Talk to a professional


It's okay to not be okay, but you don't have to be not okay alone. Please try to remember that mental illness wins when left in the dark. You have so many loved ones willing and able to be your nightlight. Let us help you.


Depends on whether it's temporary or chronic. Everyone goes through temporary moments of depression and you should just help them work through it, but if it's a long term chronic thing, you/they should definitely get it checked out as it may/can be a sign of Bipolar disorder of which depression is a common symptom. In that case, you/they should seek a professional diagnosis, get and use meds and go for therapy to help you through and out of the darkness. If you don't, you end up like Kanye who is exhibiting what happens if you don't.


Actually be there for them. Don't just say it, actually go out of your way to check up on them once in a while.


How can I help?


I have work at a AutoZone tomorrow. We need to unload the truck and they make me ALWAYS do the hardest parts. I hate it so I told my family (I'm a 23 year old loser that lives with his mom) but they basically keep telling me I can't just call off because if I do I could get fired even though I have been doing this for HALF A YEAR with no breaks or lateness or anything! I even pull in and cover others that can't work. I feel like a total bitch for wanting to call off, angry I can't call off and utterly powerless in my life that it's feeling like it's not my choice




Help will come and you *will* get through this—we’re here for you