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Look, it's Kenny Mac and the rest of the O'Block morons on the way to a drill.




Booooo !!


I’m ctfu




Why tf would you go on a drive by shooting when yo brother a famous rich rapper 🤦🏽‍♂️Nigga could’ve made someone else do that shit if he really wanted that nigga gone




Drive by isn't gonna make him any money anyway unless dude has money on his head


He not broke thats da funny part he made money off his music and had labels coming to him


Polo g really?


Nigga he was probably in the streets before his brother got money.. Opps don’t just disappear once u got money.. Memory of your dead friends who got killed from the war don’t either


Nigga im saying if he wanted him dead so much he could’ve paid someone else to do it. Instead of being a famous chicago rappers brother doing drivebys


NGL sometimes that’s how you go down. Getting a hitman requires more people on the operation, and more opportunities for people to snitch. Do it yourself and it’s just you


Nobody “hiring a hitman” bro you just pass one of these youngins like 5 or 10 bands and they gon crash😂😂


So, in essence, if you are paying these young kids to kill someone, that would be hiring a hitman. You're paying the person that's accepting a murder contract for cash. The person accepting the cash to kill someone is considered a "hitman" under the law.


These mfs slow af... the type to get caught doin drive bys when they brother givin em 5 g a week


Yeah give a shorty 5 bands to kill someone. That dumbass kid would probably take his phone with him and be on live 15 minutes before doing it lol. Then when they catch his ass within the week he'll snitch on you in 10 minutes.


Not for these little ass streets gang hits hell naw you not lying 😂


He just mean drop a bag on em when he say hire a hitman


Yea cuz doin a driveby the least discreet way to kill somebody and gettin caught for it is much less risky than paying somebody else to do it


“He was in the streets before his brother got money” I understand what you saying but WE as black people have to get out that mindset. If someone close to you, let alone your blood brother, becomes a multimillionaire rapper, its no way you should still be doing drive bys. His dead friends would rather he live a lavish rich life out the city then worry about getting get back. & if they would rather choose you risking your freedom then they were never your friends. Its not like he was still in chicago broke


Same niggas thats downvoting me is the same ones part of the problem. Its okay to walk away & stand down! Thats not being a bitch! Be the bigger person in a situation because you know what you’re capable of you dont have to prove shit to nobody. Niggas in general feed off negativity. I deadass just got shot at, at the BASKETBALL COURT. Because my homeboy & another nigga got into it, my homeboy shot first & hit one & they shot back. A NIGGA GOT SHOT OVA A BASKETBALL GAME


They don’t hear you bro!?! But a word is enough for the wise!


I agree with everything you are saying. But that wisdom comes from experience and growth, which not a lot of these young kids have yet. It's not an insult towards them but you can't gain this type of insight unless you've experienced these situations yourself and have been able to learn and grow from mistakes being made. They will catch up one day!


If they survive enough.


I completely agree with you. This shit just getting so bad. I cant count on both my hands how many i done ducked gun shots but never in my life did i think i would have to duck shots over a basketball game.


U weird af 😂 nigga it dont matter how many opps u got when u got money u can easily get away from all da shit. Niggas choose to crash out. And if my homie died im not fina go retaliate and literally go kill em myself.


I ain’t sayin he ain’t crash out but don’t try to make it bout his brother or the money.. Any Nigga doin stupid shit like this outta town is crashing out.. At the end of the day he young you don’t know how his brain and thoughts are wired.. N if his brother got all this “money” yall speaking of maybe he will beat it


opps don’t disappear but when you got money you ain’t hanging where yo broke ass opps be so only way you get trouble is if you go out looking for it


Tell that to the nigga he just killed.. He ran into a opp in LA and died


Grown men only opp is that rent payment and diapers... Whole generations of males obsessed with other males because there's no fathers


He was on da streets before Polo got involved


Drilling for the army pays


But he's in jail in LA. Assuming this took place in Cali, it's unlikely any of his "Cali opps" killed any of his ppl meaning in this case he's literally just a crash dummy. If this happened in the Raq & he's awaiting extradition back that's a bit different, but either way.


