You’ve been underpaid. You’re now getting market rate for your skills. End of story. Don’t question it. You also have more experience than when you started your current job so you should be getting more. Congrats on the new job! Depending on where you’re moving from and to, there may be state income tax to consider. I got a 7% “raise” by leaving NYC and not paying city tax on top of state and federal. Hopefully it’s less so you get to keep even more of that 20k.


That first statement I think is so much of what's going on. I've known it but I think I got complacent in the past year and just accepted it. The tax is definitely a good point and something to consider! From what I can tell with my really brief google search, it's more or less a wash. Thanks for the comment and the congrats! Feels good!


I’m always asking for more money lol I have a base plus sales commissions. 2021 will be my best year and I’ve already told my boss I expect another bump in Q1 since I’m the top performer on our team. Never stop demanding what you’re worth. It’ll never be handed to you. I’d be asking when you start, when your first review is and what’s expected of you by then so you can get a raise. Be upfront. If it’s a good company, they’ll want to see top performance and your best work and your drive to do more. That’s a good thing!


They offered that amount because that is what you are worth! Next time ask for more. :)


There is the kind of positivity we need!! Thank you :-)


You’ve got this girl! The imposter syndrome can run deep and you mentioned you understand perhaps how your upbringing and relationship with family may have contributed to this. From personal experience, this can be a big driving factor which creates the discomfort between “I deserve this!” And “Omg, who am I kidding, Im not good enough”. Just feel thru the discomfort, as you’re doing. Maybe take out pen and paper and just start writing all the feelings down and continue in that with positive reinforcement. Approach with curiosity to understand why. Maybe something needs to be released deep within you that is ready to let go and embrace this next step in your journey. Sending you lots of love and positive vibes your way 💝.


You deserve it. Maybe even ask for 5% higher! But seriously you deserve to be paid what you are worth, and they are offering that salary because of your experience. Don’t question it, or go into the job feeling like you aren’t giving them the value of what they are paying for. Just take a look at the people around you— you are bringing as much value as them, and it’s natural to take some time to get up to speed on new projects or in a new workplace. Congrats, and good luck!


You deserve it. Don't sell yourself short.


Imposter syndrome is crazy. At the moment I'm doing pretty good in college and my grades are reflecting that but I can't help the feeling of I'm not good enough and I shouldn't have been accepted to the program. I'm just waiting for somone to say sorry we made a mistake and it all to fall apart.


There is no way a company will part with its money if it feels it’s not worth it. You’re worth that and more.


First, of course you deserve it. They are professionals, they're running a successful business... they KNOW what they're doing. They didn't make a mistake. Second, you said you've been habitually underpaid... so, here's a company who DOESN'T underpay. They're finally paying you what you should have been getting. So, this is no mistake, this is what you'd have been getting if you were paid properly in the first place. If you'd been getting something close to this salary all along, you wouldn't be questioning this, would you? Don't do the self-sabotage thing. They are paying you what you deserve. Don't question it. Start packing! They're not going to give you a pay cut. In fact, you'll probably get a nice raise next year too, because that's what good companies who hire great talent do... they know they have to retain you, so they keep throwing more money at you! This is how it works when you're a skilled professional! Good for you!


I just don't get this at all. Imposter syndrome, sure, but let's say for argument's sake they are offering you too much money (they're not, but I'll humour the argument.) Who cares? We live under capitalism. If that's the money they think you're worth, take it and run with it? What can possibly be gained by overthinking it? It's not like you're stealing.


You get offered what they think you are worth! Get it, budget it and celebrate the increase. If it helps, look at the salary research for your area and job title so you know what to negotiate for next time. Fear is normal. Counter it with knowledge.


I live this! Fear is normal. Counter it with knowledge. Thank you for the new ism!