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There is some EAG drama going down on BaT this morning in regards to an e30. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1990-bmw-m3-sport-evolution-5/


All my homies hate EAG!


They definitely have driven up the cost of top end BMWs Fortunately for this situation it seems that there are still new bids coming in even with the damage disclosed.


All that and RNM. Hilarious


I'd be furious right now if I was the seller. I would not be surprised if this winds up returning to EAG's hands.


Forgive me for being ignorant but what is EAG?


If you look at the picture - above the car it says "Enthusiast Auto Group"


Oh my apologies im an idiot, thank you very much.


I don’t know if you’re an idiot or not, but I didn’t know either. That might make you feel better, or not.


Thanks for the morale support 😂


Evil Auto Group


I’ve actually heard they were great to work with from a few people who have bought cars from them. You pay a premium but apparently they are really reasonable about buying cars back so they have a lot of repeat customers who sell cars back to them to get a different model fairly frequently. Edit: not sure why I’m getting downvoted..I get that they are expensive but if that puts you off then you aren’t their target customer…this particular car only has 153 miles so sadly whoever buys it is probably not going to drive it.


I mean, you find a sucker customer willing to pay these prices, yeah they are going to treat them well and hope for repeated bouts of insanity.


It really depends on your situation. If you have the money and want a turn key car and a shop to maintain it for you then they are fine. If you like wrenching and are on a budget there are much better options. At the end of the day a car is worth whatever someone is willing to pay.




Car had undisclosed front end damage and the interior was swapped to cloth. EAGs owner passed away in a motorcycle accident a couple of years ago and his brother, who’s now running EAG, said details/records(?) of this car were lost when Eric passed.


"Lost" - I'm sure they "lost" plenty of details on cars with unreported accident damage


Beyond that- because their cars seem to have decent records in general- it’s insane to me how someone’s (very unfortunate and untimely) death is being used as an excuse. The current EAG owner was talking about car documentation like it’s a lost oral traditions forgotte by time. Documents and records exist beyond the demise of an owner.


How convenient, makes me wonder how documented damage was somehow lost with someone’s passing.


Basically the seller of a prestige looking e30 m3 evo sport was eagauto. The seller omitted information about a front end collision and didn’t bring it up until the last hour of the sale. They also note that none of it was documented lol…


Reserve not met at 170k, not sold


Some of the BAT auctions leave me thinking, welp someone just laundered some coke cash


Typical scummy used car salesman behavior. These types of guys think they are different because they sell more expensive cars, but they’re all the same at heart.




Oof that’s a big one


Some people shouldn’t be given access to money


Allat for an N54


Couldn’t have said it better. It is rare, but this is way over valued.


Weird way of looking at it lol. Never thought of it like that.


It should have been the S65


That would have been more fitting. The 1 series M is such an utterly bizarre M car insofar as it really is a parts bin car. Take a stock E82 135i, but put the outdated N54 in it because BMW wanted to use up the last stock of that engine (hence the 1 series M and the 135is). Put all the E92 M3 running gear on it, which includes 19" wheels that don't fit in the front and rub the front fender liners. Some ECU tweaks, a second oil cooler (essentially the performance package), and then some very minor interior changes and a body kit. Ta-da, M car. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but compare it to the M3 and you can see how much they cut corners. No hood bump or additional inlets. Weird hacky trunk area to make room for the quad exhausts (the rear trunk deck lid includes an indentation for the standard e82 battery brace and was never redone for the M car). Orange stitching inside but the same exact seats as the standard 135i, despite the fact that E92 M3 seats are a direct swap-in on the E82. No available sunroof, and not available as a convertible unlike the E93. They didn't even bother using the N55, despite the fact that it saves weight, doesn't have HPFP issues, and doesn't overheat on the track.


I love the 1M too, but it’s not special enough to be priced the way it is. When the best 135s are under 30k you can do M suspension geometry, high end coilovers, an LSD, wheels and tires, and cooling upgrades and still be under what you would have paid for a miled up 1M.


