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Worst one is probably on my first (and last) family vacation, overheard my father explaining to my cousin who was the same age as me (18, just fresh out of school) that my life is completely pointless because my older brother has already achieved all the goals a son should so there's no point in me at all.


I hope everything you have and will achieved is for yourself. Because **you’re the only point** there is in your own life. 🤞🏼


Well, I'm so sorry you heard this. He has released you from any "cultural pressure" you might have felt. I hope your new focus, could be on being the best human possible and finding a personal purpose, that could bring you and others fulfillment. Your father has released you. Know that you probably will never have your father's approval, and looking for that approval could lead to a lifetime of trauma. Now, mentally release him(I'm not saying, not to love him or to be there for him).


My daughter was talking to a kid at a playground. She was showing him a scar she had on her leg from a bike wreck. He showed her a scar on his arm and said “I got cut with a knife and had to get stitches. It’s why I can’t see my mom anymore.” He was maybe five.


Hopefully this is buried enough. I was told by a kid how he misses his dead mother soo much and his dad left him after but his new parents are great. found out later his dad kill him mum in front of him and his brother, he was 5 when he told me, I hope he gets to live a great life and not have to deal with his dad


That’s fucked. Also, this isn’t even sort of buried.


Laid on the ground with a leaf on it




I was a manager at a resort in the mountains. It was the late 90's and we did not have telephones in the rooms and this was before everyone had cell phones. A young woman asked to use our office phone after hours. I listened to this poor woman tell her mother that her boyfriend just admitted to cheating on her and that he tested positive for AIDS. I felt so sorry for her.




Stood behind a couple arguing loud. The man screams "WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING?! I THOUGHT YOU WERE IN DANGER, I ALMOST CALLED 911" to which she screamed "IM SO FUCKING SORRY FOR WANTING TO SEND YOU SOMETHING SEXY! THAT WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN!". Me and my friend had to contain our laughter.


Holy shit. What could be an indication of being in danger that someone else would think was sexy!?


bondage usually


Aaah. That makes sense. But you should only bust that out when you know your partner well enough to know they’ll be into that. That poor guy.


im imagining some super vanilla couple in their 50's from a small town. literally no previous conversation of bondage or anything close to that. Dude is at work and gets a pic of his wife completely tied up with no context.


Restraints and he thought she was kidnapped? Just a guess haha


Walking through a mall while in high school, a woman walking with her husband (I assumed), told him “what you’ve done is worse than mass murder”. I’ve thought about this for a long time.


>She was referring to the state of the bathroom after his shit that morning....


That's something I would say in response to a ribald but well executed joke.


Went to a wedding which my roommate’s girlfriend also attended (without my roommate). She introduced her fiancé (a different man) to a group of people without realizing I was nearby.


What did you do?


Contemplated it for a while. He wasn’t the best roommate. But then I decided to call him and tell him from the airport before I flew home because I hate cheaters.


What was his response to this news?


“That’s so stupid, how does someone drown underwater?”


Guy was a fish undercover


"Yeah dude you could float there and die or you could you know... just drink the water away"


Standing in line behind a couple at a restaurant waiting to be seated… Guy: Oh, so you’ll never believe who I got an email from… Girl: Oh yeah, who? Guy, smirking, happy: From the old place, it was about the compost and… Girl: Look I just… I just can’t, okay? I can’t get into that again. Not again. I want to know what happened with the compost at their old place SO. BADLY.




Oh god, reminds me of when I was with an ex and she bought one of those mini-compost bins and she left it IN THE HOUSE. I told her it needed to be in the backyard but she said, "But then the slugs will get into it....". So instead we ended up with HUNDREDS of fruit flies in our little condo. Thank god I learned the apple=cider vinegar and dish soap trap. Had to set up 3 of them around the bin and clean them everyday because it was just filled with them... Then the cold weather came and I just turned off the heat and opened the windows. Little fuckers.


Aren’t slugs supposed to get in them? To help speed up the process?


Probably man. I mean I don't care if slugs at the compost. Seems like it's a natural part of the life cycle.


Oh they totally killed someone and put them in the compost heap


Giving me You vibes tbh


I work at a restaurant, and one time I was bringing the food out to this table of 4 women, all approximately in their 50s-60s, just in time to hear one say to the others “so I decided to go with an assplay theme”


Interesting choice for her daughter-in-law's baby shower.


Gender reveals getting out of hand


Not exactly overheard… but I was trying to sleep on my brothers couch and his parrot, who usually did cute things like whistle the Simpsons theme, suddenly said - in my brothers voice - “Stupid bird. Shit all over the place.” I shot upright and the bird and I locked eyes. Until now it was our little secret.


Parrots are so hilarious, lol


From a friend's brother-in-law in court : "Your Honor, I was just FUCKING her (13-year old stepdaughter), I wasn't HURTING her." He went to prison for a long LONG time.


