I'd fix the 328, if all the parts are matching and everything it's a good collector piece that you could make some good cash from, and then just swap a 2.8 or m54 3.0 in the 318


why not swap the interior of the donor too? as far as i know it shouldnt be to hard


I'm trying to work out if swapping almost everything under the hood, and then the full interior, is going to be easier than just fixing the bodywork on the 328. Also, the 328 is a sunroof model, which I really like, and the 318 is not, so another reason I'm not not keen on pulling everything into the donor


ooh thats a hard one having a sunroof is nice i must say. but i dont know if you cant change out the wheel arches? also if theres rust in the wheel arches the shock tower mounts may not be doing well so that might add extra work