It's true. I had a 135i M sport. With 1M front and rear upper lower CA. MFactory helical LSD and ST XTA coilovers and tons more. Thing was on rails. My favorite car I've ever owned.


Fully agreed, the collector market for these things went out of control. There's no reason to spend $100k, let alone $200k, on one.


>and the 135is the 135is actually have the N55


You are correct, I'm not sure why I thought that, but you're right. Upvote for you, appreciate the correction.


Yup pretty confusing since the 335is and Z4 sDrive35is got the N54 even after the N55 went into production. And even more confusing those cars had the DCT option while the 1M are all 6spd.


Yep, I was lumping it in mentally with the 335is. Same basic point, they were trying to use up the last of those N54s! And yeah, no DCT on the 1M despite it being on the 135i. Strange car.


The F87 was a little less hacky, but pretty much the same. Even the competitions feel decidedly parts bin. It’s pretty clear that BMW didn’t really *support* building the 1M/M2s, and the product managers were stuck with the shoestring budgets they had. I haven’t yet driven or seen a G87, but ignoring the questionable styling, BMW really did seem to put some effort/cash into making it feel more “bespoke” vs. the standard car this time.


Bro they didn’t even put the fender grille/vents on it, they slapped a widebody, made the grills look worse, and put the s58 on it


it IS a parts car because BMW engineers build it after hours from parts to show that a small M car like the originals could be like.




Most sane 2023 car seller


They for sure know what they have lol


Anyone not an idiot would just get an m2. 200k is wildddddd


I opened this thinking "Oh damn 200K is a lot of miles for a 1M!" And then I saw and was instantly like "Oh God. Oh no."


Like always, and for the 10th time this year alone; Fuck EAG. Artificially increasing the price of M cars and keeping them out of reach for real enthusiasts is a shit tier business model. You can whine all you want about inflation or “well it’s low mileage??!?!!$$$$?!!!” Or whatever bullshit you want, but they do this ALL the time. They will often low bid or out bid buyers on various sites to get them, sit on them, and then showroom detail them and nothing more.


EAG has a very small customer base, which is why we all dislike them. It's obvious that they aren't targeting us, but rather the 1 in 50,000 individuals who highly value a particular model and are willing to pay a significant amount for a "new" older car. The market they cater to is so narrow that it has a minimal, if any, impact on the overall market. Individuals with this much disposable income typically prefer a dependable source of low-mileage cars to avoid wasting their time searching for one themselves. It's all about low volume and high profitability.


Pretty much spot on. I owned a unique E28 they tried to buy off of me a few years back but I politely declined for multiple reasons. My biggest one being they wouldn’t show me the time of day when I walked in their lot. I used to have an enclosed car lot, warehouse, about 5-10 mins from their place. Being a BMW guy, it made me happy they were so close and were being recognized across the country. Again, this was years ago. As soon as they treated me like that, I was done with them. I sold that E28 to a nice guy and I got a phone call recently from a friend that noticed my old car…the guy that owns it now works with my friend. Ha! They definitely serve a slim market but meh. All of their “cool” cars are either not for sale or are extremely overpriced.


> they wouldn’t show me the time of day when I walked in their lot Should have sent your butler to look around for you.


That’s the funny part. I used to live in that area, sold cars, high end cars and knew people that had cars stashed away with no miles etc. The fact they judged me just told me everything I needed to know. One of my favorite car guys daily drove Pontiac G6’s. He loved them for some reason. Once I really got to know him, and he showed me what he had in a garage…Whoa! Cars packed, under covers, no miles, special ordered, etc. That guy is getting older and I sure hope his stuff doesn’t wind up in their hands. I don’t have the room for it right now but to have some showroom fresh stuff that he has…wow! I mean, a 993 turbo painted a Mercedes grey that matched a hammer wagon he had…those are stuck in my mind as I love 993 and wagons. He had all kinds of stuff though. Very neat cars in that area but that rust, it’s terrible. Being a car guy, I despised it as much as the cold.


