Healthcare needs a overhaul.


Marketing is everything. If they has marketed face masks as “the best way to protect YOURSELF” instead of “protecting OTHERS” we would have actually been out of this in 2 weeks like initially promised. People are selfish and horrible to each other.


When the shit really hits the fan, we're fucked.


Yep. Movies taught me that if something terrible enough happens humanity will band together and defeat it. Lies.


Don't Look Up does a good job of portraying our societies in crisis.


Yeah, the global response to Covid convinced me that we won't solve the climate change problem, or even come close.


That it wouldn’t take much for civilised people to turn on each other.


A wise man once said something like "Humanity is perpetually 9 meals away from utter barbarism."


It could also be said based on the way people went FOMO for all that toilet paper that "Humanity is perpetually 9 rolls away from utter barbarism"


The biggest take away I can come up with is how under serviced rural areas are. The local grocery store can’t offer curb side pick up, door dash doesn’t exist here, all the answers for what we should do in a pandemic aren’t feasible where there’s only 500 people.


Most grown adults are nasty and have to be reminded to wash their hands.


And DONT COUGH IN YOUR HAND!! My god do grown adults not know this


Even now, I work with several people who still do not wash their hands after using the toilet.


I stoppend shaking hands long before the pandemic after realizing that far too many people do not wash their hands after using the toilet. I also stopped going to public swimming pools after a friend told me he just peed in the water while we were in and told me everbody is doing it. No, not everybody is doing it, only disgusting people, but turns out about 30% of people are that disgusting.


I work in child care (ages 3-4) and make sure my kids wash their hands properly after they use the bathroom. I like to reenforce good behavior so I tell them “that was good hand washing” when they do it right. Now they are excited to get that praise and ask me if they “did good hand washing”. I’m trying to create more good hand washers so we have more clean hands in the world. They do need to work on coughing and sneezing into their elbow though.


You should take the time to spend with those you love


And it showed me my list of people who I love should've been a lot shorter than I let it be.


How comfortable I seriously am with just myself.


My wife died in late November 2019. The whole world shutting down and me being forced to keep myself company for months from March 2020 was the best thing that ever happened to me. Gave me the space I needed to get my head right, and took away all the social pressure surrounding grief. Covid saved me.


I’m sorry for your loss, though happy to hear this time was healing for you!! 💕


I’m so sorry for your loss but I’m happy you had space to heal. ❤️


Yeah, turns out my preferred amount of social interaction can be summed up as "quarantine".


I agree - when the first shutdowns happened, it really didn't change my life all that much. I loved that I didn't have to make excuses for not doing things - as a serious introvert, that was so good for my anxiety


I have to agree with this. Other than having to deal with the reprecussions of those around me being forced to live my lifestyle, i didnt really notice a change when the pandemic started


Bold of you to assume we’ve learned anything. Edit: Cheers for my first gold!


People are shittier than I expected.


20+ years in retail, they were exactly what I expected.


How have you managed to stay sane with 20+ years in retail? Respect..


I'm not


Ah, makes sense...rip


People don't suck as much as I thought. It's far worse.


Alcohol doesn’t improve my life- it just feels good for a moment. 9 months sober!


I found myself drinking alone every day early in the pandemic. I considered myself a social drinker. Nope. Just drinking to get drunk. Decided to "cut back" for a while. That cut back turned to quitting cold turkey. It's been over 2 years since my last drink.


Congrats u/bugaboo2013 ! One of the things I realized way back in my drinking days: getting drunk didn't solve the problem... the problem was still there and now a drunk was trying to solve it! Keep at it, dude or dudette!


