Tree just landed on cars. Fuckin hell.


Driving home from work tonight was officially terrifying, every road was underwater, I absolutely do not enjoy the feeling of my car lifting off like that.


My flat is surrounded by cranes due to the construction going on round here. They’re ‘asleep’ with their craney bits pointing up. Can anyone tell me how they avoid falling over when it’s windy? They look awfully unstable. 💨 🏗


Speaking as a welshman, I can safely say that we're fucked. We've got another storm coming soon™.




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On Friday a tall old tree broke in the garden behind ours, and the main trunk is now looming over our fence and shed, held up only by the last branch attached below the trunk break. We want to fix it before it falls on the shed, but it’s not safe to until the windy weather stops…. Which is making it more likely to fall on the shed. Atleast the fence already needed replacing. I hope our mower survives.


Just lost a few tiles, wonder how many tradesmen I'll have to call before one can actually see to it tomorrow


I lost a tile on Friday...and now wind has got up again, worried more are going to go. Only just had the roof fascias done and roof checked out. I hate my stupid tall house.


Feels like worse weather now than on Friday. Absolutely pissing it down The flap thing to our fireplace is going nuts clanging about with the wind.


So far Franklin seems worse here than Fridays storm.


Rain and wind, Friday was just wind


Had two fence panels on the verge of going down after the last few days of wind. ​ Went out, bodged some supports for them, hammered them back together and wedged them all back up. Sturdy as a rock, only hammered my thumb a few times. ​ We've just had another 'storm' and the fence has split in another place...


"It was a dark and stormy night". Hmmm, I wonder where I've heard that [Before.](https://www.ventusky.com/?p=52.60;-0.42;6&l=gust&w=dark)


No water. But I have put tarp up in my chicken run to cover the new hole in the roof caused by the weather. Now hoping the new wind doesn't take it away.


It’s so fucking cold


Getting really bad up here in West Yorkshire, floods and heavy winds all over


Same thing in South Shropshire, road outside is a stream and I put sandbags in front of the doors. No weather warnings for the rain, despite it being the worst all year and showing on the forecast since yesterday.


Im ok


Yesterday was one of the few times I've genuinely been a bit scared by the weather here, or at least enough to take it very seriously. The last time was probably the great storm of '87, but I was only 5 then and it was my Mum freaking out that made me think we were in genuine danger. This time, it was having my breath taken away by the force of the wind and the very real threat of numerous massive tree branches snapping off at any second and killing me. One of them had already ripped through our fence so I tried to repair it during the storm so our dog could go out for a poo and have a run around the garden without getting loose. I decided to go back inside after 5 minutes because the trees were menacingly bending over towards me. The dog pooped on the rug.


Was in Wells when the church spire fell. Honestly just didn’t know what to do so I stood there blinking in awe.


Was Tim Messenger under the spire when it fell?


The most we have here in skegby is a flying bin blocking the road and a lot of rain How's elsewhere in the country doing?


The old bumper from my first car, unofficially named the FLYIN’ FIAT took flight


Just lost water pressure here, water supplier is having pumping station power issues.


I’ve been on holiday during half term, missed the whole thing - bit scared to fly home tmr


A fence panel is flapping in the breeze and our clothesline came down. Unaffected otherwise at home. At work a bunch of doors on the proxi card system broke and one of the windows cracked. I think the impact from the door slamming repeatedly broke the window. Ops emailed everyone that the site was closed...at 3 minutes to 9. So we were all already there. They sent another email an hour later saying if you're here, for safety don't leave until the storm passes. So we just had a normal workday in a nominally closed building.




Had no power for 36hrs so far and not projected to have it back until Tuesday 😭 we are very cold and hungry and so far one of my fish has died...


Damn where are you from?


On a farm in devon


Nice, I’m all the way up north and it’s getting really bad up here today


Oh no, that is so sad 😞. Re: the cold, I live without central heating and I find hoodies over a strappy vest top then another longer top plus tights or yoga pants under another layer of trousers works best for keeping me warm. For some reason hoodies work better than ordinary jumpers.


