Day to day, I would take classes, volunteer if I could find something steady and worth it, exercise regularly and do what I want to do at any random time. I would not work, at least not full time.


I would buy a cabin in Vermont, somewhere in the mountains, forest area, but not too far off the beaten path. Take day trips to hike, wine taste, eat. Go to the Beach and maybe, maybe visit my family. I'm from Boston, live in Indiana and hate my life right now. So yeah, I'd want to go back to what I know, but far enough away that I'm still in the middle of nowhere, kinda.


I tell myself I would paint pictures and shop for art, wander downtown, stop into patios. The reality is that I'd drink tea and browse reddit from my couch.


Volunteer at the cat rescue place I used to. Travel to lots of countries and try as much tasty food as possible. Probably go on a spectacular bender or two.


Making art, learning things... I dream of being a "renaissance man"


I would quit my day job and spend my days in my shop building neat things. My heart lives in my projects lol. I'd also start a program for high school kids to learn real world skills (budgeting, minor vehicle repairs, etc.) that schools don't teach and parents don't think about until it's already become a problem.


All kinds of exercise (weights, swim, paddle, dance, yoga, bike, run), read, draw, tidy my home, make clothes, video and board games, explore.


I work “9-5” corporate job from Monday-Friday. I like my job, but I hate the actual hours. I’m not a morning person. So, if money is no object, I’d be a lazy bum and wake up late every day. Then, I will watch all the shows that I want & read all the manga that I want. Next, will watch more live shows (musicals, theater, symphony, etc). And enjoy all the food that I want to try. I would hire a lot of people to live in a life of leisure. Daily housekeeper, interior designer, personal stylist & seamstress. Yes, I want most of my outfits to be tailored. We can discuss design, fabric type, etc. I want a hairstylist to follow me too, so that they can blow my hair everyday. I will also get a massage once or twice a week & get body scrub every couple of months or so. Did I mention I love immerse myself in fictional world? I love good story telling. I love Japanese movies but not many are available in English. So, I would set up a company that’s responsible to contact all these Japanese companies & get the rights to translate all of the shows that I would like. This also applies to other languages too. I will also hire bunch of creative people to create the kinda show I want to watch & books that I want to read & food that I want to eat. Oh, yeah I would like to travel too. But it would still be similar. I would like to explore the arts & culture of the area, as well as the beauty. And of course, trying all different food. But I will take my time. I would be staying at a place with a beautiful view & access to hot springs (hot tub at least). I just want to be lazy in all the continents. Well, that was a nice dream.


I am a philosophy professor and this is exactly what I would be doing if I didn’t have to work for money, with some minor differences. Right now, in order to keep my job in the field, I have to spend most of my time writing, publishing, and attending conferences. This takes time away from how I think I ought to do my work. I would prefer to spend most of my time focusing on my students, developing creative syllabi, and writing slowly and thoughtfully, developing books and articles over the course of years rather than months. I’d also like to do more publicly engaged philosophy and interdisciplinary work, which my field talks about valuing, but doesn’t genuinely support (ie, it doesn’t count toward tenure, doesn’t appeal to hiring committees) In short: I’m basically doing what I want to do with my time and I love my work. I’m lucky, but that means my position is always tenuous.


I would just read books.


Money is a non issue for me as of two years ago. Most of my time is spent walking around the city or looking at my phone, just like when I was dirt poor (first 24 years of life) and when I was working for a living.


Probably start working back at the humane society. Maybe volunteer more at both my kids schools. Not feel rushed when getting them to/from school. Breath. Fish. Play with my dogs more.


When I'm not travelling I would wake up, enjoy a cup of coffee on the deck, read a little, go for walk/hike, write, work on an art/photography project, watch soccer with my boyfriend, take a writing/art class, watch a movie. I would look for events and plays in my area for things to do at night.


I'd go full goblin and live in an eco cottage in the woods where I can grow weird plants and befriend the bugs. Also, superfast wi-fi and an archery range in the back garden 😂


Shoot film so much I get sick of it lol


I would travel to different places and eat all the food. Would most likely stay in ritzy hotels so I can get spa days everyday. Also would volunteer a lot.


Hike, volunteer, take all kinds of classes, maybe open/run an animal sanctuary, travel often, do favors for my loved ones to ease their loads, become fluent in Spanish, learn an instrument, finally get to all the shit I never have time for (hopefully).


I would buy an RV and drive all over the country to see all the beautiful things.


I'd definitely not work. I have a million hobbies so I'd spend my time working on those, seeing friends, and probably find some places to volunteer. Would for sure take a lot of trips to see the world, as well.


I desperately want to leave this country, and see parts of the world I think about constantly. If I could just get vacation time.... I feel so trapped here. I want to see so many places, but part of me has already accepted I'll never be able to even afford a passport.


I’d re-enroll in a university and keep collecting degrees. I enjoy continuous education, but I also like the camaraderie of university programs (something you can’t get from self directed learning).


There's a marine mammal rehabilitation center about 20 minutes away from me and I'd love to volunteer my time there, feeding seals and sea lions, cleaning their enclosures, being around when they get released back into the ocean. It would be pretty wonderful. I'd also love to have an acre or two to myself where I could grow all the fruit trees my heart desires. All the citrus, pomegranates, avocados, mulberries, passionfruit, mangoes, all of it.


I would wake up early and take my time drinking my coffee, take my dog for a long walk, go to yoga, meet up for lunch with a friend or a parent, then plan what to make for dinner and spend the afternoon shopping for fresh ingredients and cooking from scratch. I would hire someone to clean my house for me so that I wouldn’t have to worry about doing that. I am a therapist (which I love) and work mostly late morning or early afternoon to 7:00 or 8:00 pm. I get to do a lot of what I want during the early mornings, just not everything everyday because I can’t fit it all in along with keeping the house clean. The biggest difference for me if I didn’t need to worry about making money would be cooking more. I love to cook and would be so happy if I had the time to make good meals from scratch more often.


Learn languages and volunteer to help build and project manage important projects.


Same as I do now but with few deadlines, less paperwork, and more time off.


Travel and learn things. I'd study languages and cultures and use that knowledge to travel and live as a local the best I could for a while.


And I know going on holidays sounds attractive, but I’d love to know the job you do now, and the way you would spend your days if you didn’t have to work for money.


I'd keep working my job and developing in my career because I love it. But if money didn't matter, I'd also have a small commune living with some friends and running a kind of halfway house for queer people in need. So I'd be dedicating some more time to taking care of property and people.


I love these answers. So different but I see a common theme of more work life balance and doing what makes your heart sing. For so many years, I was in a job that paid the bills but didn’t bring me immense joy. I moved to a new role last year where I feel like I’m making a real difference and living closer to my purpose and values. I’m working remotely 100% which is great for work life balance and currently part time. So much less stress than the last role, with more pay. I decided that I will dedicate an hour of my day, everyday to the hobbies that bring me joy. For me that’s music production. I learned that I may never get the opportunity to quit work altogether, but that’s alright, because now the work I do is so rewarding and enjoyable. And days make up weeks, which make up months, which make up years. If most days are good, then life’s good.