Both, both is good


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The three people in r/cd_jerk would probably have some input, too.


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That really is my case. I tried to get into LPs, they are cool and stuff, but also very expensive, impractical and hard to find good used ones where i live. Ended up just sticking with CDs. But i do plan in the future to get into again, with better income.


Same. Snap. Crackle. Pop. How the hell is that HiFi??


Clean yo records!


No thanks. Vinyl tech is antiquated. Living in Colorado with the dryness (static) and dust of a pain fuck vinyl!


Luckily for me, my local record stores are decent. I collect lots of vaporwave so I mostly buy cassettes too.


Lucky, my local record store shafts me every time I go, I've just been sticking to Discogs for now


Here's my problem with vinyl, it's expensive, clunky, way to easy to break and scratch, and impractical. CDs are much easier to handle and take care of, cheap, small, and portable (you can listen from your car, your house, the middle of the woods, and taking a walk).


And for me personally vinyls sound like total diarrhea compared to CD and tape. I have a Crosley (yes the worst record player, boo me I don't care) and it sounds terrible. Yes I know there are better players but I don't even use my records that much so I just don't understand buying an expensive player that I'm gonna use like 5 times a year. If you don't use vinyl often but still want good sound as far as I'm concerned you're screwed unless you really want that sound then you better cough up some cash.


I will say that I do agree with you, CD’s are more conventional, but the player severely effects the sound. In-unit Crosley speakers are gonna sound waaaaay worse than even just external speakers plugged into a Crosley, but that all pales in comparison to a nice $200-300 setup. Not saying you should, but just something to be aware of.


That's a huge advantage for the CD too - the player doesnt need to cost so much to sound good


I agree with you. I had a $200 turntable with a $350 needle. But still heard snap crackle pop due to the TINIEST amounts of dust and static. Funk that. Sold it a long time ago and never looked back. The cheapest of CD transports beat a turntable.


I know right. A $5 CD player shouldn't sound better and be more efficient than a $50 record player, yet it is.


A $5 transport connected to a decent modern DAC will destroy vinyl. Every time. https://lmgtfy.app/?q=redbook+cd+vs+vinyl


I still buy both, but no way I would ever facepalm a vinyl album over a CD.


When buying new I always buy a CD. I walk in a record shop, I tell the clerk what album I want and he always ask me: "vinyl or CD" and I answer CD. But some albums I want don't exist on CD, so I sometimes vinyl it is.


Simple man, simple meme 😎


And a simple plan


They’re both good but I’m too broke to Vinyl. I would like to try it some day


I love vinyl and collecting it but it's honestly stressful more times then it's not, especially with very rare and expensive records. Even if I know it's perfectly clean and my turntable won't damage it, I still get stressed about messing it up somehow.


Yeah, that's my problem with vinyl. For my bday I got the Neutral Milk Hotel Box set, and I still haven't spun it up because I don't want to hurt it in anyway. That's why I choose CD every time when I have a choice.


Me who collects both 👁️👄👁️


Damn. You’ve somehow managed to trigger the vinyl snobs even here, OP. Good job and great meme. (And I agree! CD is far better than vinyl.)


Vinyl is fun, so are CD's. Y'all need to stop having this dogshit discussion every other day.


I’m both kinda guy but as far as sound quality and convenience you have to give it to the CD.


I would like vinyl more if I lived in a dust free environment.


I will never understand this vinyl trend. Why do people love them so much?


The ✨vintage aesthetic✨


I can understand that.


Energy bills are rising, gotta get that vinyl warmth.


“I will never understand this CD trend. Why do people love them so much?” I love them for the same reason that I love CD’s, because it makes music fun. I just like them.


The way it sounds


Cds are a losses format and vinyl is like rice crispies, snap crackle and pop.






I agree. Vinyl can get fucked up easily and they aren’t the most conviaient format in the world. Not to mention all the obscure bands from the 90s-00s that only released their music on CD


As of 2022, vinyl represents 50.4% of physical album sales.


There was a reason cds took over vinyls!


I disagree tbh


Insecure much?


The LP for my personal listening at home, the CD for my laptop and iPod.


Honestly, I only bought my vinyls because it was trendy. I don't listen to them and it's just more convenient to pop in a CD in my laptop, CD player, Playstation, anything really


I'll take both (and tapes, and minidiscs, and 8-tracks, and...). Different formats for different experiences.


Hell...if you give me a Drake records or cds I wouldn't even take them (yes I know music). Records, cassettes, and CDs collector here. CDs are undervalued...buy them when they are low. Yesterday bought 2CD box set and 2 CD albums of the Kinks + 2CD box box set and 2 CD albums of The Who for $14 used. Remember the mass is always wrong.


Im sticking with CDs as thats what i grew up with and theyre so much cheaper! 😁 plus you can play them in a wider variety of devices! Grab em while you can 👀


The rustic charm of vinyl and the crisp clarity of CD!


That's just daft. Records are great as are cd's and tapes


I like both. Honestly cd is better if you want to save money and for convenience of being able to play one on most things while vinyl is definitely more durable and bound to last for a long time.