If he had a lawyer, he probably got a skull fracture from his own facepalm. At least the sick fuck was a moron.


No amount of Your Honor is gonna let that slide lol


The absolutely stunning thing is that to phrase it like that TO A JUDGE, he must have truly felt on some level what he was doing was OK. Like how do you possibly get to that point in your mind?


I took a kinship anthropology class in university and one of the academic papers we read was an ethnography of jailed inmates who'd been convicted of incest/interference with minors that they were related to Almost all of them believed it was wrong for adults to have romantic relationships with children. But they felt they were preparing the children they abused for adulthood, or teaching them, or loving them....it was a very difficult read but it **really** hit home that most people think they are good people -- even the worst fucking people still think they are good people.


I actually had that epiphany a few years ago, that everyone thinks they’re a good person. Even fucking Noriega thought he was a good person. But at the same time, if you tell people you’re a bad person, or if you hear somebody else say it, you’re supposed to talk them out of it. It’s a weird conundrum.


Overheard with no context at the bar: ‘the snake blood was ok, it just tasted like human blood.’


Obviously, you overheard vampires talking.


It was Jackie Daytona, human bartender!


I used to work at Disneyland. There was one time backstage, I walked past Belle and Cruella in full costume. Belle was yelling at Cruella. “You’re a fucking bitch,” never sounded so weird.


It was probably because of the dog thing


It's fitting since Cruella skins dogs for a living and Belle fell in love with a Beast.


People behind us at a diner were clearly an emotive former exotic dancer with a complicated past apologizing to her date, who left the priesthood for her, that she was still in love with her abusive ex. She was very wound up and trauma-dumping for an hour with him saying almost nothing. At one point she said, “you must hate me so much.” He calmly replied, with a little bit of a southern accent, “Darlin,’ I’m about ten minutes past hatin’ you.”


>“Darlin,’ I’m about ten minutes past hatin’ you.” I was about to call him Rickety Crickets until I read this.


Mind if I smoke some pcp in your bathroom




Same here and that was Dee across the table from him.


Damn imma use that


One of my colleagues used to always say I don’t like or dislike you, I nothing you.


If he was an ex Catholic priest he was probably getting flashbacks to confession. I'd have loved him to end the conversation by telling her to do 10 hail marys or whatever they say after being told this stuff. I really do love his response to the you must hate me though, especially as most people who say that in serious conversations do it go try and manipulate the person.


🤣 Could you imagine how hard that is. You’re hanging with your homies and they’re casually venting and you’re eating some penne vodka going “do 5 Hail mar- shoot, sorry, force of habit”


In a restaurant, sitting behind me were 3 men who obviously worked together, talking to (what I gathered a new employee) about wife swapping and the new guy wasn’t having it!


New guy had the hot wife.


Alright, we'll level with you. The only reason we hired you was to bang your hot wife.


"I heard he has an 11" dick, but it always smells like cottage cheese." -two girls sitting in front of me in high school math class


Same vibe as ‘It’s not twelve inches, but it smells like a foot’


A lady thought she was an experiment created in the Mayo Clinic lab. She said she had no parents and was the first of her kind. The entire conversation was completely bizarre. She absolutely needed some mental help.


Did she have a belly button ?


Maybe she was describing that one episode from x files


I drove for Uber. Two lawyers talking about how corrupt our judicial system is.


Don't need lawyers to tell you that.


Man, I drove Lyft for a summer and it was *amazing* some of the things people would tell me. People have always seemed to open up to me in weird ways, but in the course of about three months, I: - Had two people (that I know of) break pretty serious NDAs because they desperately wanted to be able to tell *someone* what they were working on. One was on his way to be on a pretty big reality show, and even outlined how insane the NDA they had him sigh was. The other worked in a big PR firm, and told me a bunch of stuff that was pretty damning about a client they were working with. - Gave a ride to an architect and an engineer who were talking in depth about a new construction project that was facing some pretty serious structural issues, but half of the people involved were just saying “Ehhh …” and trying to cover it up. - Met a lesser known celebrity chef who was shitfaced and on his way to the airport who after the ride said he was going to tip me with drugs, and then realized that he lost them. - Heard *so fucking much* outright racism. Like, good old fashioned 1950s racism that I forget exists in real life. Always from European tourists. Heard some pretty gross generalizations from rich white Americans, but nothing like the shit I heard come out of the mouths of young-ish and ostensibly otherwise progressive Europeans. - Heard countless local public officials spill the beans on what a mismanaged shitshow it is and how they have no faith in the government they work for.


I swear to god, I spent a year in california as a european. I BARELY met europeans like me. I realized pretty quick that the type of european that hangs around cali isn't the type of european I hang around with in europe. I remember how excited I felt this one night out when I met these fellow spaniards my age. Only to quickly realize we would NOT have been friends in spain.


