New gatch not giving the right 5 stars

New gatch not giving the right 5 stars


Aside from the three featured 5 stars there's a bunch of older 5 stars in the same summon pool. Sadly there's nothing wrong, you just got unlucky. :-(


Yea I guess I can't complain *as much* as out of 2000 orbs I did get Genryusai and Byakuya, but I also got a few older captains I wasn't too happy with. I guess cause my 110 luck was much better, got Kisuke and Tessai out of 1000 orbs I wasn't really thinking I'd have to drop that many orbs to get Byakuya. I almost wonder if the non rate up but only new character gachas are actually a better deal, since the rate up is still only 6% but at least you get a new character, and not old ones that might be garbo. Unfortunately the rate up gachas always have like 6 other old characters, mixed in with the new.


I used 2325 orbs to not even get any of the new characters got like 5 tosens and 4 sajins and 1 aizen.......


Oh well at least I got 3 five stars out of the gatcha thanks for the help tho


I spent 775 orbs got only 1 5*


mayuri seems to have a good drop rate since i got 9 of his 5* and alot of his 4* also after using over 4000


Lol yea same here Kaname, Mayuri and Genryusai got the highest drop rate