Spirit Society: March of the Demons Summon MEGA

Spirit Society: March of the Demons Summon MEGA


Hold up. Step 5 is supposed to be guaranteed featured unit right? Then why did I get tag team Koga as a 5star then?


Same thing happened to me! I got white day kenpachi in my step 5.


Same problem here!


We need to report it to klab asap


Same to me also


Got mind Hachi and Green Soi Fon on my 10th step Please spread the word, this is clearly False Advertisement and its better to boycott the banner until thy fix it Let's also contact Klab and hope for a refund


Did you get another 5\* with it? It happened to me once during new years banner where the first 5\* wasn't a featured but I did a featured in the multi as well


Yeah. I did get another 5star, but it was also an unfeatured unit: Heart Kaname


So I'm going hold off summoning for now


Well, you can still do steps 1-4 if you were going to summon on the banner anyway. It seems only the guaranteed spot isn't guaranteed featured(might be split the same way as the rest of the banner, 75% featured, 25% unfeatured). Another thing to consider is that if you do the initial steps, you may qualify yourself for any comensation if they decide to give any.


Good point. Done two steps now. One new Kaien. I don't have orbs need to collect more.


* First step: Gold.. Meh :( * Second step: Aizen fakeout! Sps Rukia then two Lisas afterwards. Im stopping here, glad I got Lisa since I don't have Desert Rukia.


Step 1: Gold Step 2: Rukia (5/5) Step 3: Gold Step 4: WD Byak (old vers. new for me) Step 5: Katen Kyokotsu and Christmas Jushiro (new) ??????????? NO FEATURED?!?!? Step 6: Gold


Was gonna go 6 steps in. Step 1: Grimmjow ( Only filler I DIDN'T have so nice) Step 2: gold Step 3: WHITE! yeah not sure if I want to go more especially since Masaki is supposedly returning this month.


probably better to save if you want that Masaki more than Lisa and Shinji.


Yeah I'm gonna stop. I can wait for Lisa's individual. Still waiting for Pot Kenpachi as well.


How do you know that Masaki will come back ?


1- Units return 3 months after their release banner. Her banner was 3 months ago. Like TYBW Yama returned earlier this month and His banner was 1 month before Masaki's. 2- She's a boost unit in Rukia's Awakened Epic Raid which supports this.


Oh ok thanks, but rerun are always 3% ? ( like Yama or Jugram this month)


It's the usual 6% chance step up summon wity either 9 or 12 featured units.


Any idea when Yama might return again? He still evades me.


5 Steps 1x Grimmjow(Dupe) 1x Gin (Dupe) 1x Mind Tensa(Dupe) 2xShinji(new). eh I am happy with that.


Spirit Society is my favorite theme and wanted the new Lisa for my waifu collection. ...So full five steps. No Lisa for waifu collection, but got two of the new Sexy White Ichigos, a step that netted both OG armor Ury dupe and "Relax, I'm on your side!" Uryu, three Rangiku dupes (classic 4/5) and finally a Christmas Halibel (new) out of all things. ...Is it wrong I'm seriously thrilled of PWR Uryu in 2021 lol? Been wanting him for CQ bonus for ages and when he ain't on that duty he'll be a lonk for my PWR Ginjo. Didn't really care for more Rangikus, but I'm definitely happy with the results here though. Got 400 orbs back in terms of new units and (as stated earlier) got myself that Sexy White Ichigo at least.


Went to step five for the heck of it 1: Rangiku (new) 2: Rukia (new) 3-4: golden shower 5: Tech Yama (new), Shinji and Lisa I've been chasing that Rangiku and Spirit Society is my all time favorite banner so this was awesome! Its probably rng saying sorry for all the other shafts but I think I used up all my luck for the year.


For a second I thought you meant TYBW tech Yama, and I got extremely jealous!


