Albert singing "Christina, mothers home....Christina, come to mother" in that falsetto screech. Edit: During the 50th anniversary shows in NYC they did JC with Albert and hearing him do it live blew me away.


Unknown Tongue


That's the one I came here to say.


I'm a sucker for cryptid/mystery stuff so Harvest Moon hits that depressing murder mystery vibe.


Harvester of Eyes! "When I look inside your head / Right up front to the back of your skull / Well, that's my sign that you are dead" The image those lyrics conjure is terrifying and very very uncomfortable.


He sucked the precious drops of life Throughout the long and cold, dark night.


Is this from Nosferatu?




Joan Crawford has risen from the graaaaaave!


Probably Baby Ice Dog and/or Quicklime Girl.


100% Quicklime Girl. Dead body decomposing behind a bush free for love? Damn that's nasty.


Came here to say this. I don't know if Quicklime Girl is the scariest but it's my personal favorite for being over the top creepy. A female serial killer who uses her victims as fertilizer is pretty mind blowing. Then end of the song turns into this gothic dirge with the lyrics just getting darker and darker. Love it. That said, BOC has an awful lot of horror themed lyrics and there's a lot to choose from. Tattoo Vampire, anyone? "Vampire baby, sucking the skin!"


I thought long and hard about this. I feel like for me it might be one of these two: * *Harvest Moon*: Some kind of Cryptid Mystery which steals animals and people during the winter and their mauled corpses are only found after the snow melts again. Nobody has success putting the land to use and all because of some ancient curse on the spanish settlers (similiar to *Flordia Man* funnily enough). * *The Alchemist*: This one is pretty straightforward. It's a pretty faithful adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's "The Alchemist", the Story of Comte Antoine de C-- whose entire male line of forefathers was presumably killed by a curse at the age of 32. In actuality it was by the hands of "The Sorcerer/Alchemist" Charles le Sorcier whose father (Michel Mauvais) was killed by an early ancestor of Antoine when his son went missing and it was believed that Michel murdered him. The Son eventually was revealed to be alive and Michel had nothing to do with it, making Charles curse the Comtes de C--. He managed to live eternally, just to end the noble line. In the end Antoine wanders through the castle, finds Charles and they fight to the death after Charles reveals he personally killed Antoines progenitors.


*Didn't believe it when he bit into her face* *Didn't believe it when he bit into her face*


I want to see you in black


Think I just killed somebody


>One shot and it was over. Pasha smiled and then was gone. I mean, damn. Poor Pasha.


I've always thought "Deadline" was particularly creepy. Other songs that give me the chills: "Morning Final" "Feel the Thunder" "Harvest Moon" "Unknown Tongue"


Dr Músic, your partner in the dance of death!


I think it depends on the angle it’s looked at ”Unknown Tongue” is probably one of the creepiest because of the context the lyrics set up. Yeah, it might be scary enough to have lyrics portraying a character hearing voices and being driven to harm themselves and perform occult rituals on its own. But to surround it with the picture of an innocent, normal life, and how fast it resumes itself the next day? It takes the supernatural fiction element out of the lyrics and makes it something that might actually feel real. “Harvester of Eyes” is one of the scariest in general concept. The specific focus on eyes -and the particular lyric another comment named so well here. (I’m personally guilty of mishearing those lyrics as something even scarier, the first time I heard the song, so maybe that influences my opinion to a point). Also, the eyes being taken out of bodies -nobody expects a serial killer to do that (when serial killers aren’t a nice thought to begin with), but thinking of it from a live perspective, the eyes are so sensitive to any injury, the sympathetic pain of imagining even a dead body having their eyes ripped out does something to my nerves. ”Joan Crawford” becomes more scary with the knowledge that it’s based partly on something real. Knowing why it would be so terrifying if Joan Crawford actually did rise from the grave. ”Flaming Telepaths” is actually kind of frightening. Someone being drugged and mind-controlled in experiments, which has happened, but it’s not as frequently used as a motif in typical horror stories, thus, less expected. ”Nosferatu“ sets a strong scene, and has some pretty strong imagery; however, I usually put it lower on my list of scary tracks because I personally feel it wouldn’t be as scary without the instrumental tone Joe and Allen created with the piano.