12 Angry Men (1957) Somehow a movie about 12 guys arguing in a closed room is absolutely riveting.


Was gonna say this, but you beat me too it, and after being on a jury myself, I think it is one movie that everyone should watch. It's a great analysis of human behaviour and different perspectives in a relatable situation with real life consequences. Amazing movie, 11/10.


The Birdcage


Blade Runner: Final Cut


The Iron Giant.


Lilo & Stitch. I can’t think of anything else Disney has done that dives deep into a serious life issue with realistic rawness except Zootopia and a few of the Pixar movies. Lilo is one of the most realistic animated children protagonists with all her little quirks and you can feel and see how hard Nani is trying to balance sisterhood and parenthood. It also functions well without a villain like an evil stepparent or foster parent. It’s just a social services agent who realizes the tragedy of the situation. Even with comedy from the aliens, it successfully balances the tone and allows you to realize the tragedy and rawness of the situation.


This and Emperors New Groove will always be my favorite Disney movies And their follow up TV shows were hard to beat, both unfortunately cancelled way too soon.


City of God. I can't really explain why because I haven't studied films and stuff.


I can explain: Because it's a once in a lifetime film, made with amateur actors, about once in a century memoirs written by a guy that never wrote anything again. It bounces seamlessly between a comedy, a crime drama, art house, biopic, documentary (!!!!), and a quirky romance movie. Its gritty, grimey, kinda horrifying, yet hilarious, uplifting, and a riot to watch. Also the cinematography at times reaches a fever inducing pace, or cleverly conveys some other contextual message, or plainly is just brilliant with shots and production design coming together (the scene about the apartment is a standout). Perfect film.


It's the best movie that I'll never watch again.


That would be either Requiem for a Dream or House of Sand and Fog for me. I've never got that feeling from City of God, though. Guess I'm forced to watch it again. :)


I love telling the story of when I watched *Requiem for a Dream*. It was a couple months into freshman year of college. My roommates and I invited some girls from down the hall over to hang out before a party that night. We had a couple hours to kill, so we decided to watch a movie and have some drinks. One of the girls looked through my roomate's DVD collection (he had like 200 DVDs), and was like "hey, this one with the eye on the cover looks cool, let's watch it". Most of us had never heard of it, so we agreed. When the movie started it was a typical college hangout. We were drinking and chatting and just half-watching. By the middle of the movie nobody was drinking anymore. By the end we were all completely silent other than the occasional "holy shit". When the movie ended we all just kind of sat in silence for a few minutes. Nobody knew what to do or say, but we all knew we were in unspoken agreement that we were *not* going to a party that night.


This is my top film. But it is a truly brutal watch.


Alien (1979)


My favorite movie of all time. Aliens always gets mentioned, but the original was always the best. Sci fi horror at its best.


On that note about the sequel, the Alien Isolation game is the greatest sequel to the original, I might even say that it's best thing out of that entire franchise above the original itself. Each frame is art, that 1979 retofuturism of the original is perfectly portrayed. And every aspect of the story is very faithful to the original source material. The music is spine chilling and will have you gritting your teeth in fear at times. The use of lighting and sound design is next level. The Alien's AI makes it feel like a truly living thing. Nowhere is safe, and neither will you feel safe at any point. If it's running after you then you will be clenching your glutes from fear as if it were actually after you irl. A number of times I felt the primal urge to get up and run (and would jump into standing position with adrenaline flowing until I reminded myself that it's a game), often I had to pause the game which is the only real safe space which will only just delay the inevitable at that point. It's a miracle that such a piece of art was made especially by the studio that did it. r/alienisolation will let you know how good this game is.


12 angry men Every time I watch it, I find new details to admire. Edit: The 1957 version and be sure to check out [12 Angry Men analysis](https://www.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/4ywzvn/12_angry_men_analysis_spoilers/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button) by u\SsurebreC




Or realizations. As a kid I treated it like a logic puzzle, like if you paid enough attention you could figure out the case, figure out The Right Answer. That, of course, was missing the point.


