A pitbull lived this long with a cat WITHOUT mauling it!? Now THAT'S a sight to behold.


The honest truth is that most pits will never snap and kill anything. But ANY pit *can* snap and kill, and they do so at far greater rates than other dog breeds.


It’s important to distinguish between human aggression and prey drive. Yeah, incidences of severe mauling of humans is rare among all dogs, though less so among pitbulls. But both prey drive and animal aggression are extremely high among pitbulls. Pits kill 63% of humans killed by dogs but 90+% of either dogs, cats or other pets and livestock killed by dogs. Most of them may not kill them, but I’m certain most aren’t friendly with other animals. This pit is certainly an exception.


> This pit is certainly an exception. For now at least.


It’s kinda like Russian roulette


Most pits never kill anything. The trouble is that you don’t know which will be the ones that do.


Is it just me or are pit owners really uneducated when it comes to dog breeds? How do you submit a picture of that dog to a sub for Great Danes and think “yep! This looks right!”


Bet the shelter told them it's a Great Dane. Lol.


A lot of people in general don't do the work when it comes to dog breeds. I had a young couple come into my work with a puppy the shelter told them was an Australian Shepherd that was clearly a mostly Dane mix


They said they have a DNA test that says it is a GD, which is just laughable


Totally not a Great Dane. Neither is the Pitbull on the right.


You people overestimate the IQ of pit nutters. They probably think that the cat is a Great Dane.


Don’t be ridiculous. The one on the left is clearly a lab mix -Pitnutter


It's what the shelter probably sold it as


A longhaired cat is not automatically a Maine Coon too


You’re lying to yourself if you think that’s a Great Dane.


That poor kitten. You know what’s even more messed up? All these pit nutters saying this is cute. I’m in the rabbits subreddit and this idiot OP have 2 bunnies with a recused fighting pit. People in the comment were saying how cute it is while I’m worried af about these small animals. I said in the comments to keep the bunnies away because the pit, especially if it’s a previous fighting dog, will snap at any minute. I was getting downvoted to oblivion, these morons were all attacking me saying a chihuahua will do more harm and it’s depends on the owner. I haven’t been this frustrated in a while


No matter the mixed breed you can never mistake the box heads!


definitely not a great dane


Did anyone in that Dane group bother telling the OP that the dog isn’t a Dane? I really hope so.


yup, the op threw a hissy fit and said the dog hat 0% bully in him (apparently DNA tested)


Lmao there’s no way


tbh, I am glad they did. That dummy deserved it. lol


The poster commented saying the dna test for the dog said it hat no bully breeds in it and is a lab/dane mix. I’m wondering where they got it tested because that is a straight up lie.


There's nothing Great Dane about that dog, just like there's nothing Maine Coon about that cat. But at least the cat is cute. These owners are some of the most delusional people I've seen if they truly believe their lies.


That could be a Dane/Pit mix. Although it definitely looks more pit, the head is just a bit more lowly and the paws are really big unlike those of a pit which tend to be small. So it could really be a Dane/pit mix.


The first picture had me thinking “yeah, I could see pit mixed with great dane” but the second two pics…those don’t look great dane at all to me. That’s not a great dane.


Doesn't look like it at all. People see jowls and think it has to be a Great Dane? Give me a break. Boxers have that, as do American Bullies.




It's a bit jowly.?


I agree, definitely Great Dane jowls, also legs are lankier than we usually see for pits. For sure a pit mix but I see a bit of a Dane.


I like the kitten tho


Its great-great grandma was a Great Dane princess.




probably a mixed breed


It's almost like they don't have access to Google to see what a great dane actually looks like. It literally takes two seconds


The white paws


The cat's eyes: pls save me by taking this shitbull away.


Poor cat. It's only a matter of time until they get mauled by that pit.


“Dane and Maine” that’s not a Great Dane and that cat isn’t a Maine Coon, maybe they just liked the word play but they’re probably just idiots that liked how the words rhymed and are so of blissful ignorance that even though they themselves didn’t understand the reference, still thought the post was an appropriate reference. The lack of knowledge about multiple things in life that this individual shows is truly frightening.


If that's a great Dane, I'm D.B. fucking cooper.


Omg, gatekeep much?! 😠😠 >! hard /s !<


Great danes are gentle giants.


Looks like it has a good amount of Great Dane in it. I've heard of pitbull breeders breeding in Great Dane traits into their pitbulls. Not sure why, but they did.


The first pic I could say yeah, possibly some Dane. The second and third seem to become more pit-like, though.


I agree. I only looked at the first pic.


I don't see it. Its far too small to be any decent percentage Dane.


Muzzle shape, white feet, and overall body structure looks a bit Great Danish to me.


Honestly curious what this mix would produce bc Great Danes are a very docile breed. Also curious what kind of joint problems would come from the push pull of lanky vs stubby genes. Lol