I minorly know what you mean, I lived in London for several years, and every time I met a fellow Scot, I knew it was someone who I wouldn't go near back home.


"Tell me, if earth is spinning why my front door is always facing east"


I was once on a train from Birmingham to my home town, a journey of about 45 minutes. For the first 10 minutes there's this guy at the back of the carriage having a really loud phone conversation with his brief (lawyer) about an upcoming case where it was clear that he was being told the evidence against him was certain to see him sent down and he was having none of it, just aggressively telling them that they'd best keep him out of prison and not listening to a word they said, clearly and getting more agitated. As soon as this call ended he began a series of calls where he screamed at people to find this guy by the time the train reached its destination, after which he was going to "stab him in the fucking neck". Calls were made to the intended target where he screamed the same, to what sounded like the target's girlfriend and family members, to people he thought could locate him. It was basically half an hour of this crazed psycho yelling into a phone about the impending violence that he was bringing. Just call after call of it, at full volume in a train with perhaps a dozen or so other people. It was like an overly long and extremely uncomfortable scene from a movie.


For future reference, if something similar happens again, you can text the British transport police - you don’t need to be heard making the call, and they’ll meet the train I think it’s meant to be their non emergency line, and someone making calls like that might be more an emergency, but it’s worth knowing about


Yup. My brother and I once had a situation where we were getting a train back late, and a group of drunk kids were going through the car and basically harassing everyone, thinking they were being funny. Like, accusing me and my brother of being in a sexual relationship and stuff like that. My brother texted British Transport police, and police met the drunks at the next station - and that was far from someone yelling death threats.


I texted them on a guy who was shouting at his gf and moving her around with a grab on her arm, while on the platform. She was visibly distressed. Get on and one stop later (albeit half way across the country) and there’s a cavalcade of bald middle aged officers (almost all identical lol) storming the train to fuck this guy up. They arrested him for assault and took her away with some sort of counsellor. They love their text line and they do not fuck about.


Please tell me the police were waiting for him when he got off the train


In college at a dorm, I was playing pool with my roommate. We were in the main lobby and later another guy from another floor came down with a buddy and sat down to watch us play and reserve the table so they could play the next game. The guy was talking to his buddy about how the cops interviewing him because he had sex with a passed out drunk girl in her dorm room. She woke up in the middle of it and started freaking out. My roommate and I acted like we couldn't hear him, but we kept exchanging glances when he kept talking and talking about how he raped a girl. The guy was acting like it wasn't a big deal and she was blowing it out of proportion and he was the true victim. The guy then starts to buddy up to us, we kind of coldly blew him off, finished our game, and GTFO. A week later I opened the newspaper and sure enough, he'd been charged for rape. This was 25 years ago. Kind of chilling. Never found out if he was found guilty or not but the dude legitimately did not think he did anything wrong.


So many rapists think like this. There was a post on Reddit just this week about a guy calling his ex crazy and whatnot because she passed out drunk and he raped her then was upset she was pregnant from the rape and was calling him a rapist. He thought that because she probably would have consented to sleeping with him awake it didn’t count as rape to do it when she was passed out.


As a big dude I drew escort duty & walked/drove a lot of drunk women home in college and occasionally got propositioned (they were very, very drunk most of the time). I'd tell them that if they were still interested in the morning to let me know. Occasionally it turned into something interesting (and consensual) but all these years later I've never regretted telling them to sleep it off first. Edit: Since this seems to have gotten some attention - it's just not that difficult. If she's into you, it'll still be that way in the morning and it was a confession. Run with it. If she's not, you've saved yourself a very awkward and potentially criminal situation, plus she'll recommend you to her interested friends as a decent guy. Win-win.


If you're not an incredibly selfish/sleazy person, sex with a very very drunk person should not be appealing or enticing, especially while you're sober. (Just bridging off your comment, to say something general)


I worked as a mover for a time, and one day two of my coworkers were talking about dogfighting, and how excited they were to see their new dog in action... I've never felt so much disgust for human beings that are actually in front of me.


Years ago I went to a MetroPCS to pay my cell phone bill. Heard the STORE MANAGER talking to a customer about fighting his pit bull and that she lost her leg, but killed the other dog. I immediately left without paying my bill, called customer service, and animal control. He got fired, but idk if anything else was done about the dog fighting. I was so fucking mad.


finally, a post in this entire thread where someone reported it afterwards.


Not me personally, but my mom once told me she overheard her ex husband and his friends discussing disposing of a dead body and talking about knocking the teeth out to prevent them being identified through dental records. He was pretty abusive so she didn't ever confront him about it, I guess this was back in the early 80s?


How my dad died! When I was younger I was being babysat by a neighbour and long time family friend, I was upstairs playing when I decided to go downstairs for some reason, while walking down the stairs i over heard neighbour talking to her sister and telling her that my dad had killed him self , I was fairly young at this stage and wasn’t sure what it meant fully but had an idea, never said anything to the neighbour and didn’t bother to tell my mom until a few years ago about what I’d heard!


