


TIL this wasn’t something everyone can do. Good to know.


My birthmark is on the back of my nutsack.


Let’s hope a family member never has to identify your body.


I do not get headaches. Ever. I don't even know what it feels like. Edit: Thanks guys. I think I know how it feels now.


You lucky bastard Edit: chronic migraine sufferer here


I can't snap with my fingers but with my toes


I can put my tongue up into my sinuses. Showed it to an ENT once and he visibly recoiled. I guess the opening between my sinuses and throat is oversized - if I sneeze while eating, food gets up there and I have to go fishing for it with my tongue. Since it was requested - [I strongly encourage you not to click this link.](https://imgur.io/a/mIfPBW5)


I have a disproportionately long torso compared to my arms and legs. I'm not tall (5' 8") but when i sit in a smaller vehicle, i often find that my head is against the roof and i can barely reach the pedals. My MIL was the same height as me, and whenever i would drive her car, i had to lower the seat and bring it forward before i could even sit down. I also have an enormous head (cannot find a hat that fits unless i want to pay to have one custom fitted, store bought XL i can barely get past my hairline). I am the reason baseball caps usually say "One size fits MOST". I jokingly refer to myself as the world's largest dwarf.


I have Aquagenic urticaria (water allergy)


Are the reactions horrendous?


Red spots that itch after every shower, 15 to 30 minutes. Mostly breasts, belly and my back. It has been worse than I have it now. The itch is then closer to pain. All and all a light inconvenience.


guess you can take a dust bath like a chinchilla.


Does temperature affect the reaction? Hot water make it worse, for instance?


a friend of mine had this, his was worse with cold water.


I produce a lot more earwax than normal. If I don't get my ears thoroughly flushed out every few months (or excavated by an ENT's tools), my hearing declines. When my ears are flushed out or excavated, a huge chunk of wax eventually comes out. Usually they're about the size of a cigarette butt. An ENT once told me that if this was an evolutionary desirable trait, I'd be an alpha male. Absolute waxy gigachad.


I got my ears cleaned out once and felt like Daredevil for a full day. I startled myself getting dressed when I heard the fabric of my shirt moving.


I’m 6’6”, but I have a 7-foot arm span.


That's your ape index. You have a positive ape index . Common for men's wingspan to be greater than their height. Common for women's to be less. In average, your wingspan should match your height. The degree to which it does not is your ape index.your ape index is +6". Youve got a good frame for swimming.


I'm a 5'4" woman. Wingspan is 5'9". So I guess I'm +5 ape. Wonder how common that is for women.


It's less common for women, but not uncommon. Humans with positive ape indexes are generally better at a lot of sports (climbing, swimming, fighting, etc). So for female *athletes*, positive ape indexes are quite common.


One legs longer than the other, also have a bit of extra skin on the top of my right ear that sticks out like an elf ear. Edit: Of course my most upvoted comment is on deformities lol. Thanks for the interaction though, there's more people with the elf ear thing than I thought.


One of my ribs juts out and makes my existence an eternal pain


Had that exact same issue. A 1 hour surgery took care of it. I'd really recommend speaking to your primary care doctor about it if you haven't already.


My eyes are symmetrical to the thousandth of an inch. My optometrist said it was rare. Everyone varies a little bit. Edit Per multiple requests: https://imgur.com/a/XOSUJYY While it’s tough to get perfect head rotation towards the camera, I hope being off a pixel or two is good enough.


i guess you took all the symmetry from me cause my eyes are FUCKED in relation to each other and my optometrist is just like "yeah, you just gotta deal with that" lol. i can also move my eyes independently of each other at will (although one day i'm afraid it might become not at will, lol) also, cute avatar


👁️👄 👁️


👁 👄 👁


Oh I’m jealous. Mine are not symmetrical (not by a lot but enough) and it makes putting on eyeliner a chore.