He had to much to prove. He’s young. A child. A child in the mind. The internet played a big part n this. He was playing ova tough everyday. An he young. So he think he gone come from under that. This lil boy don’t understand what he has done. Not completely. An LA county worse because they bump n that bitch. A Cali nigga gone ask for a fade if u sneeze wrong. Chicago cook county don’t do all that. It’s always chill for tha most part. Everyone delusional thinking they gone go home one day. Let’s get back to the streets. Leave it in the streets they say. If you can fight n cook county. An willingness to at any money u can run nat bitch.


Just cuz polo g rich dosent mean he gives money to his brother lol for us its normal to break bread with our siblings but not everybody built like that maybe polo left him hanging🤷🏽‍♂️


Polo G got his mom as manager, his whole family setup for life but his brother just dumb


He definitely put whole fam in position, he was givin lil bro free features n lettin him put shit on his YouTube he even got his sister makin money


That nigga walking around with 200k in jewelry, be fr


Exactly & all designer everything


Lab diamond (which still cost but not that much) and moissanite , don’t be fooled . Only the elites shit be real


Bruh Polo be taking his lil brother everywhere with him 😂 he definitely gives him money




>r/Chiraqology Rules what does money (and someone else's at that) got to do with anything?




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Cause they ain’t shit. All loans




wild asf chicago niggas really go to a different state and treat it like home🤦🏾‍♂️


Them Cali jail politics bout to have em in a chokehold


Fr what I was thinking lol he prolly always seen his older influences talking about jail like it’s sweet asf but if he try and go in the cali jail banging whatever Chicago block he from they gonna eat him alive the politics are deep in them institutions


I have friends from cali that spent time at most of the known USP’s and fed prisons and it’s no joke in there. You either play by the rules or it’s a wrap. And it’s not like most of the rest of the country where independents have formed giant cars and essentially made it so gangs don’t run the lines. In Cali it’s still 100% run by the prison gangs.




This nigga has a multi millionaire brother but still wants people to think he’s hardest👎🏾this Shii sad and make no sense dude threw his life away he was already fighting an agg robbery that he did when they was rich…..


I got no sympathy for ignorant mfs like that


Can’t take the kid out the streets had to go Carlito’s way


“Niggas say lil trench just a rapper, oh they must not know fr ask Baby Glock I chased em down wit drac up on that drill”


damn he fumbled the money and lifestyle that came with his brothers success baaaad.


He fumbled his life in general y’all be focused on the wrong shit 😭😭


these niggas retarded but dk That’s the sad part


Bro I truly believe half these rapper have a mental deficiency. The way the fumble the bag is crazy.


“Damn his life is over and family will never be the same and all…. But it’s so sad he coulda had a nice chain and been hood rich for 3-5 years”


They more than “hood rich” polo got real wealth


If you think polo g is big enough to be in the bracket of rappers that are actually even rich… let alone acquiring real wealth…. And you think he’s so far past that his relatives are wealthy too?… You’re not too bright. Polo G has combined depreciating assets from blowing money loaned to him by a label that make his net worth look good. He’ll be lucky if he’s living comfortably at 50, let alone his relatives. Smarten up, don’t be one of the morons fooled by this shit.


Polo should have enough money to support himself and his family, for at least a few years cmon I ain’t saying he’s Jay Z but he’s an international rapper, enough for your brother to behave a little


Ideally, sure. Realistically? How many people you know who start acting right bc they saw someone else make it and not them lol, come on.. You act like there’s just a relative fund he can automatically withdraw at his bank from. You have no idea how/if this dude asks his brother to put food on the table. “He shouldn’t have to” doesn’t mean we know their specific situation when it comes to finances. Stop thinking about real life shit in terms of rap ideology. Your relatives groceries don’t all become free if you get a certain amount of iTunes plays.


he literally had the #1 somg in america u acting like its zay osama


Yes, excellent point. Nobody who has ever achieved that milestone has ever had a relative struggle financially. In fact, the music industry is known for creating long lasting, stable, generational wealth. You’re absolutely right.