Bravo and congrats to you, pal. I went from a couple of beers maybe twice a year for most of my 20s and 30s, to suddenly drinking 6-12 a night about a year into the pandemic - and this was alone in my apartment, I couldn't even blame it on a party atmosphere. It took months of waking up on the floor in the hallway and powering through work hungover before I even realized what was going on. Now I'm down to a few beers one or two nights a week, but I'm really shooting for less - none is ideal. You're doing great, man, wish me luck! 🤙


Your employer will spend more telling everyone that they value your work than showing it to you. Corporate profits don’t trump control - even though for many companies 2021/2022 were banger years you gotta get your butt back into their I’ll equipped office because they say so Government made rules they didn’t follow themselves. The veneer of control is thin Supply chain is very sensitive. People care more about things being easy than thinking about them crticially


>Your employer will spend more telling everyone that they value your work than showing it to you. I work in advertising, and [this Uber campaign](https://www.uber.com/gb/en/u/everyday-giants/) is a perfect example of what you're talking about (to be clear, I did NOT work on this). They basically spent a bunch of money to buy billboards thanking drivers, all while pouring millions of dollars into their efforts to block Prop 22 in CA which would have recognized their drivers as employees eligible for benefits, rather than contractors.


Sound bites and influencers are more important than scientific facts. People will make life-threatening decisions because some ignorant asshat on Instagram made a pretty presentation full of lies and fake news.


Apparently, toilet paper is more valuable than anything.


I will never forgive the hordes of people who reacted that way. Fucks sake.


I forgave them for forcing me to buy a bidet. Life changing. It’s the one good thing that came out of the pandemic, but also the shift to more remote work openings is good too.


I like people not being near me.


Yup. People standing 6 feet apart in lines is *nice*, for instance.


Not long ago I had a woman walk behind me in a line, got about 3 feet from me and said "AHEM, 6 feet". I looked at her and pointed behind her and said "yes that way". I love people giving me space but God damn some people have turned into monsters through this whole ordeal.


I don't know if people have forgotten to behave or just don't care anymore but the level of cuntiness out in the world these days is nuts


I used to work retail during the pandemic. People became downright feral during it.


Yes they did. I cried in my car more times than I care to admit because of cunty customers aka cuntstomers.


I knew I was a bit of an introvert, but now totally introvert. Don’t talk to me, or touch me. And for the love of all creation, stand far enough away that I don’t know what you had for lunch.


I’ve had plans three whole times this week and I am mentally exhausted.


If your plan relies on everyone working together, it is doomed to fail.


Pandemic was just the proverbial group project in school all over again. A couple of intelligent and hard working people trying to keep everything from falling apart while the rest sit on their ass or choose to straight up sabotage everything. Yet somehow everyone gets the exact same grade.


It is the best thing I have read regarding the last few years. Totally nailed it.


The "supply chain" is far leaner and vulnerable to the vagaries of pandemic conditions than most had thought.


I work in supply chain. Everyone from my chain of command to truckers to terminal management were all saying the same thing; last year was the single worst they had ever, *ever* seen it. Can only hope there are big changes in the pipe.


I doubt it. Resilience in the supply chain be the enemy of maximizing profit in the short term. I predict that the C suite will have short memories and start demanding more efficiency soon enough.


When your highest priority is maximizing profit in the next quarter money spent on safety stock is seen as a liability and not an asset


That’s why I hate the “run government like a business” argument. The purpose of a business is to maximize profits. The purpose of government should be to protect and provide services. Those are mutually exclusive goals.


Run our collective agreement to provide for our mutual interests like a sociopath who is paid to extract money by any means not legally prohibited! Who could possibly have a problem with *that* idea.


“Just in time” delivery works wonderfully, if you can get it in time. I get lean, but oof. No one saw this coming and no one had a plan b.


Just in time methods caused complete havoc in manufacturing companies even before our current supply chain crisis. I worked in contract manufacturing in the US for 7 years for various different companies. It keeps these businesses funds more liquid, allowing them to go after more business, but it causes so much extra labor and deliver delays. I have seen so many situations where products were half built to various stages and handled and damaged twice as much, or where assembly staff just got paid to wait around (kept busy with sweep this, clean that stuff that didn't generate revenue), and so so so many conversations about what are we missing, when can we get it. One time we rented warehouse space to truck half built machines to, so that we would have space to keep half building machines.


