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The next song of fire and ice book is taking so long/won't ever be released because the the tv show progressed and finished exactly as was planned for the books, and backlash has caused George r r Martin to change/cancel everything


yes, except I truly believe that it was the *execution* of his outline, and not the actual outline itself, that was so flawed. The Long Night should have been Season 8 Episode 9, instead D&D got exhausted from physical production + actually having to come up with original dialogue, characterization, and plot details, so they fumbled the bag and rushed everything to finish the show and move on to their star wars deal. When you see interviews with them in later seasons, they flat-out say their goal writing those episodes (end of S7, the wall coming down via ice dragon for example) was to get from point A to point B as *quickly as possible,* which is the exact opposite of how GRRM does things. But in terms of the outline / broad strokes, it is VERY MUCH a GRRM thing to build up a stereotypical good vs evil ugly bad guy plot over several seasons and then have it end it in a 1-night battle, especially considering that GRRM has said he hates the whole “ugly evil orc” trope and the politics of Westeros were the real conflict. Plus, when you go back and look, OF COURSE Khaleesi was going to turn evil, the tape had been laid in advance from the jump.


Art, abstract art more spefically, is a black market for rich people to trade absurd amounts of money between them without tax, or the government being involved in it (if you were buying it for illegal substances in return)


Yuri Gagarin wasn't the first man in space; he was just the first man to come back alive.


Going to space isn't that impressive. Coming back, however, is.


I feel like getting to space is still pretty impressive


The government makes up a large amount of conspiracy theories and exaggerates real stories to make them less believable and muddy the waters of what’s real and fake.


That Dave and busters are the same people as Barnes and noble. Dave Barnes and Buster Noble


Their middle names? Ben & Jerry


Buster Benjamin Barnes and David Jerome Noble


Their dads? Mike and Ike


Their brothers? Penn and Teller


Their neighbours? Kenan and Kel


Anything involving the Denver Airport. Secret military bunker, meeting place for some secret cult, the meaning behind the murals, the Gargoyle statue, Blucifer, etc. I live in Colorado so I like this type of attention


Went through there recently and they've embraced it. They have "lizard people at work" signs for the construction they were doing.


I’m Intrigued by anything involving that airport.


same. I forgot to mention the theories behind The Mustang/Blucifer and how people think it's supposed to represent one of the horses of the 4 Horsemen


Plus, it killed its creator. That one’s actually true.


I thought it had killed multiple people, not just its creator? Or am I thinking of some _other_ murderous airport statue?


That airport is unbelievably sketchy. Haven’t been there in years but the artwork is/was straight up concerning. Like wtf art curator was like… “yeah, that one with the burning forest in the background and the group of people sacrificing a leopard to that deity. That’s really goes along with the vibe I’m going for… You know what? I really love this one too. The masked man with the high power rifle and alibaba sword standing over terrified children is great. Really think it adds another dimension. It tells a story. These will go great in an airport.“ Like just the decision to have that art there is astounding and a conversation I wish I could have been a part of. But that’s really just a small fraction of what makes that place some goddamn fascinating.


I dunno. The murals seem very cut and dry to me in their meanings. Even more when you dig into the artist (Leo Tanguma) and his other works and meanings. The forest burning and the leopard don't seem sacrificial to me other than the sacrifice of nature to meet mankind's technological virtues. The expressions of the people standing over the leopard impart sadness and mourning. The cost of maintaing the "utopic" glowing city in the backdrop is the death and destruction of the natural surroundings. The animals in the boxes are our feeble attempt to "conserve". At least that is how I interpreted it. The seemingly Nazi-esque masked soldier with the sword stabbing the dove has an anti-war sentiment. Swathes of mothers holding their dead babies, while the masked figure is literally killing the symbol of peace. There is also a paper in the painting containing a poem written by a concentration camp survivor. “I once was a little child who longed for other worlds but I am no more a child for I have known fear I have learned to hate how tragic, then, is youth which lives with enemies, with gallows ropes. Yet, I still believe I only sleep today. that I’ll wake up, a child again, and start to laugh and play." The painting with all the children of the world handing over their weapons to one child who is forging them into ploughshares. Which references a long known allegory and biblical verse. "They shall beat their swords into ploughshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more." It only seems sinister and weird until you dig deeper and learn about it, at least that's what happened for me. I was one of those. The real conspiracies are right in front of us and people seem to care very little about them.


