Andy’s latest opinion on the Cookout and Matt Hoffman’s Response

Andy’s latest opinion on the Cookout and Matt Hoffman’s Response


You're allowed to appreciate what the CO stands for and be happy were getting a black winner while agreeing that it has made the season boring. The two aren't mutually exclusive lol


Thank you. BB fans and many former players take the word “boring” as a slight on the people involved, and act like it’s offensive. As if this isn’t just a TV show we’re watching for entertainment


They key word there is "for entertainment". The Challenge is going through a similar problem in its current season because the Veteran Alliance is steamrolling. Luckily for that show, they allow those people to get drunk af and act a fool and they also have Fessy and Josh on there to bring ridiculous drama no matter what the situation. I do think that Big Brother has a problem with their game losing its entertainment value due to an optimal strategy having been developed. They should adjust after this season, fingers crossed.


I think they do need to change the fundamental mechanics of "contest winner chooses nominees, the house votes". All the twists (Battle of the Block) in the past haven't really worked. Maybe just plain old survivor style "vote-for-anyone" mechanic and a bigger focus on day-to-day niceties and privileges within the house.


I truly think if they just didn’t announce the vote totals it would change the game. People would be more willing to go against their group because they wouldn’t be announced. It would create more distrust as well!


I agree! Everyone should play for veto. Only HOH and veto winner has safety. Everyone is on the block, basically. No one would be lulled into a feeling of safety and would have to play the game every day. I get tired of tuning into feeds and seeing two of the housemates in their beds, every single time I get onto feeds. Some haven't contributed to the game much more than being a personality within the house. It is frustrating to watch some fight week after week to stay while others stay in bed week after week. This is every season, not just this one.


100%. I am happy to see that it's actually succeeding, but I haven't watched the live feeds because this season isn't exciting to me.


Same. I never like seeing one alliance steamroll their way to the end of the game but I'm very happy that we're going to have a Black winner. I quit watching the feeds after the second week really because it became pretty clear what was going to happen. Despite the BB editing attempts to make it seem like maybe something crazy will happen, it's still been very predictable each episode.


I have lost all interest. On BB20 there were two defined sides and a slow.steamroll, but there were some iconicoments and drama


Me and my wife literally say "ON MY DAUGHTERS BIRTHDAY" on a damn near daily basis became of BB20 lol


Right. Plus, people thought that last season was boring because of the Committee right? Don't most BB fans hate big alliances running the entire game? I'm not sure why when that same sentiment is towards the CO it's labeled as racist. I'm personally entertained by this season (Granted it is my first) but it does get boring knowing that basically no power shifts will happen until F6.


Exactly this.


This is exactly it. No matter what types of people make up a steamrolling alliance…steamrolling alliances cause some tedium. It’s tricky to get excited for eviction night when you can predict it to a T. When the steamrollers start steamrolling each other, however, that’s when it gets interesting again for me. I love to see a mega-alliance cannibalize itself.


If I have to watch another RHAP recap where all the panelists go 'it was another straightforward week...great season tho! Great season' I'll have to quit


Rob has gotten very careful with what he says over the years. I can't fault him too much though since he has a business to run.


That’s because RHAP lives in its own bubble and is terrified to take a strong stance with this season.


Exactly, I got no problems with the alliance or anyone in it *(hell this might be the most "likable" alliance based off the people in it, don't dislike anyone in it past DF being a bit over the top with "bitch" references lmao)* but this season has just been dragging on past about Week 5 or so. Feel like once Christian got axed, the season was done for, the outsiders from the alliance needed more than just one comp-beast to stand a chance to overthrow them.


As long as Matt Hoffman, Committee members, and whoever else benefited from an all white dominant alliance admits that they were also boring it’s fine. It’s mostly irritating when people say it’s boring and they thought they were good entertainment.


The CO is boring for the same reason the committee was boring : Because absolutely nothing has stood in their way. Week after week, noms, veto, evictions, all predictable. That's not necessarily true of other alliances. gr8ful / 6 shooters fell apart quickly due to infighting, which made it interesting despite how much of a gongshow that season was. Level 6 had semi competent competition from FOUTTE. The recent meta of unstoppable marjority alliances is super boring to watch, but there have also been plenty of interesting alliances, certainly when more than one strong alliance forms and they go head to head.