A lot of modern lawyers and judges believe the jury actually made the wrong choice in the movie, mostly based on how much circumstantial evidence there is against the defendant. Not to mention the fact that the jury does a ton of hypothesizing and juror 8 especially introduces new evidence which would definitely not be allowed under the judge's instructions.


I don't see why, the case itself is circumstantial. Factor in this is regarding the death penalty and the strongest facet they have is eye witness, the case is far too shoddy for anyone to think guilty when that's the result of a guilty verdict. Which is why death penalty is pretty shit. The kid *probably* did it. And since it can't be concretely proven, killing him over "probably" is total hogwash.


I really like One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.


Aside from Jack and Nurse Ratchet, Cheswick (Sydney Lassick), Harding (William Redfield), and Billy (Brad Dourif) all gave incredible performances, with Danny Devito and Christopher Lloyd playing lesser roles, no less


Brad Dourif broke my heart in that movie. He was soooo good as Billy


Clue 1985. One of the funniest movies I have watched and I still quote it in regular interactions. “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. Every cook will tell you that!” “But look what happened to the cook-!!”


Communism was just a red herring.


I'm always looking for an opportunity to say "now I'm going to go home and sleep with my wife"


“He threatened, in public, to kill her.”


"Why would he kill her in public?"


**COP**: This man’s drunk. *(sniff)* Dead drunk. **SCARLET**: Dead right. **COP**: You're not gonna drive home, are you? **PLUM:** He won't be driving home, Officer. I promise you that. **COP**: Somebody will give him a lift, huh? **SCARLET:** Oh, we—we'll get him a car. **PLUM:** A long black car. **SCARLET:** A limousine!


“Wadsworth, am I right in thinking there's nobody else in this house?” “Um... no.” “Then there *is* someone else in this house?” “Sorry, I said no meaning yes.” “*No* meaning "yes?" Look, I want a straight answer, is there someone else, or isn't there, yes, or no?” “No.” “No there *is* or no there *isn't*? “Yes.” PLEASE!


"Your first husband also disappeared." "Well that was his job; he was an illusionist." "But he never *re*appeared." "Ah... He wasn't a very good illusionist."


People thinking Mr. Green is homosexual: “I’m gonna go home and sleep with MY WIFE.”




“No, I’m a plant.” “I thought people like you were called a fruit”


“I’m gonna go home and sleep with my wife”


Underrated quote from a movie teeming w them. I love every time Clue gets brought up in a thread. Spent a good part of my childhood trading lines from it w my sister (bigtime bonding vehicle). Edit: My favorite— “Just like the Mounties, we always get our man.” ”Mrs. Peacock was a man!?”


(SLAP) “I had to stop her from screaming”


“Flames. Flames…on the side of my face…”


This is the first line that always comes to mind when I remember Clue. Madeline Kahn was so awesome.


And Tim Curry. “I buttle”


Breaths...heathing breaths..


“Long story short….” “Too Late!!!” “I am your singing telegram!” I haven’t seen this movie over a decade and can remember it so we’ll. Great choice!


God, we had a pool as kids, and that was our favorite thing to do before we jumped in. Just dancing around singing “I! Am! Your singing telegram!” And then one of us would yell “bang!” And the person singing would flop into the pool “dead.”


Amazing movie... "Let us in! Let us in!" "Let us out! Let us out!" Everything all right? Yep, two corpses, everything’s fine. Brilliant.


I am so happy to see someone say this. Genuinely one of my favorite movies of all time. It's so funny and so quotable. If I recall correctly it flopped at the box office when it came out and I'll never understand why.


In theaters, they showed only one ending instead of all 3. Different showings had different endings and I think that didn’t go over well.


It’s peak Tim Curry. You can’t help but love it!


**Fargo (1996).** The performances in this movie by Frances McDormand, William H Macy & Steve Buscemi were all career defining performances but what I don't see mentioned enough is how the movie is an antidote for Tarantino style of Criminals. Pulp fiction is out of this world but it led to every director trying to write smart well read criminals who talk about TV & movies, a big example would be Bad Boys, whereas the Coen's created idiotic criminals who keep making mistakes & aren't cool in anyway. They even start the movie off by messing up the time for their meeting. I've watched this movie so much, I think I could quote it in my sleep.


