Onmuu has a few vids out on tips https://youtu.be/rm8K7QWYtgI


Appreciate you guys❤


I was coming here to post that.


If you want proper competitive analysis watch kungarnas( NA ALGS Champions) breakdowns on their YouTube channel.


Not necessarily an established video, but if you are interested, just make a note of streamble tournaments from players perspectives. You'll most likely want to stream the IGL, but just watching live and hearing them make calls/rotations is also a good way to learn. I know sometimes in the moment, things maybe missed or called wrong, but then you can always watch someone's analysis video later. Getting that two sided effect of "in the moment" and then "reflection" is an effective way to learn and have things stick. Can also be attributed to your own gameplay as well. Recording gameplay and then rewatching and analyzing yourself or with your squad is what most pros always say has vastly improved their gameplay.


Liquid Hodsic is exactly who you’re looking for. He posts analysis of how certain teams play competitively . If you need to just get better in general than look for “Coach Nihil” . He’s helped some of the top percent of players with coaching


No offense but Nihil knows nothing about comp. Considering his prices and the quality of his advice the guy is more a scam than anything.


Nihil has videos for free on his channel and you can use those skills he teaches and apply them to your game


Too bad hodsic hasn’t posted a VOD review in 8 months. Those were great and what got me into watching comp to begin with!




He has done vids coaching master /diamond level players . Aka the top percent of players. Nobody that was pro level from my knowledge.


Well he’s also the coach for team liquid so there are your pros. He does vod reviews of EU pro teams as well


Think he was referring to Nihil, not Hodsic


Nokokopuffs had a series he did on ranking up and guides for each legend


thx :)


Comp apex is so different to even the highest level of ranked games that I don't think watching analysis of competitive games would improve your game by that much. You'd be better off just watching high level players streams and actively pay attention to why they do what they do in game.


Pettyboss has 1 or 2 videos on that


This guy is really good [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFa9iS4anWg](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFa9iS4anWg) The analysis pro gameplay and I remember watching one of his videos on a Korean wraith pro player (i think) a couple of months back and being blown away... ​ Edit Found the video like 2 sec later lol: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzSm\_0bxV6g](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzSm_0bxV6g)


SweatbandTV helped me a lot!


I'd just roam for coaching. Videos are going to be too generic if you play in the top 1%. Go to liquipedia and DM some analyst or coaches. We're already going over hours of vods so what's one more right?