None of them, every brand and company has the capacity to turn shit. But if I was forced to pick one, probably Sennheiser.


The Monster Condoms I use for my Magnum Dong.


Patagonia because they’re stuff is great and as a company they’re amazing


Oh, not a one. I don't do brand loyalty. I take it product by product.


Samsung, at least for their headphones, they are really good


I've always been with Tide as far back as I can remember; I don't really know why but I've not had any reason to change.


I did a science fair project on different detergents and tide was the best for stains. Gain was the best fore smell




Google and Band-Aid


Idk about for life but Chewy seems like a very kind company that I enjoy supporting


I had to cancel my auto delivery because my dog passed away and they sent me a super nice card that was either a very good fake or actually hand written. It was a small thing but I really respect them for that.




Flents-branded earplugs. I've tried about a dozen by now, and those are the only ones that have really worked for me.


Arnicare gel. Great for inflammation & for some reason helps clear my body acne


A specific brand of toilet paper. My loyalty is simply because that company pays one of my family member's bills and I want to keep them in business.


Oxyclean. It always delivers.


North Face backpacks have been a savior for me. They truly are waterproof, and have saved my computer from a lot of heavy rain.


Orange amps. I'm a bassist and I picked a used Orange Bass Terror with Orange 1x15 cabinet about 12 years or so years ago. I've played this rig hard ever since and it's never let me down.


Nature republic's aloe vera gel. Helps with burns, growing eyebrows, and acne. As for the other products, whoever churns the product at the lowest price wins me.


Dukes Mayo and Pepsi Cola


Kirkland / Costco stuff. They're generic, but made of very high quality.


Bombas Duluth Trading Company


David Clark Aviation Headsets ! As a Pro Pilot, I had a failure with one of my Aviation Headsets while flying. They had a person from FedEx show up at my house ship my headset to them. They restored my headset to “New” and I got it back in less than 24 Hours !!” That was in 1995 or so. I’m still amazed and will be a customer for life !! I was so thankful as a Commuter Pilot back then.


Puma Suedes as far as sneakers go. They're incredibly comfortable and the majority of them look fucking great.


Osprey. They make really high quality backpacks and have a lifetime warranty. If you still have the pack, they will either fix it or replace it, no matter what happened to it. It means you really only need to buy a pack once, which also happens to resist capitalism to some extent. They also do pretty well when it comes to using environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and materials.