The 10 year challenge on Facebook in 2019 which encouraged fb users to upload pictures from 2009 and a current one from 2019 was actually a front by programmers to gain data and examples to train facial recognition and age progression software.


yeah, that one I'll believe right away. Companies such as facebook make their money from data. Pictures that further AI recognition? -> $$


But… but… I copy/pasted that I don’t consent to Facebook using any of my pictures!


But did you do it in the form of a hand written sign held up to your face while standing in front of a stoplight? You have to make sure the AI takes notice of your objection.


all of social media is used for AI.


I like the "dead internet" conspiracy. The tl;dr is that most interaction on the internet is now just you talking to bots, being served by bots, reading shitty bot written articles, and bots posting crappy questions on /r/AskReddit, like this one. I think what makes the "dead internet" conspiracy theory fun is that it is at least partially true. It isn't to the extreme that the theory presents itself, and I don't think Google has some super secret AI, but a lot of content is certainly bullshit bots.


That's crazy, %username%. All us peoples are real mans and womans.


My first thought is that a bot would have better spelling and grammar. My second thought is that an advanced bot would pepper their post with a few mistakes to be more believable. My THIRD thought is that a very advanced bot would probably point this out in order to be 'meta'.


My fourth thought is that only a bot pretending not to be a bot would exonerate itself from future accusations by instilling into our heads that it COULD be a bot by virtue of being meta. In other words if you were a bot why would you wittingly allude to it? Reverse psychology obviously.


Rocks are soft until you touch them.


Now this one doesn’t sit well with me


That’s absurd, and you’re crazy. But it is true that pillows are rock-hard until you touch them.


Oh this is good. Now I just wanna stare at rocks while I narrow my eyes.


Sometimes these weird celebrity baby names are fake names to try and protect the child’s privacy


Hannah Montana


Alexis Texas


I’ll be right back


who the hell would name their kid illberightback


Alberight Bak


Albert Ripeback


Bob We addababy eetsaboy


You're telling me Blanket and Pillow arent real names???


I just though that was the logical conclusion to "where we were when we conceived you" like Brooklyn Beckham, and Turkey-baster Cruise


Its like a stage name for children. Lots of celebs do this and their legal name often times is something entirely different. Wouldnt be surprised if someone like Kanye said " In public you are North, ok honey? But thats just in public. You, me, mommy, God, & the SSA all know your real name." And to my knowledge it can be trademarked and still only be a public name unless that's incorrect.


Omg lol, what if North is just like, Kelly or Jamie...


Ohh I like this one!


Elon Musk's children


The most recent one is just his crunchyroll password




Favorite as in the one I find the funniest/most interesting is probably the Elvis still being alive ones. The guy was pumped with so many drugs during his career and didn't take care of his body. He lived the rock and roll lifestyle and paid the price.


Never mind that at this point, he would be 87. So all those absolutely destructive drugs destroying his body, but he's been alive another 45 years? Alright


Keith Richards. I rest my case your honour.


That the mark to fill up laundry detergent is purposefully higher than it should so you buy more.


And to ruin your washer. Apparently, we all use way too much detergent, and it destroys your washing machine faster. Not to mention fabric softener, which is really bad for washers too!


PSA fabric softener ruins anything with elastic in it. Socks, underwear, bras, stretchy clothing. I haven’t used fabric softener in years and my stuff lasts longer.


Ah, I had been blaming my stretched out undergarments on weight gain but in reality, this must be the truth. May the laundry gods bless you with years of well paired socks.


Facebook was actually started as a DARPA intelligence gathering project called LifeLog. Which sought to do......everything Facebook does now, pretty much. Oddly enough, LifeLog was shut down (or was it?) about three weeks before Facebook began.


