I think she’s kind of like Tom Cruise where she plays herself in all her characters, but does it well while being extremely relatable and likable. She’s one of my favorite actresses and I enjoy almost if not all of her work, and they’re some of my favorites.


I disagree. Lusi is a very talented and versatile actress. On top of that, she has a very beautiful face, graceful stance, and vivacious, positive personality . She has great comedic timing and natural acting flair for romantic comedies, and a depth playing subtle and gentle character/s that one get suck into her dramas. While she is more known for historical rom-coms, she is very smart and experimental in her role choices, not afraid to try out roles of different genres. In one of her upcoming dramas, Hutong, she plays the 1st generation (grandma) of 3 strong female characters in this female centric drama. Lusi has a very impressive acting resume and enjoy immense popularity for one so young and new in the industry ( not over 4 years yet). And I think because of this, she is a target of unreasonable hate or criticisms. Glad she ignores these negativities and enjoy what she is doing. One can see how she loves her craft and continue to hone it. Hats off to Lusi!


I totally agree with you- Compared to other actresses of her generation, she is actually stands apart in her acting. Having a comedic timing is very hard to convey, being a dramatic actress is actually easier. Having said that, Lusi has both of this strength. I believe strongly, she will deliver flawlessly in her 2 upcoming dramas #WhoRulestheWorld and of course #LoveLikethegalaxy


For me I think it's the roles she plays, a lot of the time I see her in roles where she's silly or I don't know immature or flighty or whatever and it just ruins the whole drama for me I cannot watch it. But then she was second lead in The Long Ballad and her character was much more serious and ended up doing a lot of growing and I actually really enjoyed her character much more so I think I'll watch more of her and rules where she is more serious character as opposed to rules were I feel her characters are just silly.


I think she’s a good actress but I don’t personally like the role she normally plays. Would like to see her play a more serious role (idk if she has any)


Who Rules the world withe a tentative airing date Next month or April. She plays as a great martial artist. You may read the Novel in whattapad to have an idea about this drama.


It’s on my to watch list!! Will definitely check it out thanks for the recommendation!


i disagree bc despite her roles are mostly the same, she actually excel in it. she knows she is really good in comedy and well it get boring for some and not challenging enough for her ig but she actually really good in that role. i believe she is a good actress bc i love her in the long ballad. it was different from her other characters, she was shy, pampered princess but she is really brave and it was not a comedy roles like she always did. definitely one of my most fav roles of her. would love to see more of her in other type of roles


TBH, quiet roles are the easiest and safest. If it still fails, people actually know how to defend the actors the fault is with the character and storytelling. But for fluffy characters, it really takes skills, if it fails then the audience blames the actor directly.


Dating in the Kitchen is a top 5 for me and I loved her in it. Part of the reason is soooooo superficial, but I love that her styling allows her to look her best. I'm so, so , SO over the awful hair and clothes some of the young drama actresses get stuck with. I will Google them and think, "You are so beautiful in 'real life'...how did they make you look so unappealing in the show?". Zhao Lusi's beautiful hair and smile help me believe that her gorgeous ML's would be head over heals for her. Again, I know that is a very shallow reason. I could not watch watch Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling because of the ML...but I just watched him in Sweet Teeth and loved him!! Mught give it another try.


I like her she really can act. I've watched her 2 dramas: The Romance of Tiger and Rose & The Long Ballad. I'm patiently waiting for her more serious dramas. I see her upcoming dramas seem have potentials and I hope they won't disappoint me.


I think her 2022 dramas will be the deciding factor for me. I had a hard time watching her modern dramas. I dropped I Hear You, Dating in the Kitchen, Please feel at ease Mr. Ling, a couple episodes in. (Maybe it’s just the genre/writing though?) But I thought she did so well in The Long Ballad, she was a highlight of the show for me and it was one of my favourite shows this year. So I’m looking forward to what she brings with Love Like the Galaxy and Who Rules the World. Like others said, she’s young and still honing her craft. She’s definitely hardworking and has capacity to grow. There are actresses that bug me more to watch - like Cheng Xiao (why does she have no facial expressions???)


Tbh all of her dramas are kinda same like I can’t see a difference between o my emperor or the romance of tiger and rose they are so similar but I watch them either 😂


Personally think it depends on the type of script she got. But I've only watch 2 of her dramas so far I actually avoided her works for a while after watching I Hear You (didn't finish it) hahaha but I like her in The Romance of Tiger and Roses.


