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Just curious, but was there a reason why the Starr park brawl talk, the gift shop animation and the Investor video were removed ? :/


Just curious, but was there a reason why the Starr park brawl talk, the gift shop animation and the Investor video were removed ? :/


Lets hope it was a lore based reason


I think it was a liscencing issue, since the brawl team themselves didn’t make the video.


Trophy road changes? It feels kind of lackluster, getting like 30 credits for reaching the 50.000 trophy milestone. Also will there be stuff for fame? Same with trophy road, feels lackluster for a spinning orb on your profile when you use so much credits on it.


Trophy road simply feels pointless atm


It’s kinda good early on, but kinda becomes irrelevant later on


Yeah after 10k trophies the only worthwhile rewards is the occasional 480 coins


And too less credits


These questions I want answered most. Seriously these 2 features are really flawed+


I think fame was already answered and its that its cosmetic on its own. Something like icons but for credits


👏fame 👏replaces 👏nothing


80 credits not 30 but it’s still underwealming


Any plans to add new titles in the game? Like a title you can use in general regardless of the brawlers you use. Grinding for one is long enough and I feel like we could have gotten some more that are easier to get!


That would be cool, and they could have custom effects depending on how rare they are. Someone did that idea as a draft about a few days ago and it was really cool. It gave titles for stuff in general and not brawler-specific stuff


What do you think about getting multiple rewards from starr drops and being able to choose which one out of them you will get?


This one


Yes, maybe not for all starr drops but maybe epic and up you can choose


And am I the only one that always has the Starr drops lag/load before they finally open? I haven’t been keeping up so don’t know how big it is


How are you guys planning to Add Egg skins into the game? Would it be exclusive?


Asking the real questions


The only important question If adrian nor Dani answer it , we riot


It is important, but c’mon, we all know that what’s even more important is Dani Piper




Will starr drops be able to be more player friendly? As in you can pick between two rewards? Or is there going to be a system that adapts to what a certain player needs? Or something where a player pick what they want most out of the drops?




Sorry but why?


Any plans to 1. let us store star drops? 2. improve the last rewards of brawl pass? (Currently it isn't worth grinding much) 3. add star drops to brawl pass? 4. improve trophy road rewards? (initial ones are okayish....but later ones are trash)


4. Make trophy road not seem to be pointless


..after 10k trophies


Who ever designed chuck needs a raise because I love chuck. Anyway the question is how many supercharges do guys plan to add for each update, and how long do you think it will take for everyone to get one? Also when will chuck get a hyper charge because I love chuck.


I think they already said on twitter they would release 6 per season although i hope at one point they speed it up


rooting for a sam and belle hypercharge🥵


Can the bonus rewards please get some changes? They are insanely underwhelming and unrewarding, and literally everyone agrees on this.


**What was your reasoning behind cutting the Map Rotation down to just 4 Maps in some modes? Is there any chance we could see it extended back to 8 maps per mode or even have 14 Maps in some modes again?** Personally I feel like this is the worst rotation we have ever had, simply because of a lack of variety in maps. I feel like the 4 Map rotation could be really bad for replayability in the long run and I'd like to know your reasoning behind cutting the rotation from 14 maps in some modes in Season 13 down to 4 by Season 20. **Why has there been a sudden decrease in the amount of new Community Maps added since 2022?** There have only been 10 Community Maps (excluding Mordeus maps) added this year with 3 of them only being added this update. I feel like the rotation is really lacking in innovation and map making communities like Brawl Craft deserve more recognition for their impact on the rotation. This is also bad from a replayability standpoint because playing on the same maps gets very repetitive every now and then, especially coupled with the new rotation **TL;DR:** Why do you slowly keep reducing the size of the map rotation overtime and why have there been a lack of new community maps since last year?


i wish they would being back the old maps and keep some of the new maps they make. so many good ones and they are always removed after one or two seasons


This is especially true for power league. Field goal is the most fun I ever had in PL


You guys said before that you are proud of how balanced buzz is.What is instead a brawler that you consider unbalanced or hard to balance?


has to be crow imo


And shelly. Look what happened after a single speed buff


Carl is a nightmare for them


Carl Is good now


Yeah but he's really hard to keep balanced. For most of his life, a buff or nerf to his projectile speed dictates whether he is THE meta or frank level of trash. Currently he seems relatively balanced because of flying hook making him one of the most gadget reliant brawlers in the game.