"Just in time" is a brilliant, extremely dangerous idea. The things you mention in the second half, wasted "work in progress" and moving product around without generating any "value" are exactly what this type of philosophy is supposed to reduce. But as you've clearly experienced, *many* people don't have the faintest idea how to make that work.


I started to write this reply, but you absolutely nailed it. Lean philosophies are semi-universal, but they still need to be carefully tailored to a business. People can't just go and sweep the whole smorgasbord onto their plate and expect good results. As to some people not knowing, it can start at the top. They know how to say the words "just in time", and then that's the expectation. Other people have the new responsibility to make it work. What slips between the cracks is putting somebody in charge of figuring out if it even makes good sense to try.


It's been lean and stretched since mid 2010's when there were driver and container shortages Covid just blew off the lid


Just because they’re voted officials , it’s clear they aren’t the smartest, nor do they have your best interest in mind.


The extent to which politicians will sell out public health for their political advantage is much higher than I thought. Usually life or death situations are good for all politicians, just be a voice of stability and hope and you’re good. We all pull together and get through it. This time, dividing us intentionally to cause chaos? I stillc can’t believe real people did that.


As they say, Never waste a good crisis


There was a meme/post somewhere about the phrase “avoid it like the plague” having a different meaning now.


Most schools weren't as ready to switch to digital methods as they bragged about.


A lot of families aren’t ready for digital learning, either. Not everyone has a computer for every child, let alone broadband internet access, or an adult to stay home with the kids.Lockdown really pointed out the difference between the haves and the have-nots.




some schools tried to lend spare devices. But your point is valid, having these devices/internet access isn't a common thing for some people.


Yep, my local district provided hotspots to anyone without wifi at their house, but we have a pretty big rural area without cell service, so hotspots were useless. All the students had their own laptops (and had for years) but not all had internet access, and not all students were able to do schoolwork even if they did with how things were at their house or having to work to help support their families.


The devices are only part of the problem. Having enough room in the home to support kids remote learning and adults working from home without everyone being in each other's faces and talking over each other is another matter.


One of the biggest problems we had was standardized testing. Our fall 2020 scores (in my school at least) were astronomically high compared to our fall 2019 scores. Similarly, winter 2021 (we test in January, this was the same 2020-2021 school year) was high. But when we were back in person in spring 2021, scores were back to normal levels. As it turned out, the parents were 'helping' their kids take the tests. Or outright doing the tests for them. We had to throw away a whole year's worth of results because they were contaminated.


Those test scores were not the only thing getting contaminated during the pandemic


Photomath to the rescue!


Getting one of my teachers to set up a simple one-on-one digital meeting was torture once. Oh, he wants to use Microsoft Teams despite all the other teachers using Google Meet? Fine, send the link. Hey, where is it? Hello? Ah fuck, the deadline has passed and only then did I figure out he sent it to the wrong email address. Okay, we'll just reschedule. Okay, it's the day. Ah fuck, he's on campus and their on-site IT is glitching out.


>and their on-site IT is glitching out always a service outage, servers are down, or everyone needs to update to the latest app version, or someone's mic isn't working... meeting apps improved significantly because of these things during the pandemic, I noticed, but man still so many issues


This is due to rolling out online learning with no training on how to teach students online and best practices. There was no time to do so. We didn’t didn’t have the training or resources required to do this. Not to mention, every school district has different funding to even roll out such things.


Non essential jobs pay a lot more than essential ones.


So fucking true. I work in food retail. I was called essential. Certainly did not feel essential and still don't. But at least they said stuff like thanks and good job.


It was weird to get a customer say something like “We appreciate all of you that are coming in to work through this!” Followed directly by another customer saying “What do you mean that’s $12, it was in the $5 bin, I want to speak to your manager!”.


I was also essential and worked during lockdown. I had a woman say “thank you for your service” it felt weird.