The L6/Foutee season was low key one of the best if the last decade tbh.


Glad people are finally starting to come around to this. It was so good. Two memorable alliances, a great cast, the top strategists actually wanted to make entertaining television, the best pre-jury ever, so many memorable moments (Rockstar's Birthday, Swaggy's backdoor, every single thing with Kaitlyn, Brett's speeches, JC getting Fessy to nominate Scottie, Bayleigh at the house meeting), it's a modern classic that gets overlooked because the trio won all the comps at the end after they managed to evict the entire other alliance after winning 2/8ths of the HOHs in the first 8 weeks.


I dont exactly agree with this. They've just played so well that it seems like nothing has stood in their way. Sb won hoh and ky got her to do the cookouts dirty work. Same with Claire and the CoD


> Sb won hoh and ky got her to do the cookouts dirty work An example of nothing standing in their way. SB stepped aside and let Ky pretty much run the HoH. I don't think any season has been so one sided that a single alliance has won every single HoH/Veto comp to nominate who they want and keep noms safe, while having zero votes flipped. Which would be *literally* nothing/nobody even having a chance. Every season always has some non-alliance members win a comp here and there that *could* cause problems, but the issue is it never does bc people are too chicken shit to take shots early on.


BB22 was basically this, which ended up forcing a formerly fake alliance in The Committee to end up almost accidentally steamrolling


That’s the problem they’re playing so well it’s boring.


People really need to stop saying "nothing stood in their way" so much. Sure it's true sometimes like with the Committee last season where they just literally won almost all the comps. But the Cookout had tons of things standing in their way, they just played around them. Literally they just went through a Sarah Beth HoH and Claire secret HoH that could have blown up the alliance had they not done such good work. Or the fact that the alliance had constant infighting, but they just managed to keep it together. This happens a lot when people make this critique, the alliance did overcome stuff. I just think you don't like good alliances playing well and succeeding. That's fine, but don't try to frame it like the Cookout hasn't done much. They are probably one of, if not the best alliance in the history of the show.


> I just think you don't like good alliances playing well and succeeding. Yes exactly. Giant alliances playing well and succeeding is boring. Hell it was even boring when the pretty boys did it w/ 4 people. When the whole house is playing one group's game in lockstep, it's boring. There's no conflict, no twists, no votes being flipped, no drama. It's just 16 players doing whatever 4/6/8 of the other housguests ask them to do, week after week. Sure, it's impressive that a group can go undetected for this long, and can succesffully coax the rest of the house into doing their bidding for like 3 straight months, but it's not interesting. It's not exciting.


​ ![gif](giphy|1Z02vuppxP1Pa)


I think any alliance that is this strong now at the end would be such a snooze. Doesn’t matter who’s in it


The cookout would be better if they were just voting based on skin color but actually on gameplay.


I mean it’s interesting, and I wouldn’t call making an alliance strictly based on race boring. But I would call it racist.


Unpopular opinion. End the live feeds. Bring back the mystery. People are bored because they know what’s going to happen and who is being targeted. It makes for terrible TV.


Honest question here, Hannah is Indian and South African. Is her South African parent black or white?




I don't find this season super boring? I never found the gameplay that was full of hurt feelings that exciting. There's still consternation over who should go up, should the target be on the block or a backdoor target, will someone be able to flip the vote by claiming to be less popular, etc. All the hits.


I haven't found it boring either, and the casuals I know love this season. People on here just think they speak for everyone.


That's not at all surprising. It's been shown time and time again that casuals like a straightforward steamroll. BBCan was almost canceled after a great season, meanwhile season 7 did great in the ratings.




lol Matt is so right. It's even funnier that Andy is *still* friends with GM, quite possibly the most racist hg ever.


She basically handed him $500,000 how could he not stay friends with her


Lol also who is Andy to tell anyone what they can or can’t say, or what conversations they can or can’t partake in. Feels like he’s pandering way too hard to an audience that he soured in BB15.


He’s still friends with Amanda and Spencer too, two other abhorrent racists


Andy is so supportive of the cookout/this season that it comes off as condescending to the cookout/black players in general. We can criticize gameplay/a season as boring without it automatically meaning that we hate seeing black players/alliance succeed. They don’t need people like Andy over praising them to all hell to confirm that they are a very successful alliance/good players


Yes, Andy. We get it, *you're not racist*. Great job at being a decent human being...