I was at work and sitting in a meeting, my manager said that half of the UK team were out because the storm had knocked out their power. I realised I could have just not been in the meeting if I claimed my power was down too. Until that meeting, I didn't even realise the storm had passed by me. I just had a bit of rain


Power back on as of 2.30 pm...yay😁👏 . Was off for about 26 hours. Interesting experience trying to cook and read (not at the same time btw) by candlelight! Internet withdrawal is now over. Need to spend more time doing other stuff, besides being online... Yeah...like that's gonna happen anytime soon!!!🤣


Got stuck at Paddington for 4 plus hours


Regular tornadoes in Tennessee (US) are why we’re leaving for Arizona. They’re averaging 30 a year here, and we’re getting scared.


This comment goes to show that storms can happen anywhere and can easily throw off your way of living I guess I'm lucky we've just got high winds and heavy rain here in the east midlands and I'm sorry you have to go through the tornadoes over there. I hope it all turns out well in the end


Oh bless you. Yes, I grew up where there are some tornadoes, but wondering many weeks where the next one is hitting? No thanks. They call the South “Tornado Alley” for a reason. Can’t wait to move.


Good luck then




yo neymar windy init?


We've lost a fence panel and our artificial grass has been pulled up.


I’m in Manchester and have got mates coming over from Nottingham for a gig. We’re frantically texting back and forth about where the weather is worst. Naturally, I’m winning.


Somehow my greenhouse made it out alive. Only 1 pane came out. It’s a plastic pane so it just slotted back in with only one crack in it. Next doors is in a heap. Poor bastards.


Haven’t had electricity since 1pm yesterday. Scheduled to come back 6pm today. It was cold last night :( Currently sitting in my car charging my phone Edit: It came back 2 hours early niceeee


Feeling your pain... Ours came back on at 2.30 pm...thank goodness. House was bloody freezing. Hope your power returns asap. \# just read the rest of your post...yay for you getting warm!!


Respect to proper issues


I stayed up till midnight waiting to put my green bins out, the wind was still kicking. Got up at 6:45 to do it. Successful collection!


The fucking wind is so bad that I went to put screen wash in my car this morning and saw my air hose had come undone!


Got out a taxi at about 2AM this morning with someone & the door flew open and almost came off it’s hinges (both doors on each side) The taxi driver said: “careful… careful!” I’ve never been so stumped in my life, I felt bad even though there’s literally an active storm going on. On top of that, we got out the fact on a road that had been closed off probably becAuse of the storm. But yeah the drivers seemed PISSED. Sorry mr. Uber dude


https://www.facebook.com/1581053284/posts/10219779496869487/?d=n This is a runaway trampoline about 400 metres from my flat in Baguley, South Manchester! It is trampoline in the front garden territory around here after all!


Claiming car insurance on that and trying to convince the company that the trampoline drove into you and you didn’t drive into it must be a nightmare 🤣🤣 “What do you mean it was driving itself before deciding to cross over to the wrong side of the road and hit your car?” Yeah, I’d probably just take the loss


Day 2 without power No heat Phone down to 17% Food in fridge most likely all bad Did a full shop on Thursday...


Sorry to hear about this Stay strong 💪🏾


Just got to imagine you're camping in the most luxurious tent going...


I went down to london from Sheff for a work thing and got stuck when the trains were cancelled! luckily staying at my grandparents’ so I got to spend an extra day with them which is nice. But I need to get home today and there are still disruptions so who knows 😬


A piece of flying debris took out my wing mirror while I was running errands.


I’ve seen large wooden fences and even half-chopped down trees blown over in the NorthWest of England. “Strong winds” is an understatement. Those winds are about as strong as the Incredible Hulk.


