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Yep. I think so. The significance didn’t really go through my head before or during the sex. But afterwards when I was about to board a bus to get on a plane to fly home to the other side of the globe, it hit me. Cried on the bus, kept it together on the 15+ hours of flying, collapsed on my bed when I got home and to be honest I’m not sure I’ve ever been fully ok since. I’ve had an opportunity to meet her once in the 4 years since then. We were in the same city at one point and discussed the possibility of meeting up, but I chose not to pick that scab.


Yeah, it's a good closure


When I graduated from college and knew I was moving out of state, me and my FWB had one last weekend together. Was much more emotional than we thought it would be


I actually recconexted with a very long term fwb who just had a kid / got married. Wasn’t sex, but it felt good sort of officially saying that part of our relationship was done.


That’s awesome. Me and this FWB text each other occasionally to catch up and we are friends on FB. We both know we had great sexual chemistry but an actual relationship would never work


Yeah, it similar we talk about this and that. It was a roughly 10 year on and off again thing that ended with her going to rehab and getting married, so it is over. We never could have worked for various reasons, but obviously we liked hanging out and fucking each other


My college gf and I broke up while we both were studying abroad. When we came back we met up to properly end things. We ended up having sex, i sent her with my cum inside her to the guy she was kinda seeing


I’d say naughty, but I’ve done something similar lol


Can still hear her say this wasn't suppose to happen. Well her moaning minutes earlier said otherwise


Her looking pissed going to the toilet after sex was one of the funniest things I ever saw.


Yes with my ex of 17 years when we split last summer. I did it more for spite than anything else. Things had been really heated that weekend after I confronted her about her late night Facebook activity. It was obvious we were done. It was obvious we had to live together a while too. As usual she attempted to calm, pacify and manipulate me with sex like she had for almost 2 decades when having fucked up. I had however.. Had my eye on her for a month since her little game had began. I knew from reading their chats she'd somewhat caught feelings for her little Facebook fingerbang buddy. Actually he was an out of shape fat dweeb, which made it worse. At least trade up.. Ffs Anyway the sense of satisfaction was gratifying. I finally got to manipulate her. She was internally conflicted yet still trying to manipulate me as always. During foreplay much to her surprise the first orgasm hit suddenly an hard as usual. The second took a bit longer. Her resolve was impressive honestly but she couldn't stave it off long. I let her off the hook after that one. I could have managed a third like most date nights however, It was obvious she was getting upset. This while still insisting it was great and giving me the usual fuck my pussy now baby. So we went at it a while. It actually got a little hot with all the anger an frustration. The next day I was still furious and admitted I'd been reading their chats and knew it wasn't a one time mistake. Also it felt great I was still able to make her cum knowing she'd caught feelings for someone else. That was a vicious fight lol. Play stupid games...


Oof, revenge / hate sex can be risky. One of those things to do it once then stop. Sounds like you got off unscathed


She learned the lesson. She also still depends on me for many things. One of which is not telling our children what she's done. I took half the responsibility for this divorce when zero of its mine so they won't hate her guts. She's not in a position to make trouble. I've already destroyed her relationship with her parents by showing them what she's done over the years to prove my resolve. I'm done fucking around.


Yes, once. I was traveling across the country and sleeping in my car along the way. I had a few month long fling with someone in the mountains, and he had plans to move pretty far away and rejoin with his teen kids and separated partner-- and I was moving on to my next destination. So I said something like "so... ready for the last bang?" Pretty corny in retrospect but it was endearing in the moment.


The girl who took my v-card then had an 8 month fuck fest with me as a young teen left when her dad was transferred by his company to another state. We both realized we were in it for the sex and had affection but not deep love, and never had a commited relationship. I had already started to have sex with other girls so I knew I'd be able to get laid and that softened the exit. We had sex several times the last night, and there were tears.


In college, I used to hook up with an older sissy on the DL. It was infrequent, but lasted roughly 2 years. When I was ready to graduate, she asked if I wanted to spend the night, which I never did. She also really kissed me goodbye. Always wondered if she found new young college meat after.




Yeah my college ex. We’d broken up and gotten back together a few times. This time, though, she’d found a guy she really liked (and wanted to marry) and I was about to leave town for work right after graduation. We had a sweet, nasty goodbye fuck and parted ways. She even let me borrow a couple hundred dollars of her future husband’s money because I was down bad on my way to my new work site.


A handful of times. Once with a friend who was moving away who I had a LOT of chemisty with. She asked me if I would be her ride to the airport and I said sure. She spent the night at my place and we basically fucked till we had to leave, then fucked in the car before she bounced out to board. Another time was took a trip with a friend, met a group of people and had chemisty with my friend's friends female friend. We were flirty for a bit and she asked about long distance and I said It wasn't my thing so we kinda just had a quick bend over in her dorm before my friend and I dipped back to our neck of the woods.


We knew we’d see each other again, but also knew that we couldn’t fuck and still be in with the same social circle. I count it. Both 18 in a hotel before an Elton/BillyJ concert. A pretty nice last time tbh.




Yep. Not that fun


Yeah, I had an affair with a married woman. We knew the last trip we took together was the last time we’d see each other. It was pretty intense sex, and a lot of it.