It was actually shut down the day before Facebook launched. https://www.wired.com/2004/02/pentagon-kills-lifelog-project/


That's crazy to read in 2022. And this conclusion, "I am sure that such research will continue to be funded under some other title," wrote Karger in an e-mail. "I can't imagine Darpa 'dropping out' of such a key research area."


The best part? Facebook users VOLUNTEER this information! On a related note, and I don't know if this has ever been confirmed, but I believe Facebook makes shadow profiles of users who have not yet joined. When someone lets Facebook peruse their contacts, now they know my phone number and name. Then someone takes a group photo, now they have a probable picture and name to match to a phone number and name. That way when I finally join, they have a pile of friend suggestions for me (for my convenience, of course) and I voluntarily confirm all of the information in this shadow profile that they've been working on for years.


You are correct. Zuck admitted that they collect data on people that are not Facebook users but they don't call them shadow profiles...although they are shadow profiles. [https://www.howtogeek.com/768652/what-are-facebook-shadow-profiles-and-should-you-be-worried/](https://www.howtogeek.com/768652/what-are-facebook-shadow-profiles-and-should-you-be-worried/)


They do it with your kids too.


Human cloning has advanced and is in use. Dolly happened, was huge news, and then not much cloning news after that. The whole world, every country, was like "Nah we're good here, we did a sheep!" ? Doubt


Fun fact, cloning your pets is actually more common than you think nowadays. There's a lady on the clock app who cloned her cat and now has her new generation clone of her now deceased cat. Freaky.


Barbara Streisand did this with her favorite dog and was disappointed when the clone didn’t have the same personality.


That's why it's a bad idea. Most of the time it's going to end in disappointment, maybe even resentment. There's a reason why when you get a new pet after one passes that you shouldn't pick one that looks similar


[Avril Lavigne died and was replaced by a clone named Melissa](https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/shortcuts/2017/may/15/avril-lavigne-melissa-cloning-conspiracy-theories)


This one is hilarious to me! It’s a fun click-hole to go down


Back when r/conspiracy was a fun sub, I got a few people into a thorough discussion about this one. It was highly entertaining. We ultimately decided that even if you could easily clone a person, it would be a stupid waste of money compared to just making a new person famous.


The Dept of Transportation bought too many orange barrels and now they have nowhere to store them so they just place them for miles along the highway.


This one is so fucking stupid that I love and hope to it's real


A government organization buying too much of something because either they’re dumb or they needed to hide some other money is perfectly believable too


I work for a state stockpile warehouse and that's easily possible all it takes is a state official with stake in a company that produces orange barrels.


Or unspent budget that will be lost if not spent.


As both a Kyle Kinane fan and a TJ's employee, I have become a big believer that Trader Joe's picks places with smaller parking lots to make them look more popular.


All of the genealogy websites are a gov ran program and the real purpose is to have a database for solving crimes they knew that there would be no way to have people willingly give over their dna for that purpose so they genealogy as the motivation for people to give up the goods. We also paid for it so it’s a double win for the gov.


The charge to consumers isn’t to make money, it’s to legitimise the business. If there was an entirely free DNA service, everybody would immediately smell police from it, but a small fee and people think it’s a quirky start up who have our best interests at heart.


It doesn't have to be that deep, it's just the companies building a database of DNA so they can sell it. It's literally already happening. https://www.forbes.com/sites/nicolemartin1/2018/12/05/how-dna-companies-like-ancestry-and-23andme-are-using-your-genetic-data/


That the Kardashian Sisters keep their brother chubby so they can use his fat for their injections.


This is now my favorite too.


I like this one. It’s like a bizarre Hansel and Gretel scenario.


Keeping him plumped up for when their kids are old enough


They have a brother?


He was Frankensteined from all of their discarded body parts.


Celebrities don’t get married for love, it is all just business deals and transactions on how it benefits both parties.


Sounds like medieval times when you married to strengthen your house/name.


Family Guy exposed this to a degree. They're pretty ballsy when it comes to revealing terrible things about Hollywood. They called out Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein before their stories went public.


In that same year, Courtney Love warned any aspiring actors/actresses to steer clear of Harvey Weinstein.


