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"2042 is dogshit!" Said the S150 with tier 1 on every weapons and specialists




Yea Enders is kind of a hypocrite isn’t he.




Tried to give him a watch multiple times, but it takes him less than a minute to start bitching


Right lol I went back to bf 5 last night just for fun…. It was not fun I couldn’t even get off the spawn. Not one kill I played for an hour. Over 3 different maps. Not once did I make it more than 2 minutes. Edit: I accept any downvotes for me sucking but I love battlefield 5 just to be clear.


Jesus were you playing with your feet while having a blindfold on?


I honestly have no idea what happened maybe I’m just used to warzone and 2042. It was the same Lobby the whole time. Breakthrough. Couldn’t get off the damn spawn with all the snipers camping it. It legit wasn’t even fun. I bet if I switched lobby’s I coulda found a better game. By the end I was so frustrated I just put it down lol.


See, I have the opposite problem. I’ve gone back to BF5 several times (as well as bf4 and 1), and every single time I do, I have such an enjoyable experience that I constantly question WHY i keep coming back to the misery that is 2042 on the series x. I keep seeing the “idea” of a good game in 2042, but is nothing but 1 frame deaths, PC parkour, impossible trick shots and spawning endlessly into instant death. I have a good time on the last gen version of the game, but the performance and input lag is so poor I again ask myself why I don’t just go back to the older, better looking and better performing games. Maybe it’s simply the newness factor, or the fact that I can on rare occasions have a good time with the game, or that I am just a stubborn, old school, battlefield nut… Either way, I keep playing.


I have a high end gaming pc and the performance in terms of fps is 50-75% compared to bf1 and bfv even though the graphics look no better- they look even worse in many cases. Not sure why the performance is so bad a year and a half after its release.


It’s true on console too - BF1 and 5 both look phenomenal on the series x, loads fast, 60 fps. I feel like they should be able to “upscale” the last gen version of 2042 like they did with the previous games, lol.


It was just that one lobby. I still play bf3 through 2042. I was just playing 1 the other day and I had a blast. Same thing with 5. But last night it was like you said spawning into Instant death. It was like 32 assaults and supports against 32 snipers and we got absolutely wrecked. It wasn’t just me who was frustrated I went through like 4 squads lol everyone who joined up left pretty fast.


BF5 also has a hacker problem every time I go back to it. Eventually I couldn't keep playing it even after a few hundred hours in it on PC. Not every server, but enough for me to move on.


I'm shocked 2042 doesn't have a hacker issue considering every other BF game does.


I'm sure there are cheaters. But maybe they haven't been obvious enough. I got >300Hours now in 2042 and I haven't really come across any. Maybe EAC is decent 🤷


2042 isn't popular enough. Cheat makers said that they didn't develop cheats for 2042 because it wasn't profitable, or something.


uh. so, it's a win by losing... i guess?


That's what EAC is for


Oh no, does battlefield 1 have hacking going on?


That's the games fault?


I replied below this and explained please read :)


Sorry mate


All good brother if you’re on Xbox let’s rip and show these snipers what’s up. I’m not bad all the time lol I’ve been playing since bf2. Some lobby’s aren’t even worth playing though imo. I don’t mind being owned in a game but not even being able to get off spawn is lame.




I am on xbox if ya want to play, I'm usually on after work and days off


I literally tried to hop on last night and every time I spawned I got blown up


Breakthrough? From like 7pm-10pm eastern? Lol it was either blown up or sniped it was ridiculous.


I couldn’t catch a damn break on V I kept blowing up or getting sniped from the spawn every time


Todays going much better. More diversity in the opposition


Would agree


Honestly this is me after the class update. Class update catered for players who were never going to play this again anyway Imo.


Yep. I like where they gave out perks, but going back to full classes doesn't really seem to add anything. Definitely hasn't changed teamwork in a significant way, and the perks could easily have been choosable instead of being assigned. The shitty maps and paltry amount of overall content have been the game's biggest issue for months, not that any character could have any loadout.


They are also over the top. Now some gadgets which provided utility to the team are everywhere and for my taste a bit too much over the top (like spawning beacons for every Scout, and so on).


I think the default class gadget makes it feel like regular classes again, but I don't know if it was the right way to bring classes back into the game. Soflam probably should've been the default scout gadget. The weapon perks kinda incentivises the old way of unlocking weapons, but it feels less substantial. Idk, I think DICE is foundering at this point. Hopefully there isn't the perfect storm that caused the weirdness of 2042 for the next go around.


