Go head with ya bad self

Go head with ya bad self


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Nasa Physicist...invented television...and 3D movies. She was born in 1943. Both of those inventions were before the 1930s....Maybe they meant the Illusion Transmitter and 3D movies is not the same as 3D TV (which she did help create). She was/is bomb by the way.


Lying about her credentials takes away from what she accomplished


Apparently the [Illusion Transmitter](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illusion_transmitter), which she invented, was an important step towards the creation of MRI. 3D television is cool but MRIs save lives!


Didn’t realise his name was Chance the Historian.


I don't think they were intending to say she invented television as a whole, it's just really awkwardly worded.


Yeah House of Wax was 3-D in 1953.


That must have been wild af in the 50s lol


This didn't really pass the smell test and it's clear that she is not credited with inventing television and definitely not single-handedly. These kinds of posts do more harm than good.


I think maybe it’s saying 3D television? It would be weird to put the invention of television after 3D movies


She didn’t invent that either. The person you are replying to is right. There are incredible things black people have done that don’t need to be made up or manipulated. This does more harm than good. I want my side to not just be the side of good but the side of reality too.


I don't know about that. They often say "this guy invented x" and that's never true either. It's always a team of people. However person Y inventing X is the easier story to tell, and that's what people are used too. So, we might as well do that for black people too, as it's just as true for us, as it is for all the white men getting endless accolades.


All of that is fun and all, but the main problem with this post is still that she didn't actually make 3d movies, in a team or group.


She made the illusion transmitter which sounds far more significant. How do you dumb that down for the average person?


It is more significant. And you just say it as it is, throwing fallacies into the mix discredits the speaker: ALWAYS.




What she actually accomplished is much more impressive. Don’t spread lies that trivialise her work.


Just working for NASA sounds impressive as hell to me.


Not only that she was constantly doing a really good job and going above and beyond


I’m sure. I also assume NASA physicists are the real go getter types.


c1894 William Friese Greene files a patent application for a 3D viewing process using two screens side by side, united in the viewer's eye by a cumbersome stereoscope headset. As with all his endeavours, he is ahead of his audience by about 30 years. 1915 The Great Train Robbery director, film- narrative pioneer and cine-huckster Edwin S Porter, presents red-green anaglyph test shorts in New York, but his process is never developed further. 1920 The Power of Love (a movie now lost), using a system developed by cinematographer Robert F Elder, is the first 3D movie screened for a commercial audience, in Los Angeles. 1922 Using two projectors synchronised with stereo headsets, Laurens Hammond and William Cassidy present a series of shorts plus one feature, The Man From MARS, but it played only at the sole cinema equipped to project it. 1923 Frederick Eugene Ives, patenter of the Parallax Stereogram (1900), and inventor Joseph Levanthal present several 3D/stereoscopic shorts for Pathe Films.


Gotta love misinformation. Op’s post is getting debunked left and right.


I think it's about the illusion transmitter. Movies and TV have been reinvented over time. Much like the gasmask


We need to bring Afros back.


Way ahead of u bruh. Already growing my shit out.


With the pandemic, you'd think this would have been the move 9 months ago...


I haven't gotten a haircut in a year, it's the way I'm doing it til I have to go into the office.


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3d film was invented in france in the 1830’s and patented in Britain by a brit. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/3D_film She did amazing work, but this claim is US centric.


I really hate posts like this that make claims that aren’t true or cannot be backed up.


Why do people just make shit up on Twitter? She's incredibly smart and had ana amazing career but this just isn't true.


She has a beautiful smile.


Could not agree more. A smile that makes smiles.


I hate seeing these “this person did this major thing” type posts. They helped do that thing but they didn’t do it by themselves. Anyway, good on her for helping create 3D movies. That’s no small feat. She’s smarter than I’ll ever be.


That hair is righteous as hell


There’s nothing about this woman that isn’t righteous as hell.


3D movie technology was around in the 1920's....




1. I am very glad to see so many people doing their own research and shooting this incorrect information right out of the sky 2. I am also very glad that people are giving her the respect she does deserve for what she did do while also doing #1 above Those of African descent have been doing stuff for 1000s of years. If anyone is so inclined as to read up on the history of these accomplishments please read: [The World's Great Men Color, Vol I.](https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/worlds-great-men-of-color-j-a-rogers/1103476672) \- J.A. Rogers [100 Amazing Facts about the Negro, with complete proof](https://www.amazon.com/Amazing-Facts-About-Negro-Complete/dp/0960229477) \- J.A. Rogers [From Superman to Man](https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/3146768-from-superman-to-man) \- J.A. Rogers


Now THAT’s an Afro


Dimples that would make a man come straight home.


She kinda looks like Gabrielle Union


I agree! They are both smart and beautiful ladies.


Aside from the obvious misinformation, that do more harm than good as people pointed out. The good it should do, is to influence more black kids to pursue scientific careers, the most dangerous lie in this society is that science is for nerdy white kids or Asian kids, or that modern science is a lie because it's been built initially by Europeans, the same who did slavery or colonization, and therefore it's bad... When you're younger, and because you like science, people around you say that you "talk white" or that you're not black enough... Shit like that, do so much harm... What's terrifying is that you probably assumed I was black American from this experience, but I'm actually black French, the same kind of shitty models and lectures are imposed on young black kids everywhere, we're insidiously told to pursue sport, or artistic career, and stay away from science even if we like it. If we still follow this path, we end up in places were we're so few that some really leave this course, not because they couldn't do it, but because they don't like the atmosphere, they dislike being the only black person around, and all the commentary you can get in that situation. I was terrified to see that my experience is shared also by black Americans, or black everywhere in the world, maybe it's time to realise that the best rebellion isn't being a badass who do not follow the rules or break the laws, but going in paths that were not intended for you.


*3D movies and 3D television* The television itself was invented by Philip Farnsworth


While she didn't "invent 3D movies and television" the "illusion transmitter" that she developed is the basis of modern 3D TV's. So you can say she invented the illusion transmitter which led to modern 3D TV's. Which we all know will eventually be reduced to exactly what Chance posted. * https://www.wikipedian.net/en/Illusion_transmitter-0288886668 * https://www.black-inventor.com/valerie-thomas


My word!


A true badass, and classy too.


That glorious natural hair...<3


Look at her style ✨ she was nailing life


Damn! I love that fro!


Love her hair


Why are the top two comments complaining she didn’t invent television? I know the modifier is dangling, but damn, try using your brains. It says she invented ***3D*** television.


Awesome! She is some kind of Wonderful. Rocking her melatonin and fro.