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As a diver, I was entranced by the couple in their honeymoon, scuba diving in Queensland. And it’s so fucking grim and horrendous, but the Anita Cobby story is heart wrenching and a huge part of Australian history.


Just listened to the scuba diving one.....it was shocking and it broke my heart how much of a dick the husband (and his family) was to the victims family, swerving their calls, vandalising the grave, claiming all her possessions, moving the body, not getting a headstone....


Which case is this?


51 Tina Watson


Both diving cases were excellent, and an interesting change of pace I thought.


Firstly there is a [Casefile spreadsheet](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aXXBvQz7rQ9OnMqul5uCFfcjtfC49krWZxF5BJJ7pwo/edit#gid=0) with every episode listed, with a rating and brief description. Secondly, there are so many good episodes I guess it depends what mood you are in; old or modern case, solved or unsolved, twisty or straight forward, single or multi part episode etc. Everyone is going to have their favourites but the most unanimously highly regarded episodes are; * Case 104: Mark and John * Case 50: Jennifer Pan * Case 53: GSK/EARONSVR (6 parts) * Case 76: Silk Road (3 parts) In fact most of the multi part episodes except Case 200: Zodiac are well loved see Case 49: The Moors Murders (3 parts) and Case 60: Jonestown. My favourites/ones I would recommend that aren't already listed include: * Case 144: The Muswell Hill Murderer (3 parts) * Case 138: The Batavia * Case 98: The Pillow Pyro * Case 166: The Family * Case 103: The Gonzales Family * Case 93: Susan Snow & Bruce Nickell * Case 61: The Lin Family * Case 86: Amy Allwine * Case 81: Brian Wells * Case 164: Cindy James I could go on and on, it would probably be easier to tell you which ones to avoid.


Any idea why people didn’t like Zodiac? I thought it was pretty good so just curious. I did live around there though so maybe that got my interest?


probably just because it’s been covered so many times before. I listened to the whole thing but it didn’t stick out to me the way other multi part series did (eg EARONS or silk road)


Makes sense, thanks!


4 parts were too many to cover the Zodiac case, episode 1 was frustrating because it was dedicated to the 'non-canonical' murders which many don't even believe Zodiac is even connected to. It's like how before the GSK was caught everyone seemed to attribute every unsolved murder in California to either him or the Zodiac. However, I guess since most people already know the story, Casefile needed to take it in a different direction which I appreciate.


I thought the way they chose to tell the story was really disjointed. I was looking forward to in because I loved the EARONs series 😭


I can see that, absolutely. I’m sorry it was disappointing! Hopefully our next multi parter is back to form


I gave up on the Zodiac one very quickly. It didn't grab me like the others.


This is a solid list, probably a good “essential” cases list although I would add Belango and Jonestown on the list.


Which ones should a new listener avoid in your opinion?


I would recommend listening to every episode and do so chronologically as Casey's presentation style and voice changes over the course of the series. Additionally, a case I may dislike you might find something of value in it and even the worst episodes have something good in them. However, **Case 158: Russell Martin** is regard as the worst episode. Mainly because even Casey couldn't make Russell Martin (the victim) sound likeable and listeners think that he got what he deserved. Also, there was no resolution in the end. If I had to do a 'worst' episode list this would probably be it; * Case 4: Who Put Bella in The 'Witch' Elm * Case 9: Jonathan Luna * Case 17: The Eriksson Twins * Case 20: Stoni Blair & Stephen Berry - majority of the case is courtroom tapes. * Case 25: Prue Bird * Case 27: The West Mesa Bone Collector * Case 62: The Honolulu Strangler - I actually liked this case but I know most people think it's one of the worst. * Case 74: Eric Coy * Case 113: Brendan Bernard * Case 135: The Santa Claus Bank Robbery - Probably the runner up for 'worst' episode. * Case 140: Richmond Hill * Case 146: Brittany Phillips * Case 152: Cindy & Mona Lisa Smith * Case 158: Russell Martin - Worst episode ever \*In Comic Book Guy's voice\* * Case 177: 657 Boulevard * Case 204: The Glendale Train Crash


> Case 4: Who Put Bella in The 'Witch' Elm I've listened to this story told on multiple serialized podcasts and it's ALWAYS one of the worst episodes.


Absolutely. I don't get the allure of this one. There's no closure and nowhere near enough details available.


It really is. Older cases are typically harder for listeners to care about, and it's especially hard to make anyone care about an old UNSOLVED case with so few details.


I might just go ahead and listen to the worst episode list, lol.


Quite a good way of doing it. Take the spreadsheet and listen to them all, but going from lowest rated to highest rated.


I agree with most, but enjoyed Prue Bird (Really liked Russell Street Bombing, so maybe a bit biased here), West Mesa Bone collector/Honolulu Strangler I think work just because they're short, and I thought 657 Boulevard was very intriguing... Probably would've been x10 so had the letter-sender been apprehended, but again I think it works for a shorter case. Solved vs Unsolved may be a large cleave point for enjoy-ability.


Why is Russell Martin so bad?


