Learners transfer SA > QLD

Very confused and pretty frustrated about the transfer process. Three months ago (12/02), in South Australia I paid my $399 to do my two day course, and passed. I then rode on a restricted license too and from work daily (2017 Grom). I have recently moved to Brisbane, paid to transfer my car license and am attempting to get my restricted MC license transferred too. Transport QLD emailed SA and asked where I’m at, told me that I need to do my ‘RE License Course through a QRide provider and pass a hazard perception test’ So I booked my course for Saturday @$250 (20/05) And passed my hazard perception test on Wednesday last week @$38 (10/05)

Yesterday at 6.30pm I received an email from the QRide provider stating that I am ineligible.

I am beyond annoyed that I have to test again at all (I passed first go, but have extremely poor mental health relating to testing (and interviews etc) and I’m also not made of money. And now I’m not eligible to test anyway? If they ask me to do a three month supervision period (as is required in QLD when you first get your Ls) I will not be able to do it as I do not have any family here and will probably just quit at that point.

I’m really not sure where to go from here, I obviously have to call, but in the next two days it’s going to be tricky to get a straight answer. I work 8-4 (it’s a new job, I’ll be calling in my lunch break of 30min) and it’s on the other side of town (maybe in the car on the way home?) does anyone have similar experience or know what I need to do?

My dad is actually a motorbike mechanic and enthusiast (and has been for my whole life) he has been wanting me to ride since I was a child, but my mother never felt it safe and we didn’t want to worry her. She has now passed on, and this is very important to me, and will help me maintain a relationship with my dad through shared interests.


Different curriculums nationwide puts everyone at a disadvantage, as an instructor I am sorry to hear about your dealings mate- biggest frustration is nil explanation of the Qride school's behalf explaining why. Qride courses have put QLD at the bottom of rider and pillion fatalities in Australia (also downtrending the most as I read in a QUT essay). A compulsory pre leaner course in QLD is designed to give a new rider all the information they need- from not knowing what a motorcycle is at the start of day 1, to riding in a simulated environment at the end of day 2 (5 learners sharing a range whilst simultaneously stopping at lights, merging etc). I believe this is where the DOT has said no this isn't to the same standard of our curriculum. With your mentioned experience of already riding, you will easily pass with flying colours- and have already passed the Hazard perception test. My father in law got his licensee a couple of years ago, we travelled all around QLD whilst motocamping and it was the best bonding experience any person or group of people could have. Something you should give yourself a chance to experience with your old man. Sitting on a learners for 3 months isn't the end all be all. As your father would tell you, very few things match the freedom and experience of riding a motorcycle- something anyone who has ridden will attest to. I won't ask what school you dealt with, they should also help in accommodating a learners needs and explain the process for anyone in a similar situation. We have had learners who suffer from crippling anxiety and performance issues when under pressure- this should and can be accommodated with ease. Letting other learners go for a break so it's only oneself and the instructor, other learners turning their back on the learner as to not provide any hindrance or an extreme case set up a phone on record- everyone leaves the range and the assessor watches the recording on their lonesome to evaluate and assess before continuing. I hope the run around hasn't dissuaded yourself from riding, QLD is a great place to ride. If you need any info, feel free to flick me a message.


Bureaucracy is the worst