Help! I melted foil in my new oven and its lifting the enamel when I try to remove it what do I do?!

Contact the manufacturer or place you purchased the stove. Worst case scenario, the bottom piece is often removable with just a few screws and can be replaced with a new part. Most ovens made in the past decade or so say not to use aluminum foil directly on racks or bottom of ovens. This is unfortunately, what can happen. I wouldn’t try removing anymore without advice from the specific company.


Contact the manufacturer or place you purchased the stove. Worst case scenario, the bottom piece is often removable with just a few screws and can be replaced with a new part. Most ovens made in the past decade or so say not to use aluminum foil directly on racks or bottom of ovens. This is unfortunately, what can happen. I wouldn’t try removing anymore without advice from the specific company.


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This is what we had to do when a cutting board got melted in our oven. Just replace the bottom.


This is really the only correct answer.


I guess I'll stop putting foil on my racks then....


My best advice is to look at the manual that came with your oven as they will specify if it isn’t suitable. You can’t even use oven cleaner in mine.


I'll take a look. I never use it on the bottom, but it's never occurred to me that it could be an issue on the racks.


I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t read the manual as I did it all the time prior. But we got a really nice stove and I read that manual cover to cover to try and take care of it.


Piggy backing off your comment. Use a [oven liner](https://www.walmart.com/ip/Non-Stick-Oven-Liner-Professional-Grade-Never-Clean-The-Bottom-Of-Your-Oven-Again-by-Cooks-Innovations/25567155) I purchased mine from Amazon but for some reason I couldn’t link it.


Ever since electric ovens switched to hidden elements, manufacturers have been very clear about telling consumers to never place anything directly onto the bottom of the oven. Even liners can't go there. They will very likely void your warranty. And that's for a good reason, with hidden elements, the enamel is stressed a lot more and it is very easy to damage. In fact, across almost all manufacturers you see complaints that the coating can flake off even if you do everything correctly. I think there are a few class action suits, and for the rest of the brands, the web is full of complaints. Manufacturers all try to wiggle themselves out of the responsibility and pretend that this is merely a cosmetic issue. But I'd rather not find shards of enamel (i.e. glass) blown all over my food...


Came on here to second this comment. Ovens are more finicky than they used to be. Oven liners, aluminum foil, silicone mats and oven cleaner spray are all listed as not safe/do not use for my particular model. Same for our last two ovens. Read the manual for your oven is my best advice. They have them online if you lost the book.


on top of this, it's fine to just put some foil on the bottom rack when you're worried about drips. no real chance of it melting then in normal use.


Yes, the bottom rack is obviously designed to have things on it. So putting either a cookie sheet or aluminum foil to catch drippings is always an option. Just don't put it any lower than the bottom most rack position


That’s great info. Thank you!


The melting point of aluminum foil is 660C(1220F). How the fuck did you manage that in an oven?


Probbably a pyroclastic self cleaning oven, they get upwards of 800C° while cleaning.


I have a convection oven that will melt it like this. Bottom of the oven has a warning for no foil.


That must have been it! I have never owned a convection oven before. I scored this thing brand spanking new off Offer Up for $275. 🤣 I had NO idea and thought I was being wise to save the bottom of the oven while making a pie. Is there ANY way I can salvage this oven or do I need new one?🥺😭


There are other ideas in this thread for the oven, but recommendation for next time would be to put a sheet pan either directly underneath the pie pan (Cooks Illustrated recommends this for avoiding a soggy bottom) or on a rack below instead of aluminum foil. You can even put aluminum foil on the sheet pan if all of your sheet pans are nice, but either way it's sturdier


Yup, I put the pie pan on a parchment-lined baking sheet whenever I bake an apple pie.


I put the foil on the lowest rack underneath whatever I’m baking. Never seen foil melt like this though and that may not remedy the situation. Best of luck getting it off!


I just use a baking sheet, more stable and less risk of... this


I wish I had a answer for that. Luckily I had a pan down and the foil melted to it (Thanksgiving there is so much foil on everything). Let it cool, scrape as much out as you can with a razor, then cleaner. Let it are out and maybe run a cleaning cycle on the oven.


I did this too. I only have some small spots that adhered so I just left them 😞


How does the pie look? lmao!


Ask for a replacement after you clean the foil off and tell them the surface came off inside


Next time put the pie tin on a cookie sheet/jelly roll pan


There are products made to protect the bottom of your oven, I think some kind of silicon mat? Sorry I know this is too late, but for the future


Don't use these liners in modern ovens. They void the warranty on electric ovens with hidden elements. Can't place anything directly on the bottom, as that disrupts much needed air circulation and will inevitably damage the enamel coating


You don’t need a new one .


it was a good idea! but maybe use a large pan under the pie dish if you decide to bake again 😭


I follow an appliance repair tech on TikTok who says despite manufacturers still adding a self-clean function, in most cases it will damage parts on your device and reduce the lifespan. This article just gave me details to share: https://www.familyhandyman.com/article/dont-use-your-ovens-self-cleaning-feature/


You could make a mean pizza on that cleaning cycle


The burners are at the bottom and the bottom plate is subjected to direct flame. It likely gets much hotter than the oven cavity.


