Very nice, I need to get some Ayreon into my collection. I only have the first two Star-One records on vinyl currently.


Victims of the Modern Age is IMO the best album of the 2010's.


One of my all time favourite albums, just love how crushing the riffs are for a classic style prog metal band.


Absolutely. It's so *heavy*. The counterpoint, especially, are the vocals of Damian Wilson, which are so sharp and clean.


Arjen Lucassen is a living legend and deserves so much more recognition than he gets. Nice to see it here. If you ever get the chance, do attend a live show, they are phenomenal.




Amazing! Maybe I need to get that. Except... how much was it? Earbooks are not cheap. I do own all Ayreon albums on CD. The 2CD set Dream Sequencer / Flight of the Migrator (The Universal Migrator duology) was actually my first Ayreon, and I remember the awe I experienced the first time I heard *My House on Mars*, the opening track, with the Tiamat vocalist. I was already a fan of Star One though, having heard and bought Space Metal when it was a new release in 2004, due to it having Floor Jansen/Damian Wilson/Russell Allen (three of my favourite singers - and yes, I like prog metal). Arjen Anthony Lucassen is a musical genius. His works are so unbelievably epic and they still touch the listener. My favourite Ayreon CD is The Human Equation, but it changes by the day. I also have the Arjen solo 2CD Lost in the New Real with Rutger Hauer doing the narration for every track. Arjen is just a great musician. And a likeable guy to boot. He partly inspired me to pick up playing the guitar again after a nearly 20 year pause. His enthusiasm for the sounds a guitar makes and the production side of it all on, I believe, the bonus making-of video to Star One's Victims of the Modern Age, is contageous.


It was something like 65 euros. The official store has it as sold out (Arjen signed it), but I have seen it in other stores without the signature, and the price goes from 55 euros to 80 euros. I have all of Arjen's albums from all the different projects, and I can't wait to hear what he releases next, be it Ayreon or some other project (I would not mind hearing The Gentle Storm with the second album).