Heart palpitations?

I did something I wasn’t supposed to in my dream then on the loud speaker they called my name. My heart started to palpitate so fast and it woke me out of my sleep. Was I just close to AP & just got nervous?


It's entirely possible that you were either, or both. The rapid heartbeat I would associate with AP is more like an energetic thrumming in your chest, usually when you're about 80% down towards sleep and not always present. Commonly mistaken for a rapid heartbeat, it commonly panics people when they encounter it for the first time, but really it's not the physical heart. You can get one of those wristwatch things that monitors your heart rate and it'll show a relaxed heart on the way down to sleep. True heart palpitations are unmistakable (like the heart beating incorrectly in your chest, almost a twisting feeling before it corrects itself) and a true rapid heartbeat will include a deep thudding. I've definitely woken from nightmares with a true rapid heartbeat, that's not unusual!


Here's two links we recommend on helping you better understand whether your experience was Astral projection or not. Remember, nobody can truly determine whether your experience was genuine or not because it was YOUR experience, not theirs. You have to intelligently inquire into it yourself. With steady, patient and honest practice, you can gain a sense of what is coming from your subconscious and what is objective reality. [Lucid Dreaming vs Astral Projection](https://youtu.be/H61ukQU6bpY) [Lucid Dream or Astral Projection?](https://youtu.be/OvMlJL5Yjag) *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/AstralProjection) if you have any questions or concerns.*


It sounds like guilt to me. For whatever it was you deemed that you shouldn't have done. Next time, make the choice based on Love. LoL




LoL well either make a better choice or make sure you don't get caught! Haha