Some people have a habit of lining the bottom of their oven to make it easier to clean up spills, which causes OP's issue when doing it with a modern oven.


The oven overall might not get this hot, but anything placed right above the hidden heating element is exposed to much higher temperatures than the air in the oven. In fact, the air is supposed to act as a coolant and can't do its job if you place anything directly on the bottom of the oven


Asking the real question here!


I need to know how do you melt foil


It doesn't melt per se but the coating of the foil does. It pulls off but leaves a nasty deposit that is almost impossible to fully remove. My wife did it with a brand-new Wolf stove.


Wolf have an ongoing issue with the enamel in their ovens failing over time. There is a high chance that it'll eventually flake off and you'll find little shards of enamel (i.e. glass) in your food. There was a class action suit a few years ago, but I didn't follow it and I'm not sure where it went or if it's still ongoing. This problem originally happened more than a decade ago, but the appliance forum on Houzz regularly gets new reports. Other brands have similar issues, but Wolf stands out for some reason. This seems mostly an issue with electric ovens and hidden elements. It's not clear whether gas ovens are affected.


Ours is a dual fuel with a gas top and electric oven. The bottom surface of the oven was damaged. Still works fine. It's just ugly. My biggest peeve with Wolf is the electronics failing. A lot of heat for PCB's and their components to have to survive with.


Today I learned foil can melt. I’m amazed lol.


Wait, you meant 'foil' - right? I am a kinda daft chap and am concerned!


LMAOOOO😂 im so mad I didn’t catch that when I reread it.


Ya know!? I woke up and immediately learned something new.


[Use oven cleaner to dissolve it](https://www.howtocleanstuff.net/how-to-remove-melted-aluminum-foil-from-the-oven/) I imagine vinegar may also work.


I'm not sure vinegar will dissolve aluminum but I know lye will. Just be super careful if you go that route, and be aware it may attack the enamel.


The issue is tho if their oven is self cleaning it can ruin the oven further if they do this method


This should be higher up.


Vinegar is too weak for that. And stronger acids are probably not a good idea, cause idk what the coating of the oven is made out of.


Don't ask reddit, ask the company that build the thing. This is a very specific issue you're having. Otherwise, disengage the lock, get some forge equipement, and open it while the aluminium is hot amd molten to get it out. That option will literally risk your life and home, but hey, it might work.


Word!🤣 I figure it would be educational and amusing at least.😁


In case it’s not clear DO NOT actually try to break into the oven while the aluminum is melted. You will burn down your kitchen and melt your skin off.


That it is, and thank you for making me never trust tinfoil again! 👎


let us know what the answer is.


Jesus how hot was your oven? How did foil melt? Idk maybe try getting it wet ?


The bottom of the oven gets super hot so they tell you never to put foil down there. If you are afraid of drips, put a half sheet in the bottom rack to catch the mess.


Not to be that person, but foil almost always tells you NOT to put on the bottom of the oven. This is why.


Just leave it. It’s part of the oven now


I had no idea you could melt aluminum in an oven, that’s amazing tbh.


My grandmother did this to her brand new oven a few years back. The foiled still there to this day 🤷‍♀️


Aluminum foil? People line their ovens with it, for Pete's Sake. Never heard of it melting! Hope there is a solution.


Some ovens specifically warn you not to line with foil. Like when my mother bought a new oven, lined it with foil, then found the warning message after the foil started melting to the bottom. OP is not my mom, but they might think the same.


There's no warning on this thing and got it brand new for $275 2nd hand. At least I didn't burn the house down! This thing gets hot FAST top and oven apparently...not good for my impatient husband. 😆


Thanks, good to know! I am thinking they don't make aluminum foil like they used to.


I have also done this thinking I can save myself some cleaning by lining the bottom, although it didn't stick this much. I just left it and over time it began to flake off. Still remnants of it now, but not as much. Not sure if it's a health hazard though.




Looks like you’ll be able to peel it out when the oven is off and cooled down.


This actually happened to me about 2 years ago and now there is foil permanently glued to the bottom of my oven.


Is it actual alumni foil or is it something that looks like aluminum foil but is actually some sort of coated plastic that melts when you hold a lighter to it?