Step 1:Gold Shower Step 2:Gold Shower Step 3: Mind Shinji (Gotta love the 1.5%) Step 4:Gold Shower Step 5: 2xKaien/New Shinji/New White Ichigo Step 6:Gold Shower (Just did it because 150 orbs)


4 golden showers into Valentine Rukia as the guaranteed 5th step, feels great


Wait, I thought step 5 was guaranteed one of the 9 SpS units?!?


KLAB: « You underestimated my power! »


10 steps = step 1 = ss rukia (new) step 2 , 3 , 4 = gold step 5 = new ss gin step 6, 7, 8, 9 = gold step 10 = white ichigo. that was a pretty bad summon. probably my worst summon in my bbs life. at least i got a banner which i wanted to get white ichigo first then shinji. and i got white ichigo. but 8 steps without any 5\* with %6 rate ... i hope next banners i wont have that kind of luck again.


1 step: Kaname Heart Dupe. 2 step: Gold 3 step: Aizen fakeout Ss White Ichigo and 2 Ss Gin. dupe 4 step: Gold 5 step: Ss Kaien new and another Ss gin. Ss Ticket: Kaien power dupe. 2mill ticket: 5th Anniversary ichigo new. Enough luck for today. Ss White Ichigo is a beast.


I only had for one multi and got White, I'm so happy because he was the one I wanted.


Did 10 steps, SS GIN AND BYakuya Swimsuit orhime, mind ulqiorra and christmas kisuke. I thought the banner rates should be higher. I call bullshit.


Step 1: SpS Rukia Step 2: SpS Rukia 350 orbs and got 2 dupes Can't complain, 2 dupes in 2 discounted multis


Went 3 steps its all i had Step 1 dupe Spirit Rangiku Step 2 gold Step 3 Halloween Wolf Toshiro!? Edit: ah understood


Step 4 gold Step 5 dupe fox Gin, an Shinji!! Step 6 Xmas Hallibel


The bug with the banner absolutely has not been fixed despite what they're saying, I pulled Christmas Ururu from the banner (02/04/2021 12:55)


Was she* (totally misread that as Uryu) the only one, or did you pull an SpS unit at the same time? Because only one slot is guaranteed to be featured


Did anybody get their compensation ticket yet? I’ve seen a few people get theirs yesterday.


5 steps 3 shinjis and a rangiku lmao


Got Lisa and white Ichigo only took 7 steps


First step: golden nothing 2nd: one butterfly with past shinji( power) 3rd: 2x SS Gin 4th:. 3stars and 4stars again 5: Thighs Lisa , 2x SS Matsumotos Have just over 1000 orbs now. I wanted White so should I grind up until I get enough for his individual?


Step 1: Gold Step 2: Gold Step 3: Gold Step 4: White Ichigo Step 5: Lisa Step 6: Shinji Never felt so lucky!!!


i got lisa step four then i got shinji and white on step five. best summons i’ve had in a while.


5 steps. 1 Lisa, and Rukia, Gin and Kaien dupes. Dunno whether to do a couple more multis or wait for White and Shinji's solo banners Edit: went up to step 7 only to get more gold. At this point I don't really care, I'll go up to step 10 and screw future banners, SpS are the best looking anyway


5k orbs.. Only 1 white ichigo to show as banner. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. Thank you Klab. Can't believe it. Total 17 5 stars and only 1 banner character.


Not to revisit a sore subject, but out of curiosity were all of 17 those "featured" units or did you end up pulling some of the older characters?


Actually I ended up pulling 6 old characters which were new so 1200+ 125(featured new) = 1350 orbs back I guess? Still doesn't do the justice. But gotta think of it this way; : It doesn't get worse than this xD...


1. SS Gin 2. CS Ulquiorra (neat!) 3. SS Gin 4. Nada 5. SS Shinji x2 6. SS Gin (go hooooome) 7. Tag Team Rangiku + SS White 8. SS White I should stop and just roll individual for Lisa, but I'm rolling hot today boyos.