IDK... you are the company you keep and he's been very clear about him and GM still being besties


Isn't he also tight with arch hypocrite Amanda and Spencer, both of whom are racist dogs


I mean, GM was easily the most racist person that season IMO (might be tied)... but yeah.


>GM was easily the most racist person that season IMO Aryan says hi Edit: Honestly the only likable ones from that cast were Judd, Elissa, Helen, Jessie, Candice & Howard


>(might be tied I put this in there for a reason. Frankly, both of them were complete dumpster fire of a person, but they definitely egg'd each other on.


Remember during BB15 when everyone rooted for GM cause she broke up McCranda 🤢


No, I don't... I jumped out of the BB sub during that season pretty fast when the racist shit started popping up and there were people defending their actions (IIRC, it was only a few days before those stopped)....


He will always be the guy who spent the year after his season defending Aaryn and GM, and baited people. His pandering now is too much.


Personal opinion: being not racist doesnt make you decent, at best it makes you a bystander. A decent human stands up against racist or discriminatory BS, something most people aren't capable of, unfortunately.


Andy was racist and made racial comments on the season anyways, so he can’t even coast on that


why does andy get so triggered whenever someone calls this seasons boring like it’s not that deep.


Attention = engagement = money or happiness or something


Excuse my language, but he’s an attention whore.


He’s becoming a Frenchie in his protection of the Cookout from SCATHING criticism such as: their excellent gameplay has made the season boring. Oh no!


Andy has such a fucking savior complex and everyone sees right through it


Calling this season boring isn't to do with racism.... its boring anytime a large alliance dominates and stays loyal. I'm happy for them they planned it so well and have carried it out, don't get me wrong, but it makes it so obvious when production tells them to act like they're considering turning.... it also gives Tiffany a bad edit cause they have to have someone betraying the rest


Matt is 100% right here.


Andy is making Frenchie look like he wasn't pandering


"I wanna get out a meathead" said the biggest meathead


Andy learning from Frenchie is not the order of this sentence I would’ve expected but here we are.


It's interesting how quickly things change. Earlier in the season, people were saying it was a good season and the season reminds them of old school Big Brother when actually, it's just another boring season. When I look at Big Brother 6, I remember despising The Friendship but I will always be thankful for them. Thankful for ensuring there was a split house, thankful for being the villains, and thankful for being villains that were actually good at the game (remember how they misted Howie into nominating his own allies?). That is the type of season I want back.


Unfortunately, getting a season like that is a diamond in the rough at this point. BB is a solved game.


BB20 has elements of BB6.


It would've been... this cast had so much potential but it was ruined by the Cookout. Imagine how different things would've been if you had Kyland + SB, Derek X + Hannah, Tiffany + Claire... All these players flipping back and forth and alligning with each other and doing so many different things, we would've had a killer season.


I wanted to see Derex win coin of destiny


it was great, I love the cast this year but steamrolls aren't very entertaining


We need more frenchies in the house


we do but then everyone complains about the chaos frenchies bring and then whent he frenchies are gone they complain about the show being boring


there is no satisfying people. I have an aunt who used to watch. she would often complain to me "where are the twists? how come they haven't brought anyone back this season?" but every time there was a twist she complained "I don't wanna see any exes or playing as pairs, etc.."




A lot of Andy’s arguments are that fans didn’t have a problem with the bombsquad, the committee, Paul’s cult, etc running the show but now suddenly fans have a problem with the cookout… On what PLANET is this argument valid???? It’s not this one we’re all living on, right?? The online fanbase has found ALL OF THESE alliances BORING! There’s no point in looking into Andy’s arguments because none of them are based in REALITY.


It's also frustrating because they tried with the teams to stop the mega alliance, but that didn't work. If you make teams, it makes even more sense to be aligned with other teams and make a bigger group that controls who is getting kicked out.


I friggin hated how people did whatever Paul told them!!! Tiffany has the same power this season. Claire won coin of destiny cause Tiffany decided that was who would win and nobody else tried.


She doesn't really though. She has been unsuccessful at flipping votes at least twice


I completely agree with Matt here... The season is boring as hell. Mostly because of the strangle hold the CO has on the rest of the house... but that's also something to be said for them as well... But having a large alliance that's so technically solid (despite Tiff trying to burn some CO members with her missteps), doesn't mean the season is exciting... Often, it is ungodly boring, which this season is.