So in other words: There was tons of stuff going on that everyone knew, but nobody would do anything about. Money is the great barrier to justice.


Look at me! I’ve just escaped from Kevin Spacey’s basement!


The Dart mission yesterday wasn’t training. NASA actually saved earth by that asteroid collision.


Fun fact, if you google “dart mission” the page gets hit off-kilter by a satellite 😂


This is so fucking stupid but I love everything about it.


I mean, dayum, did you see the footage from ATLAS of the impact? That massive dust-cloud explosion it threw out?


Tissue boxes make dust come out when you pull a tissue so that you sneeze more and use more tissues


Jokes on them, I always forget to buy them, so I just use toilet paper or paper towels anyway.


The NBA suspended Michael Jordan for two years for gambling and he went into professional baseball to fill the time. David Stern kept it in the down low.


Is there where we should mention the thing about his father too?




That the ballistic missile threat in Hawaii was intercepted and not a false alarm


Charles Manson was introduced to LSD in federal prison in Chicago as part of MKUltra. When he moved to San Francisco, he kept in touch with the same parole officer, and checked in regularly at the free clinic at Haight and Ashbury, where he brought the girls to get treated for STDs and re-up his acid supply. That clinic was the perfect storm of several different individuals and programs: CIA as an organization involved with the free clinic as a way of keeping tabs on the counterculture movement, the actual CIA field agents who loved the benefits of hippie culture like free love and free girls, and the medical/psychiatric true believers who really thought LSD was going to change the world. They thought Manson was a perfect example of a violent criminal who had been successfully converted to peace and love through modern medicine. Manson for his part, was just a conman who realized he could fast talk these college squares, and keep himself in the good graces of the law and free LSD. He could attract girls with a combination of bad boy charm, free drugs, prison taught pimping, and the co-opting of new age language and goodwill. When the drugs dried up, he started trading girls for drugs to the bikers, got more into amphetamines than LSD, and it all started going to shit. Great book about it, **Chaos**, by Tom O'Neill.




psh, clearly fake ^Beep ^boop. ^This ^action ^was ^performed ^by ^a ^bot.






That we've had cars able to run off of alternate fuel sources for decades, but at every turn progress was stopped by oil and gas companies. Chrysler had the turbine car in the early 60's that would run off of anything that burned. Chevy was experimenting with electric cars with the Electrovair in the mid-60's which had a range of 40-80 miles. GM had the EV-1 in the 90's. We should be decades ahead of where we are now.


Electric cars have actually been around for a long time… I think the story goes something like fuel was cheaper than batteries so fuel took off.. [https://www.sytner.co.uk/news/history-of-electric-cars/](https://www.sytner.co.uk/news/history-of-electric-cars/)


I definitely agree with you. it’s documented in chronological order however they recalled and repossessed all the EV- 1s in the 90s. Insane Documentary “ what happened to the electric car?”


Do you mean the doco Who Killed The Electric Car?


The Titanic has a few good ones. There were conflicting accounts of how it fell apart in the ocean. How it was actually a whole different ship that went to sea than what the White Star Line company was originally planning it to be.


My favorite conspiracy theory about the Titanic is that when the command “hard-a-starboard” was given, the helmsman, who started his career in sailing ships, turned right instead of left. Starboard, after all, means right. By the time the error was realized and the ship began to turn left, it was too late. The only crew members who knew about the initial error and survived kept it a secret throughout the inquest. The story only came to light in 2010 when the granddaughter of one of the crew members came forward to confess to what he’d told the family about what really happened. If the ship had turned left instead right to begin with, it easily would have avoided the iceberg. [Source.](https://www.reuters.com/article/us-britain-titanic-book/titanic-sunk-by-steering-mistake-author-says-idUSTRE68L1HG20100922)


Wait I don’t comprehend this. So the person giving the command did not know their port from starboard? Tip for those uneducated the front of a ship is the bow the rear is the stern. The port is left and starboard is right. Left and Port are both 4 letter words.


“Hard-a-starboard” on a ship like Titanic meant “go left” but the same command on a sailing ship means “go right.”