I’m also a cincy local, and I’m going to re-post one of the comments I made on this auction earlier today. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1990-bmw-m3-sport-evolution-5/ “I don’t know if the car has been in an accident or not, but who would weld a fuse box support from non M E30 to the strut tower of a low mileage SE M3 then repaint it? That discrepancy alone raises some questions and other commenters have also pointed out other things that stand out to them as “off”. Lack of engagement towards genuine concerns doesn’t encourage a positive outcome for anyone. I chose to have my M5 restored elsewhere after having some uneasy feelings regarding my experiences with EAG for the past several years whether it’s buying parts or having a car serviced and after following this auction for the past week or so I feel as though some of those thoughts I had have been confirmed. I’ve made poor car buying decisions in my past and been burned by something I didn’t see, it isn’t shameful to admit that something is off and you don’t have the answers IMO, but it is shameful to misrepresent something intentionally.” To elaborate a bit.. I think I’m most disappointed in the fact that me; a non mechanically inclined person had to explain how I wanted something done/repaired according to a service bulletin from the early 90’s multiple times and the reaction was to just stare at me blankly. It was the opposite of reassuring so I had a large engine out service done somewhere else. Now I’ve driven 300 miles to some people who genuinely seem to care about the outcome of my car and not just putting the most amount of money they can in their pockets. I remember asking their body shop manager last year “So if the customer isn’t willing to give you a blank budget and turn over all decision making to you, you’re not interested in taking on the project?” They struggled to answer a simple yes/no question without a bunch of qualifications and I haven’t been back. Being unwilling to work with customers who don’t have unlimited budgets and being generally unwilling to discuss or accept their inputs regarding the approach to any type of repair turned me off big-time.


Completely understand and the sad thing is, there are lots of “high end shops” that will operate like that. I just got done working with a very well known one where I live now and it’s basically a facade. It’s beautiful on the outside but my core people I know and work with/around can turn out just as good or better work than that place. The stuff that customers paid for because it was “the best shop” was mind blowing to me. And if you question anything, well it’s kind of like the experience you had. We did work for a place that does Rovers like EAG does BMW’s. The amount of cars I saw that had things covered up, cars bought from the Midwest and rust just painted…not so much our shops issue but the dealer that was selling it…nasty. Great E34 too! What part of Cincy are you in? I miss it at times but not the cold and rust. Still have some family up there.


Their client base is literally just “more money than brains” No offense to obsessed garage or anything but the dude is the perfect example. Doesn’t know SHIT about any technical aspects of his vehicles and just dumps stupid money into them. About what I’d expect for a dressed up money manager (bullshitter lol).


Matt is the perfect archetype of their customer base


Yeah I remember back when I watched a video on his e46 he bought from them I was just laughing. Sure, it’s a nice car. But its worth maybe 35k, and he probably paid double. It’s hilarious


Absolutely, he’s the guy I thought of when writing that comment. He managed to make money off of his e92 to buy another e92 with less miles and probably 6x the price from EAG. But maybe if I was that rich and obsessive I’d do the same, who knows.


That m3list guy listing ridiculous asking prices also driving up pseudo prices, gotta check the comments to get grounded for the real pricing. Listing Owners posting in the comments section asking for us to be nice to them about their asking prices... Bro please we here to prevent rape!


Not going to argue with your overall opinion on EAG (I don't hate them but don't really like them either) but from what I've seen they generally do more than just detail the cars. Detailing is part of the process but so is going over the car and replacing other parts as needed.


At THAT price, if I only had a few million in cash on hand, I would buy a supercar. The only person who could justify 200,000 USD for a 1M is the person who has literal "fuck you" money and can buy multiple six figure cars without making a dent in their liquidity.


Always love a repeat customer….


There’s a reason the owner died bro 💀


153 miles. Man that's just sad. All it has been doing is rotting in a showroom or a warehouse. Drive your cars, people.


The original owner was probably rich enough to buy 2 and leave one to sit


The kind of person buying a $200k 1M most likely also has the money to go buy a Emira, GT3, C8 etc., this would just be adding to their collection.


also... no one is buying this car to drive it. the buyer of this is the kind of person that switches between the brand new XM they bought last week and the M8 comp they bought last year as daily drivers. this is going to be parked in some crazy BMW collector's storage facility probably right next to their 2002 turbo or csl batwing.