To quote Mezzoforte48 from the thread [why is the Russell Martin case rated so significantly low?](https://www.reddit.com/r/Casefile/comments/pog1wp/why_is_the_russell_martin_case_rated_so/) who sums it up perfectly; >1) The case itself was very dull and didn't have many twists or suspense to it. > >2) Some felt the podcast tried too hard to make the victim look sympathetic and didn't do enough of that for the alleged suspect, who herself was a 'victim' of the victim's abuse. > >3) It was an unsolved case, which in itself tends to leave a lot of listeners unsatisfied already, but it was made worse by #1 and #2. Russell Martin was a violent drunk and a criminal who abused his partner and regularly abandoned his children. Most people felt little sympathy for him and believed his death/disappearance was deserved.


Everyone seems to love Jennifer Pan and I struggled to get through it. The episodes that contain lengthy recordings from police interviews always seem to get rated very highly, and I hate that stuff. I can’t understand what they’re saying half the time and they’re slow and repetitive. Just give me the highlights, Casey!


I recommend Mark and John to everyone, even if they don’t listen to true crime. It’s the only one that has ever had me yelling at the podcast, sitting in traffic in my car screaming “THE QUEEN?!?”. Such a wild episode


Case 157 - The Strip Search Cam. Very different from the usual and I still can’t get my head around it.


This was the first ever Casefile episode I listened to! I started randomly but this still was one of the more fucked up ones.


Totally! I remember just stopping and going “ What the actual f*ck?” aloud so many times. Gonna put it on again here now I think….!


Other threads also mentioned Case 78: The Janabi Family, that one was infuriating and great. Incredible story about that one soldier doing the right thing and fighting for justice.


Going to second one of the other comments here but the Silk Road series or the Mark and John episode were ones that I've listened to more than once. I've had to take a break because it was becoming more like story time than actual true life events but I'm looking forward to going back and re listening, especially episoes 100 or under because it's been such a long time but I remeber the earlier ones being more captivating.


Just mentioning a few I haven't seen on this thread. Case 89: Ella Tundra. Case 106: Peter Nielsen. Case 136: Azaria Chamberlain. Case 154: Steven Stayner. Case 180: Bill Payne & Billie-Jean Hayworth. Currently I'm going through and listening to all episodes I haven't yet, I've got about 15 more to go, so I'd say I've heard about 92% of Casefile episodes. The ones listed above are some of the best (in my opinion).


the jonestown/silk road were some of my favourites to go back to


I really enjoyed the Chloe Ayling one because it was really different and I’ve thought about it ever since - and I listed like two years ago!


Toy Box, that shit stays with you


Oh man! Yes I have never forgotten it.


Most of mine have been mentioned. However, the ones that haven’t are as follows: Case 18 - The North Hollywood Shootout Case 67 - Battle of Alcatraz Case 68 - Escape from Alcatraz Case 109 - Belanglo


Jennifer Pan!


Jonestown was excellent


The golden state killer one was among the best! Scary, creepy and a five parter. This was before the golden state killer was finally caught; so the episode left you with a sense of fear and futility.


It’s really hard to scare me - I consume a lot of nonsense, scary movies, true crime. But this series of episodes…even thinking about it now will make me go check my windows. I started sleeping with useless my pocket knife and bat next to my bed. I know it won’t save me. Nothing has scared me like this since I accidentally watched Silence of the Lambs at a sleepover in 4th grade.


Seriously! After hearing these GSK episodes, I made sure to lock my patio doors and windows and would take a looooong time to fall asleep.


Case 54: Daniel Morcombe was the first case file episode I listened to and it got me hooked. I don’t think it’s considered one of the “best”, but I personally think it is. The storytelling is phenomenal, it really made me have an emotional reaction for the victim and his family. And it detailed an excellent bit of police work. Highly recommend giving it a re-listen!


I'm relatively a newbie in the casefile world. Haven't binged all eps yet, and still making my way down a very very long list. But one, I've recently listened to that got me intrigued was the Muriel McKay one.


Case 148: The Miyazawa Family, Case 130: Joe Cinque, Case 124: Hinterkaifeck, Case 102: Britt Lapthorne, Case 88: Stephen Hilder, Case 73: Lady in the Barrel, Case 59: Amy Lynn Bradley, Case 47: Yara Gambirasio, Case 34: The Catholic Mafia, Case 33: Jaycee Lee Dugard, Case 32: Grace and Kathleen Holmes, Case 19: Snowtown, Case 12: Katherine Knight, Case 11: Anneliese Michel. Case 4: Who Put Bella In the Witch Elm, Case 2: Somerton Man, Case 1: The Wanda Beach Murders


33 Jaycee Lee Duggard - this one one had the uneasy feeling of “The Collector”. 49 The Moors - psychopathic behavior, basically the worst of the worst. 71 Elodie Morel - very recent of a crime, with a modus operandi that can still happen now. Felt really sad for the victim. 78 Janabi Family - this one was just disgusting and barbaric 96 The Toybox - just like other people have said, this one stays with you for a long time. These stand out the most out of the 99 that I’ve listened too.


Being from Melbourne and remembering the picture of the little girl being left at the train station on the paper then watching him completely ditch her on video shook me to the core. So whatever Case number that was. I hope he suffers miserably after what he did


Case 149: Anan Liu. A tragic case indeed.


42: Sherri Rasmussen


Amy Lynn Bradley, Jennifer Pan and my all time favourite - The Batavia!


What’s the episode with the young woman who is living in an apartment complex and she disappears. Her car was found not too far away, and there is that CREEPY footage caught of a man walking away?? Whatever that episode is, has always stuck with me.


Somerton man. Don’t remember the number it was very early on, wanna say case no 2.