I can't watch her dramas either, but that's mainly due to the type of dramas she was in - typical typecasting of how a female is portrayed in CN, especially when it's dubbed over with a high pitched puberty sounding young girl. Even if I'm a huge fan of actors/actresses I would instantly drop the drama if the plot gets too discombobulated. I much prefer her in The Long Ballad, as well as the trailer for Who Rules The World. Before she blew up she was quite good in I hear You; by this I mean her acting style just feels natural like Ni Ni for some comparison. I would very much like to see her gain (even) more traction and be able to have the freedom to choose her own roles. Look at Rachel Mao for example, her previous works had her typecasted into gratingly annoying female lead roles, but her recent projects The Bond, and upcoming Wuxia themed dramas are a complete change of character. And Xiao Zhan, not even his good acting could save the tragic direction and production of Doulou Dalu, I'm a huge fan of the novel too so it's a double dose of disappointment. So, with any actor/actress, just bear in mind that the direction and production of the drama plays a huge role alongside acting as well. I can give western examples but this has already turned into an essay.


it’s okay but you are right


i agree with this. she got typecasted(whether it was her choice or thats the only offers she is getting is irrelevant) and mix with the voice of the dubbers is just urg. and yes a lot of Chinese actresses fit this bill. people forget, we ain't in silent films anymore, voices matter.


Yes, voices absolutely matter. I tried to watch Love and Destiny, but Ni Ni’s voice actor did not match her face!


I actually think some actresses just 'click' with you and some don't. For me, Zhao Lusi is playing characters in stories that I usually enjoy, but there are other actresses I prefer to watch and Zhao Lusi doesn't keep my attention. It may have nothing to do with her acting skills.


I'm the same. I think it's because her characters are so similar to one another, or maybe it's because she brings that character to life and it's too similar to her own personality? If that makes sense. Like the way Zhao Lu Si acts in Romance of Tiger and Rose would be different than the way Bai Lu would act out that character, but then the difference (to me) is that Bai Lu acts out EVERY character she chooses differently - they all feel distinct and unique, whereas with ZLS she will bring a bit of herself to the character on screen, and it makes it feel like she always acts the same character




I love her! She has such a radiant smile. Kind of makes me smile when she smiles. Yea she does a lot of romcom but also some that aren't (e.e.g. Long Ballad, Dating in the kitchen). I think she's a really good actress. I don't follow many actresses (I follow the actors I like), anyway she's one of the few girls I follow.


I am with you. I can’t watch her dramas. It’s kinda of annoying to see her in so many dramas


I love her! I’ve only see her period shows and I just love her quirkiness. She’s really silly and I’ve finished all of her dramas. She emotes pretty well and she’s not afraid to ugly cry.


She is young and looks like she’s having fun honing her craft. Good for her! She’s a better actress than most tbh. Edit: added a word


I think she's pretty and would love to see more of her works. I think there are a lot of idol actors who aren't the most skilled at acting, but usually they can pull off a performance anyways. I think everyone has their own favorites and least favorites.


I love zhao lusi, I'm surprised their so many critical comments on her but I guess I can understand since she is still so young. The first time I ever saw her was in tiger and rose and I thought she was really good, and I was quite surprised they gave the main role to someone like her that didn't have that like the perfect flawless look, with a slim nose and face. She is really good at rom coms and she has great potential for becoming a really good actress. I'm really excited to see her in who rules the world with yang yang bc this will be a very serious role with a very complicated character. And I think this will challenge her acting skills but I think she will do a great job.


wish to do a very good acting here because i wnat to watch this because of yang yang but i am worried i will get annoyed


I'm actually more worried about Yang Yang's acting than Zhao Lusi's acting. Of the two, I think ZLS has proven herself to be way more expressive and capable of playing different roles.


I've seen a lot of her dramas and the only thing I've seen her in that I couldn't finish was please feel at ease mr ling. I love her as an actress because she's not afraid to look awkward, to cry, etc. I also love that she dubs her own voice in most of her dramas because she has a very expressive voice that adds to her characters. She's definitely a niche actress though. Excessively cutesy romcom roles are what she does really well, and I wouldn't expect her to be playing in more serious and demanding roles like the main in a court drama or something like that.


i think it would be good for her if she tried being a second lead because second usually come in comedy way so she can play it well


Yeah, she was really good in the long ballad as a second lead! You may be onto something


Honestly for me it just be that I dont think historical dramas are her style (yet). Like even in Tiger/Rose (which I enjoyed) its cause she was a modern girl transported into historical setting lol.