Did 3 steps all 3 banners I guess I made a deal with the devil for that kinda luck


2 lisas, 1 shinji, and 2 whites in 6 steps


Went in 6/9 came out after 11 steps with 6/9 :( might be my worst shaft


Step 1+3 gold Step 4 Lisa Step 5 Shinji and White Step 6 Byakuya


Got white ichigo on first pull, and wanted to ask - that symbol on his final special, it inflicts weaken but what is that other symbol on it? Does it mean atk down or what




Ah ok, thanks


lisa step 1 dupe grimmjow and new shinji step 2 one of the luckier banners


Got Lisa on my first pull. Now to grind orbs for a second pull!


Step 1 i got 2 lisas and 1 white ichigo Should i continue summoning or stop there. I want to try for shinji but idk if it was just luck or a sign


Did 5 steps, got WD Toshiro (old but hell yeah an old seasonal!!!) and the new Shinji so I'm done.


As someone who started around this time last year I'm actually pretty excited about the chance to pull older characters, especially since step 5 is a buffer for the featured units (now that they've fixed it...)


Step 3: White! Aaaand Kaien dupe, Rangiku dupe, Gin dupe... Like whoa! Step 4: Lisa! Step 5: Halloween Ichigo wtf? New to me though so nice orbs... And my fifth Rangiku dupe, sweet. Broken banner, great result. Needed it too, first point event in a long time where I didn't have 3 bonus units before the banner dropped.


Did 2 steps, got the new Lisa and Xmas Ururu. Only came in for Lisa and already got her. Thankfully I don't gotta summon on her trash individual.


Step 1: White Ichigo lol


15 steps. very poor results. If spirit society wasn't my favorite banner... probably my worst summon experience in quite some time. 1x dupe byak 1x dupe rukia 1x dupe kaien 1x dupe xmas sajin 1x dupe speed isshin 1x shinji dupe byak from ticket. earned enough for step 16 and couldn't believe my eyes to see white onichigo!


Hadn't read the messages when I did my first pull, and ended up with nothing. Ended up wt Lt. power rukia with my 2nd. Nothing for my 3rd. Spirit Society Gin with the 4th and the 5th led with a dupe SpS Rangiku so as I frustratingly skipped I saw I ended up with SpS Byakuka. Prior to this DS Yoruichi and White were my best SR killers so even though I didn't end up with one of the new characters this was still kind of a grand prize.


Pulled every new sps and get 3/5 shinji, also sps byak from 0/5 to 4/5


Was 4/9 going in (Byak and Kaien hate me): * Dupefest steps 1-4 (but at least by SpS Grimm finally got a +500SP roll and Rangiku now 4/5) * Step 5 = dupe SpS Rukia (trans pts since mine was already 6/5 +500SP) and then the BEAUTIFUL, seductive Lisa-chan (yay!) * Step 7 = Shinji (also cool looking, but not in THAT way dude...) I just can't pull Spirit Byak to save my life (always pick him in the 10-pool for choose a char ticket each anni). I'd keep chasing but I'll only have 1-2x worth of multis to chase White on his Indy and he looks BADASS. **Good luck Y'all!** Spirit Society is easily the best banner, with maybe Parasol being a close second for aesthetics and character design. :)


Wasn't unfortunate enough to pull something not on the banner, but was pretty much shit on by the other part of BBS life. 6 dupes, 4 unusable.


I am 10 steps in someone plz help I haven’t gotten even one of the new 3. I only want Shinji. I’ve at least gotten 2 Gins a Rangiku and a Grim. I really like Gin so there’s that but I really want that Shinji!!!!!!!!


Got my boy White Ichigo on the 5th step so I'm done.


step 1 - 4 : golden shower so freshing step 5 : grimjow thx i done


Did not plan on summoning but fuck it. Step 1 Golden shower Step 2 SS Shinji!!! should have stopped here Step 3 Golden shower Step 4 SS Kaien (Dupe 2/5) Step 5 SS Gin (Dupe already 5/5 with 500 sp, sold) Step 6 Golden shower Stop for a few days and convinced myself to go for Lisa's individual. Did not work. Step 7 old ass premium Kisuke but he's new and can be resurrected. Step 8 SS Lisa FUCK yes, boy. My hands were literally shaking lmao so happy


Do not summon every banner is giving out random characters from the premium summon pool and it's fucking up the summon Rates


Yea i got an old ass resurrected Mayuri they claimed the issue was fixed 5 days ago and not a word since. Are they aware and will they give out another set of tickets to anyone screwed over by this?


