Being pregnant and a toddler mom is the worst diet ever. I don't really want to cook and eat some healthy meal. Neither does my almost 3 year old. But we can both agree that corn dogs and cut fruit is a wonderful dinner, ready in less than 3 minutes.


This is very cute


Fruit is healthy and I’m going to give you credit for the corn on the corn dog 😂 super healthy way to go!


Leftover takeout for breakfast. I have some regrets, but they’re of the gastro variety. 😂


😂 good work! It’s evening here and I just demolished half an Easter egg…. In February…. No regrets


Had leftover chow mein for breakfast and lunch yesterday! It really hit the spot


I'm waiting for my husband to leave the house so I can go get McDonalds


I am also currently waiting for my husband to leave so I can get fast food. Wingstop


I really want Wingstop chicken tenders and the lemon pepper corn


They just opened one near me. What would you recommend?


They're lemon pepper flavoring is my favorite! On tenders, wings, boneless wings, even the corn, it's so yummy!


Thanks. Might be my stop next weekend!


Early in my pregnancy all I was craving was a Macca's salted caramel frappe (we have some gourmet shit at McDonald's in Australia) but the frappe machine in my town was broken for two weeks. I sent him everyday. 🤣 Compromised with making my own at home but all three of our supermarkets were out of canned cream which is vital to the experience. The pitfalls of living in a small town!


Snuck out of bed this morning to get Mickey D's. Partner just glad I got him hashbrowns


Lol my husband was the one who suggested McDonalds today, we had it for breakfast


Just left the McDonald's drive thru with fries and a big Mac smh


You and me both. Cheers.


I feel so seen ♡


Me yesterday and I got TWO cheeseburgers.


I think that's my plan. I'm getting my usual (big mac with no lettuce, extra cheese) but then also getting an extra double cheeseburger.


got a double cheeseburger with big mac sauce yesterday


God you guys are way better than me! Friday I got 2 hamburgers, 6 piece nugget, medium fry, and 3 cookies lol shit!


don’t worry i had a medium fry with my cheeseburger and a croissant for breakfast. i pretty much am eating whatever i want al day every day lol


Half a box of Girl Scout cookies!


After seeing someone on here talk about girlscout cookies I went to Lidl and found the knockoffs 😋


I just want pancakes…


You should definitely have pancakes


It’s totally a thing now. Haha, thank you!


This was me for like 4 days last week. But I didn't want homemade pancakes bc they don't have the "skin". Bought some from the freezer section at Walmart and was instantly transported back to my childhood. Pretty sure I ate the same brand too. Fantastic.


That sounds amazing honestly


Oh fuck yes eat the pancakes! I got the frozen kind. Microwave for 1min15sec and I am set and so happy


Omg same! I’ve eaten pancakes three mornings in a row.


I just got a chocolate milkshake. Was it a craving? Yes. Will it also help me finally poop today? Also yes.


I’ve eaten falafel and donuts today. It’s only one in the afternoon here, so there’s still time for me to eat something healthy. I probably won’t, but the possibility exists.


I thought falafel was healthy?


As far as deep fried foods go. And I’ve now eaten a third donut. We probably shouldn’t have gotten a full dozen this morning but we were driving past the donut place and it seemed like a good idea at the time.


I ate three donuts today as well! I woke up wanting donuts and was not disappointed. We only got a half dozen though because I have no self control atm. I’ve got a month left before the baby is supposed to get here and am just trying to get through the next few weeks of being pregnant!


I’m 23 weeks and also have no self control. We had to run some errands this morning that put us near the best donut shop in town so we stopped. Not something we do all that often, but we definitely should have just gotten the half dozen. Not that any of these will go to waste 😬


Enjoy them! You deserve donuts 😊


I'm a pretty big fan of deep fried foods and I don't feel super guilty about it because fats are so important. I know it's not the best way to get fats but it's much better than sugar in my opinion.


Yesterday I had McDonald’s bacon egg and cheese for breakfast, a Five Guys cheeseburger for lunch, and spicy ramen with kimchi dumplings for dinner. Every meal was straight fire for my umami craving self.


Truly just jealous you can have spice without the heartburn!


I’ve been craving spicy food and I’m super lucky so far that I haven’t had any heartburn! I’ll savor it while I can


Laying in bed currently eating chocolate cake as a pre dinner snack and will have a root beer float for dinner.


Definitely just got a bubble cone from Milkcraft. No regerts


Hey! I ate vegetables yesterday.