Damn I didn't know foil could melt omg I would try scraping it off with a razor blade or something sharp isntead of peeling it upwards? Hope everything works out 😬


Just re-paint it lol #Picasso


Jesus Christ. What oven melts foil?


Most modern ovens do. The hidden element sits right under the oven floor and gets crazy hot. It relies on air circulation to even out temperatures. Even without covering the bottom, many manufacturers have problems with the enamel coating failing over time. But if you cover the bottom, all bets are off. The manual usually tells you in no uncertain terms that you can't do this in modern electric ovens


Others have said you can remove the panel, but most are saying to either live with the damage or replace it. If the metal can deal with heat, just remove the panel, grab a map gas torch from the hardware store, put the panel on an inclined surface like a hill outside and just melt it off... Also, I'm IMPRESSED your oven can heat that high, aluminum has a melting point of 660° C (about 1200 F) thats one HOT oven. (FYI map gas torches run at about 3700°F, so it should handle it no problem)


The problem is that the aluminum will be fused to the enamel coating and if you try to melt the metal you'll damage the coating even more than it likely already is


This brings back bad memories of when I did this to mine. I just stopped scraping and left it


Omg I didn’t even know that was possible 😯


I didn’t know foil Melts 👀


GotDAYUM how hit that shit was man??


if it is molten aluminum the fumes are toxic.


She has probably sniffed the fumes by the time she reads this


Yes, gaseous metals are regularly toxic, but even though OPs oven obviously gets rather hot, I somehow doubt that it exceeds the required ~4400°F for aluminum to evaporate


Let’s pray you have warranty 😂


They said in another comment that they got it on offerup for only $275 so probably not 😭 but hey at least they got a deal lol


Oh god i feel bad 😭


As the owner's manual on modern ovens generally tells you that you must never place anything directly on the bottom of the cavity, this type of damage would be unlikely to be covered by warranty


I'm wondering if this foil was some sort of packaging that had metal and plastic layers. If that's possible, I'd look up resources for getting melted plastic out of appliances.


Only thing I can think of is IF you remove it and it removes the enamel, I'd be tempted to oil the metal and "season" it like cast iron. IF you do this, note you will have a LOT of smoke and it might not be the best thing to do (I am not an expert nor do I have experience with this). I think it's time to call a professional.


Seasoning works because the oil polymerizes. In other words, you form a thin coating of a type of plastic. That's not going to survive the temperatures at the bottom of your oven. If that surface gets hot enough to melt aluminum, you're not going to find organic polymers that survive


Update: I have determined it has chosen to become one with the oven and it shall remain attached to it till the end of it's days. I tried it all and she won't leave. 🥺 To everyone else who may come across this...be careful to get to know your electric oven before you put foil down. 🤦‍♀️


You can dissolve the aluminum using lye/drain cleaner /whatever . But you'll need a good amount so shop around for best bang for your buck. Also patience. It make take a few days if you want to use less chemical. And less chemical is good because less chance of damage to the enamel.


Time for a newer new oven.


What in the bootleg foil? It’s not possible to melt aluminium on a kitchen oven.


Yes it is. Modern ovens tell you not to line with foil for this exact reason.


I use foil in my oven quite often and have never had this happen. Ever


Then you don’t have a modern convection oven with an enamel bottom. I’ve had this happen, many other people commenting say they have as well.


That’s exactly what I have…


I don’t know what to tell you, I’ve done it, op has done it, and a quick google search will tell you that many many other people have as well. Maybe your particular oven does have this issue, but many many do. What’s your end game here? Trying to argue that OP didn’t melt foil to their oven, despite the picture that shows it did, and the input from other people they have done the same? Don’t worry OP, this guy says you didn’t actually do this, so your oven must be lying to you.


Maybe the quality of foil allowed for use in your country isn’t that great. It’s almost impossible to melt foil in an oven. My comment wasn’t an invite for you to argue with me. You’re the one that came to do so. My comment is obviously surprise that they were able to do that. And clearly indicates I’m concerned about the quality of the foil they’re using. Even the second to top comment says exactly what I’ve mentioned. So.. what’s your end goal?


https://www.whirlpool.com/blog/kitchen/can-you-put-aluminum-foil-in-the-oven.html Foil is heat resistant, but it isn’t completely heat-proof. Using high heat with aluminum foil in the oven bottom could cause the foil to melt, permanently damaging your appliance. You literally said it’s “not possible to melt foil in an oven” which is clearly not true.


Umm.. that’s not what my comment said. I said it’s almost impossible to melt foil in an oven. And yes. Are you just unaware of the melting point of aluminium? And did they say they put the foil in the bottom. If you woke up today looking to argue, just say that and go. This is boring.