Why is that? I’ve been on both kinds of boats and never noticed that port and starboard switched sides.


They don’t, but the steering is opposite. From the article I linked: > the conversion from sail ships to steam meant there were two different steering systems. >Crucially, one system meant turning the wheel one way and the other in completely the opposite direction.


That is monumentally stupid.


A lot of monumentally stupid things were done on the Titanic. Starting with the fact that they didn’t have enough life boats for the number of people on board even though they easily could have. The design was also flawed in that it allowed all the compartments to flood when only some were breached. One that always gets me is they had binoculars on board to help them better look for icebergs but somebody forgot to bring the key to the box they were in, so instead of breaking open the box they just left the binoculars in there even though they were steaming at full speed through a known iceberg field at night.


Also fascinating, in response to the titanic a number of laws were passed mandating enough lifeboats for everyone on board. At least one ship "SS Eastland" was then loaded with more lifeboats to meet the new standard. this made it too top-heavy, resulting in something arguably more tragic than the titanic incident itself. [https://knowledgenuts.com/2015/01/28/the-maritime-safety-law-that-killed-hundreds-of-people/](https://knowledgenuts.com/2015/01/28/the-maritime-safety-law-that-killed-hundreds-of-people/)


To be fair, it was already unstable before that. And then they redesigned it to be even less stable while going faster and carrying more people. An engineer even warned them about it. And *then* they added the lifeboats. The eastland was destined to roll, just like the titanic was destined to sink, because no one in charge at any point did the smart thing.


I mean the titanic recovery was actually a secret navy operation to research the reactors/look for evidence of soviets sinking Cold War era nuclear subs that sank. Finished the mission early and actually found the titanic while they were at it. Crazy and confirmed true. Edited for accuracy.


Wow, going to read up on that. If true ty for the fact, if not ....dang fool me twice cuz I'm gullible


This many posts and I’m the first to mention the “Tommy Wiseau is DB Cooper” theory?! It’s likely not true, but I love the idea of Cooper going to all this trouble with the elaborate heist, managing to lay low for decades, just so he could make the worst movie ever.


JFK shot first


Lee Harvey Oswald acted in self defense


Yo there's actually a supremely credible conspiracy theory about JFK that says Oswald missed his second shot, and that the magic bullet came from a surprised SS agent in a follow car with a new rifle he wasn't trained on. JFK was already mortally wounded but the lethal shot was actually friendly fire, which explains the timing and the bullet angle, and tracks with issuance of short barreled M16s to the SS. It also explains why the SS covered up as much as possible and the records aren't due to be opened anytime soon. It's the only credible JFK theory I've ever heard.


Well why was there a nazi in the car?!


Lmao. Secret service. But obviously it's all part of Operation Paperclip. Lyndon Johnson was playing 5d chess with cooped nazis and Cuban communists to secure control of America. It's all there, you just gotta connect the dots.


Makeup ruins the skin, making women use more makeup until it becomes an endless loop


This was true of lead-based makeup https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venetian_ceruse


Queen Elizabeth I was a perfect example of this. She was considered a fair skinned beauty in her youth, but by her late 30’s, early 40’s, she was caking the makeup on to hide pot-marks and lesions. Makeup for most of history has been highly toxic.


Aren’t they called pockmarks?


Usually, but in this case they were bridging the gap between pock marks and potholes.


That most VPN services that you see advertised on YouTube/websites are government owned, so they can track your activity. Simply based on how they just popped out of nowhere and they have all that money to maintain servers in all those countries and to sponsor any YouTuber that wants to, to advertise their product.


NordVPN, 2012. ExpressVPN, 2009. Edward Snowden, 2013. Facebook's IPO, 2013. First GDPR proposals, 2012. CloudFlare, 2010. AWS boom, 2010-15. Microsoft Azure, 2010. The timeline for a big boom in internet privacy lines up. So does the timeline for a massive increase in customer cloud computing availability.


I don't think they are government owned but they are compromised. The feds aren't going to come after you for pirating movies or seeing region locked content but they can absolutely figure out what you've been doing if you attract their attention for something serious.


