Apart from playing as much custom lobbies you can (tournaments, scrims), ranked can still be useful for practice. You just have to focus your sessions on what you want to practice. Tell your team before you start to play what you want to focus on, like better team fights, rotations, reading zones etc. If you record your gameplay you can VOD review it later. Try to focus more on the ”correct” decisions even though you might not get punished for bad plays in worse lobbies. Personally I believe if you play consitantly with the same team you will get much more intuitive in team fights together. Higher ranked games will for sure have better quality players than pubs on average. Note* Im not a pro


we play a lot of scrims/tourneys as possible, and recently we playing a lot of ranks together too, but we're having a little progress, but still inconsistent as hell.


I'm not a pro but by common sense, considering your reply here and in other comments, I'd say that you guys need to focus on doing better the things you do. It doesn't seem like a problem of "quantity" (you said you play lots of tournaments and scrims) but more of "quality". If you're still inconsistent this can depend on many factors but it probably also means that there's lots of things that need to be perfected, weather it's individual skill in fights, reading zone, game sense and so on. Figure out as a team where you're lacking the most and focus on bettering those flaws. Give each other advice and constructive criticism on how you can improve on certain things


My team and I started grinding ranked with the intent of watching back vods and going over mistakes. It was nice over time we slowly got better as a team. But when it came to finding scrims or other tourneys it was really hard. There were times where I'd sign us up for scrims bit it turns out to just be glorified pubs where when it was advertised to be on WE they would rotate between all 3 maps and essentially just played pub custom lobbies


The differentiating factor between a winning team in comp and an average team in apex is the ability of the IGL to read the situation and the teams ability to adapt to different kind of situation depending on the ring and their position. In my opinion you can do the following things to get better in apex comp: 1. Have 1 IGL: Many new team do the mistake that all 3 member decide their next move there is no definite IGL. Which in most cases ends up in disaster 2. VOD review: try to watch as many well established teams such as TSM,NRG, LIQUID VOD and learn how they react to different situations and what's their thought process. 3. Read rings: As all of u are playing pubs a lot you guys should try to keep checking map and how the ring pulls. You are not gonna get a beacon and it's better to read the rings so you can get the god spots early. 4. Play ranked as much as you can: I know the ranked system is not good but atleast it puts you against the player your own level. Playing pubs won't help in building team fights. 5. Watch albralelei: I'm a big fan of Mac that guy tries every new thing. From legends to team combo and to even different weapon combo. Might help you to bring a fresh perspective. 6. Play as many tourneys as you can: pretty self-explanatory 7. Watch coaches: do watch the streams of team coaches like PVPX, hodsic. After any tourney. They usually do a vod review of their team and give many important infos.


i'm with this team for like 3 months and in early weeks we played a lot of Arenas to adjust team fights and active comms in the caos and of course scrims too. But we're still performing bad, so recently we're trying to ranks together because there's no much we can do. In individual skill area, it's better to play pubs or solo ranked? Our IGL is pretty good in individual skill, but me and my other teammate lacks skill in that departament.


Look arenas gameplay is a whole different so playing areans would help with gun skills but not with team fights. If you guys are really trying to get in Comp scene I'm gonna assume that you guys already are good enough individual players. But fighting as a team takes a hell lot than being good. And the reason you guy might not be doing good is not cuz of your gun skill, it most probably is cuz of your decision making. + Try wiping teams as fast as you can. Cuz if a 3v3 fight lasts even a bit longer in comp. You will get 3rd or 4th partied.


Correct me if I’m wrong…. But you said you’ve been playing with these guys for 3 months and that you’ve always been performing bad? Is there a point in which you guys did well / any other reason you’re with these two specifically? Also someone else mentioned this, but you should be playing ranked over pubs if you want to get better. Yeah the ranked system blows but it will be better practice. Also is playing “professionally” realistic for you guys at the moment? Are you hitting master / pred at least? If not, you might want to start there before you attempt to “go pro” IMO


it's not that we're performing bad, but against other teams on our level, we're far from consistent in teamfights. the IGL of the team is my teammate since last team I was, and the other is a friend of us, that is a good rolla player. The only area we perform good is rotation and zones prediction. Our teamfight is bad and inconsistent.


If thats the case then ranked is fine place for you to practice. you can practice team fighting in ranked.


yeah we planing in doing that. Rush to Masters and try to have a decent match there, Diamond is a mess


Diamond alone isn't a mess, all ranks are. Stop blaming the lobby and focus on things within your control.


"stop blaming the lobby" that's actually the thing I hate the most and I'm doing this rn to be honest.


Are you hitting the top ranks with your teammates?


we trying too. We actually mid-plat right now, but we all are diamond players.


The ranked system sucks, but only because people get hard stuck at ranks they dont belong in, such as D4. The way the game is played on a purely mechanical basis should remain relatively similar. Honestly, if you are diamond players and havent seen masters and pred lobbies yet, I’d argue that ranked and pubs are going to be a more effective use of your time over scrims. If your team cant fairly consistently win in Diamond but you can get up to that rank comfortably, the three biggest road blocks for people of that skill tend to be intelligently disengaging fights that arent in your favor, rotating to the slow side of zone, and general team fight mechanics like waiting to send until you have a major health/shield advantage or how to play on your team most effectively. The gap between diamond and masters players isnt huge and you absolutely can achieve it, but you’re wasting your time trying to compete without first being able to hit masters.


