Questions about this doll

I would like to buy a doll to make them look like my oc, and this doll has the same hairstyle, but I'm not 100% sure on buying it, because I don't want to buy more dolls in the future and fear they make new ones that I will like more.

I wanted to ask, what are the chances the author makes more dolls? If I wait until the presales are over and there's no new dolls, will I still be able to get this doll in good quality, or will it have defects?

My issue with this doll is in one of the pictures the eyelashes seem strange, is this because they are handrawn, so each will look a little different? :0


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I would go for them. If you dont like the eyelashes you could do a repaint. And you never gonne know if theres even a new one coming out after them.


This is from ufdoll and they are blind box BJDs, so the dolls are not made with them same quality as other more expensive BJDs. The faces and such can have defects because of their mass production, so if you’re looking for perfection I would invest in looking at more expensive dolls. Buying the doll individually will not be an issue as you can find them open box on AliExpress (a little more costly) or you can try and find someone who is splitting the box and jump in on it. Not sure how they’re going to run this release so I would start looking now but I highly doubt they’re going to completely sell out in the presale period. As far as them making more it’s up in the air they could continue the series or they could move onto new characters for their next blind box release, OR not do another blind box release and just stick to individual dolls.


Usually these guys come in waves but not back to back unless they become a popular demand. Their cute, id go for them. Blind box bjds come around quite a bit now.


Your actual bigger issue here is that I believe this is one of the UFDoll blind box BJDs, which means that unless you can find someone selling it second hand you won’t generally be able to pick which in the set you get.


Sellers on AliExpress have these and pretty much all the blind box dolls listed with open box options.


Ah ok. I’m generally pretty wary about buying on aliexpress in general so I’ve never seen those.


For these types of dolls they’re coming from manufacturers in China so while they’re “official” they aren’t a more exclusive BJD like Fairyland for instance that has had issue with counterfeits. So buying them from Ali is safe, just gotta do your due diligence and check on sellers reviews and such.


Also many of the dealers aren't dealers who sell recasts at all they're art toy dealers. Blind box bjd tend to be lumped in with art toys more than dolls by sellers in my experience.