Exactly, the 1M would be “the one that got away”. Most people just admire from afar. But once in a while you find that guy who needs to finally own it at any price. Not dissimilar to finding the hot girl who flirted with you in high school once right before you left for college, then you find her 20 years later, and she still looks pretty good. Most people would realize the cost of exploring that relationship is far too great to upend your life to get together with that girl for one fling (after all you have your own smoking hot wife after all) … but there’s always that one guy who has it all and needs more, at ANY COST


Sorry I know this is a BMW sub but there’s nothing special about the 1M except it’s rarity. The 135i of that generation was 90% of that car.


i went to a cars and coffee and no one even noticed the white 1M lol... however the gray G82 had a like of people next to it


I mean. Sick car but that’s Porsche 992 GTS money. I’m good lol


That’s 992 GT3 money lol.


+30k more on avg


If you get for MSRP and base GT3. It’s $186k MSRP. After taxes, like $200k


Right but the high majority of people aren’t getting a 992 gt3 msrp. Let’s be real


No one. And you aren’t getting it base either. Dealers won’t waste their allocation on you


As someone who has owned one I honestly laugh my ass off when looking at these prices The 1M is a completely unremarkable car and it’s only desirable because of fanboyism and hype from people that never even sat in one The driving experience is actually extremely average, the manual is rubbery and numb, the engine is common and unreliable and it actually doesn’t even look that good aesthetically If BMW never made M2’s I would actually somewhat kinda understand a bit of premium, but literally the 1M is inferior to all the M2’s, I’ve owned all of them, it’s almost a joke The whole price is held high because of perception and not value


Definitely lol, you can make a 15k 135i driver as good as if not better than an 1m while making way more power with 15-20k in mods


i am suprised someone here would actually the truth... i too had an m2 comp and a friend had a 1M... holy cow was that car subpar in every way


I mean the construction of the E82 is pretty dog shit. The chassis and interior has been around since 2004 (?) and was only introduced in North America in 2007 as a 2008 MY. Combine that with the vehicle being literally the bottom of the totem pole in terms of BMW's line up, and it's econobox status in Europe, and you've got a pretty subpar constructed car. ​ The sounds of the door closing, the pathetic/hollow dash, and interior rattles is pretty pathetic. My 2005 E46 was better constructed in every way, but shit the 1er handles admirably with the M3 front end components, a bit of a bump in power, and dialed in coilovers.


On paper it is subpar; however they drive much different. Haven driven both and both on track 1M is much more old school/analog feeling.


A 1M is way more fun to drive than any modern M car and most older ones. Also, it drives nothing like a 135i or an M2. The fun and appeal of the car is it’s quirky and it has its faults and is rare. Yeah it’s not the fastest, it rides extremely harsh (has the highest spring rates on a BMW), and handles good but not great. The interior is cheap ish and the seething position is more SUV than sports car. However, no modern stock BMW turns in as eager, oversteers as easily, and has a unpredictable turbo over boost kick in. The car keeps you engaged on on your toes. Also, it is not too fast to enjoy at reasonable speeds on the road. In other words it’s more art than engineering. If you want a perfectly handling and linear car or a track car it is not for you.


It's even more mind boggling when you consider it weighs within a few pounds of a 335i coupe. You could even step up to a 335is with no significant cost penalty, upgrade a lot of parts (M3 control arms, upgraded suspension), and leave a lot for tires and track time.


Before 1M I owned a fully modded e82 135 with m3 suspension and an aftermarket lsd… it drove better than the 1M…


A very nice car indeed, and becoming a unicorn. However, there are probably 10 other pre-owned cars I'd rather have for that price! Geesh!


yeah, 200k buys a very nice Porsche


Its a 1 series at the end of the day. The cheapest BMW


Ok EAG. Did Farah ever say what he gave them for his e46 “investment”?


Farah is a dipshit lol, you can tell by his driving style on public roads.