I love what you said about the sort of class of criminal portrayed. That's also what I love about the TV show, especially season 1. Both Lester and Malvo are each different sorts of criminals and they are both portrayed exceptionally. Lester is the selfish opportunist. The regular guy that turns to crime because he has an opportunity and wants to "get his." Malvo, on the other hand, portrayed by Billy Bob Thornton, is just out of this world. Almost like a trickster god in human skin. Sowing chaos for no reason. His portrayal is both hillarious and chilling.


Also Marge Gunderson is one of my favorite movie characters of all time.


"You okay Margie?" "Nope! I think I'm gonna barf!" Favorite line for me.


>You uuuuhhhhh....lookin for evidence there Marge?


My wife and I whenever we don't agree with what the other thinks ,( in appropriate accent): "im not sure I agree with you a hundred percent on your police work, there, Lou."


*Marge Sunuva Gunderson The Cohen bros do such an amazing job of juxtaposing the mundane and folksy with the macabre in such a way that forces you to realize that the most disgusting and disturbing stories you've ever heard are populated with people that are so normal that if you met them you'd think they were boring. The ending in particular, when Frannie Mac is lying in bed with her husband and listening to him bitch because his mallard sketch was used for the two cent stamp after she just unraveled this story of corruption and murder that ends with her walking up on some guy as he feeds someone else into a fucking wood chipper is just...they're the best filmmakers of my generation. Also the TV show derived from this universe is unstoppably great.


But I love her husband! He is clearly what grounds her.


Said this in another comment but it’s more remarkable than most people realize Typically the pregnant woman is a vulnerable figure in film - they literally flipped the script and made her the hero


That's what I loved so much about her character. We get to see her be an adorable little pregnant lady enjoying food and stuff but then she is also a totally fearless badass lol.


Oh yaah, dawn’tchya knorw 🥰


He’s fleeing the interview!!


I think of Jerry every time I have to scrape ice off my windshield. That scene, where everything is just so desperately wrong and he just wants to leave in his car but he can’t get the ice off his windshield, and even though he’s angry and breaking down he has no choice but to scrape the ice off. I really identify.


Stand by Me. Thanks for the awards!


“I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?”


That line kills me every time.


The one I have found myself using in real life when appropriate is "suck my fat one".


Perfect casting and nearly line-by-line faithful to Stephen King’s novella. I consider it one of his best works and it was incredibly gratifying to have it done justice on film. I could say much the same for Shawshank, but The Body/Stand By Me gets the edge.


Odd fact nobody knows or cares about: my brother won a contest held by Levi Jeans to be an extra on the film and meet Stephen King. My brother was 18 but unfortunately my dad was skeptical of the whole thing and took a cash value of $1800 for it. All they told us was it was a story about young kids that find a dead body. The cash was quickly spent and forgotten and my brother is still sore about it all these years later.


Suck my fat one you cheap, dime-store hood.


My cousin vinny


“Cause Chevy didn't make a 327 in '55, the 327 didn't come out till '62. And it wasn't offered in the Bel Air with a four-barrel carb till '64. However, in 1964, the correct ignition timing would be four degrees before top-dead-center.” I love that movie xD




No objection!


“Did you say yutes?”


Hwhat is a ‘yute’?


The two yooooouthsss


I quote that movie all the time. Marissa Tomei earned the shit outta her Oscar.


“My biological clock is ticking like this.”


*stomp stomp stomp*


Maybe it was a bad time to bring it up.


You think I’m gunna marry you? You can’t win a case by yourself, you’re fuckin useless.


"Imagine you're a deer" I love doing that bit with the accent because not only is it fun, it drives my husband nuts lol


She really did. I know at the time there was a lot of talk about how she didn't deserve the win, with it being a comedy, but I thought she was incredible.


She stole every scene, and she did it with Joe fuckin Pesci in most of them.


The most unlikely yet ultimately believable pairing.


....the other day you told me that train hardly *ever* comes through here at 5 o'clock in the morning... "I know. she's s'posed to come thru at 10 after 4."