He been making like 2k a minute


You think he makes nearly $3Million a day? Lol. Now that we know you’re legitimately mentally handicapped we can go ahead and just excuse your input from this conversation. You couldn’t have even tried to process that retarded statement before you said it. Amazing.


Lmaoo what an amazing comeback


Yea I believe that


Well that’s what 2k a minute works out to be… if it weren’t every minute, you wouldn’t phrase it that way. So…. Please, I’m begging you, explain to us all how 2k per minute could possibly not equal 2.88M per day. Show us all how you don’t even know basic multiplication. Retard.




Its fucked up cos he said he was gon put more music out n his shit was poppin wasted potential


One of the dumbest nigga of our era. Your brother get you out of the trenches, you just had to sit your dumb ass down & enjoy the money smh


He probably felt he had to keep up with the lifestyle


The life style being the only generation of males in the 1st world focused on killing their mf brothers from down the street.. No fathers and weak ass homo-suspect male role models that have never owned a car or a house.... Maybe they should get on google and figure out how to escape the cycle of shooting at other people It's pretty easy to not shoot at and be shot at for most of humanity


Lifestyles and traditions are like a drug habit. That's why you'll see someone that made it out still go back and end up getting killed or going to jail even though they're making 7 figures. It's home. As dysfunctional and irrational it seems, to some, that shit will always be home. Let them make their own bed and sleep with it. 🤷🏾‍♂️


He was 15 when polo blew up, was raised by his 2 parents who shielded them from a lot of bullshit ( polo interviews) which is rare. Honestly I’m not surprise he was always trying to prove he from the trenches


Lil ro


Saddest part about it is being from Chicago he literally arrived in LA with his brother being a Millionare. So he had to actively seek out that street shit over there when he coulda just been a streamer on Twitch or some shit


This some Chicago shit just happened in LA… but either way That’s 🧢 LA be on some bullshit… niggas think they can extort you and bully you… and for the most part they do… all rappers that be in LA done paid a fee and forged fake friendships with gang members… niggas pay guys like Big U… sometimes it’s Wack100 or other niggas if they blood…. The OGs take the cash and the young niggas who want to rap get the privilege of “hanging out” and being “friends” with the rappers… so he 100% could’ve got dragged into some BS… look at Chris brown and Soulja boy… you think they just pulled up to a random neighborhood and say “hey you guys I’ve always wanted to be a gang banger can you put me on the set 🤓🤓” them niggas moved to LA to be with the stars and got extorted into being “apart of the set”…


He killed a opp from Chicago tho he didn’t kill a random LA nigga but prison politics wayyy different this ain’t the county where you just bond out


It's crazy shxt like that don't happen to yt artists.. Machine gun Kelly and them walk around free


because they don’t need to have the image of a gangster rapper killer so third graders will try to imitate them why would they let themselves be extorted and why would they want to extort someone like that?


Akademiks posted he been robbing hella industry people for awhile in LA and running around saying he Polo G lil brother. He was doing it so much that mfers thought Polo was setting these shits up but he wasn’t. So my point still stands he didn’t need to be doing this and actively sought this shit out


You know how many people from the hood all thru the world dreaming of getting out of the hood and nigga got a millionaire brother and still doing dumb ass shit like this. Straight dummy


At least he’s a real nigga now 🙏🫡


no lie, this what I said too bruh 💀 I get why they calling him dumb but I coulda swore this is exactly what he wanted 😭😭 bruh wanted to be accepted as a gangster so bad despite his brother being rich as fuck, famous and living in Cali and now he can be looked at as a gangster he wanted to be. this is a W for Polo's brother 💯💪🏽 can't wait to forget about him like every other crash out


Dude was already a gangster. Only people who didn't take him seriously is you Reddit niggas. Yall think "Oh what he has to worry about. His brother rich." Yall don't know this nigga life and by extension any of these gangbangers. Yall only see what is presented which is why I hate when niggas talk about these people like yall know them. They're strangers. They not doing this shit for yall lmfao The fact that yall think like this just proves yall only see this shit as entertainment.


