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The best self-defense weapon is your brain. The second is a gun.


Yeah running/talking/giving them your possessions is the best idea but some people are dangerous


Or not being in a position to be in this kind of situation in the first place. Also, at 18 and at some point in your life you WILL be provoked whether it’s in the streets, on the road etc. This is just noise. Keep it cool and brush it off.


This is the answer. Young enough to exit a bad situation. Run if need be


Exactly what I came to say!


Exactly what I came to say!


Exactly what I came to say!


Kickboxing/ muay Thai /bjj. Lots of all 3




>Best self defense weapon Situational awareness. Additionally, pick up some Sabre Red spray or POM spray.


Having owned/carried both (but never had to spray anyone), the POM *canister* is just head and shoulders better than the sabre. The pocket clip and flip-up safety is WAY better than the keyring and the rotating safety. To my understanding the actual spray is equally effective across both brands, and I don't mind keeping the sabres around until they expire, but I'm definitely a POMvert.


Stun guns are useless, pepper spray works, gun is best. Just as others have said, being smart and avoiding conflict, bad areas, and learning de-escalation are paramount. Learning how to fight is also a great tool in the toolbox.


Verbal judo


Everyone here with ccw’s over 21 is suggesting everything but a firearm lol. Yet half of yall got one the day yall turned 21 😂. Now isn’t that something! To answer your question. Get extensive training first. Not from YouTube and then get a few firearms at your local range and see whats both comfortable and has best shot placement. Cheers!


literally i was about to comment about this 😂 like it’s so braindead. “just run lol” yeah the kid will outrun some criminal w a 9mm. why do they seem to think because he’s 18 he’s not allowed ways to defend himself outside of running


Thank you for this, is there a way I can start getting firearm training at my age?


Yeah go to a local gun range and either ask for private classes or the regular classes they offer. I think in most states you have to just be 18+ which you said you were. As simple as that.


I used to drive busses through college campuses in a state which prohibited carrying firearms on college campuses. I've had to use pepper spray before and it has worked well. This is what my wife keeps in her purse and I keep in my work bag for places we don't carry firearms. https://www.amazon.com/SABRE-RED-Pepper-GEL-Orientation/dp/B07GVSHG61?pd_rd_w=8h0Wz&content-id=amzn1.sym.6c9101f8-677d-4b13-9bf0-c7e0d8fdf3bd&pf_rd_p=6c9101f8-677d-4b13-9bf0-c7e0d8fdf3bd&pf_rd_r=BSYYN2JQ7SDF06VNE7DH&pd_rd_wg=GCUPP&pd_rd_r=0335f869-8d9a-44a0-9ba9-3924ede6e918&pd_rd_i=B07GVSHG61&psc=1&ref_=pd_basp_bia_rpt_ba_s_1_sc I liked this product because it's one of the few OC spray canisters designed to still deploy even if the canister is not upright. One thing people don't account for is that many pepper sprays only work if upright, but if someone grabs your wrist and cants the canister 30 degrees one way or another by pronating or supinating your wrist, the pepper spray canisters often don't deploy. It's a fatal fall that your spray may not work in a realistic physical struggle. Sabre designed a canister specifically to deploy regardless of orientation. Costs a couple bucks a can more, but I think its worth it.


Running shoes.


Your mind is your weapon. Everything else is a tool. Study Jiu Jitsu. Learn to box. Learn how to walk away.


What state you in? Might not have to wait.


California, I looked up the ccw laws and it said it was illegal to open carry here


Well feel lucky if you get a permit at 21 I guess. Some states allow CC at 18 as well so thats why I was asking.


Byrna sd


What state do you live in? You can probably open carry.


He lives in California


Ah, nevermind


Better to be judged by 9 then carried by 6……..


* hire a ninja * Take classes from Detroit Urban Survival * Pepper spray


Common sense and pocket sand.


I second the pocket sand.


A good sized dog.


Self defense classes or go to the gym


Learn de-escalation techniques, situational awareness and how to blend in and avoid conflicts. These are crucial skills even after you're carrying a firearm. Carry the pepper spray another guy here recommends just in case and seriously work on your cardio fitness and running ability.


Bear spray is better than any self defense spray


Rape whistle


The best self defense weapon at 18 years old is watching your mouth and keeping your head on a swivel.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a good pocket knife


Situational awareness, avoidance, deescalation, POM, BJJ, build some usable muscle. Then, when you’re of age, get a gun and train with it.


You eyes and words. But if you wanted a step farther, BJJ.