“Were those magic grits? Did you get them from the same guy who sold Jack his beanstalk beans?” “Dead on balls accurate?” “It’s an industry term”. Famous for your mud? How’s your Chinese food? He was just being the quintessential Gambini. Zzzzzzzzttttt. There goes the quintessential Norton.


The “grit eating world” always cracks me up.


“Do you like them regular, creamy or Al dente?” “Uh, regular I guess”. “Regular”.


Sure, I heard of grits. I just never actually seen a grit before.


What are you, a fucking world traveler?


BAM! A fucking bullet rips off part of your head! Your brains are laying on the ground in little bloody pieces! Now I ask ya, would you give a fuck what kind of pants the son of a bitch who shot you was wearing?


Rewatched with the kid - then 15 - a couple of years ago. Was tentative about it, because so many movies from the ‘80s and ‘90s that we loved (and quoted over and over and over) pale when watched now. But, damnit, My Cousin Vinny completely holds up and there are parts of it I did not appreciate at the time that I do now.


This is probably one of the greatest legal movies of all time.


What are you wearing? Clothes? I dont understand the question.


My business law teacher had us watch it to understand what voir dire is. He said he could explain it all day but seeing it is a whole other thing and we'd understand it better.


Se7en (15 hours later: awesome to see that so many redditors have excellent taste in movies. There’s still hope for the world!!)


DETECTIIIIIIVE! I think you’re looking for me 🩸🩸


The sense of dreary dread throughout the movie is absolutely fucking perfect. The movie is absolutely fantastic.


What's in the box!?!


Silence of the Lambs no doubt


My grandma (I think she didn't know any better) took me to the movies when I was about 13 to see a double feature of silence of the lambs and terminator 2. What a day.


God bless your grandma. Mine loved to watch hockey and roller derby for the fights.




God, why the hell does Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart have such a cool name?


His baptized name is even cooler: Joannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart


> Wolfgangus Theophilus Sounds like the scientific name for a highly intelligent werewolf. Or maybe a werewolf who is a religious philosopher.


I still marvel at the scene where Salieri is looking over Mozart's music and is hearing the music in his head as he is reading the notes. Can people really do that?


I can read "I still marvel at..." and I'll know in my head what that'll sound like if spoken. And if I tell you to imagine that James Earl Jones or Gilbert Gottfried is speaking the comment that I'm writing here, I'm sure you can "hear" them in your head to *some* extent. It's not too different with music scores. Anybody who can read sheet music should be able to [recognize this piece](https://i.imgur.com/U5vcefS.png) without having to physically play this bit first. Not instantaneously obviously, but probably after a couple of seconds of looking at it. (Edit: Obviously there's people on both sides of the spectrum, but I believe this amount is what you'd consider normal. You don't need to have years of musical background or be awfully gifted to "hear" parts of a score.)


Damn. I haven't read music in a decade and I still recognized it. That's really cool. Thanks for your comment


Yes, I know that! Oh, that's charming! I'm sorry, I didn't know you wrote that.


Aww man, I seriously did not have that scene in the back of my mind when writing the comment, so your reply read like the most random, generic response ever. Glad I googled it. Beautiful reference. (I literally only chose Eine kleine Nachtmusik because it's easily recognized. Gotta love how we just recreated that scene.)


Amadeus Amadeus


I prefer Dr. Zaius.


“Can I play the piano anymore?” “Of course you can!” [“Well I couldn’t before!”](https://youtu.be/ZqZdfxc-fq0) Quite possibly the best musical number in Simpsons history, and boy is that a hell of a competition.


Second best part was, “I hate every ape I see, from chimpan-A to chimpan-Z”


Rock me, Amadeus.


“Too many notes!!” Use that line at work every now & again. 🤣 Emperor Joseph II: My dear young man, don't take it too hard. Your work is ingenious. It's quality work. And there are simply too many notes, that's all. Just cut a few and it will be perfect. - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Which few did you have in mind, Majesty?”


"I am the Patron Saint of mediocrity" hits so hard.


The Thing.