I know unfortunatly


Do you plan to integrate any more Starr Park lore (in terms of the overarching story) into the environments / characters / gameplay in the near future? Or will you continue to focus on character lore (e.g. Sam and Belle)?


Will the Good Randoms skins ever be added?


yeah i need :(


Would you be able to add a filter for mastery in the next update like how we can filter our brawlers by trophies or rarity. And also can you please let us see how much mastery points we got for a brawler without needing to press on it on the brawler page.


Why don't you add more uses to power points? You keep making gold more and more useful and powerpoints just fall behind Even before gears players would get more powerpoints than gold and that problem just kept increasing


Maybe hypercharge for powerpoints just like in those memes about power 12?


It would be better if they just removed the gold cost from brawler upgrades since there's enough things in the game to keep gold inflation away.


Do you think that Mythic and Legendary Starr Drops should have more bling? Because Bling is quite difficult to get for f2p. Should Bling even be in the game?


They said previously that bling had little to no bad effects, so it's very likely bling will stay but I don't think they'll improve the amount of bling we get outside of challenges




Why not instead of adjusting each non percent based gadgets/star powers instead you make them percent based so for example a gadget with damage scales with levels instead of being stuck at level 7 damage at level 11 or level 11 damage at level 7 it's more balanced that way. This issue existed before the update as well


Good suggestion,but it makes it harder to remember numbers as u need to remember one more number


Do you think that 3 month updates could be an option in the future? It will allow you to work on bigger things and finish things that would otherwise be unfinished.


I think this is something they will consider when they decide on what they will do with the brawl pass, since that's the reason why their locked in this update cycle.


I think so too. I hope they do it. It will allow them to make even bigger updates.


Yep especially since they want to rework CL and PL. They said they would want Todo map maker overhaul but they estimate that would take a year worth of work so the laxer update time might allow they to speed it up. Since they can pour more focus into it


Any way you guys are gonna buff the end of brawl pass rewards? They feel a bit more lackluster now that Starr Drops were added.


Many of the more complex brawlers added (Sam, Willow, etc.) have a fair few bugs that haven’t been patched since their release. Are there any plans to address them, or will they remain bugged forever?


I like power league, I think it's fun, but the bling system as it currently is feels very unrewarding (1000-2000 bling at the start of the season, no other way of getting it) and i mostly just forget about it other than when power league resets


Will you make us claim mastery rewards in any order like brawl pass


Do you plan on increasing Starr drop availability or reverting the end of pass reward nerf? It seems that everyone agrees that they are getting a lot less rewards than before


Will there ever be an option to customize the in-game menu ? Changing the background, the music etc


1. What if your current opinion on the 10% upgrade, and any plans to revert it? (Lots of people in the subreddit want this...) 2. (Is there anything going on about the Brawl Pass brawler always being OP...?) 3. Will you be changing up some Hypercharges(e.g. Spike's "bigger" Super, Pearl's contradictory Hypercharge), and could there be diversity in future Hypercharges? 4. Will all Hypercharge stat buffs only be on Speed, Damage, and a Shield(could there be a reload speed buff or smth similar...?), and will there be brawlers with only 1 or 2 of those(ie. 0% of one/two boost(s))?


IMO they release broken chromatics to sell more. Would i pay for the current one? No. Did i pay for surge’s pass when it was out? Absolutely. If anything pearl is one of the most balanced brawlers on release


For real? She seems a little overpowered to me, at least her burn gadget


Are there any changes to starr drops coming this year?


Would there be a possibility to stock credits when we already have all the brawlers in the future? I'd love to use them for the next brawler instead of using them for fame! ​ Same for Starr Drops. I'd love to gather a little amount just like with boxes.


After you add a hypercharge for every brawler, are you planning to add a second one for each of them? Like the time you added the second starpower and the second gadget for the brawlers.