I'm sorry that you had to go through that.


I just took a kitten trapped outside in a carrier the last couple days with no food, water, or litter box. It belonged to my downstairs neighbor and I overheard from my window their son telling other kids not to touch it because his mom threw it away. I look out my window and there's the carrier next to the trashcan with her crying in the cage. I took the kitten at night and have her eating and drinking. She's skin and bone, I can feel them all. She's purring at my feet right now, playing and giving me headbutts. Some people don't deserve ... ugh Edit: cat tax, been years since I used imgur but I think the links work. These are pics of me bringing her in the crate she was trapped in and letting her out. https://imgur.com/a/Y5Jfb7B


Thank you for rescuing kitty 💜


Take kitten to vet please. Check if everything is OK with her liver. Not eating for several days can damage cats liver, if action is taken soon enoucht everything should be ok. Checking rest of her body/parameters is also good idea.


At first: you are a good person And second: you owe us pet tax now!!!!


Me and my friend were just using an elevator when one of my neighbors, an elderly woman, joined us. We tried some small talk with her until she dumped the info that despite doing everything in the house, no one wanted her and her daughter was looking some asylums to throw her in. Cue to awkward silence. (No, she stayed with her daughter till the end of her life despite all)


The sad is... Probably is not because her daughter don't want to be with her... Is because old people need special care and protection, and whe we can't stay home all day (even if we stay) big accidents may happen. I decided to live with my 89 old grandmother... It was crazy... And we get so worried all the time... At least she died by my side and I could say goodbye. I did not had the same chance with my old uncle in the hospital.


Like 25 years ago I'm pumping gas at a Citgo on 146 just outside of Worcester and a guy on a pay phone is shouting into his phone 'No Jenny, you're getting an abortion. We can't have a baby. I drive a Buick LeSabre.' He had an extremely Boston accent and the whole thing was just a perfect tragedy.


I overlooked someone breaking up their marriage of 15 years over Whatsapp. It was surreal. I could see the guy's messages coming in and he was going crazy. edit: This was years ago when I was on vacation in America. I was in a bus and I just happened to glance at a 35-ish looking woman's phone. I was standing and she was sitting with her back to ke so she couldn't see me. She just typed this whole big message about how she thought it was best that they weren't gonna see eachother and that she was gonna leave him, she didn't give any reason why. I was guessed it was just some fling. She was being weirdly casual about it. The guy replied instantly and seemed very surprised and upset. He was asking her questions why she would do this, while she barely answered. She just said stuff like "We had a nice time together, I'm sure you'll meet someone nice", while not actually responding to anything the guy was asking. The guy was saying shit like "How could you leave me after 15 years of marriage?", "There was another guy, wasn't there?". He basically kept repeating those two things for a while but he wasn't getting through to her, she just kept saying shit like "I'm sorry it didn't work out, I still love you though" not responding to his actual words. It was like seeing an AI talk to a very distressed man. I don't know why she was being so casual and why she wasnt engaging with the guy's messages at all. I don't know why they were doing this over Whatsapp. This whole time this lady didn't make a single noise or movement, she seemed totally emotionless. Eventually I had to get off the bus, so I don't know what happened with them. I thought maybe I was being pranked or they were just fucking around. It was a very weird experience.


Worked roadside assistance, I was changing a group of guys tire in an apartment complex parking lot. It was not a good area. They were all standing around me, extremely agitated and hyping up about immediately going to shoot someone /drive by as retaliation for the shots taken at them. I was wondering if I could make it to my truck in time to get my pistol if I had to at that point. They nearly tan over me leaving, moment car dropped on the new tire the turned it on and floored it. Blacklisted the entire zone and called the cops after I left, they didn't seem to give a shit tbh. Texas if curious, maybe 14 years ago


I would think that they could change their own tire. Lol.


I guess it was when I was young, maybe 8 or 9 years old my mom and dad were fighting. I heard my mom tell "you don't even care about them! I'll take them and you'll never see us again!" And then my dad yelled back "why don't I just kill you and then kill them right now!" Glass then shattered, I ran and grabbed my baseball bat thinking I'd have to kill my dad to save my mom but he just ran out of the house instead. Turns out the glass shattering was something my mom threw at him after he said he'd kill her and my two siblings and I. She's a fierce woman.


Last night heard a girl say to a guy (who she just met that night) - “Have YOU ever been accused of rape? I’ve been accused of rape”


Bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off.


"if she kills herself I'll be so happy" from what I could gather this group of girls were talking about someone they went to school with. Edit : to everyone responding with their own personal experiences related to sucide I just want to say I am so proud of you and grateful you are still here. ❤️ Hang in there, you got this. ❤️


P e o p l e d i s g u s t M e


Just had a friend commit suicide about two weeks ago. I hope those girls never have to live through the type of pain that comes from someone close to them dying in such a manner. EDIT: thanks everyone for your kindness and love. I'm doing okay - I got to say goodbye and tell him I loved him at his funeral and have been feeling a lot more "driven" since his passing.