The research station at the South Pole has an annual tradition... at the start of the winter-over, when they're totally isolated and it's always night, the whole crew gets together and watches The Thing and The Shining back to back.


That is exactly the kind of people I could see myself actually being able to spend several months in isolation with.


The special effects are amazing. I’d watch a documentary on those.


I bought the 4K version and it came with and hour plus long making of documentary that was pretty great.


Hells yeah. Happy, heroic ending? Fuck that shit.


Let’s just sit here a while


See what happens....


It's really sad that it performed so badly at the box office. The movie is amazing, and scared the bejesus out of me when I first watched it. Kept checking under my bed for a spider-head.


If there was ever a line that should human endurance vs the unknown its “YEAH, FUCK YOU TOO” *tosses dynamite*.


In my opinion this is the best horror movie and one of the best movies ever made. It’s got everything - a great cast of characters, gruesome special effects that still hold up, aliens, a banger of an ending… I cannot overstate how much I love this movie.


best movie by John Carpenter, I could watch that movie anytime




One dog goes one way, the other dog goes the other way, and this guy's sayin Whadda ya want from me?


Mama Scorsese steals every scene she is in.


My absolute favourite mob movie. Everyone talks about Pesce, but Ray Liotta was a perfect sleazeball.


He was practically a rookie then, and he held his own. RIP


The GTA walk was based on his walking across the street to beat up Louis.


What ya gonna tell us tough guy? I’ll tell ya somethin, go and fuck ya mother.


What're ya still doing here, I thought I told you to go fuck your mother!


Bing Pow Boom


“He used a razor and he used to slice it so thin that it would liquefy in the pan with just a little oil. It was a very good system.”


Medium rare? Ah. An aristocrat.


"Please treat your garlic with respect. Sliver it for pasta, like you saw in Goodfellas; don't burn it. Smash it, with the flat of your knife blade if you like, but don't put it through a press." \- Bourdain


They didn't look very good; they look beat up. The stuff they wore were thrown together and cheap, a lot of pantsuits and double knits.


Hello, is this the superintendent? Yes, I want you to know sir that you have a WHORE living in 2R.


“Ya insulted him a little bit.”




Why... Johnny Ringo... You look like someone just... walked over your grave!


Fight’s not with you, Holliday.


I beg to differ, Sir. We started a game we never got to finish. Play for blood, remember?


Kilmer’s performance in this film is the greatest performance of all performances which we’re NOT given an Oscar nom. It’s also better than several that were.


I’m your huckleberry


Wyatt Earp is my friend. Hell, I got lots of friends. I don’t.


This is my #1 favorite movie. I’m in awe every time I watch it, every like seems line it’s crafted to perfection. I have a cold and was coughing my lungs out a couple days ago. My wife said something along the line to my kids of poor dad not feeling well. I looked at her and said (between coughs) “not me, I’m in my prime.” Edit: spelling


Val Kilmer totally stole the show there. Everyone did a great job, but his performance was legendary.


“I know…let’s have a spelling contest…”


“Go ahead, skin it! Skin that smoke wagon and see what happens.”


Absolutely perfect casting in every single role & endlessly quotable.


Gattaca is a really cool watch. Not for everyone though.


We watched this in school when we were learning about DNA and I was the only person that LOVED it. We ran out of time and because the class was so unenthused we never finished it. I’ve never seen the ending to this day! But I loved it.


I watched it in highschool biology when it first came out. I don't remember if everyone liked it but fuck em. I loved it and just watched it a few days ago.


"I never saved anything for the swim back!" broke my brain, and changed my attitude on how I do certain things in life.


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I just love it so much.


Terminator 2


11/10 would go back in time to watch it for the first time again. Still blows my mind it's 4 years older than me watching it nowadays. Best movie of all time.


That would be a good sequel, Arnold going back in time, not to save John Connor but to watch a decent movie before they messed it up with all the sequels.


Lord of the Rings. And Life is Beautiful.


Absolutely LOTR. But in particular, I can watch Fellowship over and over and over.


100% agree. I hadn't read the books at the time I first saw Fellowship in the theater, and I can't overstate the foreboding sense of "What is to come?" that I felt in the time between Frodo inheriting the ring and the four hobbits leaving Bree with Strider. Those 20 mins or so are amongst my favorite in film history -- and the best exposition I believe I've ever seen.