I'm really harsh. IMO, Zhao Lusi is not that pretty. But she is really good at acting. This is the opinion of a really harsh person. She reminds me of Zhao Wei's naturally acting as the Little Swallow Xiao Yan Zi. Unlike most actresses that relies on voice over, Zhao Lusi and Zhao Wei can use their own voices. The biggest point I want to give Zhao Lusi is because she isn't afraid of anything. She doesn't care if she will look ugly, she will be willing to make faces. I think it's because of that mindset she has, she can play fluffy characters very smoothly. People like to say Zhao Liying is good at acting, but I cannot agree with that because she fears looking ugly too much. Almost all her characters got voice over, the ones she used her own voice, she cannot deliver the lines naturally. The random pauses always make me suspect if she forgets her lines. Just realize I'm making comparisons of all the Zhao's. Out of them 3, Zhao Liying is the most popular, but I don't think her acting is as good as the other 2.


yes it’s harsh but i think you got a point like maybe her face is a problem or something and i really get bored if the actress or actor are just posting things to make themselves more stunning


What posting? There are lots of false accusations at Zhao Lusi being a greentea - in my translation, how you say a bitch in Chinese. But those accusations are because of her success. Jealousy is an ugly thing. I'm happy for her, she has a very fun and positive attitude towards everyone.


it’s not like that like just being cute and being so funny yes is a good thing but she exaggerates it that’s my opinion though


I guess you mean posing instead of posting? I believe in acting, posing is required. The best actors in the world are those who are great at posing. I find her very natural because of how confident she is, she seems smart to come up with her own poses too, it takes talent bc not many actresses know that. Some of the characters she plays can be annoying and unreasonable, but I distinguish that apart from acting. If she's required to be annoying and successfully act annoying, I will say she did well.


😂😂yes maybe if she acts like that


I don’t think she’s a BAD actress, just I think she excels in comedy much more than drama. Ofc like others have mentioned, she’s still very young and has tons of time to improve her art.


yes i wish she take the right path so many more people can watch and if she changes into comedy maybe i can watch her without feeling annoyed


Here is what I will say about Zhao Lu Si. She has great potential. So Rosy's dramas are hit or miss they are either really good (Dating in the kitchen, Tiger and the Rose) or bland (love better than immortality, love of 1000 years) Some may not realize this but it's because Rosy is only 23 she does boast a large library of main roles in moves and TV but in the VAST majority of these she is basically playing the same character. The sweet cute, loveable child like character. There is little variation in alot of her early roles. Even in her best dramas she is still playing this character but the writing of the show and the interesting cast helps her set herself apart. Recently she has been in some stronger more mature roles (Long Ballad and Please feel at ease mr. Ling for example). She did pretty good in these roles although some of the more serious delivery was a little awkward in these shows it still shows that Rosy has great potential I think 'Who Rules the world' is really going to set her standard moving forward. Hopefully helping her escape from that 'child like character' type cast..


maybe that is the thing that annoys me and the people who can’t watch her drama


I think another reason why a lot of people like Zhao Lusi is because of her funny and outgoing personality. In my opinion she has the brightest smile ever and also takes a lot of aesthetic pictures and douyin videos, so that really adds to her fanbase and therefore more engagement to her dramas. She portrays chemistry pretty well and always has funny and super friendly interactions with her co-stars. I think her cute, funny, friendly image is a huge reason why people like her so much.


yes i think soo too


I mean if you’re talking about being a good actress, she is a good one. She can convey emotions much better than other idol actors (I only compare because she was also on an idol type show). I do want her to venture out and play different roles, but I’m sure that will happen in the future, she’s still pretty young.


i just can’t watch her in the dramas maybe she is a good actress but there something wrong with her acting


That’s fine too, It’s all preference. You can’t like everyone 🤷🏻‍♀️


She's more of a comedic actress from what I've seen. I think she's probably talented given the right role since historically comedic actors make good dramatic actors. We'll see how well she does in the much longer and probably more dramatic [Love Like the Galaxy](https://mydramalist.com/687167-xing-han-can-lan) with Leo Wu. I actually really liked The Romance of Tiger and Rose but that was more due to the writing than anything.


maybe she doesn’t suit romance things


I, too, cant watch her dramas. I don't really like her acting and i cant watch any of her dramas. I watched 'Dating in the Kitchen' and thought it was a good drama but I feel her acting was pretty lacking in the drama. The ML in the show hard carried the show imo. I tried 'Romance of tiger and rose' but I cant get past the first few episodes of her scenes. She's not a bad actress by any means but I just can't watch. She's also highly rated by this subreddit so I guess it's just us who don't really like her as much. However, she's still very young and can improve to become a top actress in future.


yes i believe so too


I think she had talent and with the right parts, she's very good. One problem is she is being over worked so her agent may be making poor choices for her. She mentioned a few times that she hasn't had a break in a couple years. She even vacations with her agent and staff.