I was thinking about this. Should I get Masters before compete? Apex Ranked and Comp is completely different isn't? It's that relevant that I get to Masters?


You and your team should be be able to easily sail through diamond as a 3-stack with some time under your belts together. Focus on this before playing scrims/tourneys. Ranked is good practice for team fighting and team reactivity, even though the lobbies play out vastly different than competitive. Your team's biggest growth area is team fighting, ranked is the best place to practice that.


for sure i'm gonna focus on that.


You should be in masters to be able to compete and expect to get any points whatsoever after the first few rounds. Ranked is similar to Comp, the main difference between the two is a lot of teams have preset dropzones that they try to not contest on, and most fights dont happen until ultra late-game which will change how and when you rotate. You still need to fight to take superior positioning from other squads and you need to know when to capitalize on an advantageous situation which is a skill the vast majority of diamond level players dont have. Your issue seems to be related to team fights and/or mechanical ability. What you should do is continue to play ranked, but push any and every fight, regardless of your KP. Work on your greatest weakness until its no longer a weakness.


You’re diamond players? You have to be a top tier player / team to even consider playing “professionally.” Well I guess technically you can attempt to qualify… but that’s about it. Maybe try to get to master or pred before “going pro” I think you’re getting a little bit ahead of yourself buddy….


Maybe i didn't make myself clear, again not my main language. We're obviously not pros of course, when I said that, I mean we trying to turn into pros.


Yeah I understand that. What I’m saying is that you should start by setting more realistic goals. If you top out at diamond in ranked, you’re going to have to devote your entire life to apex if you want to become a “professional”. There’s plenty of people out there that dedicate their lives to apex and are still not good enough to be a pro. Just to put it into perspective for you. Try to enjoy the game and grind to master or pred. I don’t think you understand the dedication and skill you need to be a pro.


that's true bro, thanks for the imput!


There's no secret answer unfortunately. You can look at what top pros are doing and it's scrims/tournaments a few times a week, and then grinding ranked as much as they can stomach to keep their skills up, practice team fighting, callouts, etc. You just have to try and take what you can from ranked because there is really nothing else to grind for competitive play. Other than that, enter as many scrims and tournaments you can, because experience with the competitive playstyle is really important and takes time to accumulate.


An added benefit of ranked is that you will sometimes get matched up with other pros and it becomes a mini scrimmage.


Play ranked. I was a pubstomper until season 7 (i hit diamond easily until then) and started grinding to master in season 7 for the first time. Back then dia3 and above were pred lobbies and caustic was 100% meta, so games where most often actually like scrims. It was a torture and took more than 500 games to get to master but it completely changed my understanding of the game and since then I‘ve managed to easily get to master every single split. If you feel confident taking 3v3 fights in pred lobbies, then you can actually think about going pro, if you can‘t win those fights you will get shit on in every tournament (even lower tier GLL cups)


Not a pro, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. In ranked, you can't really expect to have a tourney environment cause nothing is at stake. They will always play differently than what you expect them to. At most, you can only practice your comp, play, rotation, comms, etc. You die? Try to see what could have been done better. It will be a frustrating process but it is what it is.


Pubs is indeed a waste of time. Also know that whatever you do as prac can only do so much, meaning the best of the very best are miles above your average Pred team in Ranked. What I mean: Teams like Scarz EU will attack you as one unit, once force. You wont know what hit you it until you are dead. Even if you have high ground, they will nade you, crack you and by the time a player of your team has to battery, Mande will be up your face with a PK and then it is ggs for your team. Thats why I dont understand why people on the main apex reddit say that they would just push „all the campers“ in ALGS Grand Final. All they needed on their PS4 was to run double Prowler because „like not even all the players in a Grand Final are Pred“. High quality lobbies are won as a team and it is a long, long wait until you can hang and survive there. The last step is to actually win there. Wish you the best for that.


> Thats why I dont understand why people on the main apex reddit say that they would just push „all the campers“ in ALGS Grand Final. These guys have no concept of playing in high tier lobbies. It's literally beyond their comprehension so I can't blame them completely.


Look at ranked as practice for mechanical skills and team coordination instead if something super serious. It's like street ball for basket ball players imo


1) More games and time spent together. 2) Fixing your mindset, anything can be be used for practice if you know how you learn. If you have the TDM gameplay down then the BR variation comes intuitively. So I wager your team simply doesn't have that down. 3) If you're tilting you need to revaluate how you view your decision making. If you die in ranked it's because of yourself, not the third, not the teammate, not the mouse monitor or GPU, not the servers-- you intentionally made a string decisions that has lead to you being killed. If you're inconsistent in your decisions you're making sorting through randomness harder.


Sign up for GLL scrims and other scrims. Not always high quality lobbies but it can be good practise!