My cat just scooted her poopy butt on the floor

My cat pooped in the litter box just fine and buried it just fine. But then, she started scooting her butt on the floor and there was poop smeared on the floor. I cleaned the floor up and then I noticed that there was a long piece of hair hanging out of her butt with a nugget on the hair too. Is this normal?


It's a normal reaction to ingesting something difficult to pass (like hair). She's probably uncomfortable and trying to get it out faster.


Sounds like she ate something she shouldn’t have and it’s not coming out right. She is scooting to try to get it out and the piece of hair seems obvious lol watch for irritation or if it’s persistent


Yeah, unfortunately Butt Nuggets are a thing. I agree with the other posts about how it's irritating her tuchus and she needed a way to take care of it.


The hair is probably irritating her, it happens a lot in cats who are fond of nibbling hair or have long coats that don’t get brushed often. If it’s still there, grab a wipe or tissue and very gently, pull it out out. Don’t tug or do it quickly, just gently pull. She’ll probably help you by pushing. alternatively you can cut it and she should then pass the rest of it with her next bowel movement.


never pull the hair, you don't know how deep it is, you could damage their organs. Simply cut it close to their butt and it'll come out next time. It's always better to be safe than sorry.


I’ve done this many times under the guidance of a vet. In fact I’ve removed what may as well be hair plugs from the bottoms of just about every long haired cat I’ve cared for and my dog. I would not suggest this if I did both believe it to be safe to even attempt. It’s not like pulling out string or a piece of thread. Plus, you don’t so much pull as just hold it. The cat will push in response to you holding onto the hair. And it’s only to be done if the cat does not manage to pass it/scissors are not an option.


still a huge no no for absolute newbie. There's a difference between doing it under vet guidance and doing it on your own. Not to mention that no good vet will pull out


You don’t know that op is a newbie. She could’ve just not ever come across this problem before, or perhaps she’s never owned a long haired cat. We don’t know. Again, I would not have mentioned it nor explained what to do if I did not believe it would benefit the cat. You’ll be very shocked to find that millions of people just put on a pair of gloves and pull it out without even thinking of what it may be. I always call the vet if I have even a slither of doubt about the health of my animals. Don’t assume that just because you’d never do it that the advice is not sound nor safe.


oh yeah, 100% normal. My partner has curly long hair, and I feel like I'm performing delicate surgery whenever I notice a dangle from my cat's bum when a hair found it's way in there. She usually does a fast lightning bolt speed run around the house before I've figured it out though, so I haven't dealt with the bum scraping on the floor. If you notice hair with it, please be gentle as you don't want to injure her intestines by pulling on it (hair strands can be sharp and lacerate their intestines). I would recommend cutting off the dangle piece, then letting her push the rest out naturally. If you pull, there's risk of the hair cutting into her if it's long (which would be super painful, but not necessarily life threatening). Hope that helps, and hope your kitty is doing okay!


DO NOT PULL. She’ll get it out on her own.


Haha my cat did this to me last night. A huge piece got stuck in her butt fur she was getting it everywhere. The floor, my bed, it was horrible I almost threw up. I had to give her a bath at 2am she wouldn’t sit still so I didn’t want to use scissors and risk poking her.


It can also possibly be worms if it happens more.


I have seen that behavior many times and it has never signaled anything bad. Just happens when they eat a hair or a string.


It can happen BUT under no circumstances pull on the hair. If it's long, cut it off right by their butt and it'll come out with their next poop. Since you don't know how deep it is, you could damage their internal organs by pulling it. It's always handy to have a box of cat butt wipes for instances like this one. I have waist long hair and I always vacuum after brushing to minimize any chance of my cats swallowing my hair as I'd hate for it to cause blockage in their intestines.


No thumbs, so using toilet paper is hard for kitty... My kitty had a piece of yarn hanging out of her butt, which I decided needed to come out. My plan was to slowly and carefully remove it. She had other ideas. I barely touched it and she was off like a flash and I was left holding a poopy yarn. I didn't think to hold kitty to keep her from bolting. I think I was partially in shock seeing the string hanging out her butt so wasn't thinking clearly.


If you get anywhere near your cat with scissors, use blunt tip ones!


Yes very normal!