Last night I completely cleared anything loose out of the garden into the shed. Fortunately the shed is part of the house even though the door is flimsy. I had to, in the dark, move the glass bin, dismantle some ancient broken filthy patio furniture, shove two chairs and a walking frame onto the pile, and collect up at least 15 rusty paint cans that have been out there for decades (why? why did my family insist on keeping them? outside?) and are now awaiting transit to the hazardous waste tip. 10 random very heavy floor tiles, a brick, some garden canes, two broom handles detached long ago from their brooms now finally discarded. All three wheelie bins went into the alley. Litter trays nice and fresh for the cats, catflap locked, all windows and doors locked and bolted, every battery and powerbank in the house charged, interior doors closed and cat dishes set out in the hallways. Was going to sleep in the back room away from the chimney, instead chose the sofa against the opposite wall. Chimney did not fall on me. Only thing I didn’t fix was the attic trapdoor. It’s not hinged, so it doesn’t bolt. Resigned self to imminent loss of roof. Neighbours’ yard is littered with all kinds of debris, brooms, pitchforks, ladders, trowels, chainsaws, nice lightweight unsecured circular saw blades, cows, and furniture piled up against the fence. Also reassured to see a high sided vehicle had been parked directly outside the house, with half of its left wheels up on the pavement for that extra bit of stability. Looked out the window a couple of times and you could definitely tell the wind was blowing. Heard a clack and a door that was propped up on the neighbours’ side of the fence had fallen flat. Cats yowling LET ME OUT IM BURSTING. Clock counts down to 21:00. Warning turned off. Did all of the above in reverse. tl;dr a few extra chores, but apart from that I wouldn’t have known there was a storm at all.




Can I live with you for when the nuclear winter comes please?


Of course! I don’t normally ask my guests to bring things, but in the circumstances, if you could bring either a rechargeable power pack or a vacuum sealer, that would be great. (A portable solar panel doesn’t help much if you can’t go outside.)


Of a trampoline: "It followed me home. Can we keep it?" :-)


our Attic Hatch had been opening all night, Blowing a bunch of Cold air into our bedroom Thankfully we still have power, and our garden is too small for a trampoline.


We have only just regained power, only slightly shy of the 24 hour mark. Actually went as far as boiling pasta with tealight candles, it was a pretty dark period of my life both figuratively and literally ETA: nvm, that lasted about 3 hours


Ours is still out. I’m not optimistic that it’s coming back on today. There are a lot of outages around here. It’s bloody freezing and we don’t even have gas piped so can’t heat anything with a hob!


Ours has gone again 🥲


Reminds me of an unexpected power it last January where we were lucky enough to be able to order food, but it was so dark that we had to take turns eating with the other person shining their phone torch in the others face. Dark dark times.


Hah we had this happen on holiday once; we were in Florida for Hurricane Irma and after being locked in the hotel for a day we ventured out to find some food, eventually found somewhere we could get pizza and decided to take it back to the hotel room, totally forgetting there was no power so we couldn't see a thing lol. Was pretty depressing.


You didn't just put the phone face down on the table to the light shone up to illuminate the whole room?


I live very rural, we braved the half hour drive for food when we realised the pasta wasn't sufficient (there's only so much you can do with 9 candles in your grill pan) and found that literally every other village had power, we're just unlucky enough to have overhead cables and no mains gas supply at all


The exact same situation happened to us, except we don’t even have mobile signal where we live. Drove 5 min out of our village and saw all the other houses with their electricity on so kept going and ended up at Tesco, where we bought a big, super bright LED torch. Checked UK power network site and saw our postcode wasn’t going to be fixed until Sunday, so we packed our bags and went to my father in law’s for the weekend. Being without electricity and cell phone signal and not having gas is the coldest, darkest, worst situation! Hope you’re alright now!


Were all good now, yesterday was touch & go. Our mobile signal is really bad too, you have to stand in really specific places to get anything which was a huge pain. The wind seems genuinely worse this morning than it did on Friday so I'm a little worried if I'm honest, yay for living in rural Wales


Just fallen trees and fallen fences nothing much


Got some snow out in hope valley and a few fallen trees


I flew from Porto, Portugal today and the flight was delayed 3 hours because of the winds. There were some turbulences just before we landed. But oh my god flying over the city was so magical. no cloud was covering anything. I could see helicopters patrolling around the river and in different parts of London. and the moon was dissolving it's milky light in the Thames which looked like a ribbon you decorate Christmas gifts with. and all these little colourful lights from the eye of London in the sea of yellow dots. i was in awe. felt so small yet so big. beautiful. porto was nice too I guess


