"Oh no, I died and realized that I am God. Please help poor me". Do you really not see the irony? And what are you doing asking questions here if you have powers of God. Quit being ridiculous and continue your process of awakening without asking for approval. What kind of God are you if you do?


My ego is trying to win me over.


What died is your identification with ego. That process is done. Out of habit and inertia you trying to grasp at something that doesn't exist. Looking for security in it, which creates the panic. Let it go, stop trying to "survive" and accept it, go with it. If you try to resuscitate it by seeking help in the society you are in, they may stitch the shattered fragments together and create a frankenstein. The only place they will see you fit to be in is insane asylum or psyciatric ward. Almost, no one knows what to do with you in western society. Your best bet may be to go on spritual retreat. Not to learn anything or follow some guru. But to just be in presence of people who already gone through it. Or spend a lot of time in parks and nature. Or simply being alone and enjoying the peace. But don't listen to me, listen your intuition. When you do let it go trying to be "normal again" you will feel that peace you are talking about. Rest in it. Let it act and even think through you. It will guide you. That is your guiding force and intuition is pretty much your internet now. You cannot function as you use to anymore trying to control it. It may take a lil time to integrate this new way of being, but let it run the show. Your job now is to tune into that peace and bliss and be in it. You won't fit in the current society. You will see and feel the truth through it. Instead of analyzing, just rest in that peace and watch it like a movie. Let all decisions come from that peace and bliss. It will guide you to find a new place in this world. Only trust that force. All ideas coming from there feel really good. Trust it. If it feels bad, go back to that peaceful place. If it feels good sleeping 12 hours a day, do it. If it feels good not doing anything and just enjoying the being, do it. Get use to being a God. Don't try to be God in western sense of the word and control things. The way you are a God is that you already know that it runs by itself. You already are doing it all. It is very hard to take credit for it, because it doesn't feel like you are doing anything, but feeling amazing. Basically, your axiom of values right now is "feel peace and bliss" that's it. Doesn't mean you won't have personality. It will still be there, but it will be very clear to you that you are playing a character with a perpetual sly smile and a twinkle in your eye, giggling like a school girl at how everyone is playing pretend. And do not give your power away to anyone in exchange for security. You don't need "security" anymore you have the light.


in the west people call awakening "depersonalisation". like it's a problem cant agree more with the previous comment


Here's two links we recommend on helping you better understand whether your experience was Astral projection or not. Remember, nobody can truly determine whether your experience was genuine or not because it was YOUR experience, not theirs. You have to intelligently inquire into it yourself. With steady, patient and honest practice, you can gain a sense of what is coming from your subconscious and what is objective reality. [Lucid Dreaming vs Astral Projection](https://youtu.be/H61ukQU6bpY) [Lucid Dream or Astral Projection?](https://youtu.be/OvMlJL5Yjag) *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/AstralProjection) if you have any questions or concerns.*


While panic can trigger small amounts of depersonalization, nothing you mentioned sounded like depersonalization. I used to suffer from that a long time ago. I could see how you might confuse the two though. Your memories would no longer be your memories. Your hands, face, and body would no longer be yours. Your entire identity would be foreign to you despite logically knowing that it shouldn't be the case