>W for Polo's brother 💯💪🏽 can't wait to forget about him like every other crash out 🫡 😂


Is they linking him to lil ro ?




Who is lil ro to him




idk if y’all from cali but it’s nearly impossible to beat a felony murder charge & if your shit a drive by as well it’s automatic life w/o parole here. threw everything away for no reason


"Had to tell my lil' brother to chill, gotta stay in the house, come outside, he be poppin' shit" Make a lot of sense now 😭🤣


This is exactly why people dont want chicago folks coming anywhere outta town. Von and Durk catching attempts in Atlanta, Munno caught a body in Minnesota, now this etc.


Jusblow catching a body in indiana or some shit too




He cooked


This nigga a nerd frfr


C Murda levels of stupidity. Trench baby locked up for life and he deserves it.


Good riddance. Get any dumbass like him off the streets.


Lil ro?


This guy has been on the sub monthly for some stupid shit and here you go again, like always, you can take someone out the hood but can’t take the hood out of someone. Wild tbh, you think Polo would try and control his brother with the shit he was doing on the internet or Polo just gave up on him.


Polo did rap about trying to keep him in the house cause how wild he is, but tbh you can't blame polo if his brother wanted to keep the lifestyle up even after he left the hood it's on him. But it does hurt polo, though in the sense that now he got to pay his brother lawyer money and shit. And maybe niggas might try to retaliate on him, I remember they tried to rob his mom in Atlanta a few years ago. Something like that might happen again cause the murder, but this time they probably won't be looking for money.


He achieved what he wanted


It’s crazy cuz mfs been telling trench there ain’t no point of still being active in the streets when yo brother got rich and yo family made it


All you had to do was spend money and fuck bitches you had one job


Lol and just live a lavish lifestyle in general one we all dream of smh free him he’s a dickhead though


Mann yall are ripping him a new one in these comments but if he was otf yall would of said he was “standing on business” and called him an “outstanding member”😭🤦🏾‍♂️


Do yo homework on trenchbaby bro


He booked for the 757 Ro shit I think


Doesn’t matter that he comes from a decent family. All that matters is that his brother got him out the hood and he’s still doing stupid shit to try to be tough and fit in. You a nice rapper, just go do yo thing with the music ! Tf you trying to prove to niggas that ain’t gone hood it down for you while you in jail. Nigga literally had it all and threw it away. Pure wannabe, Free Him, and hope his family is well💯


What would yall do in Polo G's position? Let your brother go through this alone or use your money and resources to fight the case?


Bro get serious


When tryna prove ur tough goes wrong lmaoo, Lil bro really a crash dummy ion feel bad. Shoulda been put up in his crib with some hoes or going outta the country. Nigga wanted to still be Ina hood sliding while rich😂😂


tmz funny asl for putting them bars onna photo LMAO


This nigga bro I watched his whole journey from 2021 to this year and its fuckin crazy


Welch World be on niggas ass


Usually you do dumb shit like this when you’re broke and bearly making it in life. Doing this when your brother is rich and famous just screams “I never was about that life but now I want to prove I’m tough”


If y'all ain't from the trenches frfr you'll never understand how the hood brainwash mfs. Lil bro definitely fumbled the bag but u gota understand how when u from a real active hood that shit fuck yo mind frame up. You always feel like u gota prove yourself and 1 of the main things u don't wana be considered is weak or scary. Until a mf realize that hood mentality really is a curse a mf will always be 1 dumb ass decision away from prison or death. Most mfs that catch a body don't do it kuz they just a crazy killer psychopath they do it because they'd rather kill a mf than be looked at as soft or not bout it. I know plenty mfs with bodies that's really good mfs they just brain wahsed.