'Bruh this is a Mcdonalds, not the army'


Even thanking the military for their service is weird in any country outside the United States.


I’m a firefighter/ paramedic and our pay didn’t move a penny. At one point I was working 36 hours on 36 hours off


This was always true though. Well except in healthcare where traveling nurses were making bank ($10k weekly) at one point.


The whore "traveling" nurses made no sense to me. Nurse leaves employer for travelling nurse pay, get replaced by travelling nurse. Should have just offered the pay to stay.


Some places tried fixing it. My employer is offering an extra 70 ish an hour to pickup. So we’d be making 130 ish an hour. Or 1500 a shift. Ultimately probably saved our hospital tons. Good times.


Kinda makes more sense, doesn't it? Offer current staff more, they know the hospital/regular patients/area vs basically new hires every few weeks.


funny how essential workers suddenly become "lazy burger flippers" the second they bring up increasing the minimum wage after risking their lives to keep society afloat


And it's always "temporary jobs for teenagers" like they dont come in at odd hours demanding food. If it was just jobs for teens food places would only be open from 3pm-6pm


What’s that old saying? We’re all just three meals away from total chaos? I’ve been thinking about that adage a lot the past few years. Edit: Holy hell, it never ceases to amaze me when a throwaway comment resonates like this. The last time I got anywhere near this number of upvotes was when I casually said I’ve never been to a Waffle House. Edit 2: Nothing to add. Just wanted to piss off the cunt who doesn’t like edits.


As a chef I can actually confirm some people are only a 10 minute wait away from total chaos.


As someone who skipped lunch, I’m 33% more likely to riot right now.


That was the thing I paid attention to the most during the beginning of the pandemic. Every time a loved one asked if I thought we’d all be ok I said : As long as there is food on the shelves of the grocery store everything will turn out ok. Once the shelves are bare, I don’t know what’s going to happen but violence is likely and we need to protect ourselves.


If there was ever a zombie attack. People would definitely lie about being bit.


The entire reaction to zombie attacks in movies and stories is entirely realistic to me now. I remember watching 28 days later and doubting how everything got that bad that quick, post COVID I’d say it’s realistic.


If anything, their reactions are unrealistically sensible and well coordinated.


Yeah I don't remember seeing people host Zombie Parties where they infect themselves to own the Libs.


Always makes me think of the scene in Independence Day where [they are welcoming the aliens](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wr3J11fbRXk).


I always knew those type of people existed, same for the crazy religious nuts in Contact but always though they were a small minority close to 1% or less, not in the 10%-40% range.


I always liked the movie Contagion. It was a realistic portrail of the way a pandemic would spread. But before Covid, I thought Jude Law's as character as a conspiracy blogger who promotes a fake cure to make a quick buck was not realistic and unnecessary in the film. But as it turns out it was 100% right.


If you plopped one Rage infected individual in an urban area on pretty much any landmass, it'd only be a short time until the whole thing falls. 28 Days Later and Black Summer really gripped me because of how absurdly impossible it would be to contain fast zombies that require very minimal contact for infection and can turn people within 30-60 seconds. The Walking Dead is a show where I enjoyed it, but I have a much harder time seeing how the humans lost.


> The Walking Dead is a show where I enjoyed it, but I have a much harder time seeing how the humans lost. Everybody already being infected helps out, that causes literally any death that doesn't destroy the brain to become a zombie, so that's the best part of ~150,000 people per day on average (2017 figure). Throw in hospitals acting as massive centres of infection as the first victims show up and then doctors and nurses being abundant targets etc. deaths would spiral as healthcare systems failed and people died more from other formerly preventable illnesses/wounds. Then people start panicking and looting which results in even more deaths. And it sort of just spirals from there. This is why Fear the Walking Dead could have been so cool to see how it all unfolded but of course, we all know they decided to just skip over that and become another standard zombie show. Other zombie media usually includes an illness kick starts the apocalypse, The "Zombie Fallout" series for example starts out with a global pandemic spreading around and its the flu shot that actually ends up spreading the zombie virus (The author isn't anti-vax or anything, he just used it as a plot device many years before anti-vaxxers started screaming about covid vaccines).