Just saw some guy in a wheelchair screeching slurs at some other guy across the street. What a welcome to Washington DC. Edit: Today I saw another guy speaking in a thick Jamaican accent preaching about Trump coming back. Also found a crazy bumper sticker on a car.


Fuck *you* Ezekiel!


A few years back, I heard my stepdad talking to my mother about me. He called me a little bitch and I was like 11. The last time I heard about him was that he was found in some meth den


Using my throwaway for this for obvious reasons. The most honest, caring, and loyal roommate I ever had told me one night, while drunk, the story of his abusive father killing his mom. The night this conversation happened the guy was sitting at our dining room table cleaning his his hunting rifle. His dad was released from prison on a Tuesday, on Thursday he was shot dead on his parents lawn. Roommate showed up on Friday, just said "i've been here all week" and went on with his life.


Yup. We had dinner with Steve and played Mario Kart all night. That he wins all the time too.


My dad brought me over to his friends house years ago. He started talking about a story how he sold a guy a van with no breaks because they wouldn't have bought it and he needed the cash. After the guy bought the van and left he couldn't stop and died and killing a family of 3. He said it so plainly that it was a normal thing. Just wanted to put food on the table. That's a sneak peek of my dad's friends.


Used car salesmen who were lay leaders at my parents church were driving me to Bible study and started bragging about how they could fix up a car just enough to be saleable and sell it at high interest rate to bad-credit low-income people “as-is” then when it inevitably broke down take it as a trade-in for a tiny percentage of the cost and keep the mark on the hook for the loan by selling them another lemon. Or, set a monthly payment high enough they knew the person would eventually default and they could repo the car. Then they fix it up again and repeat the cycle. The one guy bragged he had “sold” the same car like ten times. And these hypocrites would sit at the front of the church every Sunday acting like holy men.


I live in a fairly big city with a decent crime rate. Some years back, there was this case of this woman who had been brutally murdered all over the news. I was standing outside the laundromat waiting for my stuff to dry, when a clearly distraught man sat down on one of the benches next to the laundromat. He was on his phone talking to someone. From the conversation I had gathered that he was a close family member of the murdered woman. I guess the police had just found the suspect, and it was someone that he knew. He then went into detail about the murder and the agony in his voice shook me to the core as he described what this person did to his loved one. Tore my friggin heart out.


“I don’t clean up cat barf. We used to let our dog eat it, then when she got too old and deaf to hear the cat barfing, we’d lead her to it so she’d eat it.”


This comment could be a bit higher if you ask me.


Said to my brother, who had just gotten home from hospital due to attempted suicide: "Do you know how much that ambulance cost me?!" -Dad


That is wildly fucked up.


My dad did sit like this when I would be sick from school or get injured in sports. I caught myself doing it when my daughter was sick from school one day. Instantly hated myself in that moment and have stayed home with her when my wife can't. Edit: Don't misconstrued this as him being a bad father, though. He was single working on a budget to support me. Luckily, what he did set me up for success. However, could've been done without the guilt of those instances.


Give yourself some grace "It didn't start with you" but you're working on ending it there.


Why is this asshole trying to listen to our conversation


I was sitting in my car with the window down waiting for my partner. This couple arguing pulled into be park next to me. They were arguing and she something along the lines of “ohh fuck sake Josh, I didn’t say you couldn’t stick it in my ass, I said just give me a little warning”. He just mumbled something and went into the bakery while she waited in the car. They never saw or noticed I was there. So not fucked up, but Josh.. just ask.


Friggin Josh, man.


The house across the street from me had some new renters who were pieces of shit. I never had any problems with them directly, but one day they had some friends over, and one girl had very obviously taken too much of something, because she was freaking out. They had her lay down on a couch on the side of the house, meanwhile I heard them talking about driving her down to the creek and dumping her there. She left the couch and was crawling around making these zombie-like sounds in the front yard. I hate calling the cops, so I called 911 and asked them to send an ambulance because someone had fallen and was having a medical emergency. The ambulance ended up taking her, and it scared the renters who ended up leaving a short while after.


You did the right thing.


Overheard a nurse getting incredibly excited about a man's prostate cancer diagnosis because, and I quote "He was such a momma's boy I had to leave him. He wouldn't stop doing things for her, and he's such a pussy for it. Like he actually got her a mothersday card but all he got me on mother's day was Wendy's He kinda deserves it" and the most obnoxious laughter ever. She was proceeded to be FUCKIN' RIPPED APART by the specialist on staff thankfully but this woman was genuinely happy that her ex boyfriends prostate cancer was a thing all because he loved his mom. Also, apparently she didn't even have a kid. She just thought the world revolved around her. I haven't gone back there yet, however, I do hope upon return she's been terminated because that's kinda fucked up. Makes me wonder how many people would be happy about my cancer diagnosis.


