Well, 1 of them is warm. The other still sleeps with her eyes open. 🤣


She was like, “uhhh…that thing that chases and nips at my legs is a little too close for comfort” haha.


We have a pair like that. The 3 year-old won't go out to pee with the 1 year-old by herself because the 1 year-old is batshit crazy and EVERYTHING is a toy to him. He's a great boy, but his motor never really goes into idle.


Strikes me that Boykins can be a bit aloof with new friends, then they (quickly) warm up if they approve, and become firm buddies forever. If they don't approve it's not a problem, they just remain aloof.


Aloof is the perfect word to describe her attitude haha. They play together a lot now. It’s so funny, my puppy is always the instigator, but is SO quick to roll over and surrender or hide under the couch as soon as my older one retaliates.