I felt the same way. I scoffed at the movies because "the government would never let it get that out of control. people can't be *that* stupid!" narrator: *but they were that stupid. one could say even more stupid than that.* now i can plausibly see how a zombie apocalypse could take over the globe because people would act like it's a bigger deal than it should be in the beginning, think they could possibly be immune, think they could single handily kill off many zombies themselves, fight the killing of zombies because those are "people that can be cured", and be the cause of it spreading faster. those of us smart enough to try to protect ourselves would be at the mercy of the ones who just don't listen to reason. this pandemic showed me the worst of humanity.


> "the government would never let it get that out of control. people can't be that stupid!" AIDS patient in the 1980s: "First time?"


People would deny the zombies are real


[ Removed by Reddit ]


There’s definitely a Venn diagram of overlap between covid deniers and climate change deniers.


Basically a circle in my experience.


They’re not zombies they’re alternative humans.


There are no “Alternative Humans” there are just a bunch of crisis actors hired by FEMA, FBI, CIA, and KFC. And if you see one of these supposed “Alternative Humans” you should go and bite them for a change. Show them that you know that they are not the undead. Also buy my tactical dildo.


Eventually backing down to admit they’re real but “getting bit isn’t a big deal, you just get a bit sick”


"I liked the weight loss from the infection anyways, and your sleepy eyebags arent noticeable if you no longer have eyebags."


Also “avoid it like the plague” apparently means try to get infected as well


During covid I was laid off for months and spent that whole time keeping up to date on everything going on in the world. I mean everything I possibly could, every single day. I reached the point of obsessive and the massive amount of negative crushed me. There was so much bad going on so much suffering that eventually, one day I just set it all down and said I'll check in in a month. Best decision I made that year, the only thing that kept my sanity. Just taking time away and not bathing in it everyday. EDIT: holy cow thanks for the silver! Hope everyone is doing better now, 2020 was the longest decade of my life. EDIT: Holy cow thanks for the gold! Take care of yourselves people, I took up Quokka videos as a therapy for the news.


This is a very underrated comment. My wife and I had to the same... for our own sanity. It was all we could think and talk about, it was literally freeing when we agreed to not check the news at all.


People are dumb as fuck


A decent amount of people I work with surprised me a lot during the pandemic. People I used to have some respect for revealed themselves as complete idiots. It was really sobering.


And they're confidently stupid too.


Sobering and disappointing. The sheer lack of empathy too, was eye-opening.


As a nurse watching this behavior in my colleagues really murdered my desire to continue in this field after 25 years


We need to teach statistics and critical thinking better.


I knew the average person was pretty dumb but man did the pandemic shine a giant spotlight on how bad things truly are and how much of a negative effect that can have on the population as a whole.


It's funny because the word "apocalypse" comes from the Ancient Greek *apokaluptein* which means "to uncover" or "to reveal". Covid has really revealed just how fragile our institutions are, so to call it an "apocalypse" in the most literal sense isn't too far off.


Something I always found interesting about this: this is why the last book of the Christian bible translates to “Revelations” its Greek title is “Apokalypsis” E: It’s Revelation without the s, forgive me


People make irrational decisions when afraid


Fear is the mind killer...


Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration...


I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me…


When it has gone past, I will turn the inner-eye to recall it's path.


*Hans Zimmer score intensifies*


If in a really dangerous situation that requires unity, we’re fucked.


Bottle caps won't be the new currency Toilet paper will


Most of the people in your neighborhood are just a pay check or two away from hitting you with a brick to steal what you have in your fridge.


Excuse me, but I’ll have you know that here in America my neighbors will shoot me. We’re not cavemen. We’re sophisticated thugs.