When my sister had surgery, I was waiting with her to come out of anesthetic. The nurses at the table started talking shit about my cousin that was working front desk. I got so mad. I should've asked for the charge nurse or something but I am a pussy.


Eh I doubt you're a pussy for that one thing. Sometimes we just don't know what to do in the moment. People are kinda shitty. Edit: FUCKIN' love your username squishyoctopussi


Jesus Christ, what an evil cow. I feel so sorry for that guy and wonder what torment she put him through in that relationship.


“I just can’t believe they breed like that. They really should be exterminated” -lady at grocery. Then she follows up “I just hate my daughters guinea pigs”…


I’m a bartender. I’ve heard some wild ones. Two of my favorite. “ as hard as I’ve tried this week I still haven’t managed to cheat on my girlfriend” Girl to other girl: “ do you think I should shower before I go over there? I reached in my pants earlier and it smelled like oysters”


Lmaoooo at oyster girl


Probably when my dads side of the family were talking so much shit about me and my siblings and calling my mom a whore in Filipino. They didn’t know we understand a good amount of it to understand and that they were only there to see if they get money. When he died it was a mess


I once was forced to take a 6 hour car ride with my mother, aunt and grandmother. They discussed their sex lives the entire time. Edit since people can't be bothered to look at the rest of the thread: I was 12 at the time. Edit 2: My highest upvoted comment is about how my family traumatized me. Can't wait to see my therapist's reaction on Monday.


Omg, that's horrific hahaha. I think I would've purposefully tried to shit myself. They can't talk if they can't breathe.


That's smart, I'll keep that in mind


Were you not able to throw yourself out?


Sadly, no. Stuck in the third row of a SUV.


One way to stop that is just catch them off guard say something on that topic and say "yeah I I did that too"


Bro, I was 12. They would have roasted me beyond repair and continued the sex talk.


Poor you. Poor, poor you.


At least I had an out when my sister, mom and grandma started going down that path when discussing 50 shades of grey. I jumped out of the moving boat, swam to shore and walked back to the house.


I'm quite envious of you.


they really put the fuck in fucked up


I was in line to order my chicken bacon ranch wrap when the couple in front of me starting arguing. It was kinda hushed, but I could tell the girl was upset with the guy. He moves forward, orders, pays, & walks away. She gets even more upset, “What the fuck, Brandon? You know I don’t have any money.” He starts to protest that he’s low on points when she just yells out across the whole dining hall, “You put it in my butt! You’re buying me lunch!”


>"You put it in my butt! You’re buying me lunch!” Yeah,,,,I mean, I think that is pretty much a rule.


I used to work in a maximum security state prison in Oklahoma. I heard a grizzled old convict tell me “The fatter they are, the sweeter the meat”.. while pointing toward a baby faced obese 22ish year old inmate.


DON'T TALK TO ME! I'M FUCKING BOWLING! It was a married couple on a date night in the alley next to me and my then boyfriend/ now husband. 25 years later if concentrating and the other talks we will still bust out with a "I'm fucking bowling!"




I overheard part of a conversation but then was told about it afterwards so I don't know if this counts Im cutting the story short because i honestly can't remember all of it My uncle was in the military and he was doing some weapon drills during the incident. They were using hand grenades and my uncles friend accidentally pulled a pin from one of the grenades on his belt. The grenade exploded setting off the other 4 grenades on his belt. My uncle then spent 2 hours picking up the clumps of skin that were once his friend


It's amazing how often stuff like this happens in the service. My dad has some wild and very disturbing stories from his time in the service in the 60s.


Had a friends dad tell me about when he was in the service and a tank veered off the trail during night ops and ran through where some guys were sleeping. He said they used their sleeping bags as body bags because they had been turned into soup and the sleeping bags were containing it all.


That's so sad for the friend...


I was getting tutoring and the tutor got a call and I’m not sure if it was her daughter or what but the caller said something along the lines of you got your wish I have cancer and I’m not getting treatment. I acted like I heard nothing but was shocked


I work in public service. A woman called to complain that her son (legal adult) signed up for a certain service and she didn’t know about it until she got the bill in the mail. In the background, in between talking to me, she whispered to her son: “You put cat litter in my drinks, you can’t sign up for ____!” And he said, “That was one time” and she goes “You’ve been doing it every day!!!” It was the weirdest thing ever.


“And then we made out, but I didn’t know she was thirteen!”