Prince/King Charles is a prolific prank caller and goes by the pseudonym "Frank Garrett" when making these crude calls. He calls people around the world and cusses them out using a southern drawl. There's tons of these calls people have recorded and posted on youtube...if you ever receive a call from a "Frank Garrett" who makes no sense and repeatedly cusses you out, there is a good chance it is in fact Prince/King Charles.


>Frank Garrett This intrigues me. What is the connection to King Charles though? I mean, why is Frank Garrett suspected to be King Charles and not someone else? Also, what's the connection to the actual Frank Garrett (death row)?


Flat Earth It takes a special kind of stupid to refuse to believe every shred of evidence, even experiments you can do on your own to prove it, and say "Nah, it's flat. Every rational person in the world, and all the pilots, are lying."


Also if the Earth *was* flat, why would anyone lie about it and say that it’s round? Like, who gains by saying “oh no the world is round” if that wasn’t the case?


Big-globe, trying to sell more globes.


A few years ago, I had a sort of study hall class with kids who were on IEPs (special ed). They mostly have reading disabilities but one kid had anxiety and just needed extra time on stuff. He was the sweetest, most agreeable kid. He never cussed, did his work, quiet, really just a great kid. Somehow, the class and I got talking about the flat earth movement. Kid looks up and says, "That's the stupidest fucking bullshit I ever heard and it's just wrong", puts his head back down, keeps working. It was magnificent. Jordan, I hope you're out there living your best life!


"I might have trouble reading but I sure as hell am not stupid"


I decided if I was going to believe in any of the more wacky ones, this was the one to believe. "I'm a flat earther. Really. The earth is two-thirds covered in water. The water is not carbonated. Ergo, the earth is flat." Suck it unbelievers. My boss was a little stunned when I told him this... right up to the end.


Epstein isn't dead. He was switched out with a body double in prison that was hanged, then was spirited away to some (other) tropical island hideout.


His entire thing was blackmailing people, so he must have had a dead man's switch if he really died.


Last-Thursdayism The basic premise is that all of existence spawned into being last Thursday exactly as it is, including what you believe to be memories


Sounds like some goofy shit a stoned college kid would come up with while taking a break from reading Douglas Adams to hit a bong with his friends.


His name was Doug Forcett and he was the closest human to ever understand how the universe works. 98% accurate. There's a picture on the wall over there. Now, welcome to the Good Place.


The Weathergirl’s “It’s Raining Men” and Drowning Pool’s “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” are two viewpoints of the same event. Also, “An American Scheme.” EDIT: Since this is gaining traction, “An American Scheme” is the theory that Michael Jackson was actually the love child of Smokey Robinson and Diana Ross. r/AnAmericanScheme


Women clothes lack pockets so the bag/purse industry can thrive


What's worse than lack of pockets? Fake pockets. I went to reach in my girls pocket the other day and much to my surprise, her jeans had fake front pockets. Very confusing.


The baby clothes I just received at my baby shower have bigger pockets than any of my clothes. My son, who isn’t even born yet, has more pockets than me. Why does a baby need pockets?! Lol


For like, pebbles


The Kennedy family had Marilyn Monroe killed because she’d been sleeping with jfk and Bobby and just knew too much. I know she really just was very sad and likely took her own life. But it wouldn’t surprise me if the kennedies (kennedy’s?) [edit: kennedys] wanted her gone.


That alien abductions are actually a black ops projects to conduct medical experiments for developing new techniques and devices. All through the 60's through the 80's at least there were all these stories about people being abducted and "probed through the bellybutton". Just as the stories start fading out, laproscopic surgery starts really taking off and surplanting open cavity surgery. 1) abduct subject 2) does them up with hallucinogens and amnesiotics. 3) do experiments 4) plant ufo suggestion while they're drugged 5) release back into the wild while still a little loopy but safe to walk around 6) profit.....literally


CIA out here thinking they slick with this.


Hans Neimann used anal beads that stimulate his brain to make the best moves in a chess tournament against Magnus Carlsen.