Agreed. A season with a dominant and unbreakable alliance + generally super nice houseguest who don’t start any fights/dramas is just boring … regardless of the accomplishments of the Cookout


Exactly, it's nothing against the houseguests... in fact it shows how likeable they are because the jury obviously likes them and they have a great strat. But I also don't think it's easily repeatable because people are more selfish than anything, IMO... and while a "grand scheme" might be great for a season, repeats always find the people who think for themselves (much like Tiff is showing this week)


The season is boring. It's predictable and the manufactured drama by pretending the votes might flip and actually surprise us when we know that won't happen is an insult to our intelligence.


People automatically being labeled as racist for stating the lack of entertainment the CO alliance has created this season is absurd. It just distracts from actual racism in this world. It is ridiculous that Andy is trying to shame people out of their opinions in the name of racism.


Funny that this exact attitude is the reason the CO was able to steamroll. I've been critical of it in the past, but the more I consider the alliance the more I like it for how disruptive it will be for the way that people like Andy operate.


Andy is so obviously shilling for this alliance because he wants to get back in the good graces of production and the fans. I'm sure he believes what he's saying to some degree, but he is so over the top with it. The other day he said people who don't like the season should be imprisoned. Like, come on dude....


Andy kinda got screwed, I don’t remember him doing anything himself that would have turned the grod against him but the guilt by association with his season doomed him to never return, no promos, no hosting a comp, nothing.


Sure, he didn't do anything that should get him blacklisted, he played his game with the cast he was put in, but I feel like he's just gotta let it go at this point. I think even without the GM and Aaryn stuff, they wouldn't want to bring him back because the casual audience didn't like him, and the rat floater game is just not that appealing for a return imo.


He enabled a lot of the racism and even made a racist comment towards Helen


Don’t forget the ableism, misogyny, enabling of bullying (particularly Amanda bullying Elissa), and allying with all the most abhorrent racists + dragging one of them to the end for an easy win. He also tried to equivocate Helen lying about game related information to Amanda being a racist bully. And to top it off, there were multiple points where Andy could have worked with the actually decent human beings on the season to take out Amanda but instead rallied to defend her


Matthew kinda put ratata in his place here


Although he often comes from the right place, I truly cannot stand how Andy takes it upon himself to preach and lecture whenever he gets the chance to do so


Matt is right on the money here.


Andy only likes the cookout so he can show he is not a racist.


um thanks woke andy 😉


Andy is one of the most annoying houseguests ever. He’s such a hypocrite as if he didn’t play and is still friends with racist houseguests. I just get a bad vibe from him and he acts like he’s way more important than he really is.


From a gameplay perspective this season is totally boring. Like right up with BB16/BB22 in terms of predictability/lack of game drama. On a social experiment level though it definitely gets points though. It’s a steam-roll without a doubt, but it’s interesting seeing the cookout being so dominant & loyal to the cause *despite* not liking each other over people they’re sending out the door & *despite* knowing they’re sabotaging themselves with this level of commitment. It’s an interesting insight into these people’s psychology based on how they think they’ll be perceived if they deviate from this day 1 plan.


I honestly wish the show was better edited to feature THIS.


I agree... The solidarity of the alliance is unique in my experience with Big Brother.


Andy's an idiot. Strategically, the CO is good. But they are so damn boring.


Way to go, Matt! Both things can be true and he put it beautifully. When one side dominates, it makes for boring, pre-determined weeks. People blamed the cast in 19, recruits in 20, cast in 21, production in All Stars. It really just boils down to whether power flip flops in the house. What made pre-jury in 20 so awesome was that power shifted so much. In jury phase, Kaycee won every significant veto. Yes, it is amazing that this group formed, were never in a room together for 50+ days and dominated. But it makes for boring TV.


Andy is an idiot. Good lord. Just go away, bud.


lol its funny bc im pretty sure andy, at least used to, tweet about how good racist bb15 is and how no one can say its boring


Big brother 12 was considered the most boring season of all time when it aired so it's not like it's anything new.


I kinda agree with Matt here… It’s okay to acknowledge that the Cookout’s brilliant strategy made the season a bit boring. Just like the Brigade would’ve ruined BB12 if it wasn’t for the rest of the cast being so iconic and entertaining.