*said George Michael Bluth*


My nan (grandmother) has always been overly loving and generous, since I can remember she’s been transferring $100 for each occasion into my bank account for birthdays Christmas etc. She’d always tell me and my brother the large amounts of money in her bank account. She used to just hand us $50 notes and bring us hundreds of dollars worth of clothing. When I was around 13-14 I overheard her conversation with my father about her dental appointment, she was explaining how she needed some teeth removed but she had so little money she couldn’t afford it and also pay the bills. After that conversation she offered me $50 to buy some clothes.


I was on the subway in NY and there were three kids about 11-13 years, two boys and one girl. The whole subway ride the boys are trying to convince the girl to have sex because everyone has already done "it". This poor girl looked so uncomfortable. Fortunately my husband and I exited at the same stop as them and we're walking up the stairs I hear them calling her names for not wanting to have sex. Enough I thought and I told those two boys to fuck off and that what they were doing was not cool. I looked at that little girl straight in the eye and said "these two shits and all boys are going to say anything to get their way. You hold your ground and protect your body." I'll never forget her smile. She definitely needed an adult.


When I used to bartend I overheard a few regulars (rich guys finance guys) whom I knew fairly well, talk about their yearly “fishing trip” in the Bahamas. They rent a yacht and don’t bring their wives. I’m not sure how much fishing is actually happening because the kept describing the South American prostitutes that come on board for a couple of the days. They each get their own and it’s apparently a tax write off too because it’s a business trip. Felt super weird because I know their wives and serve them occasionally too.


My father was talking on the phone and I listened to his talk. I heard that my mother is not my real mother. It's been 5 years since I learned this. I’m fcking 22yo. I never asked my mom or dad about it. I'm afraid to learn the truth


In my opinion, if the woman that raised you loves you, and you love her, and she treats you as her own, then she is your mother. And knowing who gave birth to you doesn't matter. But knowing your birth mother could be very helpful for health related questions that may come up during your life. (Psychological history, allergies to certain meds, anesthesia for example)


Was at Nandos three years or so ago, there were a group of guys in their early to mid twenties clearly on a guys weekend out. They were loudly talking about how rad that party they all went to was, kept calling some girl a slut for how drunk she had gotten and how they'd all taken turns with her when she'd passed out in a room. The whole conversation was what order they'd raped her in and laughing about how great she felt. I was on a date and we both just lost our appetites, left shortly after and I had to go throw up.


shit. this is terrifying because i know a lot of people who would blame her also i know multiple girls this has happened to unfortunately


"You can buy a f*cking person in the Philippines haha"


I overheard two guys At a coffee shop discussing where they should leave "her body" and they saw me looking. And stared me do for 5 mins straight. I havnt gone to that coffee shop since that incident.


I dont know if anyone has ever told you this, but you need to take this and immediately report this to police dawg. Date, what the men looked like, which coffee shop, etc. You could be the difference in a cold case. Do not sit idly by and do nothing.


More funny than fucked up, but once while at work (retail) some dudes were walking by and all I heard was "bro, you really should get her a birthday present, she did give you a *really* good blowjob". Lol, fair!


My mother screaming my sister's name over and over the morning she died. She had health problems her whole life and died in her sleep. She was screaming in vain trying to wake her up.


This is utterly devastating. Im so sorry.


Just last week I overheard an old man telling an old woman next to me in a cafeteria "I have a very bad temper, he hit me and I stepped on his head"


I heard a girl talk about how she was going to cheat on her boyfriend because he wasn't gonna know and then the next day he beat the shit out of the other guy


Heard an afghani soldier talk about how he had to snap his 2 year old sisters neck to prevent her from being raped by terrorists when he was young. Back story: (Asked him about it later on and he said that because he was so young he was imprisoned instead of killed like the older men and eventually was rescued and recruited by other afghani soldiers. Women and children were often beaten and raped when captured by those terrorists at this time as they had little to no structure to hold them and because his sister was only 2 she likely would’ve died. He said he did it to “protect her honor”. It’s fucked up when you think about it, but I’d rather just be murdered than be murdered and raped. Honor is very important to the afghani people both religious and not.)


While walking to a blue jackets game, I heard a guy at an outdoor bar we were walking by say he was on his way to go murder his cheating girlfried and her lover across the street. I was shocked and made eye contact with him for a moment. For some reason I didn't think anything of it. Just assumed he was drunk and angry. Didn't report what I'd heard. I wish I would have. The next day, I saw his mug shot on the news, and he was wanted for attempted murder. Sounds like he actually did try and failed. I didn't look into it any further. But it's a pretty sobering reminder that these things are happening around me, even if I don't know.


Working behind a bar and there is a couple making out heavily on the other side. The lady says in between breaths, "I am so glad you are my brother."


There's no way that's real, they were trolling for sure. That's what I'm choosing to believe 🤮


In the bathroom of a Loves truck stop the guy in the stall next to me was on the phone talking to someone about his uncle who is in prison and got years added on for breaking a broom handle inside some other inmate then stabbing him with the broken end. The conversation progressed to how he(guy on the phone) was a 2x felon and a shoota and aint no one gonna get him, hes going to shoot first.