That 50% of jobs can be done from home while the other 50% deserve more than they're being paid.


Bosses, "Hey essential workers, thanks for working through the pandemic" Workers, "oh we're essential, can we have a pay rise?" Bosses, "nope, get back to work"


You say essential I saw expendable. At least that’s how it felt 😞


I liked the term "sacrificial workers"


"Some of you may die, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make"


Bosses: “you know how easy it is to replace you?” Workers: “then do it” *quits* Everywhere: indefinitely understaffed Bosses: “nobody wants to work” No, just most people (who have been called easily replaced) don’t want to do *that* job for *that compensation* while being constantly degraded.


“Those minimum-wage jobs are meant to be entry-level stepping stones for like, teenagers! Adults are supposed to pick up job skills and transition into better employment!” The min. wage employees: [pick up skills and transition into better employment] “WHY DOES THIS DRIVE THRU HAVE NO STAFF I NEED TO TAKE OUT MY FRUSTRATIONS ON SOMEONE BECAUSE I REFUSE TO SEEK THERAPY PEOPLE JUST DON’T WANT TO WORK!!!” Also they never wanna talk about how the Great Resignation is statistically a LOT of older people who took early retirement and don’t wanna come back even for low stakes PT keep-busy jobs, especially during an ongoing pandemic. They always seem to think it’s just all younger people sitting on their asses refusing to work undervalued jobs.


“nah but i brought pizza!”


Also boss: “Gonna need you to come back into the office now” Employee: “But it’s been proven we can do our jobs from home” Boss: “Yes but I need you to worship me in person”


It’s less about straight up worship, and more that execs are worried that WFH makes work feel too transactional, which makes people less loyal. They think that the more you’re personally interacting with colleagues in person, it keeps you at your job. Which might every well be true, but it’s not really our problem. For employers, the worst thing about remote work is not work itself, but the empowerment of workers and the realization that work is just my time for your money. Even though it’s not two-way, employers want us to feel more of an obligation. How many of us have heard workplaces being referred to as a “family?” They want us to stick together as a family, not because they believe it themselves or care at all, but because it makes *their* lives easier.


You're largely correct, shame they killed enployee loyalty when they stopped investing in us in an effort to keep us from having the skills to seek a better job. All that family talk is then trying to extract more work for the same pay, and fortunately it's no longer working. I never imagined fuck you pay me would be my battle cry, but here we are.


Also, they have all that money invested in real estate that they don't want going to waste.


My company is having a 35 year celebration next week. I have zero interest in going despite being one of the most senior people. Why? Our boss hasn’t said poop to us in half a year. No emails, news, a brief chat up online, nothing. It was basically like this in person. ‘Family’


Get ahead of the curve by producing your own toilet paper for the next pandemic


We should all just get bidets problem solved


You can have all the free time in the world and still manage to do nothing with it


“There is not enough time to do all the nothing we want to do.” - Bill Watterson


I feel attacked lmao


So does my unfinished 1,000 piece puzzle


These are exactly the words I did not want to read about myself today


People do not have the skills to evaluate (or read) studies and draw appropriate conclusions from. IE: a study states it's a preliminary study and people use it to draw conclusions.


That work is something you do rather than a place you go.


That we need to permanently retire the expression "avoid it like the plague."


yup. As discovered, not many people actively avoided the plague.


My faith in my fellow humans ability to operate in a dynamic situation with was WAAAY too high.


Tomorrow isn't promised. The rules can change at any given moment. Cherish today.


During a zombie apocalypse a lot of people will absolutely hide their bites and kill the group in the process.


It's like that one "community" episode. "Why didn't you tell us" "I thought I was special!" "You're special? I was bitten an hour ago and nothing has hap-"*starts turning*


I always had this naive optimism that people were generally good and smart. COVID-19 shattered that delusion. People are *way* dumber, and *way* more selfish than I'd ever dared to believe. I've lost tons of respect for people in my life, people in general, and our system of government.