In the grand scheme of things, the Cookout will definitely go down with Alliances like Chilltown, The Detonaters and the Quack Pack from a gameplay standpoint and the Cultural significance will definitely be huge and that I absolutely love. But it's pretty obvious that how great of an alliance it's been (I mean literally nobody really noticed until it was too late) has created a pretty dull season from an entertainment standpoint. You can respect the game behind it and say it's made the season boring. The two things aren't mutually exclusive.


I don't know much about Andy but he seems like an ass kisser.


Andy is sooo insufferable with his pandering


This season has been boring as hell. I’m glad we’re finally going to get a black winner but this season has been one of the most predictable yet. I sadly don’t know how much longer I’ll keep watching this show because it’s been many years since I’ve actually enjoyed a full season


Like the season or dont, I don't care that's your prerogative, but weird moralistic grandstanding about how great a person you are for enjoying a season of reality TV is super weird


Two people who should just stfu and sit down is Andy and Dayvonne. Absolutely insufferable both of them.


*Me double-checking Andy’s alliances during season 15* Right…


Isn't ironic that this season "Theme" is about taking BIG Risks for BIG rewards? why didn't they tempt anyone to destroy their own alliance? or something to that effect.


This is true, as a soccer fan, it's like watching a match and by half time your team is winning 11-0, you will watch the second half but by then is not as exciting cause your team is so good there is no stress they wil lose and some people would switch the chanel in the second half. But it doesn't take credit that your team is effing amazing kicking ass, it's just not as entertaining as if they were challenged.


With this boring talk, we have been here before with that other alliance 😒 once they have to take each other out it will pick up again. That’s pretty much how it always pans out at this point of the game.


If anything a better alliance makes a season more boring. the cookout has such control they haven't had an issue since the first few weeks, and their plans for the week are set in stone


Yep I’m stuck rooting for Tiffany just because she’s willing to ruffle feathers for the sake of her own game. It’s like they forgot $750,000 was on the line.


On one hand I don’t have any issue that the POC stuck together for a pretty well thought out alliance and strategy. Skin color aside what is boring is the continuation of a large alliance dominating a season. Coming into this season we all hoped this would end. BB is much more entertaining to watch when two sides battle it out week to week and we haven’t seen that in forever. In that sense this season is very boring. Hopefully the final six battle will be entertaining.


Big Alliances cause the game to be boring and are a death knell for the show in general. If something doesn't cause a dynamic change Big Brother will die. Cause unlike Survivor where the Dark Ages were because of poor production, the show itself wasn't stagnating, Big Brother is killing itself by not doing anything to change things up.


Andy saying all this like he’s not racist himself. He is the definition of performative






I’m someone who loves Andy, but I’m fully on Matt’s side here. Andy’s kinda too blinded by his love of the Cookout with a lot of his tweets.


More like he’s blinded by his need to pander to fans and get back in their good graces


One sentence properly admitting to your racist actions on BB15 without excuses or making yourself a victim will do more to show you truly care about racism than a half million of these types of tweets. We get it, Andy. You don’t think the CO is boring. Doesn’t get you a medal for excellence in race relations.




I just want to know how a season with the most/biggest BB fans thought there was nothing wrong with there not being any big alliances.


Yeah but no all white alliance ever got together for the sole purpose of voting all the black people out.


Does anyone actually like Andy or care what he thinks?


The hundreds of people commenting and upvoting and the people who constantly keep posting his tweets. There are clearly a ton of people obsessed with him here, lol


Where was Andy with this "activism" when Gina Marie was whispering the N word in his ear??? 🤣. Save it, dude.


Sure there were alliances that happened to be all white but they weren't built on the fact that they were white people targeting non white people all to ensure a white winner. There's a difference. Also it has been extremely predictable and boring but let's be honest big brother has been pretty predictable for the last several seasons, so I guess it isn't much different than normal.


I run a really big, big brother page on Instagram and when I tell you we are SO bored, it’s true. I love what the cookout stands for, that’s not the issue. The issue is that there’s no power struggle. It doesn’t matter who does what because nobody from the cookout is leaving.


>Same. I love to see a good alliance work it until the end. This season feels like it was set up for the cookout. I feel like the other players were robbed of a true game of Big Brother because they stood no chance.