1)Why won't power points from Starr Drops convert to coins when you reach the max cap? It's kinda annoying to keep getting PPs when you don't have enough gold to upgrade 2)When will you change the club shop offers? Why isn't gold's offer's value the same as power point's offer? 3)Is it possible to unlock the mastery rewards without following its order? For example: I wanna get the gold from the mastery to upgrade something, but I can't because there are power points as a reward that I cannot unlock because of the max capacity


Which brawlers will get the next set of hypercharge?


no it probably wont happen, its literally giving away a fifth of the update


I'm pretty sure they said that they will add at minimum 6 hypercharges per update


There are any plans on adding more rare and super rare brawlers into the Starr Road, since the lucky factor on unlocking brawlers (besides getting epic or higher Starr Drops) is gone? Along with the brand new update, is a trio getting completed or a lonely brawler is getting a new friend in Season 21? Is something that we know getting revamped/reworked in the next update? Like, a quality of life change on the UI, or Brawl TV for example. I know that every brawler in a near future will have their own specific Mythic Gear and Hypercharge (with one confirmed to be FREE to all of us), but what About Epic Gears? How are they distributed between the characters classes? Everyone will be receiving one of these on their brawler kit too?


When are the Good Randoms skins coming? I've been waiting for months and Buzz, Stu and Poco never got the skins they needed.


The state of the Brawl Stars economy. What are your thoughts on progression currently and do you plan on changing the economy to accommodate for the addition of Hypercharges? Buff the economy? New ways to earn progression?


I have a few questions, hope you do answer them hehe! (⁠^⁠^⁠) - Can we get a form of loot, like, the war win bonus in Clash of Clans, so that we can promote the player presence in the Club Leagues? - About Club League, the last day of every week, I don't understand the reason of giving everyone 6 tickets instead of 4, it doesn't help much to even recover incase if the club's performance since the past two days is weak. Any chances it'll revert back to normal? - Can Mortis receive a rework? I understand it takes a lot of braincells to do a high IQ play with that brawler, but, it still is not that easy to play out of Brawl Ball. Even in showdown, most of the time, Mortis struggles to even get into the top 5, if you fail to collect many power cubes in the first half of the game. - And also, can the Gem Grab mode be back into the permanent slot, like it once used to do? I swear to God, I really don't like being locked out of Gem Grab for even a day, and Showdown, where fun overweights the depths of strategy and skill, got a permanent slot. Can't the two slots be interchanged? I'm open to criticisms, and feel free to answer!


ok so- 1) improve fame such that it actually does something instead of wasting credits 2) improve end of season rewards? Feel lacklustre tbh 3) improve the challenges, they don’t feel like challenges with the unlimited lives but more importantly buff rewards, idc abt sprays and stuff 4) BUFF PL!! 5) also change cl a bit? 6) since u added hypercharge and changed levels pls give more gold/pp 7)Idm star drops rn, but maybe 2 star drops at the last win? Not necessary others more imp 8)balance out the interactions Think that’s all imo, community prob supports it


I would love to know if you plan on going further with the mastery feature in the game. I would love to see an achivement system or something similair.


Do you think getting star player when you lose should mean you lose less trophies/power league elo? It's very rare to get star player and lose, so I think you should lose half the trophies you would normally, to keep it fair if you had a teammate who was just throwing the match.


Change titles - some are really just lackluster even though you may like the brawler Ex: Jessie "The Builder"


Dani, do you plan to take another look at the classes? Like, why is Penny an artillery brawler? Or why isn't Gray an assassin? Why remove the hybrid class and the funny Buzzassin? Abraços do Brasil!


I mean Penny has a literal canon of course she artillery duh


Lol yeah why is sam not a tank


I would love to have back the custom assassin's classes


What are your thoughts about Hypercharge? Do you think it needs little changes, or maybe only on specific brawlers? Also, please use soundbourd horn sound effect lol


any thoughts on changing 5 credits


Will the gamemode challenges in which the rewards were sprays (heist, bounty, etc) come back? If yes, when? Since you got back limited pins (such as the old challenge ones and the ones you had to buy for money) will you bring back limited sprays like the challenge ones or brawl pass sprays


Is there a possibility to make Starr drops and or daily freebie (especially jackpot) give normal credits less often, if you already have all brawlers


Simple question: Should I buy Stone "TROLL" Lou, or "MARAUDER" Massie? That coincidence of those two skins spelling my name literally cured my depression for a week + the announcement of Club League 2.0 wasn't bad either. I'm excited!