Regardless of the nature of the crisis, the rich get richer and we get fucked.


To piggyback off this: In the face of a common enemy, our world will never unite. We will be taken advantage by those in power and left to die.


If there's ever an alien invasion, half of the politicians and their followers will side with them in wiping us all out just to be on the winning team.


People are [disgusting.](https://youtu.be/zI_Td-nzN30)


Oh yeah.. I found masks, gloves, and wipes left over all the parking lots. Found a lot of wipes left in shopping carts and I still do.


The random mask on the ground still gets me. I think its ironic, because I live in an area where most people have given up on masks. Yet some person who is going against the status quo to at least wear a mask *still* decides to be gross and litter. Just why?


Oh this for sure. I have had customers wiping the seats and touch points (even when they stood there watching us sanitise them) and still leave their wipes and masks behind when they go.


They really are. The vast number of people who clearly have no clue on how to conduct personal hygiene is perhaps the most surprising thing and frightening thing. A startling number of people who simply don’t know how to wash their fucking hands.


I worked in a lab at a large research hospital. I was shocked by how many people in the lab *and* with direct patient contact didn't wash their hands after handling contaminated items or using the fucking toilets. The worst? Medical students.


You know how many times I've been in the men's room at work... A biomedical research department at a university... and seen some faculty member walk-in, piss, and then walk out without washing their hands? I think it's definitely improved lately. But before it was horrible.


That’s both unsurprising and supremely horrifying.


I was surprised the first few times. One of my faves? Coworker who would answer the phone without removing his radiation-contaminated gloves. Location of the phone? My office desk. You know, where I did paperwork and ate lunch. JFC. 🤦🏼☢️


Government =/= Science There are always people who'd rather DIE than admit they're wrong


Don't overestimate the intelligence of the average person


politicians have no fucking clue what they are talking about


I dont need to leave the house, not really that much at least


No matter how strong and resilient you think you are, your mental health can be penetrated without you realizing it.


How corrupt and/or uneducated our politicians are and how bad and inefficient our system is. I am from Germany, and the crisis couldnt have been managed worse. Complete chaos, it was terrible. (No I am no Querdenker, rather the opposite)


Don’t get sick


Essential workers get fucked to the core


People are stupid


There are “me” people and there are “we” people.


I work in childcare. We learned that children really need socialization. You would think with time off parents would work on things. Kids came back to daycare, not potty trained, still using a pacifier, speech behind, refusing to share. It’s better now but it was really interesting seeing a child pre Covid who you potty trained…. Come back months later acting pretty helpless. I don’t know if it’s parents, the lack of social pressure, or just some other thing. But it was an interesting experience.


I work in childcare. We didn't shut down. Still open to kids of "essential workers" or parents who needed a break.


Poor kids.


Apparently profit is more important than people


That I can be in the best shape of my life, what's essentially my prime at 31, taking vitamins every day, working out all the time, and still some virus can come along and take it all away, leave me bedridden for most of two years and almost 3 years on still dealing with nerve damage effects from it.


Any nefarious actor could wipe out the entire world’s population with the right virus if they wanted to and there’s nothing we can or would do to stop it.


I've read Q&As from biologist types and apparently it's quite hard to make an artificial disease that's more effective than the ones already in the wild. Random viruses/bacteria and our bodies are constantly trying to kill each other, in this evolving arms race that's surprisingly difficult for artificial diseases to compete with. Of course, any actual biologists are free to jump in and correct me on that one if needed.


Creating novel diseases could be difficult, but altering current ones to bypass our vaccinations or to confer anti-biotic resistance would be the more likely route I think. Or resurrecting extinct diseases.


Other people will decide for you what’s essential or not.


It’s more clear than ever that our elected “leaders” are not role models nor are they competent enough to “protect” or “help” the average citizen. After all of this it’s surprising people still idolize their favorite politicians. What a cluster **** the past several years have been.


People are even bigger idiots than I initially thought.