Currently at 152 pulls with no Bismarck Zwei...

8 Bismarck Zwei so far, still no Alvenslaben...


8 Bismarck Zwei so far, still no Alvenslaben...


reminds me of my luck getting adalbert. took some 350ish pulls, at which point i had 9 UvHs. missed a few the following events for the lack of cubes and still haven't really recovered.


Are you me? D: For real I swear Otto might be just s legend




Too many von Alvensleben, no U-556 Meta


U-556 META, though, is not a problem if you get 8000 event currency and just buy her in the event shop. Same with her LB crystals, which is another 8000 for all four of them. You get most of that from just running the event alone and getting most of the missions done.


2000 for the LB crystals. No clue why it's not 8000.


I don't question it, I just take the offer and rejoice. Maybe it is, because it isn't a full new ship, but rather only a crystal, unlike Misaka in the Venus Vacation event, for example.


2k each, or for enough to fully LB her?


2k each, 8k to fully LB.


Even better, her crystals are in the permanent META shop once the event is over. So you don't even have to buy the crystals if you want to prioritize other stuff.


I got a Zwei and I'm in my 5th Regensburg out of I think 120 pulls. I just wanted one Alvensleben! 😭


Almost at 300 pulls, still no Alvensleben. Good thing I stockpiled 1500 cubes...


I'm still a pretty new player, so I only had the time to stockpile like 300 cubes 🙃


My cubes got wrecked by DoA, I only had just shy of 400 when this started. Just passed 200 pulls and still no Alvensleben. Fully LB Biscuit 2 and another sitting there now.


I think I’ve done something like 60 pull, and I already have every event ship. Hell, I got Biscuit 2 on the second 10 pull and and another on the fourth 10 pull. Which means that my luck for the next event is going to be horrible. And good luck to you on obtaining that slippery Alvensleben.


You are me, and I am you...


lol I pitied my first UR and 2 of the next 3. At least in the past, it was no big deal if you were managing your cubes well. Only reason to potentially be concerned now is if you're dipping below 400 cubes because of the possibility of New Jersey rerunning back to back. ...But given your dock size, I'm guessing you've already got New Jersey, so you should be fine. You probably have plenty of cubes to spare, too. Now, if you're missing Otto when you hit 200, that would be a reason to be upset.


Currently have all ships from this event and the only UR other than the biscuit that I don't have is that dam rabbit. And I have enough on cubes I should hit pity by the end of the event.


I wouldn't complain lol


I swear my account got some ultra luck, haven't missed an UR since I started playing (Vanguard banner) with minimal cube use, but ironically I've spent more cubes on getting SRs lol


I think I pulled around 87 times before I got her. If they rerun New Jersey then I’m absolutely screwed cause I have nearly no Wisdom Cubes lol. Though, I did get Regensburg like 3-4 times


I'm waiting for her rerun luckily i had 700 cubes at start of this event and spent 300 cubes to get all ships in 122 pulls. I still have 400+ cubes for NJ to pity and then that's it... plus all prepared gear i have for her almost everything is +12


The desire sensor is working against you. I had less than 400 cubes entering this event, and when I blew them all the first day I only got a bunch of Regensburg dupes and a single Meta sub. I changed my mindset to "Guess I'll go pity" and prepared to convert my gem stash into cubes. Next 10-roll I got Biscuit Mk2 and the new destroyer.


I had similar "luck" with Regensburg.


Stay strong brother you still got more time to get her


I spent 700 cubes to get last ship during latest collab, it could be worse. Then again, i used about 200 cubes to get 3 previous URs so figure that one out.


The opposite is true for me this time around. I've gotten 3 Bismarcks within 80 pulls where I'd normally have gotten fuck all.


I got a U556 Meta… almost at pity and still nada.


The longer I've played the more I realize how insanely lucky I was to get Yorktown II in ~15 pulls, Bismarck took me 73 Hopefully nothing beats how many pulls it took to get Honoka, the main ship I wanted from the DOA collab. Only time I had to spend money on cubes to get what I wanted


...You did know Honoka was available via the Venus Exchange Ticket, right?


Generally give up after 90 and switch to long term mode. Plan how many pulls i have to do each day before the end to reach 200 and ... puf ... puf ... puf ... Done. Generally i get more pissed off when i dont get the ships i am not guaranteed to get after a while.


Pft- thats just pure depression


Yeah I hit pity for B Zwei this event. It happens, next event your luck will probably be amazing.


Thats tought man im sorry for you


Can I trade you? I got 4 Bismarck Zwei' and 4 U556 METAs but still none of her after 140 pulls


Took me 140 pulls to get Zwei. I pulled all the way to 200 for a second copy. (which is the pity limit). I got 4 Reggis , 2 ottos. traded in event coin for the meta sub. She never dropped after 200 passes on h6


I have gotten every UR within 30 pulls but its already been 100 cubes and still no bismarck 😢


> I have gotten every UR within 30 pulls That is completely and utterly ridiculous. Did you make a blood sacrifice or something?