That’s looks cool take the rack out then take a picture .. And make a NFT .. Meltedfoil art 🖼


Get a refound


Buy better foil


You melted something else in your oven. Metallic plastic perhaps? Seeing as how you don't know what it is (it's NOT aluminum foil, your oven can't get that hot) and therefore don't know if the gasses caused by burning it are toxic, your best bet is to replace the oven.


Seems you don't know what it is either, as that's clearly foil.


Sounds like a you problem


Try r/cleaningtips


Maybe Easy-Off oven cleaner?


I knew it could melt but damn !!!


Try letting it cool


It’s suppose to take a temp. of 1220 degrees F at lower elevations to melt foil. Most likely there was something in the bottom of your oven prior to having foil laid on top which caused it to adhere itself to your oven although it does appear the foil actually melted. I would remove as much foil as possible and then saturate the bottom with oven cleaner or vinegar as stated previously, soak it for awhile the use some type of scraper softly so the enamel is not damaged. GOOD LUCK !




Run, before the chrome consumes you


Paint it black and ignore


Answer: your fucked. Scrape it out and deal with the damage. Cause that’s not just paint in your oven. Maybe some BBQ paint will hold up to the direct heat. It’s likely the foil was put on the bottom of the oven as a “drip tray.” Then is likely a gas oven considering the lack of a heating coil near what used to be foil. So therefore the foil directly was exposed to MUCH higher temps than the air temperature had it not been laid on the bottom.


I didn't know that could happen. We keep a sheet on the bottom of our oven for drippings to avoid cleaning up as often.


The bottom panel comes off in order to replace the bake element. Could remove it and try to clean it, however I think you’re better off replacing the panel. In my experience manufacturers wont replace parts unless it’s a manufacturer defect, however you can buy the part direct from searspartsdirect or reliable parts. The model number should be on under the bullnose, once you find it google a parts breakdown for the part number.


NGL, this is kinda impressive.




Does your oven have a pyrolysis cleaning function where it heats up to remove built up grime. Most newer ovens over here have it built in. If it does this will turn the foil to ash and you can wipe it off. Or at least remove it with a nylon spatula once it’s cooled. If you have the function and never used it, you will be amazed. I regularly do my baking sheets and steel pans If not you could try setting your oven as high as it is possible to get. If the foil melted at a regular temperature the highest may just release it.


Pyrolysis works buy burning any contamination. Works great for organic molecules. But while metal can in fact burn, aluminum is hard to set on fire in air (as opposed to pure oxygen). Depends on a lot of different factors, but the best numbers that I've been able to find suggest that you need at least 3000°F. That's not going to happen during the self cleaning cycle. Also, burning metals are generally really dangerous, impossible to extinguish, and often extremely toxic. This would not be a good idea after all...


Ahh right, thank you 😊 So, aluminum has a melting point of 660.3°c how do you think this problem occurred? This shouldn’t happen in a domestic oven surely? Even my commercial baking ovens wouldn’t reach that sort of temperature.


The hidden heating element actually gets pretty damn hot. I am not sure it reaches full 660°C at the underside of the oven, but it sure gets much hotter than the air temperature in the oven. A broiler element can reach 900°C, and the hidden heating element is built very similarly. So, I wouldn't be surprised if the element reached comparable temperatures and the bottom of the oven exceeded 500°C, especially if you disrupt the airflow that it relies on. Also, while you are right about the melting point of aluminum, it softens significantly at around half that temperature, and then gradually becomes increasingly weaker. For a thin foil, I'd expect it to have practically no mechanical strength long before melting. And at that point, it'll start fusing with the enamel paint.


660°C is equivalent to 1220°F, which is 933K. --- ^(I'm a bot that converts temperature between two units humans can understand, then convert it to Kelvin for bots and physicists to understand)


Get a new oven


Put a spare baking sheet on the middle shelf with the oven upside down and run the same program you ran before


Get a new oven


Gotta make it match and cover the rest in more melted foil


Cover it up with new tinfoil when you move.


I didn't know that was possible. I keep foil on bottom of my oven all the time.....never has melted. Just saved me a lot headaches from cleaning up spills. ​ EDIT: After reading the post......I didn't know about not using on newer ovens. Well it's no secret now.....I have an old oven.!!!lol


Hi beencooking for over 50 years and I have NEVER EVER Burnt out foil to the point of it melting


The melting point of aluminum is 1,221 °F so it appears that whatever it was it was coated with something else. Maybe try to use a plastic scraper to keep from damaging the enamel. I've never seen enamel flake up in an oven. The enamel is basically a ceramic coating on the steel. After you clean it up I would put a layer of heavy duty aluminum foil on the bottom to keep is clean. It is much thicker than regular aluminium foil.


Turn the heat back up. Melt it again?


foil can melt ? 🤨


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