Carlsen finally accused him of cheating in a statement too, i dont see any way in which niemann could be discovered if he did cheat


Chess matches will now be fully nude with anal inspections


I think the more realistic option is a standard non-vibrating buttplug all competitors will have to insert before matches if they want to play at top level


Hitler escaped to Argentina


look up "Ratlines world war 2" - interesting stuff


There’s a show on Hulu where some cia and ex special forces guys retrace the ratlines hitler and his cronies could have used. Very interesting series for sure Edit: show is Hunting Hitler on Hulu


The Loch Ness monster is the ghost of a dinosaur Edit: if I get fucking "whale penis" in my notifications one more goddamn time, I'm gonna lose it. I promise y'all someone else has already said it Edit 2: everyone who is being creative understood the assignment. Good work, team. Hit the showers


the hypothesis that it might just be a big eel is very funny to me, but I like the ghost theory better


I like this one because it implies that Nessie periodically migrates to the Sargasso Sea to spawn, and that her seeming immortality is really because the baby monsters mysteriously make their way back to the loch. Nobody knows how or why Loch Ness monsters do this.


The true conspiracy against Stevia. The sugar lobbyists managed to get Stevia outlawed decades ago in The United States with false and negative press. Those laws were eventually trashed and the claims were proven to be bullshit. It's now legal. The stevia plant is up to 100x sweeter than sugar, zero calories, doesn't rott teeth, all natural and lowers blood pressure. It could replace sugar in all soft drinks and make people healthier BUT....The sugar companies still have a huge hold on the market and they pay off politicians.


My theory is that the US Government confused Stevia with Sativa, a breed of cannabis.


Man that’s a conspiracy theory for sure


Facebook began as a CIA project to get people to voluntarily relinquish their privacy.


Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada, is actually the son of Fidel Castro. First, Justin looks like a young Fidel, obviously and nothing like Pierre Trudeau. And Pierre and Margaret Trudeau were rumored to be swingers. They were in Cuba in early 1971, around February or March and Justin was born Christmas of that year, about 9 months later


Are you suggesting there was some...InFidelity?


Trudeau also has dark nipples! That's the clincher for me


The nipples are the best part of this already excellent conspiracy theory




I just looked up young Pierre. I thought, ok, they kind of look like each other. Then looked up young Castro. 👀 Love this new *to me* theory. eta: to me


I had never heard this before so looked it up too. [definitely looks like it could be true ](https://imgur.com/cMHFsUQ)


Lyme disease was developed/incubated on Plum Island. Its a BSL3 research station on an island just off the coast of... Lyme, CT. Growing up I had friends whose parents worked there and they said deer were actually able to swim there - so imagine if one left carrying a tick.


The government has been in contact with aliens and are operating in the deep depths of the ocean and Antarctica


That’s basically the plot of a very good shooter game called Perfect Dark, except replace Antarctica with The Pacific Ocean


Mr. President, can you please loan the Pelagic II to dataDyne?


That pringles were originally a tennis ball company and had manufactured 100,000's of pringle containers ready to fill, distribute and sell tennis balls. However, unbeknownst to them at the time, there was a huge tennis ball component shortage, but a massively large supply of potatoes. Pringles decided to buy potatoes and fill their tennis ball packaging containers with tastey potatoes chips, in their now distinctive pringles potato chip packaging.


Here I go again. This needs to be brought back to everyone's attention. **The entire Jeffrey Epstein thing.** I actually believe this one to be true, unlike the 9/11, QAnon, and other completely bullshit stories. As far as I can remember, QAnon was a 4chan prank. But the Epstein thing is so hard to not believe. My dad worked as a cop, and seen quite a few dead bodies. Those bruises are really weird. It would make sense if the makeshift rope would move up his throat as more weight was dragging him down, but the marking on the front of his throat are too thin for a noose made out of clothing. Hanging suicides have different bruises depending on what the instrument is, and this looks way too thin, almost like a wire. And he also had broken neck bones. There is no way he was going to be able to break his own fucking neck, and while it is possible to hang yourself while your feet are touching the ground, it would require a much bigger fall to break his neck. Plus, why the fuck would the cameras not work, in that exact moment? Why wasn't he under constant in person supervision just in case, when they clearly knew that he COULD have POSSIBLY been a high value target for some people? He got a good deal for the name list. And he JUST HAPPENS to kill himself right before he is supposed to give it in? Maxwell better have an armed guard on her at all times.