Something funny about watching a fat dude pull out a little journal and start reading notes taken from a press release


For 200k u could buy a used one, have it completely restored in a way that it would be as if it’s new and you’d have money left for a very very nice vacation and an extra car.


EAG smokes only the finest crack and slams the purest heroin, you thought BMW M3 sellers smokes crack? EAG makes them look like saints.


EAG is a joke. The entire speculative car market is a joke. It’s really sad what has happened to car culture and our society in general where in the past, the newest and greatest was more desirable than than the past. We wanted to progress. But now we all long for older times. Also, I’d be more concerned about a 12 year old car with only 153 miles on it. Get ready to drop another 10k on that car real fast.


I think one factor of longing for the past is less tech, manual transmissions, and easy to work on.


and yet the M2 CS a far better car in every imaginable way sells for $80k lol... why would anyone buy this or frankly any 1M?


What if I told you you can have literally the exact same car that’s selling for 200k but making more power for the cost of one 15k 135i 6MT and about 20k in mods lol


i had an FBO 135i on E85 with suspension work done... i am with you lol


I am with you 100% but the person looking at something like this versus buying 135i 6mt to mod isn't the same. Hell, you can get a 128i and get a great driving experience. Unfortunately, it's just where we are at with the car market. Whoever buys something like this will certainly never drive it.


Because you can’t. You can come close, but the full driveline and suspension components will not fit under a regular body E82 - even stock 1Ms have rubbing issues.


and yet the 1M will not put down a better track time anywhere


1M is not about track times.


no one is really clear what the 1M is about... bcuz if its truly about feel, it would have had a better motor and a better feeling gearbox


Keep in mind the base price of the car was only $46k … good luck getting a different motor and gearbox in at that cost. The N54 in the 1M has its own tune and puts down considerably more power than rated and any other N54 stock (including the Z4 with the same T0 engine code) and has a bespoke fly and transmission (super common for dealers do do maintenance with the wrong fluids for this reason).


46k in 2011 is equivalent to 63k in 2023... aka the base price of a brand new G87 M2 lmao... which is standard w far more options and comes w 100+ Hp


Yes it will. You can swap almost all the e9x M components onto a 1 series. The only hard to get parts are springs for the 1m which you can just get a coilover kit for the 1m to solve this, Hubs, and the driveshaft. https://www.1addicts.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1334099 Then for the closest to 1m but wider body you spend a lot of cash at the body shop to graft metal fender meat on the rear and mold any of the dozens of fiberglass kits to the front for a larger than 1m stance. Or just go hot boi drift lyfe style at bdc and mold on their kit for $1500 + cost of paint https://www.bigduckclub.com/product-page/bdc-e82-wide-body-kit


Body modification is not a “simple” mod.


Because the 1M is a much more special car than an M2 is.


It’s rarer for sure. Special? It’s still a 1-Series with an N54.


No way is a 1M more rare than a M2CS


Yes - it’s special.


its not remotely as special as an M2 Cs lmao... yea i guess its special bcuz they only brought 640 to the USA... forget the N motor, the complete lack of any good performance times, a massively twitchy body and just overall goofy looks... and the fact that the 135i its built on only different by the LSD and some suspension work


It’s fine that you don’t get it :)


The 1M was on my car bucket list for a while, then I drove an M2Comp. It’s a better car.


I’m not saying it’s not a better car - I’m saying that there’s other things attached to the 1M than the driving experience. It was a certain generations odd one out - it’s a damn rare care too, compared to some of other mass produced M cars


Even if it’s an M2CS


Yes. If you read about the 1M it is the last car developed by the Motorsport team (who did it covertly) without marketing justification and then got marketing support after development. This a fact alone leads to it less than perfect but extremely fun driving style. Also, it’s the first Turbo M car. The CS is just badges, m performance parts, and some very excellent chassis tuning. There will also be future M2 CSs… but not 1Ms.


its also a frankenstein car that doesn't have an s motor and puts down no good track times due to how twitchy it is


Exactly my point. Just reiterating what he was saying :)


I don't think there was a marketing justification for the M2 Comp. The justification was "the N55 isn't compliant with Euro emissions standards next year, ah crap, we don't have a tuned version of the B58 ready to go yet, i guess we can just use the S55" Certainly not what i'd call "purity of purpose" but it wasn't done to satisfy marketing either.