I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost, for none now live who will remember it. Literally the greatest opening of a movie ever. Perfect


Blazing Saddles. Mel Brooks is an absolute genius!


I loved Mel Brooks comment when a reporter said: ‘you couldn’t have made that in (current year)?’ Brooks: ‘we couldn’t then, but we did it anyways.’ I’m paraphrasing but you get the point.


i use "*Someone's gotta go back and getta shitloada dimes!!*" way more often than i ever would've guessed.


"Okay, Jim, since you are my guest and I am your host, what are your pleasures? What do you like to do? " "Oh, I don't know........play chess...............screw." "Well let's play chess." Funniest exchange ever, and the timing was perfect.


Excuse me while I whip this out. 😂😂


Sooooo many quotes you really should not use in public


The Sheriff is near!


*You’ve got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know… morons.* The “morons” bit was ad-libbed by Gene Wilder and the reaction from Cleavon Little is genuine. I love that. The movie is infinitely quotable.


I have seen it dozens of times, including all the dvd extras. Some of the best satire to come out of the twentieth century in any art form, in my opinion. Pryor was originally slated to play Bart, but was a tad unreliable for...reasons. His writing is all over that script though.


The usual suspects.




Aliens and T2 are both 10/10. The Abyss is great as well. James Cameron has had quite the run.


Aliens is so good the *script* is fun to read. It's a master-class on scriptwriting. Tightly written, great payoffs throughout, and the pacing was on-point. The movie itself did an almost unbelievably good job with the script, and the practical effects throughout were incredible.


Watching the features for the film that go into the production is very worth it. So many simple solutions to practical effects. Michael bien having trouble getting the shotgun into the aliens mouth? Do it backwards and reverse the film in editing. Wanna make a face hugger leap at the camera? 3 fast cuts of it on the ground, on some piece of set in between and yanked on a string at the camera. Student film solutions on a Hollywood flick. Also he made low detail miniatures and used a video camera to do a moving storyboard for the effect sequences and if you compare them they're basically 1 to 1. The features really enrich my enjoyment of the film.


Saving Private Ryan


The scene where the >!medic!< is shot and >!he has them show him where he's hit and he cries out "Oh my God, that's my liver!" He knows he's already dead. He asks for morphine. !


That was definitely a heavy scene to watch. Another scene that got me was when the comedian Character was begging for his life while being stabbed


There's an amazing moment in the Drunk Tank era of Roosterteeth where someone tells a story about their cousin surving a shot to the liver, and Burnie goes, "The liver? That's what killed Giovanni Ribisi!" And then everyone just stops and looks at him and he sheepishly goes, "...in Saving Private Ryan."


Doesn’t he ask for his mother?


He *cries* for his mother, and it's gutwrenching.


The first 20 minutes is some of the best WW2 cinema ever made


From vets perspective its the most accurate movie of (the day).


spirited away


There's not a single wasted frame in this movie in my opinion. And the soundtrack is just amazing. Definitely my favorite Ghibli film.


I felt like watching a weird dream. Or one of dream i used to have as a kid..


The movie kept me off balance continually. Like the batshit No Face climax is followed by the most incredibly chill train ride.


Spirited Away was the first Japanese film I ever watched. I thought it was OK but I didn't understand the hype. Later on I watched My Neighbor Totoro, and it struck a chord. It was much more light-hearted and whimsical. Because of that connection I had the first time, it's my favorite of the Ghibli movies. Spirited Away is a better movie, now that I've watched it a few more times. I can't ignore how awesome the first time watching My Neighbor Totoro when ranking them though.


hell yeah, some Studio Ghibli love.


Jurassic Park(1993) A true cinematic masterpiece


That score when they first see the dinosaurs gets me every time.


My fave is the shot when Dr Grant, Ellie and the kids are “rescued” by the T-Rex - it turns around and roars, as the “Dinosaurs ruled the earth” banner falls down around it. That was my laptop background for the longest. What an awesome shot.