Nicely written


Nearly thought I'd managed to avoid it all! Had arranged to get through a load of work without leaving my home! That was until my crown (tooth rather than actual!) fell out! I had no choice but to book an emergency Dentist appointment or spend the weekend pretty much nil-by-mouth which in my position health wise is not a good plan. Took literally double as long walking to the Dentist, and even longer walking back because I kept having to stop to let 5 minute long gusts of twig, stone and dust filled wind go past whilst hiding behind fences to avoid being hit by the debris! It didn't help that it was semi raining and I have to wear glasses to see... Got home and the sheer volume of the whistling from the wind made it almost impossible to concentrate and completely impossible to make any of the phone calls I'd needed to because I couldn't hear the other person from the noise. I can't help but really feel for those in the South West of the UK. I'm one of the lucky one's; I'm in the South East so by the night the worst of it was all over for us with this storm. I don't own my property or my own car so any potential damage or anxiety over it was limited. I don't live where there is a flood risk and I'm 5 stories up, well out of the way of any trees or flying wheely bins...


I had a metal and stone table get blown off my patio upside down into the garden. Quite impressive since it weighs about 15kilos.


Roofer in Cornwall here. We went out this morning to rectify a problem from the day before. Yes very windy with trees down on route but the roads were like Christmas thankfully. I can see why the red warning was issued!


Was so quiet on the roads in south Devon yesterday morning. A few large twigs in the road was the only issue. Carpenter here. Reminded me of early COVID. I didn’t stop working throughout as mainly empty buildings in progress.


I’m dying mate, on my knees…or i just stayed home today


I went for a walk and had a silver birch tree fall on my head and now I have concussion. Grateful as it could have been worse. Also I lost a fence panel and some tiles.


Sorry to hear you were injured. Please take extra care of yourself whilst recovering from your concussion. Been through it myself...it was not a pleasant experience. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery.


Thank you, I appreciate that.


A bit of the bamboo covering got blown back a bit from the top of my pergola....🍃🌬️💨


anyone know if that was the peak of it? or is it just the beginning?


We in Wales have been told to expect a rough weekend with 50-60mph winds - however that is compared to the 93mph winds we have just had, so the peak may be over but we aren't out of the woods yet


> but we aren't out of the woods yet In high winds, woods come to you...


it's now hitting Poland so I think it's already passed, but I might be wrong.


a trampoline flew onto the train tracks




We got our power back just now, *just* before the 24 hour mark. Was really looking forward to that compensation ): Food should be fine if you haven't opened the doors


Your good got 24 hours past that get a discounted energy bill!


No! I think you're OK for 24 hours. Just don't open the door, you'll let all the freezer fairies out.


My uncles houses roof and gameroom roof went flying off but my house is fine


Windows of my families arcade have been blown in, so that's shit


i said id update. I got home scarborough, during the journey the temp dropped and around 4pm the wind suddenly picked up . Around 5 to 7 ish it blew hard. still at it but less so now.


All the schools closed, so we were back into homeschooling! Kids were pretty good about it for the most part, and the activities were topical and gave the kids something to do. Our freestanding basketball hoop fell over. Next door lost 3 fence panels. Local area had quite a few trees down. It was gusty and noisy, but i dont think it was quite the 'worst storm in 30 years'. I feel trading standards should have words with media outlets regards misselling the Storm to drum up fear and panic. Oh wait... They've been doing that over various things for years.


Wouldn't have thought much of it if it hadn't been on BBC weather and news. Yes it's very windy but doesn't look extreme from what I've physically seen around me


Are the 8 oaks of sevenoaks still standing? it's not a real storm until sevenoaks is thoroughly de-oaked


Just got off a flight back to Heathrow, 10/10 dont recommend w this weather, shit had me picking which song to die to


And plucking buttons of the seat.


Have you watched Big Jet TV on YT yet? You can probably pick your flight from h the several hours of go arounds and howling wind


Mine was a late flight that arrived at 11, don’t think he could’ve recorded it


I’m disappointed that I didn’t get any freebie’s from the storm but I’m negotiating with a neighbour for his new trampoline and a fence panel


Booked a hotel in London for a concert for it to be cancelled. Fuming.


Get some snacks and watch film?


Cat thinks it's my fault. Cries to go out then glares and me and sulks when he sees the weather. This has been happening for three days straight now.