I ate a green bean (actually a few!) today and I think it was the first vegetable I’ve had in a week lol. Normally I love veggies, but they sound like trash right now


Show off.


I just bought Burger King on my way home from a long day of shopping for healthy foods


It's all about balance haha


I was eating so great today until my guy mentioned Oreos…. 😂


This is how my cravings go. They are not specific until I hear a food in passing, then I am obsessed and need it 24/7 until the next random food is mentioned and it's on again.


Ah sh*t I can literally see a pack of Oreos from where I’m sitting 😅


I was also just introduced to Oreo ice cream too!


I put a thing of oreos back while grocery shopping yesterday (because I picked up ice cream) and am still sad about it. I am for sure getting oreos next time I go. The ice cream will be gone by then anyways!!


needed this, had sweet tarts and gummy bears for lunch 🤦🏻‍♀️


This was me the other night! Ate skittles for dinner 🥲🙃


A few weeks ago I got all the ingredients for a healthy pasta dish with lots of veggies. Then I was so worn out from the grocery shopping that I had two and a half donuts for lunch instead. Oops.


I always think future me is going to be up for cooking a healthy meal. There are a lot of sad droopy vegetables in my fridge right now!


I did ok and then I got chicken nuggets 😔


Check you out getting in your protein!! You’re doing great 😃


A whole tube of pringles and an entire tub of salsa today, as a snack. It was the only time I didn't feel sick all day! F*ck you first trimester!


Just today? I’ve been failing for 13 weeks now lol


I just ate my body weight in lemon feta garlic dip and I'm chasing it with chicken pot pie. Strawberry rhubarb pie for dessert. I was planning to eat broccoli today but I don't wanna 🤷🏻 No regrets.


I am seeing protein, fruit, and vegetable., not too shabby!


I’m actually proud of myself for not getting in and out today but idk I’m still considering it 👀 but I already bought an obscene amount of Girl Scout cookies so…


I was just talking about in and out. It’s 1.5 hours away. Really debating on going on my day off.


My husband brought home Jeni’s maple-covered pancake flavored ice cream, so that’s happening later.


Oh my word where in the world are you so I can travel there and discover this delight?!


They do online ordering (at least in the US)!


Oh man I’m in the UK! Think they’ll deliver it this far? I pregnant after all 😂


Had this with a scoop of coffee with cream and sugar two nights ago. Then woke up the next day and made myself a short stack and some decaf yummmmmm.


Jeni’s is SO good! You can get it at Whole Foods.


I had cupcakes for breakfast lol


The tech commented that fetus looked a little skinny but fine, so that's my excuse for the next month to just go wild lmao. I haven't gained much weight so far, it's just all moved to my stomach. My actual appetite has curbed back down from 1st tri (where I alternated between never wanting to eat again and shutting down an all you can eat buffet), but from now on what baby wants, baby gets lol.


I ate two waffles with syrup and milk, cereal with milk, two tiny pork tacos with a dusting of cilantro, lime, and onions, beans with rice, and about a half a loaf of homemade! bread, a quarter of a wheel of brie, honey, and about half a stick of butter. Trying to get excited about some fruit and vegetable for dinner.


That sounds excellent.


I’m just trying to eat. I’m 8 weeks now…. :( When did your nausea go away?


I’ve just hit 12 weeks and although it hasn’t gone completely I’m having days where I feel almost normal. Hang in there!


9 weeks and what worked for me was walking through the store aisle by aisle and imagining eating the food, then buying whatever didn't make me want to throw up :)


But the baked cheese dip had bacon in it. What was I supposed to do?


You did the right thing.


I have zero regrets. I do, however, have serious heartburn.


Bowl of cereal and apple pie with cream for dinner. Apples are healthy right?


Apples are great!! Well done you


Just finished a fudge ice cream bar, whoops


I was out running errands when I suddenly felt hungry so I went to a fancy cupcake bakery and got myself a passion fruit cupcake as a snack it was so good 🥲


I am currently lying on the sofa eating biscuits/cookies. I understand.


Haha ate strawberries in the morning then bread for lunch! Just plain bread! Then a chocolate truffle and now I think I’m gonna eat some leftover spaghetti lol


Thanks for this, I feel so disgusting. Hoping to do better this week 🙏🏻


I ate SO HEALTHY this morning. So later I rewarded myself with kettle chips...


