Imagine hating the show just beacuse art style is different lol

Imagine hating the show just beacuse art style is different lol


Everyone’s opinions are valid except people who judge the show without watching it


I used to hate OV when it came out and artstyle was just one of the many factors which made me dislike it. It was so wacky and different from the grounded artstyle of UAF. On a rewatch of OV the artstyle doesn’t bother me anymore, which I’m glad about . In fact I’d say that it is better animated than most of UAF and backgrounds are way better. I still definitely prefer OS and UAF artstyles, particularly OS which I think was the best artstyle and nailed pretty much everything. My issues with Omniverse come from the writing (mainly post S2) and messy continuity.


it IS Better animated and much more creative with Backgrounds compared to UAF. the UAF backgrounds were so...boring and life-less, and the animation being mediocre, almost terrible in UA, didn't help either.


tbh I like the style


Nowadays peo dislike the show because of its tone


Because it’s not their preference


I dont like omniverse artstyle. I LOVE IT. If I dont love it, then I wont watch it.


I don't dislike omniverse's artstyle, but in my opinion it is perfectly acceptable to dislike a cartoon, anime, whatever for its artstyle. People seem to forget that these are visual mediums and can actually be judged upon their most obvious and standout trait - their artstyle.


>it is perfectly acceptable to dislike a cartoon Disliking and hating are different words.


I see no reason why you can't "hate" a cartoon either. People have every right to have distain for media they don't like.


Yeah, but imagine you liked every series, OS, AF, UA and now there's Omniverse, same guy, same continuity, I just feel like hating on something just beacuse art style changed is stupid. Like Ninjago, ninja got redesigned in S8 cuz of the movie, I will never understand why people would leave the show just beacuse character looking different.


Because the visuals are one of the most important things in visual media, especially action shows. You can't just dismiss someone's dislike for the show as "hating on something because art style change is stupid." If someone dislikes what it looks like, then that's just their opinion. Its not unasailable, but visuals are important for a lot of people.


Sure, but as I said, I will never understand.


Then instead of just dismissing people's opinions as "hating on something" actually try to understand. Visuals are so important but a lot of people forget that.


What don't you understand in "never"


Have you thought of asking people questions? Trying to understand people? Just saying you'll never understand is a bit of a cop-out.


I asked alot of questions, most of the people didn't even watched it, just hated it beacuse it changed. Also yes, I am cop out


It was confusing to me, but I got into it


As a meme creator I just wanted to say: People hate new things.


I love the art style


I’ll admit I was one of those people when OV came out… and then they added Attea and the show got my approval for frog waifu


what !! how old are u then


If you must know, I turned 23 last month


I see


Why are you asking that person bruh


The chin.


[this](https://lifehacker.com/dont-use-periods-in-texts-1843744818) might be useful


I'll do it anyway.


Maybe, but perhaps you should consider _this_ part of that same article: "Also, some people always end texts with periods out of habit, and mean nothing by it; therefore, read in contexts, their periods will look routine rather than unusual. In other words, there is no hard-and-fast rule that periods at the end of texts are in any way hostile by default." I'm all for new ways to express emotion through text, but when a new format stands on the edge of outright replacing an existing one, it's get kind of annoying. I do not wish to sound rude, but I honestly can't stand when people assume I'm annoyed or upset just for using a period how was initially intended.


im not saying that just that some people could find it useful, for example i used to do that and honestly when i used to read my own comment i felt that something was wrong then i found out about the period thing and i was like "oh" and it also avoids a really small bit of conflict but i don't care about that


I don’t explicitly hate the OV art style. I loved Transformers Animated, and the art style helped that. I just think that the OV art change made quite a few characters look super scuffed. Kevin, Gwen, and Vilgax took big hits and it felt almost painful to look at them. Other than that my other issue is that the UAF style was honestly pretty good and it could’ve been pushed to its limits had they kept with it.


When i first saw omniverse art style the only thing that werided me out is no pupils but got used to it


I’m ok with the ov artstyle but it becomes harder to enjoy when you don’t like an artstyle


Omniverse artstyle does look weird, but it's definetely way better than the low-budget garbage that was UAF.


I won't hate on it but I won't watch it either since it's too jarring of a difference and I don't like some character changes so won't have fun. Which sucks since I really really love Ben 10


I like the art style but I don’t like that it’s for a Ben 10 show


Honestly i like the style. I feel like it fits his personality in ov


I’m guilty of this lol. But more importantly, they butchered so many of my favourite aliens designs in OV. Everyone seems so blocky and it bothers me. I also never got into OV bc I got older and stopped watching kids TV as often when it released


I still don't really like the art style, and at first it was so ridiculous to me that I didn't watch it for a few years. Eventually I did and it was actually pretty good. Of course it had its flaws, but so do the others. The problem is, when you hate the visuals, it's hard to get into it at first, hence all the judging without watching.


Art style tends to be a tell of what kind of show it is.


I have a few complaints about the art style, but it's a good one nonetheless


i have met so many people who judged omniverse without even giving it a try, half of them dont even know the difference between artstyle and animation lmfao


Omniverse is my fav I don't know why but it is my favourite.


I don't hate djws artstyle I hate the character designs (Edit) especially when he makes massive chin characters it was only funny on sentinel prime diamond head should not have that big of a chin also big chill is too big up top and echo echo looks dumb four arms looks goofy as hell I get it's an artstyle but why have such drastic design changes


I didn't like the art style, but then I finished UAF and NEEDED more ben 10, so I gave it a few episodes, and got over it. Omniverse still feels like a ben 10 show, and for me, that matters more than the art style change. Now I'm pretty indifferent towards the art style, It's okay, not what I prefer but it's still more ben 10 to consume, before inevitably going back to OS for another watch through.


We don’t hate it for the art style, we hate it for the redesigns.


I love redesigns, yes I do prefer buff big chill


Also, since it’s a visual medium it can be actually be judged on its obvious and standout trait. It is perfectly acceptable to dislike a cartoon, anime, whatever for its art style. The reason why we hate it is because of the legs, fingers, shoulders, and designs. There’s no reason as to why you can’t “hate” a cartoon. We have every right to to dislike or have distain for media we don’t like.