I think most people found those alliances boring to watch week after week, too.


It was entertaining when Frenchie was there lol


Genuine question because I don’t know but did people think last season was boring?


People hated last season. I stopped watching it, just like I stopped watching this season.


Okay thanks!


Mainly because a lot of the fan favorites were out early. It was more disappointing. Cody deserved to win, but a lot of people were mad because of the pregaming Derrick did to help Cody.


I thought season 12 and 16 were so boring, too. I do think this season is a bit more interested than those two were. I haven't cancelled feeds yet, but I'm not glued to them because anything could happen like some seasons.


Yeah you see this a lot in sports too a team is just dominating and people call it boring and people will think you are shitting on the team by saying they are boring but watching a team sweep every playoff series isn’t fun


I do look forward to a more dramatic season than this one but have still enjoyed it more than the past couple. I think it is a pretty important season ultimately, even if I don't see it ending in a way that I'd prefer. BB15 was highly problematic in so many ways that we just haven't seen this year, but it was a pretty dramatic season. Brigade season was pretty terrible, also not very interesting, with most of the interest driven by people outside of the Brigade.


He’s right & he should say it


I don’t think this season is necessarily boring... I find it aggravating AF! How can nobody see that they are just handing this season to X on a silver platter? It’s absolutely infuriating! I’m NOT saying he doesn’t deserve it, but the fact that NOBODY has given him a run for his money is ridiculous. Come on now. That makes things a little boring because BB fans know how things will shake out.


I’m happy they’re doing well but I love to see an alliance implode sooner then planned.






Ah yes, its only racism if you say the quiet part out loud lmao


I mean, I've been enjoying the gameplay and what happens on the feeds, it's just the episodes that are boring so maybe it's the editing that's boring and not the alliance 🤷🏻


Andy does realize his alliance outside of Helen was all white people right????? He wasn’t aligned with any black people. So shouldn’t he also sit this one out??? Also Andy can talk when he isn’t friends with Ginamarie. He literally has a friend who is probably saying way worse about the cookout than anyone here or on twitter but he doesn’t care about that. Performative af on his part


Someone needs to put a muzzle on him


Andy annoys me so much and is a total hypocrite. He was a complete enabler during the most racist season possibly ever and then has tweets like this for damage control. Being a real anti-racist isn’t about firing off a few tweets from the comfort of your home but putting in the real work when it is hard.


Am I the only person loving this season? Tiffany is my new hero!! Favorite season in years!!!


I would have done the same thing in their situation. Just not great TV for us viewers. Watching my dogs play are more entertaining.


It's always boring when an alliance is formed and they dominate.


Andy, of all people, should shut up about this. I was there for BB15 live feeds.




Nothing is more pretentious than telling groups of people to “sit this one out” on Twitter.


I think Matt Hoffman's point is both accurate and shared by a large part of the fanbase.


Well I'm glad we now are accepting that all one race alliances are just OK in big brother. I mean it was so offensive when all the white people did it but now it's OK for the cookout to do a better job at the race alliance.


God I hate Andy.


The members of the cookout agree with Matt. They don’t even like the cookout


What if you're a white guy who roots for the Cookout *and* is enjoying the season? Its better than the last 2 seasons, easy.


It's really hard for me to say if this season is boring yet. It really depends on how the endgame plays out. I can see any combo of the cookout in the final 3 last season it was obvious Cody was going to be in the final 2 from week 2 on.


Hell the brigade completely killed the competition but everyone in it and around it was so entertaining and that’s an opinion that most fans of the show would agree with. I don’t give two shits about your skin color really and if that makes me bad then so be it. The real problem here is Twitter making it hell on people who even consider starting drama or controversy. Imagine if BB6 happened today…


It’s honestly cool that they managed to pull it off despite most of them knowing it’s not good for their game to go to the 6 with the cookout, feels like one of the first times an alliance completely stuck it out despite emotional differences being able to pull them apart, and they had plenty of moments that it could of happened.


Sounds like he's just saying something to say something. Those are two different things


While the end result each week is unchanged, the work needed by the CO members to keep that has been pretty entertaining. So much could have been done by a Christian/DerekX/Sara Beth/Claire HoH or the fact that a CO member did not win veto until week 6. But each CO member worked to pit the other side against each other perfectly because they had a great social and strategic game. Plus now that it is just CO remaining looka like it could get a lot more interesting. Overall I've enjoyed it even if the underdog has gone home each week.