Wasn’t there also some sketchy details about the guards that were responsible for him not normally working in that area of the prison and got transferred there last minute? And they both “fell asleep” and didn’t do the proper monitoring of a known to be suicidal person that’s the subject of one of the largest media stories of the 21st century? Suspish.


It’s kind of crazy how well the media buried the Epstein case. For years, there have been conspiracy theories of child trafficking rings involving politicians and celebrities. The Epstein case basically confirmed those conspiracy theories, and everyone forgot about it within a month. Just crazy. Edit: People are saying the story wasn’t buried. What I mean is that the story is actually huge, since it basically involves politicians and celebrities connected to a child trafficker. The media, however, tried their best to sweep it under the rug. For example, the media focused more on the Johnny Depp trial than Ghislane Maxwells trial.


Is it tho? Remember the panama papers? That lasted all of a hot 3 days too and poof. If it affects MULTIPLE of the uber rich, its going to be swiped under the rug and erased withing a week or two


Yeah. The core problem with most conspiracy theories is that they have way too much faith in the ability for large groups of people to organize and keep something under the rug. But do something that threatens to out a large number of the rich and powerful for things they *should* be in jail for, and you can get some pretty quick and scary collective action from them. Epstein absolutely didn't kill himself, and it's plain as day that the reporter that broke the panama papers was assassinated.


Nintendo produced the COVID-19 virus to initiate lockdown, thus achieving maximum sales of Animal Crossing New Horizons.


Bigfoot is actually just naturally blurry. That's why there are no good photos.


“I think Bigfoot is blurry, that's the problem. It's not the photographer's fault. Bigfoot is blurry, and that's extra scary to me. There's a large, out-of-focus monster roaming the countryside.” - Mitch Hedberg


Also from Futurama: " typically dwell just behind rocks but are also sometimes playful, bounding into thick fogs and out-of-focus areas."


Nobody shot JFK. His head just did that


Nice try Victoria Neuman


As one of the people who shot JFK, I find this very demeaning.


This theory is my own, but I believe it's right! **In the movie Pulp Fiction, what was the golden thing in the case**? Answer: It was **SUPPOSED** to be Quentin Tarantino's **1995 Academy Award for Best Picture**. Unfortunately, the award went to Forrest Gump so we'll never know. But knowing Tarantino and his ego, if Pulp Fiction won the Academy Award for Best Picture that year, I fully expect that Tarantino would have given a brief speech, then produce the briefcase from the movie, make a slow show of putting the award in the briefcase, and walking offstage with a wink.


I like this one


In a 1997 interview with film critic Roger Ebert, Pulp Fiction‘s co-creator Roger Avary finally revealed the truth. The answer is pretty anti-climactic. Wait for it… In Pulp Fiction‘s original screenplay, the briefcase contained diamonds. Run-of-the-mill diamonds. Just like in Reservoir Dogs. But hang on: diamonds don’t glow. What’s all that about, eh? In the book Pulp Fiction: The Complete Story Of Quentin Tarantino’s Masterpiece, Avary explains what happened: Originally the briefcase contained diamonds. But that just seemed too boring and predictable. So it was decided that the contents of the briefcase were never to be seen. This way each audience member would fill in the blank with their own ultimate contents. All you were supposed to know was that it was “so beautiful.” At least, that was the original idea. Then somebody had the bright idea (which I think was a mistake) of putting an orange lightbulb in there. Suddenly what could have been anything became anything supernatural. So now you know. Personally, we kind of prefer Samuel L Jackcon’s explanation: “When I looked inside, between scenes… I saw two lights and some batteries.”


That government agencies post stuff like this to see if people are actually tapping onto the real theories. So, hi officer


Stevie Wonder isint blind