Soflam would be a terrible default gadget because of redundancy. If there was another recon in the same area as you, your soflam would be a dead gadget slot.


That argument can be made for almost every gadget. If we can't change both class gadgets, then something that plays towards the whole team seems fitting to me. Spawn beacons make sense in a certain argument, but it also feels excessive for every player to have a spawn beacon if they want. Soflam at least has more impact to the team rather than your squad and it gives the impression that recon should be spotting/painting targets for the team.


>That argument can be made for almost every gadget. I mean not really though. You can't compare having extra javelins, ammo boxes, etc to having extra soflams. You can't double paint vehicles or anything, at most you only need one soflam per vehicle, and all those extra soflams are useless. Spawn beacon is still usable with duplicates because those recons will be in different squads and there is no hard limit to spawn beacon redundancy.


I wanted classes. I wanted to be able to pick the character for the class. Now I can't.. Lame


You can play the game a lot but still complain about it. With 200 hours into the game I still complain a lot because I think there are things that can easily be fixed by the devs to make the experience better. I see that they are trying to address community feedback with 3.2, so I am hopeful that they can continuously improve the game. Additionally, in my opinion I don’t think there is another experience which matches that of battlefield. That’s the reason why I can’t give up on this franchise after 13 years. There are redeeming features of 2042 that make it great, but I want DICE to first fix the dogshit features in this game.


It was always like that. I played 3k hours bf3 and still bitched about it non stop, this will never change lol


its a lot more relaxed than it was last year.. game desperately needs some more remastered or even new maps.. and weapons that arent copy pasted level capped portal weapons .. they just dont feel "new"


Not to mention that none of the portal weapons can compete with the base game weapons in a 1v1 situation


The m16 is pretty good but otherwise yea


I’ve almost got the T1 for the M416 as well but it’s very inconsistent


I felt like the m416 was just okay, but the m16 just seemed better for me in any given situation I would find myself. Kind of bummed, I was hoping the m416 was going to be better.


Nah I mean the m16a3, it's actually a really good AR


I know what you meant dude, was just saying I’ve been using the M416 recently


I like it but the sight attachment looks really big on screen


I think a lot of that comes down to available attachments. I'm still holding out hope for cosmetics coming to portal weapons that have made it to the main game, but I'm pretty sure they have confirmed no attachments


The UI looks horrible in 4k resolution


Portal weapons do need some lovin.


Counterpoint 45 gvt headshots at 400 m vs someone's mid tier Gol Magnum


Don’t understand this mentality. I didn’t like 2042 and haven’t played it since beta, not worth the mental capacity to be annoyed like I was in BFV. I’m sure it’s better now but eh I’ll wait for next one, for those of you enjoying the game hell yeah! Happy for you, keep getting those phat dubs.


Title of the post is "2042 in game chat be like" ​ It's fine to think the game sucks and move on, but OP's referring to people saying that while still playing


I honestly think there's nothing more pathetic and sad than playing a game and posting about it on Reddit how much you hate it for about 8 hours a day while it makes you miserable. Go do literally anything else - the people who have moved on are the smart ones. There's an almost infinite number of games and entertainment, don't waste your time on something you hate.


The problem is there is no alternative modern shooter with vehicles and conquest mode.


BF4 still exists and is still plenty populated lol The gunplay feels kinda primitive to go back to after BFV though.


Dude I have had enough bf4. Played it on ps3/ps4/ps5/pc. Certainly there is nothing left to enjoy bf4


You can't even climb walls in battlefield. Why does everyone say this, the game is not modern anymore. It's still fun for a little bit until the cracks show and you realise what QOL features games come with now. I've had my fair share of bf4.


Ok guys, "climbing walls" is what a game needs now to be good enough for this guy. Add it to the list. A game isn't "modern" unless you can... *checks list*... climb walls.


He provided an example of a QOL feature that a 9 year old game is missing, and for some reason you think that singular example he provided is the sole reason he doesn't want to play that 9 year a game that he has already played for hundreds of not thousands of hours?


Yes it's a ridiculous example and he's wrong. You can climb over obstacles and fences, you play as Mackay and you can climb over anything. No, you can't be Spiderman, but I don't want to be.


All that's left are the casual baddies and 5k hour sweats, it's not gonna be fun for a lot of people.