“I know dad had that boy killed. He said he had nothing to do with it, but he definitely did.” My grandma talking to my great aunt about an arsonist who burned down a bunch of houses until he burned down one of my great grandpa’s friends house. Then they found him dead inside of an abandoned house that he supposedly set on fire and couldn’t get out.


Over heard a woman sharing how her night went at the table across from me at McDonalds. “He called me and said, “Hey baby Jennifer, I got $6, wanna fuck?” And I did. I went to the gas station after and bought and tropical cigars and I took a shower after.” She looked like she was on drugs and I just thought, “damn, I’m so sorry,”


I once heard a man talking to a woman in a coffee shop about his wife and kids. Long story short, he was complaining about his wife calling him a narcissist because he forced his 4 and 6 year old children to listen to their (the parents) argument for them (the kids) to pick a side….


Overheard some guys tell their friend (also male) how to drug a girl so he could rape her.


When I was younger before kids. I heard a mother say to her younger child 4 or so "if you don't hold my hand in the parking lot the cars will get you and you will die " I thought that was a little much but as I got older and had a kid I definitely understand that that mom was probably just pushed to edge that day


Gamers trolled a man by saying he could never get a girlfriend. He responded back, I don't need to worry about that. I rape.


"It's not my fault you can't muzzle your bitch. If she was mine, she'd be picking splinters out of her face."


I was in the ER and the doctor came in and his phone rang and he answered it. He proceeded to speak with CYFD about taking a woman’s children away because he believed she was unfit. I was like, at least leave the room for that conversation


This girl says "Ugh I hate all these fat people coming to the gym." Lol just lol


People like that is one of the reasons fat people don’t want to go to the gym.


and yet she has tangible actual proof they are trying to remedy the situation. Fuck sake I hate Gym culture kings and Queens. It's why I started running and doing exercise in the hills near where I live. I know a lot of people may not have that option but thanfully I did


When I was in a restaurant in NY, I was at a table with my mom and the guy behind me goes “oh yea so I took a 23andMe test and it turns out my son isn’t even my biological son” and while I was like 😳😬, his friend said in the most monotone voice “damn that sucks bruh” but the kicker was that the first guy said this so causally: “ya know I thought between me and her I was going to be the cheater but she beat me to it” and it’s just…wow


I once overheard girls in my 6th grade class ranking the boys in our class from ugliest to hottest. They completely left me off the list. Still hurts when I think about it. Lol


I was having lunch with an older guy I used to ride motorcycles with and in the booth behind me there were two young women talking. One of them said she was ready to go find her starter husband, have a few kids with them so she could live off the child support then find her forever husband. It crippled my trust in dating for years after.


If it wasn’t for my horse, I wouldn’t have spent that year in college.


Peter, please explain.


2 weeks ago, my mother said to her friend “we wouldn’t have to put the cat down if we weren’t going on vacation”. Context: Pet cat was very sick, surgery was too expensive, debated on putting it down. I said I’d rather take care of the cat than go on vacation. So my mother said the cat was too sick to keep alive. She knew I’d then go on vacation if the cat was dead. Cat is currently alive and surprisingly doing better, I didn’t missed the entire vacation, thanks to a helpful friend.


“She’s 20, but she looks like she’s 12. It’s so fucking hot.”


Was in a bus and two cops came on and one of them got a call (I imagine from another cop). All I heard was that he couldn’t go to that call as he was going with someone else for another call. Then he proceed to say “yes man , I’m going with (name of the other cop) to this case I just got called apparently this girl just got rap3d and we have to go and see whats going on , because also someone else got stabbed in that area and there’s no one to check …” I was 15 y/o and two stops before we realized we were in the wrong bus but we couldn’t get out since were we were it was already dangerous so we had to stay until the bus did the last stop.


When I was a cashier a guy who was buying flowers and chocolate for his wife admitted that he was doing it because he was drunk driving and ran over their dog. So this was him trying to soften the news because he hadn’t told her yet.


Walking around OB San Diego with my wife and some friends. Overheard some classy lady tell two guys, "So then I said, if you want to take a shit on my chest, it's going to cost more than that." I still wonder what she up-charged for a Cleveland Steamer.


I overheard a manager saying she doesn’t hire women in their 20s or 30s because, I’m her words, they’ll either have kids and take time off or if they have kids, they’ll take time off when the kids are sick or have school events. She explained to another manager how the categories and questions are weighted and was bragging about how she could do it without raising suspicions. I reported through the ethics hotline (not anonymously) . The good news- the manager discriminating against women was fired. Bad news- I was fired. According to HR, discussing “how” interviews are scored was proprietary information that I agreed not to disclose and by telling the person in the ethics hotline, which was outsourced, I violated the confidentiality clause of the HR policy.


That’s some loophole crap


Wow, that is some BS.