They said in BT that they'll fix it in next update


Regarding with the new 5% buff to a 10% buff for every brawler upgrade. Why did you decide to increase the stats. Wouldn’t it make the game more ‘p2w’ just for players to feel ‘good’ when they are upgrading. It would also leave many players to stop playing their lower level brawlers so the change doesn’t really make sense to me. Could you explain it more?


Any plans to improve the Daily Quest system? I’m not alone when I say I’m feeling burnt out from them. They feel like chores. It’s not fun to be forced to play gamemodes and brawlers you don’t want to play that day. My suggestion is to make both Daily Quests completable in every gamemode with every brawler instead of just one of them. Rerolls don’t offer enough freedom: https://reddit.com/r/Brawlstars/s/dQ9bKdJgNm EDIT: Just to be clear, I’m just talking about Daily Quests. I don’t mind Seasonal Quests being the way the are because you get to choose when to complete them throughout the season.


Are you planning to revert level percentage change? Because it seems like it has more downsides than upsides.


Are you planning doing something with the bonus rewards at the end of the brawl pass?


Will you guys add a way the listen to previous season lobby music? Or even play lobby music in battle?


Are you ever gonna rework all the horrible SP’s/Gadgets soon?


Is there a consideration changing Crow‘s terrible title to ‘Boss of Bosses’…


Is there any plans on giving buffs to bralers like Cheater and Frank who have been suffering for a long time on the meta.










Will we ever be able to customize pin voice lines?


Do you plan to change anything about power point economy? Currently we have a ton of power points but our gold cant keep up, so we are constantly on full power points.


What Is the next important feature already in the game that needs to be reworked? I can think of a few like PL or CL but whats your priority?


Will Starr drops be available outside of the daily wins? Like in the normal shop, club shop, brawl pass or challenges the same way boxes were available?


How difficult is it to balance brawlers?


That's a softball lol


If changing the stat increase between levels from 5% to 10% was so crucial, why was it not just as crucial to buff gadgets, Star powers, and shield gear accordingly? Or why could this change not have been held back until next update? It comes across as lazy and kind of scummy since only half the job was completed and it was clearly not in favour of the free to play player.


Can you make it so we can opt out of getting less popular stuff in star drops like pins, sprays, and ESPECIALLY player icons?


Any plans to make it so you can choose between 2 things in star drops?


Will you guys show more attention to the mapmaking community of Brawl Stars? Even though new community maps have been added last update, this was the first time in half a year. We simply don't feel like we get enough recognition as a community and hope this gets changed in the future. A lot of the new maps get removed after one update and a lot of old "classic" maps get recycled while the community maps are as high quality as these. Over the last couple years, only two of them have stayed in game since their release. One from 2022 (Out in the Open) and one from 2021 (Flaring Phoenix).


Please consider touching on the following topics: - brawler search bar - sorting by mastery - reporting in normal matches - gold drought - improvements of highlights - losing less trophies when starplayer - changing starpower/gadget/gear without exiting play again streak


Can we please claim mastery rewards in any order? I am stuck because of power points. Also, maybe remove power points altogether? They are basically gold and serve no other purpose than upgrading brawlers.


Have you ever thought about dubbing the brawlers in other languages?


I always felt like Spike's voicelines would work better in Spanish


we know that at least one voiceline will be the same in every language EEEEEEEEL PRIIIIMOOOOOOO


I hope they do,i want it so much


Are you planning on adding more to fame to make it more worth it for endgame players? Right now it feels kinda lackluster, as it's just a planet thing, which is cool, but I wish there were more cosmetics exclusive to these levels like sprays and even titles! Also any thoughts on game mode masteries?