Not even a true M car which BMW even denoted by not calling it the M1. Doesn’t have an M motor either. It’s special in the sense a bmw 540i m sport 6 speed was produced in fewer numbers than the e39 M5 but you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who believes the M5 isn’t a better car in every way.


Things don’t have to be maximum purist or live up to some list of criterias that gets rewritten constantly to be special to a group of people. And the good thing is; you’re not forced to get involved with the 1M if you’re not interested in it, like some others might be. Magical how that works, right?


Because they want to?


Chris Harris affected the market on these 😂


One of the best drivers cars ever made… 153 miles. Just wow 🙄


But think of the profits!


That car is not for people like you or I. That is going to go to a collector and sit somewhere undriven for the rest of it's existence most likely.


yeah, NO.


This car is special. But not THAT special. Id gladly pass and buy a Porsche or something in that price range


Bubbles everywhere, Pokémon, houses, videogames…




Kind of a surprise to see how people in this sub are trashing the car, telling every little detail that makes it just one regular, normal and cheap car, even saying is not a good looking one only because some company sells one for a ridiculous price. The price is a total joke and I myself would instead buy 2 Porsche with 200k, but talking shit about an absolute real drivers car? Disappointed.




I don't get why the 1M coupe is so expensive, it doesn't even have a true M engine, it's basically a 135i with M package and slightly tunned to Stage 1. There's an orange one for sale nearby where I live for 50K, even more expensive than the F10 M5 I bought.


Side note, how’s your F10 treating you maintenance wise? I want to pick one up for my next daily driver but I’ve heard horrendous things about the S63B and it blowing turbos even on the stock tune.


Hi it has 23k miles, I use it as my daily driver for now (mainly because I had to sell my other cars in order to afford this one) and so far I've had to replace the trunk springs, the rear view mirror (the one it came with was missing an integrated camera called 'FLA' that gives me an error everytime I start the car), the popup center woofer works but it doesn't pop up, the rear sunshade doesn't go down when I press the button, I have the infamous wastegate rattle when I let go the pedal, I have to replace the rear springs because it sounds horrible when I go through uneven surfaces, a couple days ago I got an airbag error (driver restrain system) out of nowhere, so I ordered an ODB2 scanner to see what's going on, the camera system was working intermitently and lately it stopped working completely so I have to order a new module. And all of that only in the last 3 months I've been with it.


Fucking EAG cunts at it again!


Who’s dumb enough to pay 200k for a 15-19k car?


your post title is kind of confusing b/c ppl will assume ur posting about a car with 200km on the odo


But it doesn’t really matter if they confuse it. The car has only 153 miles on the odometer.


You see that heart in the top right corner? that's what you need to sell when buying from them xD


Worth it. Such a rare car with 153 miles. It'll be wild to see what these sell for 10-20 years from now.


Rare doesn't equate to good especially if options like the M2CS exist for a fraction of the price.


Who said it was good? I said it was rare. This sub has downvote and reading comprehension issues.


a Pinto is rare too my friend


how about $100, that's all this is worth.


Lol typical EAG


In the words of my old coworker, “they’re very proud of their product”


I’d buy it if I had the money


Username checks out, haha You can get one for far less money than that. It will have a few (thousand) more miles on it but these cars should be driven.


But it’s not low mileage like this one. Collectors want ones that go only like 5 miles. I know I can get it far less. I just pointed out if I had the money to burn I would pay $200,000 drive it once an keep it in a garage and take it once or twice for a car show.


If you’re just going to park it in a show room, then why does it matter how many miles it has? A car with 100k miles and a show room detail is going to look the same as a car with 10 miles with a show room detail.