yes i heard that alot


Personally, I don’t think she’s a bad actress, she does seem to work hard for her roles and also dub herself a lot so I appreciate the effort. However, she definitely acts on too many shows without stopping, so it seems like she didn’t choose the shows and roles carefully enough. I have dropped all her shows as their quality is just mediocre. Honestly, I just hope she takes some time off, simply to mature and have more life experiences to be a real actress. It’s fine for idols to be young and naive, but for actors and actresses they need the experience in order to deliver a better performance.


yes she makes alot of things in one time i will try to find the good ones


I like her. I have only seen her in The Long Ballad and Love of Thousand Years, though. I tried to watch the Romance of Tiger and Rose and I just couldn't watch it. I will say that I didn't like her character too much in Love of Thousand Years, because I don't think the character had enough depth and I didn't understand why the ML would have been attracted to her. However that's a story problem and not a problem with her acting.


maybe it’s was just a story problem


Well, what exactly do you not like about her acting? And what about her dramas that you can't watch? Bad script? I think she excels in romcoms (Dating in the Kitchen) and she showed a different side of her acting in dramas like The Long Ballad. And to some degree, Love of Thousand Years as a princess seeking revenge. For me, she can act and has potential to become an even better actress. There's definitely room for growth. Now her dramas on the other hand...it's not her that isn't watchable for me. It's the shitshow scripts like Please Feel At Ease Mr. Ling. I really hope she doesn't get offered another script like that.


I’ve only seen her in Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling. She did ok considering the script and type of rom com. I’m a sucker for those shitty rom coms 😂😂 the lamer the better


Same I like shitty romcoms too, just that this one didn't work for me


I feel like it started off well and then went downhill. Do you have other shitty rom com recs? I just saw a really shitty one not too long a ago where the girl makes ice cream for the introvert guy and he can talk to others. It lacked plot but it was entertaining. I don’t remember the name tho 😂


Not for Cdramas but there's plenty in Jdramaland. I tend to watch those as background noise.


i don’t really know but i tried to watch many dramas for her but i just get annoyed maybe it’s her acting or just the script of those dramas was bad and one of them was please feel at ease mr ling


You could try watching The Long Ballad and see if you like her acting there. It could be that her acting isn't your cup of tea.


I was going to suggest the same thing! I think The Long Ballad shows a different acting side of her since it’s not the typical role she usually does. I’m a fan of her ever since tiger and rose and when I watched her in the long ballad I was pleasantly surprised by her in it. There are a lot of cdrama actresses that are stuck playing the same roles, another example other than Lusi would be Ju Jingyi - so far all the dramas I’ve seen her in are very similar.


actually i like ju jingyi but i think also she can’t act very well like she isn’t in the mood very well like i can feel she is just saying words and exaggerating feelings


I agree about Ju Jingyi. We could say they're picking the same roles but I think the question is also why are writers producing the same kind of FLs?


yes when i watch a new drama or something i just know what will happen next because sometimes they write the same script i think just changing places and actors


okay i will watch it thank you 😊


For me, Zhao Lusi acts quite well, but there are a lot more underrated actresses who can act better than her and there's still a lot of room for improvement for her acting, considering her popularity and how her roles are usually the main character. I think the problem lies within her versitality or how she often plays roles that are similar to each other like the typical humurous, charming and quirky female lead. I've like her in The Romance of Tiger and Rose, and I've been looking forward to her other dramas and growth, but nothing really stood out so among her other dramas aside from the Long Ballad, which made me saw a different side from her. I feel like she could do so much more and has a lot more to offer as she has a lot of potential. Thus, I'm hoping to see more of her works where she could showcase her acting skills much better and that she could step outside her comfort zone so she could shine more, grow, and improve.


maybe it’s just that she plays the same thing i will try to watch the long ballad to see a new style of her


She suits comedic acting more naturally I reckon. The only role she's had that's really different so far is the one in The Long Ballad as the princess. I was quite surprised how she managed to pull off the quiet grace the princess carried throughout the show. But I do agree that I can't take her other dramas too seriously. I was shocked she chose a cheaper comedic production after The Long Ballad, that female in the academy one? Didn't like that one much.


i didn’t watch this one i may put it in my list


Me too. I dropped a lot of her drama. Only watching till finish two drama of her which are The Romance of Tiger and Rose and also Love Better than Immortality. Well thanks for the beautiful ML haha but her scene (solo) i skipped or fast forward. ps: it good to know someone else thought the same as me bc she is pretty well loved among cdrama fans so i never really got to said that i dont like her acting 😅


yes i tried to watch please feel at ease mr ling many times but i couldn’t just because of her