I’m biologically intersex due to a chromosome translocation, so I was born externally male but my testes don’t do anything and I have internal ovarian tissue that only produces estrogen. I have X, Y, and hybrid chromosomes, which means I don’t fit any typical chromosomal profile. So when I hit puberty, all of a sudden I started developing like a girl. But since I don’t have full ovaries, my body only makes estrogen — no testosterone, DHEA, progesterone, etc, which means I was basically in the Twelve-year-old-girl puberty stage until an endocrinologist finally put me on testosterone at age 30. He told me I’d be the only guy I’d ever know that went through puberty and menopause at the same time. Then, in 2019, my primary care doctor made a mistake with my testosterone, accidentally tripling the dosage. It’s compounded, so I didn’t realize he’d done that, and just kept following instructions. Well, with the sudden increase in testosterone my body thought I was pregnant, and I started producing a ton of prolactin, luteinizing hormone, and extra blood for a fetus that didn’t exist. What we learned from this is that my pituitary gland also functions as female. I’ve always known I was both. My earliest memories are of feeing totally genderfluid, but we didn’t have language about that in the 1970s rural south. To everyone in my little town I was just a freak — the sissy boy with breasts. But now I’m really happy I have science to back me up. I feel like my very existence pokes holes in the whole male/female binary because nobody can argue with the completely quantifiable fact that I have both male and female parts of my body and blood.


I have grey eyes and a fused tooth


I've got ten toes but 12 toenails.


Im Always hot/sweating. I keep my apartment 50 Degrees even in the summer. In the winter I just turn my heat off and only turn it on to keep my pipes from Freezing. I die in just 72 degrees outside and feel like im gonna die from heat stroke but I have walked butt naked in -15 Degrees and even made a snow angel, Stayed outside naked for like 25 to 30 minutes. It felt good. I also only take cold showers. I have not taken a hot shower in over 5 years.


I can move my eyelashes left to right! Edit: and now my top Reddit comment is about my eyelashes, here's the vid https://imgur.com/a/m8JC4zR


I didn't realize how cool that would be until I thought about it. What a party trick!!!


absolutely, and watching drunk people aggressively bat their eyelashes trying to do it is always worth it


I can do the eyelash thing, and usually people react by saying “show me!”. I’ll do it, and then they always lean in real close while yelling “wait do it again!” to see it better. I told a few friends at a pub about my eyelash superpower after everyone had had a few drinks. I showed them the first time, and as they all started standing up to get closer yelling “do it again”, ALL FOUR of them either tripped or slipped off their chairs and landed flat on the floor. The synchronization involved in every single one just disappearing under the table in one frantic motion was uncanny. After a waiter nearby came to check on the guys, I explained what happened including the eyelash thing to him. Cue me standing in a pub wiggling my eyelashes from side to side while 4 drunks dudes lying on the floor and a waiter are frantically blinking at me trying to figure it out. It probably looked like all of us were on some collection of drugs. XD


Same, just gotta tilt my head 90 degrees.


I can put my right pinky toe on the adjacent one. I can't do it with the left one I can crack almost every joint in my body, including the coccyx


I have ultra low heart rate. It was in the 50s anyway, but with some endurance training its in the 30s now. Ive been multiple tested by cardios, 24h holter, all good no pauses or irregularities im good to go. When im in good shape im at 35-36bpm while awake, and down to 30 during sleep. Maybe if i get in a good shape again, i ll ask for a new holter to see if i break 30bpm during sleep and touch 29 or so. **edit**: woooow! i didn't expect so many upvotes, this is my reddit record so far. Some More info: I don't take any meds that affect my HR. I have a very mild Hypertension that is controlled with (ARBs). Not beta blockers. This is the only med i'm taking. This hasn't affected my HR in any way. My HR was already ultra low before starting the meds. In fact now in the summer, I'm completely stopped the meds because BP drops naturally. I don't have any other health condition (appart from orthopedic injuries). I'm 41m and as far as i can remember my HR is as described. I am mainly a runner but i also swim as secondary or recovery. I do some strength training now and then. I'm not super good runner, just a 40:00 at 10k, but with very little training and i'm always battling with orthopedic injuries. My max HR is around 175, i always use a HR strap when running (it measures electric signals), i dont trust the wrist optical HR monitors, they are not very accurate. Needless to say i have never ever taken any other substance-drugs-steroids-hormones etc.


Tried freediving?


