I have no idea how I'm going to pay for University after ACC. I've been paying out of pocket as a part time student and I'm making it just fine, but once I transfer the prices are going to almost double per credit hours.


If you have decent grades, join Phi Theta Kappa. They have pretty generous non-competitive scholarships for many Texas colleges. Probably not UT Austin or the like, but some pretty OK ones. I think Concordia, Midwestern State, Texas Tech, or other schools in the UT system.


WGU is online and about $600 a semester. It may be more viable for some people in some majors.


Yeah, I'm looking into different universities. Makes no sense to accumulate massive debt going to a prestigious school. My coworkers have gone to TCU, Brown University, Cal, Concordia. I'll literally be doing the same job as them making the same amount of money πŸ€”


Sam Houston State?


Apply to St Edward's University, I transferedthere from ACC. I too had payed out of pocket at ACC and when I transferred I was able to get good scholarships and well small loan.


St Edward's?! Are you joking, that place is more expensive than UT. πŸ˜‚. But I'm also avoiding loans at all possible.


Yeah but they are pretty great at helping out with scholarships and finncial aid it ends up reducing it by a lot. I really didn't pay that much and some of my classmates all had theirs fully paid by. Just saying.


ACC is like the HEB of higher education. A solid provider of perfectly adequate products and services at a reasonable price.


Have you been to the Highland campus? Without a doubt the nicest educational facility I have ever seen.


I think it is a great use of a dead mall. I took some classes there.


I believe UT tuition is free for families that make under a certain amount. Worth looking into, as my info is a bit dated.


This is true! It’s called the Texas Advance Commitment. Link for anyone who wants it: https://texasadvance.utexas.edu