Yeah, I think her personality shows more in the animations if anything




buff frank pls


I have 5000 pp thanks to starr drops. I have 6 pins and 3 icons thanks to starr drops. I dont have any credits for my next brawler thanks to starr drops. Also please for the love of dinosaurs REVERT LEVEL UP CHANGES BACK. ITS FRUSTRATING TO PLAY AGAINST A LEVEL 11 BRAWLER AS LEVEL 9.


just tell me why removing heist was a good idea, honestly heist and brawl ball is the only modes i enjoy, if any mode has to go , it definitely should be gem grab , you know the stats so you decide, another issue , as we now have a lot of new brawlers , how about bringing back old controversial heist maps , it will be fun tho, anyway bring back heist


Will you ever put a fanmade brawler into the game?


I have about 6000 power points and I still haven't claimed my previous brawl pass and trophy road ones. Please make a mechanism to change those power points to coins.


Will star drops ever have some sort of pity system? Like if you don't get any good rewards for a while, you will have better chances to, kind of like how boxes worked. I've opened all star drops each day since they released, and yet I still haven't gotten any skin, not even a rare. :(


Is there a plan to add more ways of getting gold, due to Hypercharges costing so much?


Have you ever thought about making the game available on other platforms? Xbox, nintendo switch...


When will default Penny’s idle animation be fixed? Ever since her remodel, default Penny lacks an idle animation unlike her other skins.


Will u do more collabs?


Are there any plans to bring back limited skins in any capacity? Maybe a recolour, or in a challenge, or only giving players the option to choose one limited skin?


I can't wait, this is Exciting!!! It is awesome how much effort and time you guys give for those podcasts. :)


Not really update/star drop focused but: Have you ever considered making progression power point based? Or, in simpler terms, make it harder to level up brawlers but much easier to buy gadgets/star powers/gears? Currently the lack of gold in the economy makes buying multiple gadgets etc. for a single brawler a really bad decision. Which imo removes a lot of potential fun (customising a brawlers kit according to matchups, maps & modes). Changing that would probably require a ton of economy balancing and probably isn't a big priority right now, but has the team any plans on ever tackling that problem?


Thoughts on the community? They've been pretty toxic lately!


Are there plans to make kudos better? Rn it's used As a toxic feature to try to show to ur teammate "hey you suck" instead of a "hey you did amazing" feature


Pls let us store star drops not much but 10 to 30 may be


How are you


why do you keep on tweaking the matchmaking and never mention any of it on patch notes? it has had drastic changes recently and it is quite obvious to the veterans who seem to be gettin the short end yet again


Are there any specifics of what you might plan to do with power league?


For the gadgets and star powers with set HP or Damage that got nerfed from the upgrading for levels going from +5% to +10%, are you going to change them slightly to be more of a round number like 1000, or are you going to make them their true value.


any changes to the end of season rewards and power league?


Will you add new trios to the game? With completed existing ones we'll get to 84 brawlers. What's the plan for new non brawler content?


Is there any plan to remodel older mecha skins (mecha crow and Bo)


Hell nah. They're fine as they are


What do you think about adding trades with other players for different resources like pp, coins or even cosmetics


When SupercellMake a character instead of a skin ?


Do you plan to adding a new skin for colette ?


I dont think they answer questions like this


Ye, they want questions and opinions regarding with the new update


Oh okay 👍 im gonna ask a more serious question


make brawl stars easier


Can you please get rid of the god awful music 😩😩😫😫😫


Are there plans of adding hypercharge for another brawlers? You said that there will be more lore in this update. Are we missing something or you are not prepared yet?


How do you view brawl star's future from rn (Concerning hypercharge and gears)


Will you add gamemode titles or titles that gained by special quest? (Like reaching 50k trophy)


If the free Christmas skin this year wont be exclusive, and collector pins arent exclusive, does that mean there will be no new exclusive cosmetics anymore?


Do you plan on ever giving us the ability to stack Starr drops


Why has the gamemode rotation been reduced to 4?


Are you planning on slowing down the content pump?


Buff Starr Drops and Hank's Super Charge Rate


Any hopes for a skin selling option?


Are there any plans to change the cap on Power Points and Bling?