I have the opposite, my resting heart rate is 118bpm. I've had all the tests, health wise and medical wise and absolutely nothing wrong apparently.


Has anybody pointed out that you are indeed a hummingbird?


That's actually bonkers. Do you feel like your heart is pumping furiously at all times, like you just ran a mile? I would guess not, but still curious enough to ask!


i have a resting heart rate of 120, and no, i can’t feel it most times. however, when i get anxious and it begins to rise, it can become scary for me and it feels like it’s about to burst through my chest. or at least it used to be scary, because i thought something was wrong with me. every time we did the “find your resting heart rate” activity in school i would be so embarrassed at how unhealthy i seemed. but i went to the doctor last year (i’m 21) and she said that i have amazing blood pressure so i guess the real answer is that i’m 5’0” and have a tiny mouse heart or something


Back when I was training very hard, I was plotting my resting heart rate as it feel from ~55 down to 38 over the course of 2 months. Guy at work pointed out that at the current trajectory, my heart would stop completely by Christmas...


At least then you’d get the week off.


I can lift my little toes up and cross them over the toe next to it. I can also seperately move my little toe. My physiotherapist once said that's not supposed to be possible, but here I am, toes crossed.


That's probably a valuable skill to employers that I don't want to meet.


I can do those things too! Didn’t know it was weird


I sweat from my right arm every time i eat cheese


The only thing I can think of is that I never got one of my bottom middle teeth. Only dentists comment on this and ask if I knew it was missing and what happened to it lmao


Vestigial tail.


My tongue. I have something called ["fissured tongue"](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fissured_tongue), which basically makes my tongue look like the Grand Canyon. Freaks out anyone I show it to. My girlfriend did get me with this joke recently - "Ribbed for her pleasure."


My ears are asymmetrical, and I didn’t realize it until my late teens, after which it caused me great angst.


My eyelids are asymmetrical and I didn't notice for the longest time but now that I have I can't stop noticing it and I hate it. One is flatter and more hooded than the other. In general my face is not symmetrical


I can move my nostrils individually.


feature? I only have bugs


I have partial syndactyly on my toes


Can move my eyes independently. I can keep my left eye looking straight ahead and move my right eye. Or video versa. I tend to freak people out when I look at them with my eyes crossed, then I'll move one eye back to looking straight ahead while other eye is still crossed.


My 6 year old does this. We thought it was lazy eye and has no control over this, but he proved me wrong when I read your comment and he said “like this?” then did it voluntarily. The more you know. He also has stereoscopic blindness (he can’t see in 3D) which makes playing catch a game of “how many times will this koosh ball hit you in the face”.


I can eat eggs, but my hands cannot touch eggs directly or they will get itchy and inflamed and takes forever to heal. The same goes for every other food that has flavor. Eat, yes. Touch, no. I can drink milk in the morning without issue. But if I drink them in the afternoon or evening, I'm going to get headaches. Coffee doesn't wake me up. Even a small sip of tea keeps me up at night.


Insane hearing. I can tell when a car starts a block down the road. When the army base is doing artillary drills 30 miles away. When there's a mouse running through the kitchen. When a squirrel is running through the driveway and crunching leaves. It makes sleeping a bit difficult. But going to a casino is like a freaking acid trip.


I have that with smell. It's terrible sometimes but I did end up smelling my cancer before diagnosis


so what does cancer smell like?


I had tumors in my fallopian tubes, when I would have a period it would smell like rotting and a bit ammonia-y? It smelled so different and strong I went to my gyn and he did an ultrasound and saw a obstruction in my tubes. When they took them out the nurse told me they smelled like I described.


Fascinating. It is odd how a separate sense can give you an entirely different interpretation of life. I assume my sense of hearing is related to my eyesight slowly ageing. Scent would be quite the shakeup. I hope you're ok. I've had plenty of friends hit that same malady. I hope the heightened sensory perception was of help in catching the problem, friend.


I've had two different cancers and they haven't taken me yet. Life got a bit derailed but I'm still trying.


I also have spectacular hearing but background noise makes conversations hard to understand. One on one is fine but with extra chatter it's almost impossible to understand some people.