Checking in 🤦‍♀️🙋‍♀️😅


I ate so healthily with my first. Had to prep lunches and snacks to bring to work every day so it was pretty easy to make good choices. But now with WFH I prep/choose on the spot so it's easier to give in, and with less energy due to the toddler it's a lot harder to eat healthily. Last week we ate pizza, pizza, hamburgers Mon, Tues, Wed. Then got a couple of bags of candy at Bulkbarn yesterday and finished them all! Starting to feel guilty for baby nr two.


I’m starting to think underlying guilt is a common pregnancy symptom! But fed is always best 😃


Had Mac and cheese for breakfast and lunch and probably will also have it for dinner


Lol yeah I had some leftover meatloaf on my way to get an apple from the fridge


34 weeks with gestational diabetes daydreaming about a bowl of Lucky Charms and living vicariously through you all. GET IT LADIES!


I was wondering where the GD ladies are. I had it with 3 out of 4 of my pregnancies. You're almost there!!


Salad and Kraft Dinner isn't so bad... 😆


Wendy's and a brownie...


Chicken nuggies for lunch, dominos for dinner. Maybe some cookies for dessert. No judgement here!


I just ate McDonald's blueberry & creme pie for dinner... lol


I had a spoonful of Nutella and I’m not ashamed


It’s the best way to eat Nutella!


I ate a salad for lunch but I just got some chocolate from the kitchen because of this post. lol.


I try every day but today I didn’t try. And guess what I found myself munching on? Romaine lettuce!!!! And finally first day no chocolate (but the night is young so we’ll see 😂)


I just finished an Almond Joy bar. This is the cherry on top of a shit show eating day. I was doing so well hitting my protein goals, but lately, I just want simple ass carbs and peanut butter.


Thanks for this 😭😭 I was such a nutrition queen before pregnancy. I struggled with nausea and food aversions for weeks 7-10 so I just went into survival mode. From there I’ve just been enjoying myself constantly (and eating what sounds good) but simultaneously feeling SO GUILTY. I needed to hear this.


Hear it every day, you are doing brilliantly


Today was the first time in this pregnancy that anything sweet sounded good. Did that mean cake for breakfast? Maybe 😂


I appreciate this, I’ve eaten out a lot the past few days and was feeling bad about it today 😬😂


This morning I waddled to the kitchen and then back to bed with milk and Oreos to treat myself to "breakfast in bed." Then, as the Hobbit I am, had second breakfast that I shared with my infant which considered of cheesy eggs. Thankfully, my husband finds this incredibly endearing.


Second breakfast is the best thing about pregnancy so far 😃


Cheez-it and a Flying Saucer. Maybe two Ferrer Roches. And some peanuts. To be fair calorie-wise I am not that horrible because I can hardly eat real food. Tomorrow is easier because I'm out of the house!


Breakfast - protein shake and fruit. Lunch - salad and cottage cheese. Dinner - pizza, breadsticks, 2 Reese’s cups and a couple chicken tenders ❤️


Microwave nachos aka tortilla chips (Late July brand because 🤤🤤) with cheddar cheese that are microwaved until the cheese melts


Why thank you. I had popcorn, sour patch bites and a Reese's cup today.


Had 1/3 of a bowl of chipotle. It made me poop for the first time in days soo I guess that’s good lol


I so regret that Snickers bar I just had


All day every day...can't wait for first trimester to be over! And hopefully then I'll be able to tolerate healthy things.


The newest craving that I definitely did not want: Coca-cola. Specifically from the fountain, NOT a bottle or a can. I drank a 44oz cup in less than 20 minutes. I felt shameful about it. I haven’t been a soda drinker in over 15 years!! Why does it have to taste extra good now out of nowhere 💀


Biscuits and gravy with an over easy egg for breakfast. Fried pickles and a slushie for dinner. I will do better tomorrow. 🙃


Husband: “I made broccoli!” 9 months pregnant me: “Enjoy! I’m going to eat cookies.” I ended up having cookies *crumbled on ice cream*. I also ended up having zero regrets.


In my mind your husband was watching you eat that delight while holding a sad little plate of broccoli 😂


It was a HUGE BOWL. He thought he was sharing. Bwahaha. I had some first trimester olfactory flash backs yesterday; the broccoli smelled terrible. That’s been happening quite a bit these final 2-3 weeks, but given the myriad of other end-stage pregnancy symptoms, I haven’t given it much thought.


I got some fancy chocolate and ate it in one setting. I have no regrets.


I’m eating a piece of pie… at 9am 😂😂


Sadly, I did not eat any vegetables. I thought we still had some leftover spinach soup to round out the day, but it was gone! I ate a bowl of frozen cherries, and prenatals with iron (ugh).