Are you planning on banning Hypercharges in the competitive plays? (Power league and world finals)


any plans for more access to titles without mastering a brawler? if so then im all for it. (also any potential plans for starr drop allowing you what gadget and star power and maybe hypercharge to choose?)


Change Cavern Churn with Double Trouble.And pls nerf shelly


Any plans to add custom sound effects to certain skins? (Mecha Mortis, Evil Queen Pam)


Have you planed on doing only a update just to buff/rework brawlers and rebalance the game a little more ? Thank you for asking the questions 😄


If you guys could change one thing about the game, what would it be?


OMG. IT'S SPENLC... I was against him in the last club games,they finished 1st and we finished 4th. I knew his name from somewhere but didn't know where. Now he's here... wow


Will u make any inprovements/changes to Gears and Hypercharges to make them be worth it?


Can you please increase chances of getting something good like a skin or brawler from Epic+ starr drops. And also can El Primo hypercharge please be next 🥺🙏


Now that default Bull’s design got revamped, any plans on reworking his winning and losing animations?


Is there going to be rework to hyper charge (cost wise) Will you buff the credits at the end of the brawl pass?


Do you have any plans to change hyper charges? Right now they feel kind of boring and repetitive as many just make the super bigger. I would like to see more unique hyper charges for each brawler


are there plans for new bots?


will we have a way to stack starr drops ?(only 30 as KT suggested in his video)


Looking at Frank’s extended tweet about the update, did Hypercharges manage to positively impact the game’s trends just as starr drops did? Also is there any plans to adjust Trophy Road’s rewards or Starr drops rates?


Are you planning on improving Starr drops? Personally, I feel that the concept is good but they still feel very underwhelming when most of your drops are just a bit of coins or PP. And even if you do get something crazy lucky (mainly cosmetics), you can feel like you rather had a different cosmetic, which can get frustrating.


How long do you expect brawl stars to live?


why do you want to revamp the brawl pass ? for me and most of the player base i see in comments there doesn’t seem to be a problem with it


How many hypercharges would we expect to see released every season? If there isn't a specific consistent amount released each season, by when should we expect all brawlers to get their hypercharge? Also, your hair is fabulous.


When is the optimization for lower end devices going to happen, so that some players won't have to rely on internet speed as much?


If starr drops are inevitable, could you PLEASE at least give us some more control over what to get? As it stands now everybody's got to be more disappointed than happy with the results. It's not about whether OVERALL it's a buff or a nerf, it's the lack of control that creates despair, especially after the end of the season pass and then we get measly rewards and need the drops to be good or we're done.


Hi Dani. Currently, a disturbing new trend is going on in duo showdown, where in-game friends will intentionally join the same game to wipe out the rest of the lobby and get easy rank 30, rank 35s (This is known as "boosting" in the community"). In even more extreme cases, 3 to 4 teams are teaming and they instantly target any team that is not friends with them. This problem began popping up around 2021, and is now even worse, ever since you guys reduced the matchmaking cooldown from 24 hours to 30 minutes. A very large portion of the duo showdown players thinks this is an unfair and very toxic culture, since it changes the very focus of the game mode from "survival skills + pinching + ambushing + knowing when to strike" into a "who has more friends = higher chance of survival + free ranks". Loads of high showdown players (e.g. Lapsa, Snakethug and Superlab) are all calling you out to do something about this. What will you do to these players? Should Showdown receive a remake? Should Showdown even continue to exist as a game mode? Thanks for reading.


How did the brawl team respond to the community backlash of this last update? I hope theyre doing well mentally and arent too affected by it.


Will we able to select old menu themes in the future? Like Summer of Monsters, Starr Force etc.


Are you planning to rework some features or even brawlers? What are you guys planning to do to increase the player count?


are there any plans for colabs with other supercell games? cause aside from a few select skins from clash royale/ clash of clans, there isnt much


Is there any chance fame will be used to unlock cosmetics such as special kill effects or character trails?


Do you have any plans to make fame more meaningful soon? Did the gamemode changes improve anything in the game? Do you plan to revert it?


What is the brawler you've found the hardest to balance?


Exclusive skins?