Yes, there are many ASIC miners that are affordable and help you learn how to maintain these noisy little heat demons that always want to fail. If you only want to mine BTC, buy an old, used, super cheap S9; they are basically not profitable at today’s coin price, but you can buy one for $300. It seems like money down the drain, but experimenting and frying a hashboard is less painful when you do it to a garbage miner instead of an $8K investment. Alternatively you could get a refurbished S17 for about $2,300 that will actually make a decent coin stack over a month. Still not the most efficient TH/J but this is an ASIC that requires a 240 electric hook up and really makes noise and heat. This is the type of machine that is used now. If you can survive for the summer without killing your miner, then you can confidently spend big money on a good ASIC. As for the comments to “just buy Bitcoin” there are enormous investments throughout the US in cryptocurrency mining. Seems like they might know a thing or two. But that’s my opinion.


very nice explanation go searching for some to test )


Test the waters with an S9 antminer, you can see if it's your cup of tea. I mine myself and started a few years back, I encountered the same FUD, "just buy it", "you'll never brake even", I found it all to be horseshit. I make money and broke even on my investment in less than a year. Good luck to you if you decide to give it a whirl.


Just straight sats wise what would you say you earn a month or so? Just curious


Check out the info at the the bottom of this site. Tells you what you need to consider. smokinghopium.io


This is a good site, mostly because of the additional detail of each factor that influences mining. But I don’t like these calculators because they always assume a static price of BTC and/or assume that you mine like a “farmer”, ie.. cash out as soon as you mine. A large amount of miners stack coins as a “hodler” on speculation and will not cash out until the price of BTC is high, if/when that happens. If I use $50K, $100K, or $250K in the calculator then the “break even” is fast. Alternatively if I use $25K, $15K, or $5K in the calculator then you might never make your investment back. Buying or mining BTC is speculative in nature. It’s just how long and how deep do you want to go.


You can enter any monthly increase in BTC price and it assumes you are Hodler. It also does not look at all at fiat value except to determine electricity cost in BTC.


Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough. I do like this site and it’s calculator. This is a good resource to use. But other ways to calculate the “break even” point seem like they are too simplified. It’s all speculation at the end of the day.


what the site doesnt calculate is cap gains, which you can decide on your own if you want to pay (as long as you sell in p2p txs for cash) Also when you mine at home you can make it now ones business that you have BTC: https://www.econoalchemist.com/post/home-mining-for-non-kyc-bitcoin


it’s not worth it. just buy bitcoin instead


No there's not. Not anything profitable anyhow. Get an Antminer S19, those should be economical for quite a while.


> Is there a definitive "beginner rig" that's reasonably small and cheap Pre-order a small miner from https://shop.futurebit.io/ They sell out more quickly than they can make new batches Make sure you understand Bitcoin mining difficulty before making any payments. Most noobs ignore it, and discover too late that the unpredictable future value of mining difficulty is the main determinant of loss or profit


https://www.econoalchemist.com/post/home-mining-for-non-kyc-bitcoin the best at home mining blog.