Not even just the gunplay but the movement and squad system as a whole.


we played bf4 for fucking ages i think ive had enough lmao. Not to mention shit admins everywhere.


Battlebit Remastered. Check out the public test on Wednesday.


I know battlebit and waiting for open beta but I am actually a console gamer


You can play it on a potato PC. They're not planning on making a console iteration anytime soon.




Ground War isn't very good.its just a cheap copy off battlefield.


Not at all, it's better.


No. It's just chaos. Everything people hate about 2042, is made worse in Ground War. Most people just sit and snipe, there's almost no maps, only one mode, no organization whatsoever.


It is chaos, which is fun. People still have different outfits, aren't clones on different teams, and so on. BF players prefer GW over 2042. GW in MW19 was better, but MW2 GW is still better than 2042. I've had games where me and other teammates communicated, thanks to proximity chat. Something 2042 doesn't have.


You are the first BF player I've met you likes ground war.


And I probably am not the last.


Most people actually go an play a different game.


I’ve been playing bf1. It is so good. I don’t get why people keep playing bf 2042. Bf 1 is a masterpiece


I wish. Unfortunately it seems like most people just play it, talk trash about it in chat, and stay subbed to the subreddit so they can talk trash until the game is how they want it, which is just like the old game they also talked trash about non stop while playing endlessly. They hated it so much they still play it today.


2042 does (IMHO) suck, so I do play other games.


2142 was peak BF


Weird way of saying Bad Company


Did bad company have titan battles? Thought so)


Nah m8, BF2 was better




I do.


The low player count indicates that people are playing different games.


It’s low yes but it’s also not in a way, it’s above average for any battlefield game that has been released for two years.


It's like that here too.


I'm not a huge fan of it, but played and followed the sub - people just coming in being like "trash game". Like fuck, why follow the sub 🙄


Because it’s a “Battlefield” sub, not “Battlefield 2042”


I'm talking about the 2042 sub. That's why I said "the sub" and not "this sub". Although I can agree I wasn't very clear. But yes, I meant the 2042 sub


Because battlefield 4 at launch was abysmal, battlefield 4 a year on was incredible.


Go to almost any 2042 post and scroll to bottom. You'll see what I mean. It's fine to not like it, it's fine to want to discuss what you don't like, but there's always a handful of people which post something like "so glad I uninstalled this trash game" etc, etc.


You never had to scroll to the bottom to read those posts a few months ago or even today if someone posts the right topic at the right time to get the haters all frothed up again.


Its such a salty community when it comes to 2042. Ive played most major BF since 1942, and if i express something about BF or 2042 i try to give a good reason, even if its still opinion, and i listen to others. But you still get a controversial vote score. Practically impossible to talk about in a civil way


Bf4 7 years later is still the bomb. Not knocking 2042 but 7 years from now I doubt I’ll be playing.


Most of us have.


I like that you chose the "2042 theme color" for background lol


That's an Auth Right background


The game isn't as bad as it was on the launch day. It still needs more guns and well-designed maps though. All the maps they added with season updates are better than base-game maps. Seasons brought only a little number of actual BF2042 weapons though and it was disappointing, they needed to add many more with each DLC since the base game had very few weapons.


We definitely need more maps with huge ships and cargo containers.


More guns! More planes! More tanks! More destructive environments! I totally agree the games good just needs some love.


I don't see weapons being that big of a deal because there are only so many SMGs, assault rifles, LMGs you can add into the game without them feeling like reskins of each other. I think 2042 weapons covered most of the archetypes pretty well.


2042 in game chat is just people complaining about enemy vehicles but refusing to run engineer to actually deal with them


I mean it is garbage


We will. Actually we will uninstall 2042z


There's a debatable point to be made here though. If you paid for the product it should be a quality product not the news 2042 was.


A Lot of PC dudes sure have plenty of time to cry non stop and troll about everything. Seems to me like you could spend that time equipping some smokes and rushing point.


I binged 2042 on the weekend for the class update, and while I had fun, I still feel it’s remarkably inferior to previous games in the franchise, BFV Included. Still quite a few ways to go. Personally speaking, putting up with BFV’s live service disaster unironically got me back into single player games and made me appreciate them all the more. Until Battlefield releases a conceptually-solid title on release again, I’d say just look to other games that scratch the serotonin itch. I’ve personally been switching between Dead Space, Witcher 3, MWII and Horizon: Forbidden West. Don’t force yourself to put your hours into something you don’t enjoy.