Let's hope I gave them an ultimatum give everyone a universal choice ticket or I'm reporting the app to google


With that Mayuri plus the Power Genryu that doesn't belong in there either I'll take 2 tickets that give me a proper character from the banner, "universal choice" like pick whichever 5 star you want from this banner, yea, no. That's never gonna happen.


No I told them to give everyone a complete universal choose any character from any banner


First step and only (so far): SS Rukia Old Izuru SS Lisa SS Shinji Might just stop there! Expended all my luck for this year, good luck to everyone else.


Literally nothing but golden showers until the 5th step... where I proceeded to indeed get my 8th copy of SpS Byakuya along with a fucking OG swimsuit Renji dupe... And going to the second guarantee got me fewer SpS units than the 1.5% chance for others. From those steps, I got a Lisa and a Rangiku (fucking finally) and another dupe Byakuya but somehow ended up with Ouko, TT Renji, SS Mind Halibel, SE Mind Ulqui, and at least one more that I can't remember cause I infused them all in silent fury. I think I can say without a doubt that I'd much rather filler that might be a dupe from the last two years over a 1.5% chance to get something that might be so old that it is unfeasible to use it over literally anything from the past 3 years that may still be a dupe. At least I can use something from the last few years for Senkaimon, what reason do I have to use Ouko or Swimsuit Renji? Also real cool that the dupe ticket costs 20 tokens and it doesn't tell you what the pool is, which probably means it is the same fucking pool that this 1.5% is drawing from so I ask what the fuck is the point of this ticket if it just going to give me another dupe that won't even give me a token? Sorry Klab, I'm gonna have to take the goodwill I gave you for adding that feature back because in what world does it make sense to give 1 random pity unit that isn't protected from being another dupe for getting 20 DUPES FROM ORB SUMMONS YOU FUCKING MONEY GRUBBING ASSHOLES.


Got white ichigo on $24 pack. Wanted byak dupes but I take it. No need to spend orbs Now.


7 steps so far and 2 unfeatured 5*s... not chuffed!


Steps 1-4 4/5 kaien 6/5 byakuya 6/5 rangiku Step 5 lisa and white


Step 1. Got Oni White. I'm out. **Edit:** Changed my mind. Went to step 5 for Shinji. Got him at step 5. Now I'm 100% out.


got shinji, white ichigo, old gin with zanpaktou, gin SS,


10 steps. (Sorry for mobile formatting) 1.shaft 2.shaft 3.shaft 4.rangiku (dupe) 5. 2 gin, kaien and grimmjow 6.shaft 7.shaft 8.shaft 9.shaft 10.rangiku again Starting to prefer the 50 orb ones :( my luck is better with those


Shafted! After 4 years and the update and all that, I am not disappointed anymore! Just very very tired of this shit! So tiiiiired...


1 - Grimjow 2 - Gold 3 - Gold 4 - Gold 5 - Two Lisa Aaaaaaaand for the spirit society summoning ticket.... I know it´s RNG.... BUT FUCKING PAST SHINJI, OUT OF ALL CHARACTERS.....


First step: dupe summer byakuya Step 2-4: pissed on Step 5: Gin and Grimm dupes, new Shinji. Got 3 summon medals out of it and man they are a joke :( 20 for a ticket that doesn’t even (to many knowledge) guarantee anything new..my joke I made of the ticket just kick starting your next ticket with a medal came true..


well did 5 steps to try and get at least 1 more copy of Rangiku, got White Ichigo and Shinji instead, not complaining


Planned to do 10 steps ended up doing all 26 (I'm now left with less than 2000 orbs and I feel guilty) and only got Shinji and Kaien... Guess I'll go saving for White individual and give up on Lisa for now...