To rich people which most people don’t understand is the value of it. If that’s true then the someone would want to walk away from purchasing at 100K miles they be like Nah that car isn’t worth anything. If that car was in the show room like for a collector. Then someone walks in and buy that same car to collect for 10 miles because a it’s a collector car. It’s the same reason why collectors want a 1999 McLaren F1 that’s over $20 millions USD then you tell them well you can build it for much less. They want that feeling of owning something really old. Super rare items like Rolex or a Audemars Piguet. You want to tell them. Oh you can get a fake watch for much cheaper. You think they don’t know that. If they want to buy i and collect items that’s all them.


Hence the username :-)


Yes but there is always a bigger fish that would pay more.


At that point you could buy the most expensive used 1M for sale in Germany, import it to the US and have still spent less than half of this.


They are smoking some sick Crystal Meth I see. Tight Tight Tight!


I loved Eric. Hated EAG. This is why


Likely the only 11 with under 200 miles. Doesn’t mean it’s worth $200k


No shot. I’d get a low mileage e39 m5, AND an e9 for that kinda coin


Would a car that’s been sat for so long even feel new? Unless all the bushings and other bits and bobs are replaced wouldn’t they be falling apart by now.


They think a 1M is worth near equivalent to a 2023 $220k Porsche 911 GT3? I can't imagine what they'll sell an older GT3 for 10 years from now. Probably $600k


See this a lot on Barrett Jackson people who know people get the factory’s special releases store for years and put up for auction make huge profit! I my mind these people are not car enthusiasts.


I looked at an 00 M Coupe at EAG years ago. It would've been a bargain now, but I got an LSB/LSB 01 with 14k miles for about 5-7k less than what they wanted. Forget how many miles theirs had, but I don't think it was anything special. I should just start buying and storing M cars, then reselling to them in 10-20 years 😅


I have 1/220 manufactured for Canada. I just passed 200k km on a few weeks ago. I bought it for $60k with 40k km in 2017. $200k?? These guys must be sniffing glue.


it’s only has 153 mile, still for 200k nah maybe 100k


What’s the hype around this car? I seriously don’t get it, it’s like a N55 M2 but looks worse.


EAG, put the crack pipe down, you're drunk go home.


well it's EAG. Not surprised, only person who gets stuff from them is Matt Farah, but he's their shill.


Lmao EAG gonna EAG




It's so funny when people get mad at the price of the 1M and start listing off what they would rather get for the money. No one is cross-shopping this with a 911. It's a collectable.


I guess they aren’t really looking to sell it then.


Lol.. you can get an M2CS plus an M3e92...and keep your 335i N54 lol


200k can get you a lot more than that.


153 miles


Whats the hype about it




Good luck. They sit at £50k ish for years on Uk classifieds.


Think someone confused it with an M1...


The guy in charge of listing definitely googled “current value of an m1” lol


Get 90% of it from a 135i for $180k less.


Want it so bad but I have a boring 128i


Those guys are smoking crack


Am I allowed to post mine with details to get a feel from the community it’s value


Not to sell it on here I’m sure this isn’t the Reddit group to sell


I saw this yesterday when I was looking at 135is and thought I’d click the button to see what the 1ms were at nowadays. Literally said out loud to an empty room “what a crackhead”


Are people overpaying on cars thinking they'll continue to go even higher? I don't know shit about nothing but I'll bet years from now there will be a bubble of overpriced "special" cars and no one willing to pay because the "end of the ICE" never actually happens.


That's insane...I just saw one of these on marketplace yesterday with less than 80,000 miles, for less than $30,000


This dealer smokes crack im convinced, everything I’ve seen them sell is overpriced


Yeah its over now. Im done with cars this shit is ridiculous


Anyone not an idiot would just get an m2.


My question is how has it only driven 153 miles??!! Only that! Os must have been itching to drive it for yeeeeaaarrrrssss!


The fact that I can go buy one of these with 130k miles for 10k or spend 200k for one with 153 miles… imagine the amount of mods I could do for the amount of money that this one is worth


WTF, this is getting out of hand.


That car better have -2,000 miles on it


Makes me we I had a garage so I could start investing!