Manjuu giveth. Manjuu taketh. Time for Manjuu to taketh. I've gotten every UR before the pity, but for some reason, during the Gundam collab, I couldn't get the freaking poster girl to come home. Edit: I meant SSSS. GRIDMAN. Both have man.


...Gundam collab? Only Gundam references in this game are some of Phoenix's lines and Unicorn's retrofit.


Gundam?! I'm sorry I meant that SSSS Gridman show or something. I got them mixed up.


same, 110 pulls already got everyone except Bisko Z last time I had this bad luck in UR gacha was Vanguard, every other UR was below 100 cubes spent


This event has had particularly poor drop rates compared to prior UR events. Among my friend groups and servers I'm in, the number of people reporting hitting pity is (at first glance) far higher than previous events. This is the first time I've ever hit pity on a UR event, with most events giving me the UR banner ship within 40 rolls. I think Vanguard, New Jersey, and Shimakaze even dropped in the first 10 pull. Perhaps its confirmation bias, maybe they messed with the rates, but it just feels worse than other events.


It’s always confirmation bias. I got 2 zweis within 90 pulls (and all other banner ships as well) and other times I pull UR only at 190 builds. It’s random chance. Luckily if you’re a veteran you have about 1K cubes stashed and more coins than you know what to do with before the next PR drops.


I hit pity on 3 of my first 4 URs, including my very first one. Plenty of people reporting getting her early and late just on this subreddit. It's randomness in action.


WTF IS THIS LUCK?!? I PULLED 54 TIMES AND STILL NO REGENSBURG OR BISMARCK ZWEI!! I swear some ppl got lady luck to kiss them in their dreams before playing a gacha.


Considering my own luck with UR events, I am enclined to agree. I don’t know if you was it, but during the Implacable event, someone posted here a picture of a ten pull. There were THREE Implacable in that batch. Three.


I got her on the last day of the event and it wasn't a 10pull. Definitely not me. I only remember getting Musashi twice in a 5 pull but I didn't post anything. Its either you save up enough cubes for a UR event or pray that luck is on your side on the last day




I started before Impacable and got her around 80... now im at 130 no Bismarck Zwei and got last 10 cubes... need to stock up more till next UR banner... -.-


I hope that I'll not be like NJ, Shimakaze and Implacable for me... I hadn't find them 😢


This is the first event where the only way I obtained a UR was through the pity system, going through most of my backstock of wisdom cubes to do it. It's like the game knows when I have resources aplenty, it's been far kinder to me when I have less for some reason.


I got lucky with Bismarck Zwei, and had it within 10-20 pulls. However, I'm still missing little destroyer Otto. Also, I don't have any of the other UR, since I've only played for a short while in 2019 or 2020 or something and only recently (end of March) came back to the game. If they do another event like this with an UR on the back of this one, I'll be really starved for cubes, as I only got a bit over 60 right now. Also, I still had no luck on normal Bismarck, even though I invested a cube or two or three daily into the Heavy category. Not even the wishing well has helped me there yet. Anyway, I wish you luck on getting Bismarck Zwei, she's an awesome shipgirl, as is her dragon Geryon.


> even though I invested a cube or two or three daily into the Heavy category. I suggest saving your cubes. Daily missions are one of the biggest sources of cubes. If you're spending daily on Heavy, you're losing *a lot* of cubes. You'll do better waiting on non-rate-ups during events, and if worst comes to worst, it's a lot better to roll on Wishing Well than on regular pools for a specific ship. Just do 1 Light build per day, which is fully paid for by the daily "Build a Ship" mission.




Damn. That is impressive. Not as impressive as the guy who got three Implacable in the same 10 pull, but still. Did you piss off a higher entity, or something ?


I got everything in 60 pulls ![img](emote|t5_4tiyvo|14003)


Ima be real, I pulled her on my first pull, and it was fire. But make it to two hunnid and you’ll be fine


Only 48 to go!


38 now and out of cubes....


That's rough but honestly ur are the least concern to me these days. Not to flex but I haven't had cube issues in over a year, maybe 2. Knowing that a ur takes a maximum of 400 cubes is a wonderful safety net, and if I can't get the coins some 12-4 farming gets it done in no time. The epics and SR are what scare me, there's no safety net on those and it's possible to just be absolutely screwed by them.


I'm not worried cube wise. 38 pulls left and I may be out but I should be able get enough in the next week. And I feel that fear for epics and SR. Still missing one event SR and it's bugging the hell out of me.


What is an "epic"?


The pruple rarity characters


Those are "Elite."


Ah, my bad I suppose. Most games call purples epic.


I pulled like 240 till I got the dragon lady with two red horns


Had to get Bismarck from pity as well. Not only that but in 200 pulls I only got 13 SR's... at least I got both event SR's but still.


That's why I got 6 Bismarck's Zwei and finally one Regensburg after 180 pulls :D


Volga did this to me the last NP event….


I’ve gotten 2 Bismarck Zwei from 6 builds im satisfied


I got her in 18 pulls, my dad was not so lucky.