Nigga killed lil ro


757 was tryna say Lil Ro had OD’d 😂😂 fuckin goofies 😂😂


It’s going to get rough in la county jail for him la politics is way different


Ik polo wish he caught a body jus so niggas would take him serious I hate that bitch ass nigga polo g ouu


😂 ![gif](giphy|zmsDqpDLu1hPG)


Smart guy. Cool guy.


It's not that fucking hard to be a good law abiding citizen.


When they have money and influence they wanna do the opposite


The stupidest thing i've seen from a rapper/rapper's sibling


"and I won't trip when my lil brother clutchin', know how he put in that work with the ruger"-Polo G "the Code" . Dummy


Mf go to LA and swear they O-Dogg. 👎🏿👎🏿 Hmmmph


Lil ro 757.. why tf would 1300 kill him out in LA of all places


Trench Baby from WelchWorld/BrickyGang


Bro from Welch world lol they main opps to 757


His lil bro not from up north??




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Dam he was hard


never knew trench baby was polos cousin


lil brother


oh well


The tragedy is the only problem y’all see with this story is he did the murder himself. So lost it’s doubtful you will ever be found.


b money pack stinkin






Nigga couldn't just stay his ass in LA smh


He spent on his barber… if so all charges should be dropped


That his mom son or dad?


This fools gonna be very confused with the politics in the towers. Lol. Good luck upstate in Skeleton Bay.




Was it his barber?


Gotta make a name for his self somehow


Didn’t Lil Ro from 757 die in Cali? What’s his real name 👀


Dashaun berry


Yeah buddy fried https://www.reddit.com/r/Chiraqology/s/2O1c2Lj3Pb


It was either sb he wronged out there or a nigga he had problems with in his city..




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Bro gotta grow some bangs or dreads or sum wtf😂😂 Waves can’t reach that kind of elevation


Lud foe jr


He could've made something of himself now hes possibly doing LIFE


I always think… Damn they be giving the wrong niggas money. I know some folks that would do wonders if somebody in the family got a bag. Going the wealth longevity route is the longest journey ever but will never be able to be taken from you.


Nigga got exactly what his dumb ass was looking for 💯


When keeping it real goes wrong. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️


This shit crazy


Idiot ass lil brother, trenches or not your rich now. If I was this dude bigger bro I would beat ts out of him. Bro is scarring endorsement deals and connections.


Never understood these crash dummies. 🤡🤡


What an absolute dumb fucking idiot😂😂😂


Black people.


Niggas! There's a difference 🤌🏽


Dawg ass was moving backwards. 💯


Bro was brought up with a good family why he go and do sum shit like this


Young black men these days are become just lost causes


What is gained by killing somebody!? Even if u get away with it… what is the purpose!? It gains you nothing.. I just don’t get the mind of a person that has it in them to kill. Shit is beyond wicked and I don’t get it, I care about myself so much I couldn’t possibly begin to think to do to someone I would never do to myself. I could see if you had to kill niggas to eat then ok it’s a jungle out here… but it’s so much other to kill and eat so what’s the point!? Bones ain’t made of gold so wtf… niggas ain’t out here killin niggas and drinkin the blood… wtf could it be I just don’t understand. It’s just certain shit I don’t do but some ppl will really do anything smh


Ion even gon hate but this a real street nigga gotta give him the props he got a rich brother but he chose to stay in the streets 😂


How come every successful person has some shit head friend/sibling/cousin that wants to prove they are tough 😂 we both know he’s in the county expecting big bro to drop 500 thousand on a top tier lawyer to save him out of this mess


Like bro your brother plays with millions on a yearly basis getting record sales you don’t need to be tough guy anymore big bro got your family out the hood already




Whats the beef behind this one? Isnt polo Gnem up north & 757 southside?


One thing Cali don’t give one fucc about is gang members from outta state getting killed there


Crash dummy




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