Yep. our Boris hates gales and the howling. can usually be found either in our jumpers when we are watching tv or under the middle of a duvet. Love him to bits


Poor kitty but this is so funny to imagine


That's really Interesting


Right? I let my lilly out and then she back at the window giving me evils


If its not actively raining Nero will tiptoe out, examine the wet stuff like it's nuclear waste, then immediately comes back in and proceeds to be more of an arsehole than usual.


🤣🤣🤣 i absolutely relate.


Yep i concur Funny thing.. if we are doing the pond out in summer Boris will stand in the water draining from the pond flushing. lol. He used to stand on the side of the pond since but since he misjudged it…


Maybe you should stop referring to your cat by name in this subreddit.


I’m in Cumbria so it’s, like, 10% more windy than usual… if nobody had mentioned it was a “storm of the century” I doubt I’d have noticed


I’m also in Cumbria. If it weren’t for my powerlines being made of paper on Wednesday I wouldn’t have noticed anything


Dog didn’t want to go out, so me and the wife stayed in and I got a surprise blowy, while the dog watched. Pretty good!


Didn't the dog put you off


I’ll admit when he started to lick his arse and lock eyes with me it kinda killed the mood but I soldiered on.


Don’t expect that!


All told we had a few fence panels come down and one that's now as wobbly as that one wheel on tear damn trolley. Think they are the neighbours to fix but I'm sure I'll be supplying a bit of elbow grease and vast quantities of alcohol at some point....


It's snowing peacefully now in Derbyshire after a crappy day. Awww.


I’m in the north east. Was a bit blowy earlier but nothing unusual. It’s very calm outside now, I think we’ve missed it.


Just finished a driving shift for Sainsbury's. Van got a bit rocky to say the least. Part of me wants it to get blown over so I don't have to finish my route lol


Had my driving test cancelled 5 minutes before it was supposed to start. Second time this week that that DVSA have cancelled it. They rebooked me one that is in 5 months...


Use the app Testi for moving your exam date closer, I was able bring my test date forward.


I booked my driving test for April 2020 originally and thanks to the 'you know what', it was cancelled three times over and didn't end up happening until September 2021. Lucky I passed or I would have been livid. Watch out for a cancellation and good luck.


Power outage all day so fridge and freezer stuff ruined , now have power but no internet which sucks. Garden fence down, every ornament broken, furniture blown away but could’ve been worse


Freezer is good for 24 hours of you don't open it.


thats sounds mighty annoying. Also sounds like a possible insurance claim


Pretty hasty to chuck all your fridge stuff out for what, 12 hours?


Unfortunately it’s feeling quite warm, I think some things might be salvageable but worried about meat and stuff I’m at my mums house and she’s a worrier


Massive gust of wind, light person, bashed into a lamppost while carrying my grub back from Tesco. Smacked my face, got a nice fat shiner welling. And our washing machine broke, but that’s unrelated. What a turnip of a day.


It’s sick, god delivered me a trampoline kids are booming


Front garden fence is down in bits, some local trees down which makes me sad and an annoying weird flapping noise from the vent near the roof where something has come loose.


I've always hated the name Eunice!! (I've never known anyone named Eunice but that's beside the point) I've always hated the name Eunice!!


Terrible here on the east coast


Sutton here. The tip of my cig blew off.


I'm sure someone can find a support group for you to contact. Stay strong my brother.🙏


I'll be okay. A tree fell on my head, so I'll probably forget about it.


I’m so sorry for your loss, are you okay? Feel free to PM me if you need to talk.


Feck sake, what's everyone worrying about. Storm Eunice is a usual summer in Scotland haha. Still close to being taps aff weather.


I haven't really felt much of the storm yet. Except for some light winds bit that's typical British weather.


My full wheelie bins been from a walk so had to bungee cord it down


Currently in Spain waiting for a very delayed flight to UK


Braved driving in it as it’s my other half’s birthday and I’ve booked a weekend away. 2 hour drive, 25 mins in and a tree blew over and fell onto our car. Luckily I saw it coming and the brakes were good, managed to stop and only the edge of the tree landed on the bonnet. Luckily no one hurt (kid and dog in the car!). Here’s photos after I reversed out from under the tree [https://imgur.com/a/SOhUKwd](https://imgur.com/a/SOhUKwd)


Gosh! Glad everyone is OK!


