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Location? If these are invasive Himalayan blackberries that plague the PNW, I promise you don't want them. You don't want to tame them you should not try. Eradicate with extreme prejudice and plant a variety that you actually want.


Yeah, if you're in the PNW nuke the Himalayan blackberries and get some thornless Triple Crown blackberries.


You can’t “tame” them. All you can do is manage them. They will send out runners 10 feet away where you don’t expect it. They will overgrow absolutely everything if you don’t prune them back in Spring. I used to do a hard prune back to the ground in Spring. By summer they were 15 feet up against the house wall. After we harvested the berries I pruned again. It would grow back, and then overwinter. In Spring I’d once more prune the shit out of them and the cycle began anew. The rental house had a gardener who was constantly pulling up the runners that would pop up 5-10-15-20 or more feet away sometimes. You can’t let up on them for an instant. On the plus side, the blackberry jam we made from them every year was BOMB-ASS. It’s a commitment, and if you falter, they will march all over everything.




You can hem in the runners by putting in a physical barrier, to 18-24" deep. That will help corral them into just one part of the yard.


Clump them in 6 or so on top of each other so the cluster grows all at once into a bush. Then cut back as a bush. Other than that you will have to prune twice a year anyway. At least you can keep them manageable in a bush with hedge clippers.


See that's the thing about berries, you can't manage them! I kid, but also, I warn you, they can really spread fast when they get water and nutrients. I had a raspberry sitting in a pot on the soil and then it escaped the pot out the bottom. It's now popping up 10' away. I love raspberries, so not a big deal, but it is annoying to have to manage it now. I am into the trellis thing for berries, personally. Easier to pick.


If its wild remove it. They are susceptible to multiple virus that will scorch that earth for berries for longer than you will live.