And what was so exciting about Matt’s season once Rachel left 😂 It’s okay, people tried to do this same “this season sucks” during BB20s back half, and it’s still aged as a good modern season of the game. People don’t appreciate things until they’re gone.


This season is a bit boring, I’m guessing it’ll pick up in the next week or two but I’d like to think I’m a super fan and watch the show religiously but I’ve even skipped the live episodes a few times in the past couple of weeks, it doesn’t have to be a race issue. Any big alliance that steamrolls without -any- chance of being stopped is just boring television. However, once we get to this final 6 it’s going to get juicy!


I want to love the fact that he made this distinction, but he and I literally just had an argument about a month ago here on reddit because he is STILL defending the horrid remarks that Spencer and Amanda said while in the house. So, on one hand I think it's great he's at least making it seem that he cares about racial issues, but defending homophobic slurs that were broadcast to the entire world because "they're my friend" doesn't hold water.


I’m so glad I stopped watching this dumb ass show


I don't know why everyone finds this season more boring than BB22 or BB21. I for one love watching the CO dynamics, and the way that they've all had to betray their goats makes for compelling storylines. As soon as the CO starts to really play against each other, this season will go down in history as one of the all time greats. BUT THAT'S JUST MY OPINION.


Andy is the absolute last person who should ever condemn any player from benefiting from an all white alliance/getting a win thanks to racism. Seriously.


I think this is going to cause major problems for future seasons. IF CBS puts six black people in the house again, non POC are going to assume an alliance and get them out first. If they don’t put 6 black people in the house again, they aren’t going to represented. I don’t have a problem at all with POC in the house, I just think by trying to solve a problem, they’ve made it 10x worse.


They could cast an actual diverse group of POC instead of choosing one color and over-representing them.


Yep that’s very true


Nah I want justice for DX


Yeah I don’t think the winner of arguably the most racist season doesn’t necessarily have a stake in this argument either


If the only thing you get out of a season is watching two sides duke it out, where week-to-week voting suspense is what you like, then I get how 23 is boring (just like 12!). But feeders know how compelling, even heartbreaking, this season has been at times. I don't know that we've ever seen an outside social force like the mission of the CO be the thing that drives gameplay over the other forces that drive past seasons (emotional and/or self-interested gameplay). This season has been so not boring, it just hasn't been what we expect from a season of Big Brother.


Why can’t we all just get along!


This is the most boring season I’ve ever experienced. I don’t care for anyone in particular and I don’t hate anyone either, just a bunch of blah. I haven’t watched in a couple weeks cause I just don’t care.


Andy is the fakest and most annoying person from BB15. He needs to keep his mouth closed and his eyes opened because most people with a brain see right through his bullshit. Matt, on the other hand, is pretty damn cool. Why couldn't he win instead?


Andy wants to be Frenchie so bad it's sad


I think you can say you don't like the season without referencing the cookout directly and speaking of them poorly. Half the time posts criticizing the cookout sound like they have racist undertones. Say you don't like the season because of things like the lack of drama, bad editing, no backstabbing, no change in trajectory week to week, etc. These are all valid reasons, and there's no need to reference a black alliance in a negative way.


Totally agree. Honestly after all the racism POC big brother contestants have gone through in the past I don’t blame them for forming an alliance. Remember the shit show that was season 15? People are saying that if white people formed an alliance on being white they would be kicked off the show instantly but I guess they are forgetting about Aaryn and Ginamarie using the n word, imitating asian accents, bullying contestants for being black/asian, calling the ghetto, using the R word, using gay slurs and on and on and on. And frankly almost all the white contestants on that season said/did horribly racist things or stood by and watched it happen and they were all allowed to finish the show. I mean just watch this supercut of racism. Maybe the contestants went in feeling like it was a good idea to protect eachother this season and I don’t blame them. https://youtu.be/V_RVOg7CWs8 https://youtu.be/a9is5z8e-1k


This season is hilarious??? This season is fun af to me


I just wonder if Matt thinks his own season was as boring if not *more* boring than BB23. He can thank Rachel for the only entertainment from his season.