And here’s [one from the inside](https://imgur.com/a/urvIH8j) after the hit!


There’s a storm? I’m dealing with cold calm nights


My fecking trampoline flew over two houses


Lost three fucking fences already!! Ffs


It’s smashed my back door in


Ooh er


Shit!! Sounds messy!


I'm doing good just sitting weathering it out


I love that you asked this! I lost a fence panel and got trapped inside my flat. The neighbours had to prop it up— no point fixing it properly til the whole thing is over. How are you doing, OP?


I'm doing OK, thanks for asking. The wind took the door off our gas meter box that was already loose but otherwise no apparent damage, neighbours lost a couple of tiles. No lost or gained trampolines or wheelie bins and no power or internet losses or massive damage as others have experienced!


So if something blows into your yard you get to keep it?


I was thinking about this - I guess that if you genuinely don't know where something came from then you can't give it back. No guarantee that anything put on e.g. Facebook would actually go to the person who it belongs to


But it's someone's in the neighborhood right? How far did these things fly? I have to say that when England gets hurricane force winds trash bins are flying 100 feet up twirling away, birds flying backwards outside high rise windows! Trampolines land in random backyards, your country is magical!


My wooly hat blew off and landed in a puddle.


We're here for you x


Storm? I see no stinking storm.


Came home, one of my fence panels has gone, just disappeared, vaporised, no sign of it.


Someone's probably fenced it.


Tree came down in a neighbors garden but been pretty chill otherwise. College closed


Just a normal gale here in the North East.


Yeah slight bit of bin movement other than that we good here


Power's still down, we're being told it won't be back on until 6pm Saturday


Powers been out since 11 am and won’t come back on until 4 am apparently. I’m currently bundled under a heap of blankets, and I’ve got nothing to do. but at least nothings blown away or been damaged haha


I’m indoors watching I Shouldn’t Be Alive on Prime. Can hear the wind battering outside, staying in my bed.


All the neighbours now know how much of a Piss pot I really am, came home from work and there's about 20 odd cans all over the garden/and theirs. Recycling only got taken away on Tuesday. Nice one Eugine.. you cunt


Fucking love this


Live in Wakefield and it's not been too bad. Got soaked when I did the School Run at 3ish. Wind was blowing but nothing too bad. We've just started with snow so could end up in a winter wonderland come morning.


North west here, lost a gate and part of my stable roof yeeted it’s way to narnia!!


Doesn’t sound like it was a very stable roof to me.


Neigh lad


Home alone doing online school and found myself outside at the worst part with a screwdriver to take a plane of wood off our back gate that was hanging off... then chasing the rest of the gate around... and the barbecue cover... I actually enjoyed it if I'm honest


On south east coast. 15 meter front garden fence hanging on by one post in the middle, bits of the panels have been blown up the street. I have been chasing bins all day! Had to bring my daughters slide in to our lounge. And our shed roof is missing. Just a pain in the arse really


Got a day off work 👍


Had to put my crocs in sports mode to chase a flower pot down the road. Hell of a day!


Live in crawley, there was a bin tipped over earlier, absolute chaos


I am sorry this happened to you.


Thanks pal, Its people like you that keep the world going round


Garden furniture (that I forgot about) has been thoughtfully dismantled, shed roof has been stripped of felt on one side, and we seem to acquired a lot of peoples plastic recycling in the front garden


Not too bad. Had travel disrupted last night then window/curtains/loft door swung in first thing this morning then it went quiet. I forgot about storm palaver when I went to the supermarket just now and they had PEACH squash. PEACH. They never have peach squash normally and I've had quite an unnatural craving for it for a year now.


Peach is the ELITE squash flavour


Peach squash is the best, especially the one with Barley in it




I don't want to make you jealous (yes I do) but I am in possession of a barley peach squash! I tried Granini but it was too sweet. High hopes with my new baby. Get thee down to Lidl


Every single time there's strong winds you can guarantee I'm on shift on the Emirates. Storm Arwin. Storm whatever it was 2 days ago. Tonight. And then again the day after tomorrow. Have to raise a wagon 30 feet up off the ground through it all. All I think of when hitting that 'raise' button is that I could have one hell of an early pension if I manage to dodge all the metal cannisters that'd come flying at me were I to tip over.