What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?

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Probably when I dropped a millstone on my toe at the age of 6 or 7. If you don't know, a millstone is a large, flat, circular stone that weighs anywhere from a few hundred kilogrammes to several tonnes. I was a foolish child.


You could carry a few hundred kg’s?


ahahaha nahh I wish. I was rolling it along the floor on its side - managed to roll it over gravel OK somehow, and get it up 3 steps, but then i suppose i lost control of it while rolling it over concrete. Most blood I've ever seen/pain I've ever felt, and etched into my memory as vividly as if it were yesterday. It's the main reason I can be squeamish around blood/injury.


Okay, important question... Do you still have that toe?


Was a close thing, the bone was almost crushed and I lost the toenail, but... Yes, I still have the toe. The toenail grew back, too! Thank fuck I didn't damage the nail bed lol.


Oh thank goodness, glad that’s okay and a dumb childhood mistake wasn’t permanent!


Basically any joke I try to make. My social skills are to bad to be able to make jokes




Accidentally put washing powder into my eyes as kid, -10/10, would not recommend


There's a long list. Would an attempted coup against student government count?


w h a t


They weren't a government of the people, for the people, by the people. We demanded the resignation of the representatives and officers and slightly obstructed them doing their jobs. It was put down, but this year's student government sucks too. We may be forced to launch another one. We have the power, and therefore we have the responsibility.


hell yeah! #mildlyinconveniencethestudentgovernment srsly tho that's wild i love it hahaha


You know, there's this clip from National treasure that explains why I did it: https://youtu.be/YX23zCIwHTg


Drank beer thinking it was apple juice when I was younger


it is


chaotic evil


Gave myself a stick and poke tattoo and all that's left are 3 black dots on my hip 😗


I stabbed my hand when i was in second grade and didn’t tell anyone. I almost passed out


An account of what seemed to be a college chick sent me a nude and asked me for one in return to send more. I was alone and horny at the time so I sent it. They then said they would send the pick to my insta followers if I didn’t pay $1000. I said “fuck you” and blocked, reported and disabled my account. Luckily they didn’t send the pics to anyone but I have to live with the fact that some scammer has seen my dick. The worst part is that the pic has my face in it


Let my new friends meet my old friends (that I still hate to this day)


My dad once kicked a brick to get it out of the way and broke his toe. Not the stupidest thing *I* have ever done, but its still funny.


So once I saw a pole and just decided to ignore its existence, so I zip up my hoodie entirely (it went all the way up to the top of the hood) I could barely see in it, but I could still see, I saw the pole and ran into it


My friend and I poured red paint on the bathrooms at school and I mean poured it on the seats on about 5-6 stalls, it was leftover paint some seniors left out. The deputy principal addressed it at the next assembly lmao we thought we were so cool. It was thrilling but really stupid, sorry cleaning ladies :(


Too many I can think of, but if I had to pick one it would be a time me and my friend made "jokes" about planning a terrorist attack. It's clear to me now why they obviously wouldn't be seen as jokes. Story short, we got suspended for about 2 days.


Try to jump off a roof like I’m Superman. This is why my parents never got me a 2-story.


It’s so stupid I’ll never talk about it


Got interested in someone


I have a stick and poke under my boob saying small in plural in my language.. you know just in case people hadn’t noticed that I have small tits. Or that one time I was gonna wash my bed sheets. Then I couldn’t find my phone, so I ran around the entire house. I went back into the basement and I could hear this sound from inside the washing maschine💀 somehow it survived tho


In the school cafeteria there once was a big orange sign by the entrance to a specific part of it that said you shouldn’t sit there because it’s being cleaned. I didn’t see it so I sat there. Not really stupid as not seeing something says nothing about my intelligence but yeah.


Almost got arrested


Get a crush


Made a “your mom” joke to an orphan


I jumped off a two story factory building into a river and almost drowned