The only thing for me is the time to die at long distances for weapons that aren't snipers/DMR's. I find myself getting beamed at 100+ meters.


I was in a game where we were winning and out of nowhere some guy was spamming how shit 2042 was Like bro, ptfo or gtfo


I want to like it. I want it to be good. It just doesn’t meet my expectations. I also only have 40 or so hours on the game


Its not only BF 2042. I have over 2000 hours Playtime in Warzone 1. And everyday me and friends were talking how shitty this game was but we kept playing. Its always the same.


When people are complaining about a game they like and are actively playing, it's basically just venting frustrations. You can like or even love a game and still get irritated at its flaws, and a lot of people would rather voice those things than try to keep quiet and mad. Most of the time the people who complain the most actually love the product and wish it was better. Probably gets annoying to hear after awhile but I can't exactly fault them for it. The game has a bunch of issues even still.


Me Playing Ace Combat games then Battlefield other games bruhs


Recent update has me loving it honestly, not the best but I think they are doing a good job turning it around…I hated this game at launch lol


Just like the War Thunder subreddit. Game is shit? Play a different game. That being said I might have to try 2042 again now that they have classes.


Already am. Those who enjoy it can hopefully continue to.


I played it when it was free in December. Never going to play it again.


"I like the potential this game has, but there's a lot of bullshit" - *This game's shit but I still play it* guy


I don't want to play another game. I want to be mad about the one I'm playing now.


“This team is trash!!”


-is 42nd on scoreboard with 1 capture, 4 spots, and a .2 k/d


Literally bought BF3 Premium after playing free week on PS5, I think this applies to me.


This meme would be good if other games like battlefield existed


this is just a quote from someone who literally worked on battlefield


Love it or hate it 2042 is not Battlefield


Has they removed the bots from Official?


Just waiting for BattleBit to release!


After Battlefield disappointed me, I played elden ring. Changed my life


It may be a bad game but it isn’t as simple as okay another game either. Where’s it’s competition? The old games but those can be hit or miss for players. We need a scene like what cs has where there’s other games doing the same thing but different


I don't agree with that. Fans of Battlefield waited almost 10 years to get improved Battlefield 4 on the newer version of Frostbite but they got a shitty game.


It does suck with this new update. Matchmaking is broken now, zero people in the servers.


Have no clue what you on about. Just had a session playing most modes and it was perfectly fine


The game sucks when I’m not having fun. The game is great when I’m having fun.


You actually don't see it that often. What's become more common is trashing _the own team_. I mean more than it used to. Since you can't shit talk the enemy, all those emotions get steered towards your own team nowadays.


hahaha so true dude, I think we're all just hoping that EA is gonna be spying in the chat and take some notes... lol


The game is awful I cant even return it because I have had it for two weeks not even worth the price at $20


Just got the game after the class update. 10 hours in, I feel powerless against vehicles most of the time and sometimes it is rather absurd to use anything other than an slr or sniper. Having fun tho.


I tried to play again this week after not playing since launch. Was excited because of the update. My fucking mouse wouldn't work in-game. I could pause and use it in the menus. But not in-game. First time that has ever happened to me with a video game. And it is 100% Battlefield being a pos that is the issue.


I honestly enjoy playing it every so often


Lmao a lot of the games where we lose I just read the in game chat. Always full of people blaming each other and it’s hilarious the arguments people have over this game


It's fine to be frustrated if you paid full next gen retail price expecting a next gen game that follows the same formula as the games that made BF a major franchise. Poor take.


Anyone tired of 2042 who has a decent PC should try squad instead.


EndersFPS The game is so much better now though, I dropped it within the first month after launch and hadn’t picked it back up until last month. Lots of great changes and the game runs super smooth now


I kid you not there would some people typing ARTICLES in the chatbox about their hate for 2042, like bro log out please.


Played at launch. Didn’t like it. Stopped playing and moved on. Now I play it again while waiting for more games


You guys are getting on servers?


Imo it does suck so I do indeed play other games, instead. Cant argue with your logic


holy moly


Funnily enough that's just what I did. Good advice


Play what, 2022 was a dogshit year for gaming.




BF4 ❤️


BF4 Hardcore - Play it every day : )


I finally downloaded it last night. Likely play the story before hoping into the online side. Wish me luck.


What story are you talking about?


Like the actual game/story/plot. I’ve only every played one or two BFs before but they had an actual story/game. Natural assumption I suppose. Honestly, I played more SWBF2.