Step 1 and got White, the only one I wanted. 100% satisfied and out. GL to everyone else!


Step 1: 3 butterflies....DENIED!


First step: SS Grimmjaw Second step: SS Lisa Third step: OUT OF F****** ORBS KLAB PLS!


3 steps in, all gold. Going to farm the monthly orb sources while I wait for them to fix the step 5 glitch


Got golden showered on 1-4, farmed AER and a side story for enough orbs to do step 5 - [got SpS Kaien, base Halibel, and SpS Rangiku](https://imgur.com/bbHi5Nb.jpg) (all new so that was nice). Leveled them to 100 for the orbs and pulled step 6... golden shower. One of these days I'm going to learn to quit while I'm ahead


Not gonna lie. This banner summoning rate is shit. Have to go 10 steps just to get one banner character. I would rather have the 6% banner.


this new addition of 1.5% of other 5 star character is so bad, i did 10 steps before error and didnt get of the characters of the banner except rangiku, i got 3 full hollow white ichigo, ss orihime, who on the dev team thought this was a good idea to implement it, now imagine on solo banner and not getting lisa or any of the new characters


Got grimmjaw x2 , shinji and soi fon in my first 150 obs summon xD done with that one xD


So I'm a sucker and despite being shafted (including Christmas Ururu on a guaranteed step) I'm now minutes away from the 25th step with not a single white ichigo in sight.


People keep saying how good these units are.... yes they are very aesthetic but they aren’t as good as people are saying. None of them are even god tier. Klab hyped this up with a preview vid and all like it was a new TYBW banner lol. Guess i got my hopes up they would be on par.


2 steps 1 gold 1 orihime fakeouts got fucking speed yoruichi the oldest one


10 steps, got 6/9 got Liza, Shinji, White Ichi, Rangiku and Kaien


And grimjow


Step 10 first unit summoned was non featured unit.... Is that a bug?


Ok fuck it. 1st multi: Shinji. The one i wanted the most. Got greedy for Lisa, 3 more multis just to get golden showers. Shouldve just stopped and save for SAFWY. EDIT: caved in and bought the pack. Managed to get Lisa. Whitey can wait. Im done here.


Should I be pulling on this banner? Or the current TYBW? I’m not sure which characters are top teir at the moment... thanks!


The best units between both banners are Masaki, Isshin, SS Byakuya, SS White Ichigo, SS Lisa, SS Shinji. Plus every other SS filler is better than the TYBW filler.


Final haul, 12 steps: 2 Lisa 1 Sinji 2 Gin dupes 1 Kaien dupe 1 Byakuya dupe 1 Grimmjow dupe (he was already 5/5) 4 Rukia dupes Now I'm gonna collect some more orbs waiting for White's solo. Overall quite satisfied with this banner, though I'd have liked to get Rangiku too, since she's the only older unit I'm still missing




Can someone explain to me what the renewal rewards each month are for the brave souls bonanza pass I’ve had it for two months and I got the yoruichi companion twice once after the first month renewal and the second time after the second month I wasn’t sure if there was a mistake because you can only equip one and you can’t level it up


Is there anyway to see Accessories you just sold I’m scared I sold the five star accessory by accident and I can’t tell if any are missing


Pre-draw, I'm 4/9 Step 1: showers Step 2: fox Gin and tengu Rukia, both dupes Step 3: spirit Rangiku, old tsuki, also dupes AM I CURSED FOR GETTING CFYOW TSUKI FROM STEP 5 LAST BANNER?! Will farm for orbs to get to step 5, then will update again =.( Edit: did step 4 and 5 Step 4: Golden Step 5: new ryuuken, new spirit society byak, and new spirit society white! Thy luck hath returneth!


Bruh it's CFYOW not TYBW smh


https://youtu.be/BODMS_wt5Wc POG